oh my god i'm touching him

Potter Potter Potter
  • Draco: Ugh, it's always 'Potter Potter Potter!' Why is everyone so obsessed with fucking Potter?!
  • Pansy: *sigh* Draco, that's literally just you. You are the only one obsessed with Potter
  • Draco: What?! Don't be ridiculous. What about the constant rumors??
  • Pansy: You started every one of those rumors
  • Draco: The stories in the Prophet?
  • Pansy: You mean the stories you came up with and then gave to Skeeter?
  • Draco: Well explain to me all the whispered conversations I hear when I'm *trying* to get work done?
  • Pansy: You talk to yourself when you do your homework
  • Draco: The badges with his name on them?
  • Pansy: You made those
  • Draco: The songs about him?
  • Pansy: You again
  • Draco: It's not just me! The other Slytherins all make fun of him too!
  • Pansy: You threatened to ostracize us if we didn't regularly antagonize him!
  • Draco: Well surely you can't imagine I'm responsible for the rampant speculation about his sex life
  • Pansy: You literally started a betting pool about the size of his dick.
  • Draco: All the girls asking him to the dance?
  • Pansy: You offered fifty galleons to anyone who swore they would take him and then not touch him
  • Draco: The invasive fantasies about his mouth?
  • Pansy: You— wait, what?
  • Draco: The shrine to him under my bed?
  • Pansy: Oh my god
  • Lance's mum, crying: Oh my god my son you're alive I'm so happy *hugs him*
  • Lance: I've missed you so much
  • Lance's mum: I've missed you- wait who is that *points to where the space squad™ is standing*
  • Lance: haha yeah well see, that's my half alien boyfriend- I'm bi surprise!
  • Lance: and that's Shiro, yes the famous dude, and his wife Allura who is actually full alien
  • Lance: and you know hunk and pidge they've been in space with me for the last few years
  • Lance: and that's coran he's also full alien and- CORAN PLEASE DON'T TOUCH THAT- and he's basically our weird space uncle. He really likes earth and humans and I SWEAR CORAN PUT IT DOWN
  • Lance: oh yeah and I'm super famous and a hero in space and stuff and put my life in danger nearly every dad
  • Lance's mum: .....
  • Lance: haha so yeah I've missed you
hamilton characters as things i have said irl
  • alexander hamilton: NO I'M NOT DONE TALKING FUCK YOU
  • john laurens: tiny turtle bro how are you?
  • lafayette: i like bread.
  • angelica schuyler: touch me again and i'll pour kool aid on your head
  • eliza schuyler: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM OH MY GOD
  • peggy schuyler: *loud sobbing to in the heights*
  • thomas jefferson: i only like the stove mac and cheese. the microwave kind can go fuck itself.
  • james madison: she's making me do homework on a FUCKING SICK DAY JFC
  • aaron burr: this is taking forever help me
  • maria reynolds: call me slut one more time and see what happens, bitch
  • philip hamilton: imma be over here dying if you need me
  • george washington: i can't figure out how to livestream, help

[TRANS] 151128 Youngjae’s Instagram Updates

FROM Youngjae
Hello it’s GOT7’s Youngjae
Haha I’m not sure how I should write this “thanks to” letter. Mmm i think I have more to be sorry about than thankful. Mm First of all, the reason I was able to become a GOT7 member was mostly because of my parents and my company. My parents are really important to me. I haven’t been able to express it as much to my mom and dad, but I think I’m doing okay at it. Until I got to be part of GOT7, I’ve had a lot of troubles with my parents haha I’m sure no one would’ve expect things to become like this.

When I first passed my audition, what can I say, I’m still young but I was even younger then, so I cried..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As soon as I passed, I called them, and seeing them happy for me made me feel really.. you know ㅎㅎㅎ To be honest, my parents didn’t want me to become a singer. They just wanted me to study, get a good job and have a stable life. Our family is actually struggling financially, but at the time I asked them to help me get vocal/singing lessons because I wanted to become a singer~ told them I’m going to learn to sing and made a fuss about it. I went to take lessons for a little bit in 8th grade, then had a hard time going due to issues at home, but I wanted to learn again during Sophomore year in high school so I really tried to persuade them haha. Regardless of knowing what I’m doing, they gave me allowance and I even worked part-time jobs without telling them haha. I’m still sorry for the things I did back then and would like to let them know I thank them through this letter (smile) (smile) And then I somehow came across JYPE audition! At first I didn’t pass. But they suddenly contacted me after a year and told me I passed, so I was really happy. Thinking back again and talking about it still makes me happy.. When I started practice, I couldn’t stay in Seoul the entire time. The days I was able to stay in Seoul for practice were Fri-Mon and I had to go back to Mokpo for the rest of the week, but the bus fare was pretty expensive. I received 100,000 won to go back and forth every week, but one day my dad didn’t have enough so he gave me 80,000 won. I told him it wasn’t enough and that I needed more. Honestly, 80,000 won was more than enough for food and bus fare, but you know there is the regular bus and the premium bus– for some reason I insisted on taking the premium bus every time. Taking the regular bus from Mokpo to Seoul would’ve cost me 20,500 won, but the premium bus fare was 30,400 won.. I remember it exactlyㅋㅋ

I begged and begged just to ride that bus and my dad would get angry at me while breaking the piggy bank, but it didn’t make me feel good (/satisfied). I felt bad, but I wanted more.. Whenever I reminisce those days now, I wonder why I was acting that way. I’m still young, but I guess I was just even younger. I don’t know if my parents would remember these things, but whenever I think back, I want to cry because I feel so remorseful. I was too young to realize then, but I’m always sorry and thankful, mom and dad! After all that, I practiced harder and became part of GOT7!! I thought, wow did I really finally debut? My parents came to see me on the day of our debut and hugged me tight.. Bear with me for rambling on but anyway!! I really wanted to tell my parents I thank them very much. I love you, mom and dad. It feels strange for someone like me to say this, but let’s all be good to our parents!

Also to all the Ahgases who always watch over us whether from afar or up close, if all of you weren’t here, we wouldn’t be either. I’m very thankful and think you’re all lovely for supporting us with love no matter what we do. I ask you to continue to love us just as you have all this time. We’ll keep working hard and become amazing singers for Ahgases. Thank you, sorry and thank you again. This became really serious unlike my personality.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ahgase and GOT7, let’s keep going like this~~ I love you

Ahhhh and when we recently won first place wowwowaang honestly, I didn’t cry.. Rather than wanting to cry, you know that feeling of “wow it’s so overwhelming, no joke, are you sure the singer who won first place isn’t someone else??” And wow, everyone thank you so much. This doesn’t come easily and it was possible because of all your love for us. So I’m going to work even harder to do better, although the thought makes me worried at the same time. We’ll keep trying and show even better sides of us. I truly love you, IGOT7!

Ah also.. Those who are fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and other languages, please translate this. Our Ahgases are all smart, so you can do it! ㅋㅋㅋ Ah is this too much of a mission.. It’s because I think those from other countries can have fun reading and be happy from the translations. Anyway I love you!

Who else is there.. Friends haha I don’t have that many friends ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I came to Seoul during my Junior year and I was really lonely. I had no one until around my Senior year, when a really close hyung of mine came up to Seoul and started taking lessons! Or maybe I’m wrong. Anywho when I was in Mokpo, he took good care of me and we listened to each other’s worries, so I was really glad when he came up to Seoul too. Even though he isn’t blood-related, I’m just as comfortable around him; we talked a lot and he gave good advice when I went through hard times, and overall he made my experience in Seoul less difficult huhu. I wasn’t able to tell that hyung I thank him ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but hopefully he’ll read this and know I’m thankful ㅋㅋㅋ!

Speaking of hyung, to my real hyung! My hyung is now my vwaitwamin (vitamin) that gives me strength. He can tell if something’s wrong from just the tone of my voice, it’s scary sometimes.. Once I called him on a rough day and he constantly asked if something happened and ha (sigh) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ hyung always knows me best *tears* ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah I’m crying too much in this letter ㅋㅋ That’s how close I was (/am) with my hyung. Oh that doesn’t mean I’m not close with my noona or anything, but I should write about her as well. Or else she’ll be upset ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎ

Actually it was my noona’s birthday not too long ago ㅠㅠ after my schedule I completely forgot about it and didn’t call her, but she called me first. Then I remembered right away ㅠㅠ I’m still trying to decide what to do for her. She says it’s okay but I want to do something.. I told her “happy birthday” through kakaotalk along with an ugly picture of me, and my noona wa very happy. If I get some days off soon, I’m planning to bring a gift to her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whew.. I wrote to those I’m thankful for and about the things I’ve been through, and it’s not too much or too little, but it seems I’ve had many ups and downs in life ㅋㅋㅋ There are probably more people I should thank, but I’ll write the second letter another time!

Everyone who’s always supporting me – my parents, hyung, noona, members, Ahgase, JYPE, my friends, other hyungs – I’ll work hard as the amount of support you’re giving me. Thank you and love you, always. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️★★❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Translated by: got_pang for GOT7&Co.

Critical Shipping
  • Marisha: Yeah, [Matt] would lately, after the insurgence of the Percy/Lillith fan art that started hitting, when people started shipping Percy and Lillith -
  • Laura: Oh my god, I love that!
  • Marisha: I know, it's so good. The art's SO good. So we were like okay. So, the first one that Joma did that came out where it's Percy leaving the room -
  • Taleisin: Yeah!
  • Marisha: With Lillith on the bed.
  • Laura: Oh god! Oh god!
  • Marisha: And we were like -
  • Laura: That was so hot!
  • Marisha: Aw yeah, we were like, "Aw, that's really hot!" and Matt's like, "But not canon! Not canon! Not canon!" Cut to Matt being like, "... Although you know... It could be a thing where, like, maybe Percy was staying up late and he was like working in his shop -"
  • Taleisin and Laura: *laughing and gaping at Matt, respectively*
  • Marisha: "and then Lillith comes in and she sees him -"
  • Travis: Oh my god!
  • Matt: I was just - No! That's -
  • Marisha: "And she's like 'Ya know what? We could be doing this.' And then he's like and he's feeling a bad day, so she, like, touches his cheek and they go up to the room." And I'm like, "ARE YOU WRITING FANFIC!? Are you writing Percy and Lillith fanfic, RIGHT NOW!?!"
People In The Hetalia Fandom

The Hetalia Senior: I Watched Hetalia before It was cool


The Defensive Hetalian: What do you mean that FrUk sucks !?!? FRANCE ASKED ENGLAND TO MARRY HIM!! IT’S CANNON!!! HE ALSO TRIED TO GET ENGLAND NAKED!!!


The Religious: Doitsu is my lord and savior may the German Sparkle parties carry on forever. Shine bright like a Doitsu!

The Newbie: What’s a 2P?

The fanfic obsessed: Auf Wiedershen Sweetheart is the best book I’ve ever read. 


(If you put all of these together It would be me. Which one are you?)

  • James Potter to Why has prongs added evans? :
  • James: Lily you left your book at the house yesterday.
  • Peter: oooooo why was she at our house james. why.
  • James: she was studying with Remus you prick. Change the name of this group.
  • Sirius: No way you trashed our group by adding her. now you have to live with the consequences.
  • Sirius Black changed the group name to; James has a boner for Evans:
  • James Potter removed Sirius Black from the group:
  • Lily: what is going on?
  • James Potter removed Lily Evans from the group:
  • .
  • James: hey Lily you want to come over and revise?
  • Lily: you do a biology degree? I do history??
  • James: divorced. beheaded. died. divorced. beheaded. survived.
  • Lily: ...
  • James: I'm also ordering pizza for everyone.
  • Lily: I'll be there at 6.
  • .
  • Remus: Sirius you need to stop annoying Lily.
  • Sirius: what??? how dare you... Evans loves me
  • Lily: you piss me off Black
  • Sirius: betrayal...
  • Lily: i'm sorry but you took about a thousand photos on my phone of your newly done eyebrows and filled up all my storage.
  • Sirius: you should b honoured.... Remus would b
  • Remus: Sirius, I have to spend enough time with you showing me in person.. I really don't need pictures.
  • Sirius: you guys suck. I'm adding Jamie
  • Sirius Black added James Potter:
  • Sirius: you love my eyebrows don't you James?
  • James: of course Pads
  • Sirius: awwww see
  • Lily: but Sirius my phone isn't working because of your stupid eyebrows
  • James: fuck your eyebrows Sirius.
  • Sirius Black added Peter Pettigrew to the group:
  • Sirius: Pete, you like my eyebrows right
  • Peter: yeah i guess?
  • Sirius: haha! told you guys
  • Remus: ugh..
  • Lily: srsly
  • Peter: wait you've all been on a chat without me?
  • Peter: ...
  • Peter: hello?
  • .
  • James: Pete did you put my green jumper in the wash?
  • Peter: it was on the floor of the bathroom.. so yes I put it in the wash.
  • Peter: have you considered therapy?
  • .
  • Lily: hey can I come over and steal some of your food? I'm broke and hungry... plus your house is really warm for some reason?
  • Remus: Okay, but i must warn you James is doing shirtless karaoke in the sitting room with Sirius.
  • Lily: thats okay.
  • Remus: Is it now?
  • Lily: be quiet and come open your front door.
  • .
  • Lily Evans to; I guess she's here to stay then..:
  • Lily: oh my word Sirius I just looked... my eyebrows look amazing
  • Sirius: I told you. Say it. I'm a genius.
  • Remus: Oh be quiet Padfoot.
  • Sirius: Make me.
  • James: ugh guys take the sexual tension somewhere else pleaseeee
  • Sirius: gladly.
  • Lily: hahahahah
  • James: where are you right now?
  • Lily: coffee shop on the corner. Why?
  • James: because my house is no longer safe for my precious ears. I'm running away to find you.
  • .
  • James: oh my god shes so pretty
  • Peter: i know
  • James: and her eyes
  • Peter: I am aware
  • James: ugh and her hair
  • Peter: yup....
  • James: god she is so beautiful
  • Peter: so why aren't you telling her this?
  • James: don't be an idiot Wormtail.
  • .
  • Sirius: mooonyyyyyyyyyy
  • Sirius: moony my ray of sunshine
  • Sirius: light to my darkness
  • Sirius: hope to my dismay
  • Sirius: my brightest star
  • Sirius: mooooooonnnyyyyy
  • Remus: What.
  • Sirius: I love you.
  • Remus: ...
  • Remus: What did you do.
  • Sirius: I got jam on your jumper by accident... not a big deal i think i can clean it
  • Sirius: oh shit no i've made it worse
  • Remus: Fuck you do not touch anything I swear to God Padfoot. I'm coming home right now and stabbing you.
  • Sirius: I love you
  • Sirius: Remus?
  • Sirius: crap okay I'm hiding
  • .
  • Lily: Rem you're staring at Sirius' butt
  • Remus: He has a nice butt.
  • Remus: and nice hair.
  • Remus: damn I'm so gay for him.
  • Lily: I would hope so, you've been together for like two years now?
  • Remus: He has great eyes too..
  • Lily: James has nice eyes
  • Remus: :-) what
  • Lily: What? Me? What?
  • Lily: pretend i didn't just send that
  • Lily: my point is you're staring at Sirius' butt and the lecturer has noticed and is glaring at you.
  • Remus: oh shit.
  • .
  • James Potter changed the name of the group to; Party tonight and we are all going bitches get yourselves ready:
  • Remus: That's really how you're going to announce it?
  • Sirius: gets the point across, I like it
  • James: thanks pads
  • James: I've invited Lily too.
  • Peter: oooooooo
  • James Potter added Lily Evans to the group:
  • Lily: woo hoo party!!!
  • .
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'James got drunkkkkk af':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'Lily got smashed':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'and they totally kissed':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'like a proper snog alll nightttt longggggg':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'James wants to sleep with Evans':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'and now he finally knows Evans wants to bang him tooooooo':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'they in loveeeeeeeeee':
  • James Potter removed Sirius Black from the group:
  • Remus: He's not wrong though...
  • Lily Evans removed Remus Lupin from the group:
  • Peter: what no how did i miss this historical moment!!!!!
  • James Potter removed Peter Pettigrew from the group:
  • .
  • James: hey
  • Lily: hi
  • James: how you feeling?
  • Lily: okay i guess...
  • James: cool cool cool...
  • Lily: look about last night-
  • James: about last night
  • Lily: haha...
  • James: I'd do it again.
  • Lily: what?
  • James: I mean if you wanted to obviously! and not like drunk and sloppy like last night haha... but i would kiss you again... if you would want me to... I mean i know we're just friends and stuff but... you're really pretty is what I'm trying to say....
  • Lily: I'd like that.
  • James: what?
  • Lily: if you kissed me again.
  • .
  • James Potter added Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew to the group:
  • Lily: I'm still here.
  • James: :-)
  • Lily: :-)
  • This was inspired by another post like this i saw a while back, but now can't find, and from suggestion i recently got.
  • Send me in any other ideas!
Another Klance thing woop there it is

Long Distance AU ideas

•Lance’s family keeps him on his feet at all times so he is constantly having to say brb.

•Keith always stays up to the ungodly hours of the morning just to Skype with Lance.

•Lance often comes back from the longer BRBs to a sleeping Keith, taking screenshots and having a special folder where he holds just pictures of his pretty boyfriend.

•Keith sends Lance one of his grey shirts and Lance sends him his jacket.

•the next time they skype, Keith falls asleep wrapped up in Lances coat.

•Keith cries sometimes and looks at the promise ring on his finger knowing that they’re so close to being together but it still feels like forever.

•Lance tries his best not to be upset over the distance but he sometimes cries too.

•Once they’re finally together they get 7561 tattooed on opposite wrists representing the amount of miles that separated them until now that they can touch.

anonymous asked:

Dude I'm watching ATLA and on the last episode do you just see how happy Katara is when she sees Zuko when he's serving her tea, she literally gives no fucks about Aang sitting in the corner playing with his air ball thingy, Zuko approaches her and she lights up and... when he hands her the cup she touches his wrists first looks at him and then takes the cup 😍😍😍 like oh my god!!! Rip...

Originally posted by toqaahmed

"Sh*t my boyfriend mutters to himself while playing online games" Starter Sentences
  • "Oh dear."
  • "Okay, I don't know where _______ is."
  • "Damn it."
  • "Oh look! Elves. Good."
  • "Oooh. I did it. I got in. Holy shit."
  • "I'm a monk."
  • "Awh, that's bullshit!"
  • "So, where the fuck is s/he?!"
  • "He's glitched himself..."
  • "So, where's fucking _______?"
  • "I don't think I have any money left. But I have ________."
  • "There's 4 of them. 4 giant fucking fires."
  • "Oh my god, this is horrendous!"
  • "I love that, that's amazing!"
  • "Collect 5 men. I'm a woman. That should be easy."
  • "I GET A HORSE! YEAH! I get a fucking horse in this one!"
  • "I'll get a really shit sword."
  • "Oh god, that's expensive!"
  • "Aaaaaand, I have no money."
  • "Every now and then I - FUCK!"
  • "No. Pls no. Don't touch the poor woman. No one loves me."
  • "I can now pay to upgrade my troops... YEAH."
  • "Actually now, I could get money... By going into the tavern..."
  • "No, you won't hunt bandits with us, you badass motherfucker."
  • "It's just a floating fucking crossbow."
  • "I'm moving... I can't do that."
  • "I was so close and I missed..."
  • "Aaaaand, I shot him in the arse."
  • "He's an elf so it doesn't matter."
  • "Right. Money. Good. Where am I going?"
  • "Awwwwh, fuck me. That's bullshit."
  • "How did they get a troll in the cavern?! I-it's called Trolldor."
Too Much. | minhyuk

Member: Lee Minhyuk / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 2,000+
Genre/Warning(s): angst, romance, slice of life.

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

Too Much.

❝ It would be remiss of you to take the time you have with him for granted, especially now more than ever… ❞

All it took was that first delicate brush of connected lips during autumn’s embrace for you to sense that holding onto Minhyuk was wishful thinking, and that was two and half years ago. He had always been this way for as long as you’d known him, being guided by a whim and unbelievably difficult to catch, let alone love

It isn’t that he’s hard to love, God no, in fact it’s too easy to love him, frighteningly so. Although, attaining a firm grasp on his affections for keeps is what proves most complicated. It takes a careful approach to not mishandle something as fragile, intricate, and profound as Lee Minhyuk.

And, you took your time with him, you really did.

Yet, it seems that your supreme reign over his heart is running thin, and a simple consultation at his company, which thoroughly informed you of the policies and risks of your relationship, had been the start of it. That’s when you begin to feel trepidation edging in on you to disrupt your sense of security whenever you’re by his side.

When you begin to feel more like an accessory rather than a necessity.

When you begin to feel more like his weakness rather than his strength.

Keep reading

—  I look at you and I remember every little detail. The way your smile formed, what made you laugh, your gentle touch, how your lips kissed mine. The way you tied your shoes. One look at you and every memory, every feeling, every thought comes rushing back, attacking me.

Also I have a vague idea for a fic or a comic? I don’t know if I’m capable of doing a comic at this point but it would be Nightbeat getting curious and borrowing Nautica’s wrench again, and turning the beam that cancels out attention-deflectors on Rung at Swerve’s, wondering if he might be some sort of natural attention deflector.

The results are spectacular.

At first Rung is confused, wondering why everybody is staring. Then somebody points out that he has five eyes. And horns. And he’s even more confused, until he looks at his hand, sees claws, and starts screaming because OH GOD WHAT? WHAT????!!!!

I like the idea of Rung being a secret eldritch thing without even knowing it. When the beam’s off him all the weird stuff disappears again, like, it literally stops existing and can’t be touched. Some sort of quantum bullslag, Nautica explains- it’s only physical while it’s being observed.

This probably has other consequences but for now just a fun monster!Rung idea.

I’ll try to draw more of this later.

houndofsiru  asked:

Dear Dr. GTS: Is it normal that I find Vegard picking his nose all the time absolutely adorable?

ummmm. hold on. this is a new one…

ok. nah. that is normal and healhty…

I think this is just a unique symptom of being hopelessly charmed by that tiny, curly geek and most charming man on tv. 

I mean just look at how charming and classy he is: 

Seriously. He is something else: 

So, if being charmed by him means you find (most) everything he does adorable, including nose picking (and touching his nose, in general): 

Then, I say carry on. You are perfectly healthy ;P And, I will leave you with this, just because I can ;P  

Lunch Time With FNAF
  • My Friend: Did you hear that they're making a Five nights at Freddy's three?
  • Me: Yeah! Speaking of which, I had a dream that I worked there and made friends with the animatronics!
  • Some Jerk: *puts his arm around me* Did you get stuffed in a suit?
  • Me: *oh my god this guy is touching me. Quick say something that will creep him out.
  • Me: I fucked Foxy the pirate fox!
  • Jerk: *Slowly lets go of me*
  • Jerk: ....
  • My Friend: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Jerk: *leaves*
  • Me and my Friend: *Bust out into laughter and start to high five each other.
Pregnant | JB | (requested)
  • The whole crew was hanging out at Kylie's house waiting for Justin to finish up at the studio and join us.
  • I start messing with my hair, nervous at the plan I had to finally tell Justin I'm pregnant.
  • I've tried to a few times but I chickened out too soon.
  • There was a ring from the doorbell followed by a few knocks and I bit my tongue, staring intensely at the tv in front of us which was playing some 1990's movie.
  • The crew has great taste.
  • Kylie returns with 3 boxes of pizza in hand and I sigh in relief.
  • "King who in the hell is going to eat all of that?" Za starts.
  • "Me bih. If you guys don't want any that's fine, I'm okay with eating 3 whole pizzas." Kendall chimes in.
  • "I thought models had this special diet thing going on." Khalil says as he grabs a plate from the kitchen and motions me over when he catches my gaze.
  • "I have a bunch of stuff in fridge if you guys want instead but let's be honest here, who's really gonna turn down L.A. pizza?" Kylie laughs.
  • "Y/n you okay?" Kendall snaps me out of my trance
  • "Yeah! I'm totally fine." I say, forcing out a happy expression.
  • Kendall smiles at me and I walk around to get a plate.
  • I take out two slices of pepperoni pizza and set them on my plate before continuing to grab 4 cookies out of Kylie's cookie jar. I don't notice the crew's stare until I pull out a jar of pickles and lay 3 on each slice of pizza.
  • "What?" I say through a mouthful of pizza.
  • They all look at me for a second longer then burst into laughter.
  • "That's funny because that's exactly the way Kim was when she was pregnant with NW." Kylie says after the laughter dies down.
  • I avoid her gaze and look at the floor uncomfortably.
  • "Wait, y/n are you pregnant?"
  • I look up at her then look away, hoping someone would say something to change the subject.
  • There's no way they could know before Justin, he'll be pissed.
  • "W-what?" Was all I managed to let out.
  • "Did Justin get you preggers?" Za repeated and they all continued to stare, growing impatient of my lack of response.
  • "Yes." I whispered and they all cheered.
  • "I knew you were packing on but I didn't want to say anything mean..." Kendall says and I lightly push her.
  • "So does Justin know?"
  • "No. I was planning on telling him today when he got back but I don't know,I'm really nervous."
  • "Don't be. We'll be there for you. Besides, Justin loves you, I doubt he'll be upset." Khalil soothes.
  • "Oh my god I'm gonna have a little godchild!" Kylie cheers.
  • "You know I have to chose a godmother right? And I already have someone in mind." I joke.
  • "Uh-uh Kendall hold my phone I'm about to beat this girls ass."
  • "You can't touch her, she's pregnant." I hear Justin's voice sound from the doorway.
  • "You uh, y-you heard all of that?" I ask as he makes his way over to me.
  • "Yeah, Za let me in but...we're gonna parents y/n! Why didn't you tell me sooner." He asks, his arms now wrapped around me.
  • "I was afraid you were gonna be mad."
  • "Babe I would never be mad. I mean, I'm a little disappointed that the crew found out before me but I'm not mad."
  • He leans down and presses his lips against mine for a few seconds before Za interrupts us. "Hey, hey! Enough of that! Let's get back to the movie."
  • Justin pulls away and he smiles at me "He's just jealous."
  • I laugh "He should be."
  • ___________
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The part of the story
when everything is soft,
and we are still trying
to reach the sun that scorches
the inside of our skin,
and we are still trying
to swallow the names
in our mouths
and hold them in our stomachs.

The part of the story
when my wrist is
between his teeth,
and my blood is
dripping from his mouth.
and oh God, oh God,
he hollows me,
and oh God, oh God,
I split his bones wide open,
and we scream love
like a prayer,
like a sentence,
like an apology.

The part of the story
when we become
something feral,
something hungry,
and he devours me whole
and picks my ribs from his teeth.
I wanted to be wanted,
to be touched, to be craved,
and now I’ll never escape him.

—  Emily Palermo, Are We Still Writing It All Down?

anonymous asked:

Okay, but can you just imagine nesta riding cassian. Like, I hc that nesta, when she gets comfortable, is pretty dominant in the bedroom and cassian is just living for it. and every time nesta's on top he lets her do whatever she wants, tie him up? sure. all he wants is nesta to feel good and that makes him feel good and oh god, i'm obsessed with these two.

I think that the dominant role is fairly switchable with this two. The all wrists pinned against the matress and biting act and telling each other what to do like touch me there or you’re not coming until I say so


When nesta rides him he nearly dies, kinda screams on the inside(especially the first time(and maybe a bit on the outside too because seeing her in top of him sends him straight to the heaven of the horny bats)) and praises the event for days “you know that you on top of me thing?I’m cool with that. very, VERY cool with that. Like, feel free to do it when you want.” “cassian we’re at the theatre” “and isn’t our bed more comfortable that this seat? it totes is. I am more comfortable than ur seat, that’s for sure. Try to believe.”

me and @empireofstorms had a big conversation on how cassian is a giver 10/10, so he would probably get off on nesta getting off(pardon the directness) and just to see that she feels comfortable with him in any way shape or form would make him one very happy bat.

but consider:

aki and pat, two boys living separate lives, dreaming about a smile or a shadow or a whisper of a voice in the darkness; dreaming about hot sand and the taste of figs and fingers finally entwining after an eternity of reaching in the dark but never finding. they wake up every day with a strange aching sense of loss, going through life always on the lookout for golden curls or the flicker of dark worshipful eyes. aki winds up telling his mother and she sends him to a circus of therapists who dissect, analyse, and ultimately decide that there’s something wrong with him. pat only tells his father once, and he couldn’t get out of bed for the next two days.

it’s a painful existence but they’ve never blamed the mysterious/(un)known/beloved person in their dreams. how could they when at night, they whisper secrets and stories in the darkness, hoping it will reach across and be heard.

then one day, aki and pat are standing on opposite ends of the crossing, waiting for the light to change so they can go. aki is thumbing through his mobile and pat is reading a book. they’re not looking at each other as they set foot on the tarmac. a man rushes by and aki steps to the right to avoid a collision but he bumps into someone else anyway.

‘ow,’ says pat, his book falling to the ground and into a convenient puddle. 'oh fuck.’

'god, i’m sorry,’ says aki, flustered, and he reaches down to pick the book up. 'are you alright?’

'yeah. my book, though, not so much.’

'i really am very sorry. i could buy you another one?’

their fingertips touch over the book.

it’s everyday, it’s common, it’s unremarkable until suddenly it’s not when pat catches a glimpse of the most ridiculous mass of curly blond hair he’s ever seen and aki looks into dark eyes he feels has been searching for him for an eternity and a half.

and then the sun comes out.

underandover2016  asked:

Cherry fell in through a portal, face planting on the ground. He quickly got up, looking around until he spotted span, rushing over to him. "SPAN!! Oh my god- I'm so sorry! I wasn't there for you- Oh god..." He looked Span over, scared to touch him in fear that he may hurt him even further.

“Cherry! Cherry you came! I missed you-” He seemed, for a moment, to burst with energy, raising his arms up towards him.

“Y-You came- You came…” The energy quickly left him, his arms shaking from the exertion of keeping them lifted.