oh my god i'm so sad about this


Gravity Falls short lil comic in an au where Stan can’t save his brother and a sad scene ensues that mirrors pearl’s scene from rose’s scabbard

He gets so utterly depressed and goes off to sulk at some cliff

One or both of the twins find him and that’s when he tells them about his past as the inferior brother and his life of poverty and crime

And then he’s like “if he were here what would he think of me now”

Dipper and/or Mabel hug/s him from behind

“Well… I/we think you’re pretty great”

Cue Stan breaking down and crying

And then heartfelt moment of bonding with the mystery shack crew


literally no one is saying that they all hate each other in that video, oh my god. we’re just used to seeing harry being separate from the band on stage and in the tour diaries and on social media, so even if this was just a normal m&g moment (and it probably was), it’s still hard to watch it without that context–or at least it is for me? some people feel genuine anxiety about this and it makes them sad, and i’m sick of seeing it being dismissed as people trying to cause drama. no one is doing that. if you don’t see it that way, great! awesome! i’m pumped for you! but please don’t lash out at people who are already feeling upset just for expressing the fact that they’re upset or anxious, like, that’s so shitty? sorry to ruin your fun, but like. damn.

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My steo shipper heart is at odds with my "Theo needs to get punched" fist. The newest episode was SO good and by good I mean soul crushing. I liked the more introspective bits though. Thoughts?

oh my god YES   

i loved the last episode, it was super heartbreaking and sad and i suffered SO MUCH but i’m always a slut for angst so djskljdlgjj GOOD

we don’t need to talk about the scene between STILES and SCOTT, do we ?? (╥︣﹏᷅╥) (scott has never been a good friend tbh, but this time i think he really reached the breaking point. however, i’m very angry with him, especially for drawing back like stiles could. have. hurt. him. rEALLY ?! this was honestly horrible)

but now LET’S TALK ABOUT STEO (the season finale promo made me SCREAM aahhh)

STILES HITTING THEO. i need this like air and the fact that it’s actually happening makes me the happiest person on earth. you have no idea, i imagined the most beautiful scenario: stiles starts hitting theo and screaming at him insults on insults (”it’s your fucking fault, psycho bastard! i lost everything, everything because of you!”) and theo just let him, doing nothing. like, at some point there is blood everywhere, and stiles is crying so hard and is so fucking tired he rests his head on theo’s chest, still weakly punching him, and tHEO HUGS HIM. stiles hates theo to death, but he needed that hug so bad, so he just strings himself along the warmth of another human being. theo starts whispering in his ear things like “i would always belive you and never blame you for anything. you could always be yourself, without needing to lie. come with me, stiles, be part of my pack”, and the next moment they’re just side to side, STILES READY TO HELP THEO CREATE HIS DREAM PACK.

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“I CAME FOR VOID STILES”. another beautiful scenario is stiles hitting theo and then angrily fucking him (” did you ask for void stiles, you bastard?!). aaah, all tHE HATE SEX. also, i live for void stiles so GIMME  ⊙‿☉ (tbh THANK YOU theo, this sentence is an amazing gift) 

THEO AND THE SHERIFF. thoe doesn’t just want stiles in his pack, HE WANTS TO MARRY HIM. “I tried to fight him off but all I kept thinking was that– I can’t let him kill me… and I can’t let him kill Stiles. i love your son, so please, give me your blessing to marry him”.  im the worst omg

sorry, i’m embarassing af and my steo feels plus my bad english make an horrible combo so I’LL STOP 


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Claire Bennet is dead and so are my hopes and dreams lmfaoooooo I'm crying

oh god anon, i wish i could tell you something to lift your spirits but the harsh truth is that this has made me so depressed that my default reaction to everything remotely sad is: cracky/mildly sarcastic.

i just, claire was/is a huge part of what i’m as a person you know. i practically grew up with her, with her character, her discoveries about herself, about her ability, her family, the world around her, about who she was as a person, are MY discoveries about who i’m. because ultimately i think that’s what molded her way throughout the series and stuck with us as viewers.

who am i? it was a journey of self discovery and yes she was reckless and self absorbed and exasperatingly judgmental but she was also the person who would make the hard choices when the adults around her failed to do so. she was the one who would step in front of the crowd and be that containment wall that would shield everyone. she was THAT defensive player, the very first one ready to make a sacrifice.

and yes what she did was stupid but she was also so brave? she made herself into a target so everyone else could have a chance to make a move, to disrobe themselves of all those layers that restrict their true identity, to make a public statement for the rest of the world to see ‘this is who I am and what I’m makes me proud’.

and that’s beautiful anon. claire bennet is beautiful.

iwaoi road trip au where they around 25, neither of them went professional bc of tooru fucked up knee or something like that and OH MY GOD they’re so in love, requited one and they know this but neither iwa or oikawa is doing anything about that. but they are having sex when one of them is sad, it’s like crying oikawa shows up in iwaizumi flat so he hugs him, pats his head, whisper “it’s okay” and fuck him and vice versa. and their relationship ship turns into something unhealthy, they’re both shadows of high schools themselves, but none of their friends talk about it bc there was one time and it ended bad, i can see tooru having anxiety with panic attacks and hajime begin depressed cause he can’t help loved person. so they have they ups and downs and they decides to get into old iwa father mini van and just ride. that’s kinda pointless and they know it but yeah, this is what they need. they road trip is filled with cuddling in van when they sleep, kissing and all this disgusting sweet things you can imagine they doing. oh and probably crying. a lot of crying. and one night they watch stars on roof of car bc iwa know oikawa still is dorky nerd under all of his problems and one of them (probably iwaizumi) say “I love you” and then thinks “oh shit I broke our fucking useless rule oh my god” and other one is just like “yeah I know, I love you too” and first one isn’t shocked so he just go with the flow and answer “yeah i know that you love me too” and they gaze and gaaaaaaaze and each other for like 30 seconds or more and then kiss and after that lies in that stupid roof whit their little figers tangled and they’re not embrasset or anything because this all feels right, like it should happened long ago about two hours later it’s a lot colder so they decided to go back inside van but before they settle down on couch they sleep usually iwa say “are we, you know, do we????? i mean together??????” and oikawa answer just with “yeah” and they go to sleep and next they everything is all this all this same BUT THEY HOLD THIS FUCKING LITTLE FINGERS OH MY GOD and at one moment hajime say “i think we should start heading back” and tooru answer is only “okay”. so they’re getting back and have little talks, exchange this real little smiles and maybe oikawa would hums to the radio songs bc when they were in high school he used to and everything is not perfect or good yet, many fucked things are still need to be fixed but everything is in good path to better
+things I figured out while I was writing
tooru before their trip been in many relationships but they didn’t work out because of his feels for iwa
iwa, on the other hand had one night stands like every other weekend. i think he would be bi
also they would start call themselves by their given name shortly after graduation

if someone want to write something like this please do it and inform me I’ll die for fic like this, also this was kinda inspired by song lurk by the neighbourhood

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Sherlock and Mycroft were playing deductions and Mycroft loses because they were deducing Redbeard and Mycroft deduced that he was sick. He didn't tell Sherlock but he told there folks and they told Sherlock Rebeard was gonna live on a farm in America.





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meagan you should read teeth by hannah moskowitz! it's almost a fractured fairy tale but not quite, magical realism would be more accurate but it's wonderfully gothic (and fucked up oh my god) and the ending is so sad but it's so worth it. also people sometimes refer to it as magicgayfish (which the author supports) if that's a selling point

!!!!! ok that sounds like what i am All About so i really must check this out! i currently have like three books on the waiting list for when i have a spare weekend but i’m definitely gonna put this on there, thanks for the rec!!

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i saw your post, i give a shit about you??? you're amazing, i care.

oh god i’m sorry i just feel like shit today. i’m sad and lonely and tired of existing. i shouldn’t have even made that post honestly i complain way too much. thank you for the kind message!! i appreciate you and ily lots 


Oh my God! I can’t believe I’ve been gone for so long, like seriously. Who is that busy? Well, me obviously. I don’t even know what I had been so busy about. 

I’m just always tired, and sleepy…. yes, for more than a month. LOL It doesn’t help that my boss banned Tumblr from work. Sadness.