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Ok but can I just say how proud I am (as I’m sure we all are) of Grace and Hannah? I’m so excited that they got to make something they enjoy and share it with us. EWDG is so great in every way and I’m just SO HAPPY FOR THEM. Look at them go they’re doing it!!!! They’re living their dreams and I AM FEELING SO MANY THINGS ABOUT IT!! CONGRATULATIONS HANNAH AND GRACE AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS WITH US!

Gurira: We’ll have to see. It wasn’t a casual thing for them to connect this way; it was a realization, a discovery. They’ve had so much intimacy with their friendship but now they realize that there’s even more to their intimacy so that wasn’t a casual hookup moment. The reason why there are these expressions of joy when they’re kissing is because there’s something bursting out of them that’s new and they realize, “Oh my God, this is a really special friend of mine that I actually want to be intimate with in a whole other way and it makes total sense.” It doesn’t feel like a casual encounter.
So I just watched Lucifer 1x04...

And as always, it was fantastic. Lucifer keeps getting really weird ideas that somehow make sense, even when they shouldn’t. We got to see his scary punisher face again, and Chloe even saw him in the mirror! I can’t wait for the episode when she sees, accepts, and believes him. Anyway, two three things that I absolutely loved:

1. Lucifer giving Trixie a piece of bacon. These two are adorable. The Devil is literally giving a child a snack. I love it. I need more interaction between them.

2. When Lucifer is walking towards Lydnsey, shows her his scary face, and she says, “Oh, God.” and it cuts back to his face. Not only is it his scary angry face, he does this little head tilt and eyebrow raise, like he’s upset she’s brought his father into it. *cough daddy issues cough* But really, he’s already pissed but then that head tilt. Whew. Gave me the shivers. Literally.

3. Last, his scars. I know, I know, everyone’s talking about it. But that’s because THEY SHOULD BE. That was fantastic. Not only do we learn a little bit more about Lucifer, we also see a little bit behind his smartass facade. He asked Maze to cut his wings off, a “screw you” to you his father I’m guessing? He did that willingly. He didn’t want to be associated anymore with his family. Not only that, he doesn’t mind people looking at it, (at least not Chloe) but he doesn’t like people touching his scars. It probably doesn’t physically hurt, but he doesn’t like them to be touched. “Don’t…please.” And Chloe doesn’t push it, because she sees that it has shaken him. “…Okay.”

Not gonna lie, but the fact that Carmilla and her mom have a normal (if laced with underlying tension), even light-hearted interaction made me super uncomfortable. Her mom was even comforting her with gentle touches, and complimenting her. And that just sort of humanizes her and makes her seem like less of a monster we–or at least I–picture her as. It shows that she does in a way love Carmilla and how desperate Carmilla is for that love. It’s moments like these that allows Carmilla to justify the abuse, internalizing it so that she believes that that it really is her fault. And that just FUCKS ME UP. And then there’s innocent Will and seeing him try and fix their relationship just HURTS.

i hate smiling in photos but i’m making an exception here because i’m just so happy about today! everywhere i’m seeing trans people loving themselves and calling themselves cute, which is so amazing!! you’re all so gorgeous and i’m glad a day like today exists. even if you choose not to share photos of yourself today, you’re still so cool and i love you!

my gender is Weird and i don’t quite know what it is and for a while i struggled with that, but on days like today i’m completely 100% fine with it. i use they/he pronouns, but who cares what my gender is, who cares what people see me as. i’m going to be awesome no matter what, and so are all of you.

i’m so glad that even though cis people will put us down and tell us we can’t Really be Trans unless we fit in the gender binary and hate our bodies (ugh, gross), we are able to rise above it and show them we can be wonderful even if they don’t think so.

if you’re trans in any way at all, i love you and i’m glad you exist, you’re the best and i’m so excited for the future when things will be even better for all of us. keep on keeping on, it’ll be worth it.