oh my god i want this wall

Imagine that Lance steals the Blade of Marmora suit from Keith because after he got over the initial shock of “oh my god he’s hot,” his competitive side kicked in and he wanted to prove he’d totally look better in it, but Keith catches him as he’s trying it on and is super pissed until he’s like….he looks….so good…I gotta….I have a thing…and just books it out of there but not before slamming face first into the nearest wall

Some more cute au's for all your otp needs

“We take a dance class together and our next routine calls for partnerwork, and we got put togeth-STop standing on my foot!” AU

“We live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” AU

“We live in adjacent apartments and one day I accidentally knocked a hole in the wall and into your living room I’m really sorry oh my god you’re naked” AU

“We’re both cosplayers and we somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ship and people want photos of us in compromising positions and oops now we’re kissing” AU

“We sat next to each other during a really sad film and now we’re sharing tissues silently whilst we cry at the cinema” AU

“You and I both got arrested for holding up traffic to let a duck with ducklings cross the road and now we’re in the same holding cell” AU

“I was on my balcony playing music and you were walking past and stopped to listen because it’s your favourite band too” AU

“We bonded on the train through our mutual exasperation at another spiderman reboot” AU

“I work at a fruit store and you come in at almost every day and rearrange stuff on the shelves then leave, and we let you because it gives us something to do but today you made the apples spell” call me"“ AU

"I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) trainee nurse” AU

Victuri Moving Day in Russia
  • Victor: Okay Yuri love, that's the last of the boxes!
  • *Yuri's phone rings*
  • Yuri: Hello? Phichit? You did what? Why are you in St. Petersburg? Just a second, let me ask Victor... *looks at Victor*
  • Victor: if he needs you, I can unpack, don't worry!
  • Yuri: *pecks Victor's cheek as he leaves* THANK YOU VICTOR I'LL BE BACK SOON
  • Victor: *looks at the boxes Mrs. Katsuki packed* Hmm... Bedroom is closer so I'll do that last. *assembles rest of house*
  • Victor: *opens bedroom labeled box in the empty room*
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: Wait
  • Victor: No wonder he didn't want me in his room. Not only did he not remember when we met,
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: THESE WERE PROBABLY ON THE WALLS AHHHHH *fanboying over husband (fiancee) intensifies*
  • Victor: *gets out pins and sticks them all over the walls* *grabs a sticky note pad and a sharpie*
  • Victor: *writes adorable little notes and covers the sides of each poster with them*
  • Victor: *hides the sticky note pad and sharpie and goes to sleep on their bed*
  • ~several hours later Yuri returns home~
  • ~Victor already made food and left some for Yuri in the fridge~
  • Yuri: *sees leftovers and eats food*
  • Yuri: *thanks the gods above Victor can cook*
  • Yuri: *walks over to bedroom*
  • Yuri: *opens door*
  • Yuri: *sees the posters*
  • Yuri: *anxiety and embarrassment increases so much*
  • Yuri: V-Victor? Y-you-
  • Victor: *walks out of their bathroom with a single sticky note on his shirt*
  • ~the note says "I l♡ve you Yuri"~
  • Yuri: Victor... you're so embarrassing... I love you too...
  • Yuri: ...
  • Yuri: can we please take those down though?
  • Victor: Nooooooooooo I want them to be covered in notes and then us run out of space so then the walls will just be covered in notes so then everything on the ice will be love but so will everything in this room please let them stay...
  • Yuri: My fiancee is such a dork...
  • Yuri: Victor we aren't married yet-
  • Victor: doesn't mean you can't call me husband.
  • Yuri: VICTORRRR *////*
  • Victor: *laughs and drags Yuri onto the bed for cuddles*
  • Both: I love you. ♡

Oh my god can the people who say “not everyone of those who voted Trump did it because they agreed with him, they did it as a protest vote against the Establishment” just fucking stop? 

I don’t give a shit if you voted for Trump because you’re tired of politicians and not because you want a wall and think all black people are violent criminals. You voted the way you did because your whiteness and your heterosexuality protect you. Because under a Trump presidency that may create laws you don’t necessarily agree with, you’re still gonna be considered a real citizen. Because your privilege is your armour.

But you cast your protest vote on the back of ethnic minorities and religious minorities and LGBT+ people and disabled people. Even on the back of white women, although if straight and able-bodied they probably will be be better off than other minorities. Even if you don’t view yourself as racist/homophobic/sexist, your vote enabled a racist/homophobe/sexist to get into the White House. 

You will have blood on your hands, and no matter how much and how hard you scrub, you will always have blood on your hands.

Molly deserves better.
  • Sherlock: You deserve better Molly Hooper.
  • Molly: oh my God, you too Sherlock??! I'm tired of people say-
  • Sherlock: So I'll be better!
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: To deserved you... every day.
  • Molly: ...
  • *snogs him against the nearest wall*
Bucky Barnes x Reader Laughter

Warnings: slight smut

His pounding thrusts made you groan with pleasure. Your walls had clamped around him, your nails digging into his back. The climax was ever so impending and he couldn’t stand it any longer. The two of you rolled over, so that you were on top. His hands gripped your hips, helping guide you against him. Your own hands skimmed upwards on his chest. Every bit of you he needed; every inch of you he craved; every part of you he wanted. And just as you were both about to come together-

“Hey, Buck, can I borrow-OH MY GOD!”

You had rolled off the bed and Bucky went down (HAHA IT’S A PUN GET IT) too. Steve stammered out apologies while Bucky pulled out from you and scrambled to grab a blanket. He immediately covered you up while you hid your flushed, embarrassed face in his chest. “Steven, get the fuck out!” Bucky yelled. Steve scrambled back, covering his eyes and clumsily shutting the door.

Bucky released a deep breath. “Oh, my god, I’m so sorry,” he muttered in your ear, climbing onto the bed. You stood up, the blanket wrapped around you and your face covered. Your body shook and Bucky was launched into a panic. “No, no, no, no, don’t cry,” he said gently, pulling you into a hug. He lowered the blanket from your face and was a bit shocked to see you weren’t crying but laughing so hard you could hardly make a sound.  Your eyes were closed shut, cheeks red with both embarrassment and humour. “The look on your face,” you gasped out, pointing a finger to him. “And the look on his face was just-” You broke down again into a fit of giggles. Bucky covered his mouth with his hand, chuckling at you. He didn’t think you had ever looked more beautiful then now, your hair messy, hickies on your shoulder, and a wide smile on your kiss-swollen lips.

AN: It’s just a drabble, oops. 

I’ll Do It

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You’re struggling to do everyday tasks because you’re on the verge of giving birth. Sam decides he can help you out, since it is his child you’re carrying.

Word Count: ~1,200

Warnings: fluff, innocent nakedness, pregnancy, cursing

A/N: I wanted this to be a drabble but apparently I’m incapable of writing those right now. So, here’s this.

Originally posted by heytheredeann

You groaned as you pressed your palms against the corners of the tub, pushing yourself up so you could grab your razor. Just as you had your full weight resting on your hands, your left one slipped and your butt hit the hard porcelain with a loud thud.

“Fuck! Oh my God, ouch…” You leaned your head back against the tile wall behind you and let tears fall from the sides of your eyes.

Within the minute, the bathroom door was flinging open, Sam with his hand on his gun.

“[Y/N]? Baby? What happened?” He crouched next to the bathtub and ran one hand over your forehead, pushing hair back while the other hand reached for yours and gripped it tightly.

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This episode has been amazing in so many ways for so many reasons:

  • “I’m just happy”
  • Aaron and Robert eating breaky together and Aaron wanting to engrave the coin
  • Aaron talking to Finn and being all lovely and just a wonderful human
  • Aaron looking all cute in that jumper and the HAIR OH MY
  • Aarons ‘surprise motherfucker’ thing making a show 
  • “Look how far I’ve come” Okay… but this was so important
  • Taking off the wedding ring broke me
  • Seeing Aaron drinking to deal with the pain on the pub wall and acting like his old self really hit me hard 
  • Robert and Aaron talking things out
  • Robert still wanting to marry Aaron and as soon as possible
The Joker X Reader “Best Friends”

Mister J doesn’t understand the concept of having a guy-best-friend. He always gives you and Frost such a hard time. Dammit, this man needs to learn when to back out!Who are you kidding? He’s a lost cause… 

Best friends saga: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/156162705436/the-joker-x-reader-the-wedding




**** You were horsing around the penthouse with Frost, fighting with the Joker’s canes. You had his favorite purple one and Jonny the black one. You were trying to kick Frost, he ducked and you hit the wall so hard the cane snapped in two.

“Oh, crap!” you gasp, assessing the damage in disbelief.

“That’s not good,” Jonny sighs. “Want me to take the blame?”

“No, no way, it’s my fault.”

He took the blame. Mister J is pissed to the maximum.

“I’m so sorry, boss; I tripped and felt right on top of it.”

“Lose some weight, God dammit, you know that’s my favorite cane. Now I have to wait until my new one arrives. How am I supposed to look like a pimp without it?” J snarls at him, but he knows something is up.

“You don’t need the cane, baby” you smile, keeping your cool. “You always look like the hottest pimp around.”

“For reals? Hmmm… if you say so…” the Joker buys your flattery and you think Frosty is safe.  NOT!!!

At the club, Frost was getting ready to go downstairs and J tripped him. Man, that was a pretty nasty tumble! You let out a small scream and rush after him.

“Oh my God, Jonny, are you ok?” you try to help him up, worried to death. “J, did you push him?”

“Wha’????? Why would I do that?! I’m not that low,” the Joker defends himself but you have your concerns.

“Frost, did he push you?” you ask, annoyed.

“No, no, of course not,” he lies, knowing it’s better not to start any shit.

“See? I told you, he’s just clumsy, he falls down and…breaks things.” The evil glare in J’s eye makes you squint your eyes, suspicious.

**** Since J is not going to be home anytime soon, you get together with Frost for drinks, karaoke and movies. After you’re both very drunk, you really sound like goats jumping from a cliff, but you think you’re the best singers. You decide to watch something sad, you don’t really know what, but sure as hell you are both on the couch now, sobbing, heartbroken. Your head is resting on Frost’s shoulder and you sniffle, blowing your nose in your tissue again.

The Joker walks in and sees you both and he doesn’t like the fact that you are sitting so close to each other.

“What are you guys doing now?” he mutters, marching in front of the couch.

“This is so sad, Jaaayy,” you cry and Frost reaches his hand to wipe your eyes with his tissue.

“Don’t touch my girl!” the Joker grumbles and he punches Frost unconscious.

“Omg, Jaaaayy, you killed my best friend!” You start wailing, clenching to Frost’s chest.

“He’s not dead, let go!” J tries to take you away. You don’t bulge.

“Jonnnnyyyyy, I’m gonna take care of your kids,” you whimper even louder.

“He doesn’t have any kids, let him go I said! Jeez, how much did you drink, Princess?!”

“Jonnnnnyyy, I’m gonna take care of your wifeeee,” you’re bawling your eyes out.

“He doesn’t have a wife!”

“I don’t care, I’m gonna take care of all of them anywayyy.” You are so upset you won’t move.

“Fine, I’ll prove you he’s all right!” J walks over to the kitchen, irritated, grabs a bowl of water with ice and comes back just to throw it Frost’s face to wake him up. Frost opens his eyes, kind of jumping from the shock of the cold feeling. You kiss his cheek, then cuddle on his chest.

“Frosty, you’re alive!”

“I said don’t touch my girl!” the Joker snaps, punching his lights out again.

Poor Frost had to walk around with two black eyes for three weeks.
 **** Mister J will get revenge for that night. Frost has a date tonight and you are helping him with his tie.

J is glaring at you too, tapping his fingers on the glass coffee table.

“Can’t you dress yourself, Frost?” he asks, grinning, impatient it’s taking so long.

“Almost done, sir.”

“There” you back out a bit, satisfied. “I hope you never leave us, I don’t know what we’d do without you.”

You hear your boyfriend snarl and you continue:

“…and without J we would be completely lost,” you quickly add, winking at Jonny.

Before Frost leaves, J is trying to give him tips on how to behave on a date and some pickup lines. You roll your eyes, scoffing and when J leaves the room to answer an important call, you whisper to Frost:

“Don’t listen to him, he’s clueless to this kind of stuff. I’m with him for his looks, not for the wisdom he blesses us with every day.” Jonny snickers, amused.

“What are you guys talking about?” J inquires, coming back in the room holding a glass half full with whiskey.

“His girlfriend, she’s adorable,” you innocently smile. “A sweetheart, I’m telling you.”

“Hmm, oh well, old man, here’s some liquid courage for tonight.” The Joker gives the glass to Jonny and he drinks it all. He put sleeping pills in the whiskey. Needless to say Frosty didn’t make it to his date and you didn’t talk to J for days.

****  “Jonny, remember when we were kids and used to play hide and seek? Gosh, I miss those days. Hey, let’s play!” you clap your hands in anticipation.

“We’re grown ass people, Y/N,” he furrows is eyebrows, not in the mood.

“ So?! Stop being so serious. Come on, it will be fun, pleaseeee?” you beg, pulling his arm.

“Ok, but just one round, you hide and I’ll try to find you.”

“Yes!!! Awesome!” you jump up and down, excited. It’s late at night and J is not home yet so you gotta kill the boredom somehow. “Ok, turn the lights out, give me 1 minute and then come look for me,” you giggle, already knowing you will hide behind the curtain. You stay quiet, hearing noises around the penthouse. You feel like a child again, you missed the thrill of this silly game.

Suddenly, you feel hands grabbing your butt as you are turned around and you feel your lips being kissed. You panic:

“Jonny, what the hell???!!!” you yell and throw your fist in his face as hard as you can.

“Huhhh?”you hear Frost from across the room as he turns on the lights.

“Auchhh, are you crazy?!”
Oh, crap, it’s The Joker. With a bloody nose. Looking unhappy. Very unhappy.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” you cover your mouth, scared. “I didn’t know it’s you. Why did you sneak in like that? I’ll bring you some ice, hold on.”

“God, you have a mean punch, Pumpkin!” he snorts on his blood, holding the bridge of his nose, angry at you.

“Occupational hazard, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to,” you keep on apologizing, feeling really bad about it. You didn’t have time to notice Frost widely smiling at his boss’s misfortune. Karma is a bitch.

**** You are out Christmas shopping with Frost for J . You have no idea he’s following you two. He keeps on creeping out from behind corners, with a hoodie on and jeans, totally incognito, watching you two like a hawk.

“Why is she holding his arm? Why are they laughing? Why is he touching my girl again?” J keeps on thinking, irritated. He sees some kids playing in the snow.

“Hey, you there,” he gets their attention, “wanna make a hundred dollars?”

* You suddenly get bombarded with a million snow balls, there are a bunch of children screaming and yelling, hitting you two from all sides, then they run.

“Wow, what was that?” you say, cleaning yourself up. And you hear it just for a split second, but you sure know that laugh.

“It’s that idiot!” you mutter through your clenched teeth, aggravated.

“Who, Mister J ?”

“That’s what I said, Frosty, pay attention,” you inhale, dragging him inside the little restaurant on your left. ”Come on, let’s get on the terrace! Hurry up!”

There is nobody on top with the cold weather and snow, of course. You duck behind the wall, watching the street.

“There he is!” you point at the Joker approaching the building, recognizing him.

“When he gets right under, we push all this snow on him, ok?” you elbow Frost, making sure he’s going to follow the plan.

“Are you insane? He’s going to kill us.”

“Bullshit, he won’t know it was us. I won’t tell if you don’t,” you bite your lips, waiting for an answer.

“Ok, let’s do it!” Jonny softly chuckles, grateful he can get a bit more payback to his boss for all the crap he has to endure.

“Wait for my signal,” you peak again and…”Now, now!!!’ you both push the huge chunks of frozen snow and you hear a loud thud then J cussing and having a temper tantrum. You both laugh like crazy, covering your mouths and you slowly get up and run, taking the stares to the south side of the restaurant.

**** You are in front of the fireplace, listening to a song with Jonny on your mp4. He has one earbud and you have the other.

“Wow, awesome song, Y/N,” Frost nods his head as a thank you for sharing.

Oh, hell no! The Joker thinks when he sees you two. He walks behind you and smashes your heads together as hard as he can.

“Auucch, wtf, baby?! It really hurts!” you whimper, rubbing the painful spot.

“Whoops, my hands slipped,” J grins, closing his eyes to take in the moment, feeling like he accomplished something good for the day.  Jonny doesn’t say anything; he is trying to be as stoic as ever. He just cautiously gets up and leaves.
*You and Frost got nasty matching red bumps and J is very pleased to call you:

“My little horn-y devils.”

**** You and Frost are waiting outside for the Joker so you can go to the club.

“Gosh, it’s so cold,” you shiver under your thin coat.

“Here, Y/N,” Frost offers you his coat, placing it around your shoulders.

“Thank you, you’re so sweet… Hey, J, what are you doing?”

Mister J yanks Frost’s coat and throws it on a muddy puddle that didn’t freeze yet.

“Baby, what are you doing?!”

“You don’t need his coat, I’ll give you mine, “ J pouts, puckering his lips while placing his purple coat around you.
That was so uncalled for; he really needs to knock this shit out.

The car is parked half a block away so you bend your knees more to make sure the bottom of his precious croc coat gets dragged in all the puddles and slit you can walk in.

He has a fit when you give it back to him but you  candidly point out he gave it to you and it’s not your fault you’re shorter than him.

**** “How in the world did my Lamborghini got a flat tire? Are you kidding me right now?” J gasps, kicking the sidewalk exasperated. ”Get someone to fix it!” he shrieks at Frost.

Yeah, I wonder how it happened…

Frost gives you an inquiring glance and you wink at him, letting him know you got his back.  

What are best friends good for anyway?

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Sherlock's Valentine's Day Challenge #13

“I hate Valentine’s Day!”

Sherlock x Reader

Side Notes: I had rehearsal yesterday and didn’t get to writing this but I really wanted to! So, this will be a prelude to Valentine’s Day Challenge #14 to end it all off! Enjoy!!

Originally posted by xthismeanswar

You threw your bag onto the ground, collapsing into the couch beside the wall and threw your arm over your eyes.

“Oh my god, that was disgusting!” You exclaimed.

Going out to find something to eat for you and John while Sherlock was on a case, you encountered multiple displays of public affection - to your absolute dismay and horror.

John’s eyes glanced at you over his newspaper before clearing his throat. “What’s up with you?”

You groaned.

Valentine’s Day, that’s what! Does it just instantly make them all feel entitled to eat each other’s faces, in the middle of the streets?” Rolling over, you turned to hide your face into the couch cushions. “It’s just like any other day.”

You heard John chuckle and sat up abruptly to glare at him.

“What? Why are you laughing?”

“You didn’t say that last Valentine’s.”

“Yes, John, well I at least had someone to share it with back then! Until he,” You cleared your throat and your voice lowered, “Broke up with me on Valentine’s Day…”

The man sitting adjacent to you dropped his newspaper and tried to hide his smile with his hands, before letting out an obnoxious laugh.

“S-sorry!” John said in between laughs.

Hey! It’s not funny!”

“No, no! Of c-course not. I’m l-laughing about something e-else.” John replied, before bursting out in laughter once again.

You crossed your arms and stared at him, muttering about the blabbering idiot before you. Standing up to leave the room and grabbing your bag in the process, you felt John’s hand taking a hold of your wrist. Looking at him with a glare, you tipped your head in question at his suddenly serious expression.

“I’m sorry, I just…” John paused. “Don’t you know why he broke up with you?”

You shook your head.

“Sherlock and I didn’t want to tell you because we knew the affect it would have on you. However, I think you deserve to know so…” John looked up at you through his eyes and coughed, then looked out to the side quickly. Gazing back at you, he continued. “Michael was cheating on you with -”

“With precisely five other women.”

You whipped around to face Sherlock in shock, who you hadn’t noticed had walked up the stairs into the flat.

“What the hell? Since when?”

Sherlock furrowed his brow at you and stated what he believed to be the obvious. 

“The day you started dating, of course.”

You couldn’t think of anything to say and now you stood there like a blabbering idiot. They had known all this for a year, and they never hesitated to hide it from you? You had thought the three of you had a stronger relationship, but it now seemed you were wrong. 

“W-What… John,” Tears sprung to your eyes, “You were just laughing at me because of it.”

He began shaking his head furiously when you turned sharply to walk into Sherlock’s room, where you knew you would be able to calm down. As the door slammed shut behind you, words spun out of your mouth like a child and you couldn’t control it.

“I hate Valentine’s Day!”

Face thrown into Sherlock’s pillow, the muffled sound of deep voices outside the door stopped you from falling asleep in the comfort of his bed. The material was soaked with tears causing you to roll over away from it. You could now clearly hear what John and Sherlock were arguing about.

“Why aren’t you going in there? You’re the one who made her upset.”

“Sherlock, this is your room. If anything, you should enter. Besides I’m not the one who told her it was five women without thinking.”

The detective scoffed. “Oh please, I wasn’t thinking? I’m Sherlock Holmes, I know what I’m doing.”

“Then go in there, for God’s sake!” John grumbled. 

Muttering continued and you threw the sheets away, fed up. Grabbing the doorknob and twisting it, the door opened forcefully to slam into the wall. You met the widened eyes of both men.

“Will you shut up! I can hear every word you say.” Out of the corner of your eye, John swallowed. The three of you stood there for a few minutes as you stared them down.

Pointing to John, you continued. “You. Come in here, we need to talk. And you,” Sherlock stared at you with quizzical eyes, “Go… lay on the couch or something.” 

Closing the door behind him, John turned around to face you with your arms crossed. 


The man cautiously walked to the bed and placed himself down, hands on his knees. Looking up towards you, he let himself smile lightly.

“You don’t realize, do you?” John received a questioning stare back. “You said you had no one to share today with. Then I recalled this morning, while you were asleep, and I laughed - you two are so similar, you even say the same things.”

Your arms came unfolded and rested at your side, before you clasped your hands together and squeezed. 

“I still don’t understand…”

John chuckled once again. “Y/N, you are just as oblivious to your feelings as a sociopath is.” 

Part 2

erm hi guys so I just kinda-
died a little when I put these two together on the wall I didn’t realize they match so well side by side until I did it..

so here’s two beauties in flower crown to save your day

I saw two men so beautiful I start to cry??
(oh god save me while I’m gonna wake up to this infront of me everyday)

But like, if they weren’t going to do anything because Aedion could hear them...they had to know he coud hear what they were saying right? I mean he could hear Rowan’s silent footsteps outside in the city, when he was an entire alley away. I think he could hear them talking

Rowan: *breathy* Aelin…

*in other room* Aedion: huh, whats happening?

Aelin: *whispering* No one else. I would never allow anyone else at my throat. No one else

Aedion: oh no

Rowan:*low groan*

Aedion: no…

Aelin: *makes a whimpering noise, a groan or his name*

Aedion: Nonono

Rowan: *breathing raggedly*

Aedion: Nonono…stop, no

Rowan: Not yet, not now

Aedion: yes

Aelin: Why not?

Aedion: NO

Rowan: I want to take my time with you…to learn every inch of you

Aedion: is there a window I can jump out of or…

Rowan: This apartment has very, very thin walls. I don’t want to have an audience…

Aedion: Oh praise god! Thank you Rowan!! Finally someone remembers i can hear yo-

Rowan: When I make you moan, Aelin

Aedion:*slams hand on table* OH COME ON!!

anonymous asked:

Could you write a McKirk “We live in adjacent apartments and one day I accidentally knocked a hole in the wall and into your living room I’m really sorry oh my god you’re naked” AU from captanjamestkirk's AU post pretty please? Bonus points if the naked person was engaged in a rather <i>personal</i> activity if you know what I mean (wink)(wink) Honestly I just want to read McKirk in a slightly awkward, cracky situation which may escalate to some hotness. Thank you and love your work!

  • Jim loves his neighbor. Handsome, grumpy doctor McCoy. Who has an adorable daughter who comes over every other weekend. Jim speaks to her more than he does to Leonard, though. Not for a lack of trying, but whenever Jim tries to start a conversation, Leonard’s usually busy. Probably real busy, not always a lame excuse to get away. They’ve had an occasional beer together, but they’re not much more than neighbors and acquaintances who tell each other hello when they see each other out on the streets or in grocery stores.
  • Jim gets really drunk with Scotty on Saturday, and he stumbles home. The game is on TV quietly, but instead of watching Jim is mostly texting Scotty and Uhura. For some stupid fucking reason, way past midnight, he decides his house is due renovation. An open kitchen, because the wall dividing the kitchen from his living room has been bothering him for some time. He bought the place a few years back, though never really did much construction on it. A few walls can really use some reconstruction. 
  • He stumbles down in the basement of his apartment, and there he finds a sledgehammer. Perfect. He can just knock out the wall, and eventually start on constructing his kitchen. Tomorrow, post hangover. First, that wall’s gotta go.  The wall in his apartment is actually weak enough that he smashes a big hole into it in just one go. And then when he leans against that broken wall, he falls straight through. 
  • Turns out, it’s not the wall to his kitchen he’s broken down, but the wall straight into the adjacent apartment. He sits up straight, a little confused and disoriented. “What. The. Fuck?!” Leonard calls out. When Jim looks up, he’s in Leonard’s bedroom. And Leonard’s not alone. “Leonard-” “JIM,” Leonard shouts at him. Jim watches in interest when Leonard’s partner - a guy - gets up and rushes to grab his clothes. He’s out in no time. “Look what you did,” Leonard says, reaching out for the covers to cover himself up. Jim scrambles to his feet. “Look, I’m sorry. I just… I wanted to break open my kitchen,” Jim says. “Well, you fucking missed!” "I’ll pay for the repair costs,“ Jim says. “You better,” Leonard replies. Jim watches with interest as the other one keeps the sheets pulled up high. “Sorry ‘bout your date.” “Wasn’t exactly a date. Now shut up, leave, and cover up that hole in the wall!“ 
  • Jim falls asleep on his couch instead of his bed. The couch faces the wall, and waking up is a bitter reminder of his own stupidity. Though, maybe it’s not all bad; he pries his eyes open just in time to watch a very nude Leonard pass by that hole in the wall. Holy shit. When the other passes by again, he’s dressed (which, real shame), and he catches his glance. “Hey,” Jim says, “I’m really sorry about last night.” “Just fix the damn hole in the wall,” Leonard says. Then, after a few seconds of silence, the doctor adds: “D'you want breakfast? I made scrambled egg.” Jim gets up immediately, and steps through that wall.
  • So rather than getting that hole fixed, Jim uses it to visit Bones all the time. Sure, he gets a construction worker to look at the costs, make it look all official, but really, he hasn’t exactly signed that contract when Leonard still invites him over for drinks, dinner, and even occasionally comes over to watch TV with Jim. “How am I ever gonna bring people home again when there’s a giant man-sized hole in my bedroom, connecting me to my stupid neighbor?” Leonard complains, openly to Jim, too, and Jim huffs. “Excuse me,” Jim says, looking insulted, “I’m a great neighbor.” “You ruined my chance to have sex,” Leonard says, and Jim chuckles. “You haven’t asked me,” he replies. Leonard hesitates, frowning at Jim like he’s trying to figure that out. “… What?” “I mean, I would sleep with you,” Jim says casually, shrugging a little. He looks at Jim, reaching out to grab the other man’s shirt; pulling him in closer. “Okay,” Leonard says. “Okay?” Jim asks. “Yeah,” Leonard says, “let’s do it.”  
  • They agree on casual, but Jim knows from the get go that this is gonna be more than casual. Just the way that Jim stays the night from day one they decide to sleep together means it’s more than just casual. Leonard makes him breakfast, too, and it’s something Jim grows so used to that even on nights when they’re not together, he just climbs through that hole in the wall and either joins Leonard in bed until the other gets up, or just walks to his kitchen to find food there.
  • Leonard is stupidly romantic, too. Jim comes home from work and throws his stuff on the couch, but he’s surprised by a pleasant scent. And when he investigates, Leonard’s reading a book on his bed, just quietly reading a book while there’s candles. On his nightstand. “What’s this?” Jim asks, raising an eyebrow. “It smells nice,” Leonard replies, “clean sheets, scented candles, you should try it sometimes.” “You’re the type who lights candles when taking a bath, too?” Jim mocks him with a grin, but Leonard just looks up with a smile. “Absolutely,” he says. Jim sits down next to him, pushing his book away and instead demanding that attention from him. “C’m here,” he says, cupping Leonard’s cheeks and pulling him in for a kiss, “you old romantic.” Leonard kisses him back, fingers tugging at his shirt eagerly. “You’re never going to fix that hole, are you?” Leonard asks, and Jim chuckles softly. “Right now, I’m gonna be focusing on a whole different ho-” Leonard interrupts him with a laugh, pulling the other in a little closer. “You’re terrible.”
your touch feels like the landing on skin of a butterfly whose wings are on fire. I bury my face in the crook of your neck and inhale the scent of you; safety, home, god. your skin is gilded with honey and sun but I bet your lips taste like moonlight, so please kiss me until I see the stars in your eyes smeared all over the ceilings and walls. I want to entangle my hands in your hair and feel rose petals clinging to them when they withdraw. oh my beautiful and damned, I bet your love is ruining salvation. but God, if you are fire I want you to make me your Pompeii.
—  l.a

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Thanks for doing Sin Night again and taking time to do all these prompts :) And this time I'm on time soooo Mor and Azriel are casually walking around the House of Wind when they hear loud moaning and Mor The Explorer wants to find out who's that. Of course it's Cassian fucking Nesta against the wall and Az being one very polite bat tries to excuse themselves but Mor is all like 'No, I don't think so, I've wanted to do Nesta for the longest time' so foursome ensues.

First of all, thanks for thanking me! That means a lot and I’m glad you made it.

Second of all, MOR THE EXPLORER OH. MY. GOD. But no I’m so on board with this, Azriel is begging Mor to just leave them be they’ll talk to them about it another time but she just waves him off and WALTZES INTO CASSIAN’S ROOM. Cassian turns over his shoulder from where he’s on top of Nesta and is like “what the fuck guys, GET OUT WE’RE BUSY” and Mor just goes “we know, that’s why we’re here.”

Nesta and Cassian look at each other (he’s literally still inside her omg) and he looks back at Mor and Az and is just like “yeah sure okay”

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okay so seven canonically has those little glow in the dark sticky stars you can put on your walls/ceiling, right? i don't remember when he said it but i distinctly recall him saying so at some point and i started freaking out. pls, for the good of all that is holy, imagine him getting excited when MC freaks like "OH MY GOD I LOVE THOSE, I HAVE ABOUT A MILLION IN MY ROOM". like holy shit when i was little i didn't want a night light so i got RAINBOW GLOW IN THE DARK STARS(+moon). it was So Good.

Hey anon! Thanks for the request! I thought this was super cute omg. I haven't gotten that call yet from Seven buT IT MADE ME SO HAPPY. THANKS YOU SO MUCH HOPE YOU ENJOY. Spoilers for 707′s route!! I made this so it was after the whole Mint Eye thing sO YOU’VE BEEN WARNED

Seven had been very hard to open up to you, but due to his flawed childhood, it wasn’t that big of a surprise as to why. He was always afraid of you leaving him for being so problematic, so when you stuck by his side regardless, he was elated and thrilled. He never had anyone so persistent about being with him. He wanted to exchange the favor and stick by you until the end and show you his entire world, but then again, you were his entire world. You were everything to him and he couldn’t be more grateful to meet such a brilliant beam of light to reveal the dark paths of life. He wanted to be with you all the time, but of course since you both only had just started officially dating only a mere couple days ago, he wanted to take things slow. After all, he hadn’t even taken you to his house yet. He refrained from doing so for so long and it made you wonder why he’s never invited you over until now. Though he had opened up quite a decent amount, he still had his secrets and you weren’t just about to pry him open to desperately search for them.
 “MC! You haven’t been in my house yet, have you? I’m so sorry, I should have brought you here sooner. Rika’s apartment was a bit small,” Seven said to you as you exited one of his luxury cars. Even though Seven’s diet and his clothes weren’t the most desirable, his car, however, was quite spectacular. It was no wonder as to why he cherished it so much.The cold upholstery brushed against your thighs uncomfortably as you shifted out of the vehicle. It raised prickled goosebumps on your skin unsettlingly, but that could be just your nerves as well. Was Seven’s bunker this secretive? What was he hiding in there?
 “I don’t mind, Seven. I get to be here with you now and that’s all that matters,” you assured him. He flashed you a big smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes in such an adorable manner. It was his smile that always made your heart race. It was such a warm and inviting expression, but it made you wonder how his exterior could be so humble and kind but his interior was cold and upsetting. As soon as your full body had exited the car and was beginning to make its way up to the gate, your lanky, red-headed boyfriend grabbed your wrist and pulled your entire body into his. He smelled musky, as if he hadn’t showered in days. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise you if he didn’t, he had been through so much lately. He took his long slender fingers and brushed your hair against his touch softly. You didn’t pull back though, it took you by utmost surprise, but it was quite a pleasurable experience.

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He’s just trying to make Wirt feel better about this. I’m sure the leaves ARE growing inside him, but he doesn’t want him to wrory.

He’s such an amazing brother.



Oh my god.

Oh my god you ridiculous child I love you.

These scenes always get me. I think it’s the “No, you’re going to come with me and do it yourself” when someone’s trying to convince another person not to die.