oh my god i'm so sad about this


São Paulo, March 22.

1. Battery // 2. Master of Puppets // 3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) // 4. Fuel // 5. The Unforgiven// 6. Lords of Summer // 7. Wherever I May Roam // 8. Sad But True // 9. Fade to Black // 10. …And Justice for All // 11. One // 12. For Whom the Bell Tolls // 13. Creeping Death // 14. Nothing Else Matters // 15. Enter Sandman // 16. Whiskey in the Jar // 17. The Day That Never Comes // 18. Seek & Destroy.

I’ve certainly felt a sense of identity on a personal level, doing this show for so many years, so when you don’t have that you’re kind of like, ‘oh my god, who am I, what am I doing?’ And that feeling of, 'will I ever work again?’ [laughing] So it’s really hard, but I also just feel so privileged to have been on this show, and a tremendous amount of pride about it. Just lucky, just really lucky. In a time when we’re kind of living in the golden age of television…how lucky are we to be on a show that, I really believe from the bottom of my heart, is part of that golden-ness. So yeah, it’s really sad.
—  Jessica Parker Kennedy on saying goodbye to Black Sails (x)

Do you sometimes wake up thinking “ah it’s gonna be a good day” and then you think about Barduil or you scroll your dash a bit and something reminds you that Bard is going to die and Thranduil is going to be alone again and suddenly you’re sad? It’s worst when you think about the moment Bard dies and Thranduil is there and he can’t do anything to stop death and oh gods why does it hurt so much