oh my god i'm never doing this again

*goes to meet Andy Black*
Him: Hi!
Me: *holds out hand* It’s so nice to meet you.
Him: *shakes hand*
Me: *whispers* let’s never meet again😏😏😏
Me: Lol just kidding I defiantly want to meet you again….

oh my GOD i have never ever ever loved marc murphy more than i do at this moment this teen chopped contestant keeps coming back to compete and lost AGAIN and after he was chopped he left the room crying and was like ‘i don’t want to cook anymore’ and marc murphy GOT UP AND FOLLOWED HIM OUT and interrupted his exit interview to tell him to keep cooking and that he (marc) has never won chopped either and he shouldn’t let this stop him i am weeping my heart is so full

I’m seeing a lot of negativity on my dash about Season 11 already. Like “oh god look at Sam’s helmet hair” and “please Jensen never wear that shirt again”. Please stop. The season hasn’t even started yet, and already people want to jump to judge and hate on what very little we’ve seen. If it’s gotten to the point where all you do is complain about what used to be your favorite fandom, then it’s time for you to leave. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us who still (and probably always will) love it.