oh my god i think too much

//i think he’d probably be that dad that always buys way too much candy and gives it all to robin, gives robin weapons occasionally that he should NoT have until he’s a bit older, but also pretty overprotective of him ?

also, i’m so sorry i had my asks off !!

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Ok so I think Danai is a goddess. If you could send her any of your fanfics to read, which one would you send her? Also, after all of this Richonne goodness, I'm in need of a smutty one-shot where Michonne calls Rick Papi. These two characters are just too hot together and I will be useless after 7.12. The Richonne fandom is so much fun because we understand this couple and why they work.

Oh god, none of them! Maybe, with a gun to my head, she could read “Close To You.” It’s short, sweet, and there’s no sex anywhere involved, haha. Maybe certain chapters of “Her,” but definitely not the whole thing. I’d be mortified. 😄

But yes, she is a goddess, and she (and Andy) make this whole thing go. I absolutely cannot wait until our lives are ruined by 7x12. To experience this ship and this fandom for the past few years has been incredible, and I think it’s quite lovely that we’re all gonna die together. 🤗


au | during a rough landing, Superman accidentally hits Stiles’ jeep and Stiles fangirls a little too much.

Holy shit Scott, I just met Superman. THE SUPERMAN, are you listening to me??
HE EVEN OFFERED TO PAY FOR THE JEEP’S DAMAGES, oh my GOD I think I’m a little in love right now.

okay but what if:

 hunk and lance are on a mission one day and there’s not much going except some hardcore girl talk™ and lance is all like “idk man i don’t think I can ever tell Keith how much I like him” then it just cuts to keith and shiro on their mission side eyeing the speakers on their helmets because oh my god did that really just happen?? and a little while later there’s this crackle on lance’s end and just a quiet Keith voice out of nowhere like “I like you too?”

IM GOING TO CRY OH MY GOD the parent guide on IMDB for YOI is the fuNNiesT thIng, here are my favorite warnings:

-A man grabbes another man’s backside.

-The main character claims that another man’s performance is so sexual ‘it could make a man pregnant’ by watching.

-The main character’s nose bleeds when thinking about his idol.

-It is implied a man runs around a restaurant, in front of multiple characters, completely naked after drinking too much.

-Durring a sequence, a drunk man removes his underwear and throws it on younger character’s head.

-A man smashes his face on the wall of an ice rink. He is later seen with blood on his face. He attempts to jump into his coach’s arms but is dropped on his face when his coach sees the blood.

-Many characters refer to a character as a 'pig’ or 'fatso’

OT3 goodness
  • We specifically bought this mini-van instead of a car because it has three seats in the font but now all we do is argue about who gets to sit in the middle
  • Our group chat is mostly just Person A serenading the both of us with song lyrics and dirty messages oh my god this fucking dork…oh shit now I’m kinda aroused one of you fuckers meet me for lunch asap
  • We all tried to spit our toothpaste in the sink at the same time and ended up banging our heads together and communicating in unintelligible noises due to having too much fucking toothpaste in our mouths oh my god will one you just spit first I’m so tired I want to go to bed
  • Person A always sleeps in the middle because they are the smallest but that also means that sometimes they end up like a whole half of the way down the bed by morning and more than once now we’ve both been terrified we accidentally suffocated them in the night
  • Person B is literally so fucking ticklish and we tickle-attack them so often that we think they might actually secretly hate us and have plans to leave us
  • Your parents are super supportive of our relationship which is really nice but every year your mom knits us three matching Christmas sweaters and we have no choice but to wear them and now the entire extended family knows we’re all together and it can get kinda awkward at times but oh well I love you both so much, hey Person A show us your childhood bedroom
  • You and I were innocently making out but then I got aroused and so did you but we knew Person C would be home literally any minute so we just decided to wait for them at which point they walked through the door and took one look at our faces and realized exactly what was going on before sighing at us disappointingly and taking off their shirt
  • You two are such trouble-makers and I am literally cleaning up after you 24/7 please be adults for like one second and no both of you simultaneously smothering me in neck kisses isn’t going to make me less mad….but carry on anyways

concept: Mickey crossing the border and then looking at his rear-view mirror and seeing that Ian is there, looking at him, standing still, and neither of them is able to tear their eyes off of one another until Ian disappears from the mirror and the car disappears from Ian’s eyesight. And then everything turns blurry for both of them because of the tears. 


Okay but about the moment after kiss
It was one of the things that I really loved and appreciated in the whole episode, especially Yuri’s face while he look at Viktor.
He seems to be so happy and made at the moment like if he waited for that moment his whole life???? Omg I love his expression so much. ❤
And Viktor seems to be so happy that Yuri enjoyed the kiss and didn’t say something like “oh my fucking God why couldn’t you think in another surprise?That was too much!”

That’s a healthy and strong relationship that I hope to grow more and more, if it’s possible. They deserve it.

Episode 1: I hope there’s fan service like free or owari no seraph

Episode 2: it cant get any gayer than this

Episode 3: it cant get any gayer than this

Episode 4: I hope it become gayer

Episode 5: I hope it become gayer

Episode 6: I think I ask too much fan service, this should be enough

Episode 7: oh they are hug-…*chek all the evidences* asdfgsahsvshakak THEY ARE ACTUALLY KISSING OH MY GOD

Episode 8: PRAY FOR MACCACHIN (aww..viktor is going to Japan, I guess no vikturi moment in eps 9)

Episode 9: *proposal, maccachin is alive* NOW I’M SO DEAD

honestly you know what this fandom doesn’t have enough of? awkward!jercy

percy accidentally spilling his drink down the front of his shirt because he got distracted thinking about what it would feel like to hold jason’s hand and so he missed his mouth

piper casually asking jason if he likes anyone and jason turns so red that piper seriously considers getting someone from the apollo cabin

percy absentmindedly doodling “mr. percy grace” “mr. jason jackson” “mr. & mr. jackson-grace" on a piece of paper before realizing what he’s doing and he quickly tears it up

jason not being able to listen to any romantic songs because they all make him think about percy and it is just TOO MUCH for him to handle

annabeth and grover having an intervention because oh my gods percy if we have to hear about how blue jason’s eyes are one more time i swear

jason quietly telling leo that he sometimes thinks about kissing boys and even more quietly telling him that he sometimes thinks about kissing percy. he immediately regrets this, not because leo is unaccepting but because leo won’t stop waggling his eyebrows whenever jason and percy are in the same room. jason thinks he might explode if this goes on any longer

just. jason and percy being huge embarrassing dorks with huge embarrassing crushes on each other.


The many faces of Nefertari Vivi from EP.776/777 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Oh my god they’re totally roleplaying the human/alien romance here.

Seriously send help I don’t think I can take this much longer.

I was trying to make a joke but Lapis’ “They’re flirting” line is just too perfect to change it to something else.





Exo as shit my friends have said
  • Xiumin: guys I drank too much coffee, but don't worry it was decaf
  • Lay: how many swimming pools do you think it takes to fill the ocean
  • Suho: I am older then you there for I know more
  • Chen: guys feel my legs, I just shaved
  • Baekhyun: you guys don't know what true roasting is *proceeds to roast self*
  • Chanyeol: my shower thinks I'm a good singer
  • D.O: so do you think you could make a knife out of a water bottle if you cut it into triangles
  • Sehun: im not weird im special edition, get your facts straight

this is honestly my favourite episode right now and after watching it for the millionth time, i submit my thesis :

  • okay, can we talk about guang-hong ji, first?  he is chinese and 17 and soooooo adORABLE! like, he’s just so cute and i absolutely adore him. his short program was amazing! he’s such a cute little cinnamon roll :D
  • next, leo de la iglesia! oh my god i love him too, all these beautiful characters, y’know. so he’s american  and honestly i appreciate the creators for not putting in some stereotypical white person, especially at a time like this (post election). i ship him with guang-hong ji okay, like how can you not? i feel like their relationship is already very cute, much like victuri from the old days tbh
  • phichit chulanont! phichit-kun has met all of my expectations (and more)… he’s so sweet and like i honestly think we have a squad here : minami kenjiro, phichit, guang hong and leo = the cinnamon rolls squad ™ ! or it could be the victuri shipper squad bc oh my , do all of them ship it
  • georgi popovich, holy mother of geese, i was practically crying at his performance.. the makeup oh my lord and our little yurio’s reaction was priceless lmao, but still he’s definitely a contender, being 2nd and i really want to know more about that woman who caused him to become the evil witch and whatnot, thinking over it, i’d like to see her skating as we haven’t  seen any female skate till now
  • chris, chris, chris! dear lord, christophe giacometti… i am not sure if i should laugh or feel mildly disgusted.. holy spokes he is something, isn’t he? well i have a feeling that the reason why yuri wanted to ‘be the man who stole victor from the world’ was partly bc chris told him very straightforwardly that he should leave victor, so idk i mean i don’t really think he’s getting between victor and yuri rn (well as if he could; victor being the clingiest boyfriend on the planet) but who knows … he came 6th but as victor said he likes to take it slow so yeah, he is a contender 
  • okay now that all the new amazing characters have been talked about, lets talk about the clingy boyfriend coach we have here
  • victor nikiforov, ladies and gentlemen, is the most supportive bean i’ve ever seen.. like his reactions at yuri’s performance were so full of pure joy and he looks so in love! i love the fact that basically in all of the times yuri was with him, his arm was around him, he’s so protective oh my god, like how does victuri get more real every passing episode?? oh and drunk!victor… god bless isn’t that like what most fanfictions are based on? this anime will be the dea th of all of us i’m telling you 
  • and finally *drumroll* yuri “laNDED THAT QUADRUPLE SALCHOW” katsuki, everyone. he did it, guys. he actually mastered eros and this was by far the best performance; he didn’t have to imagine the story of the woman and the playboy or even katsudon to capture the emotion because this time, he had victor. the lip-licking think omf shook me up and “i am the only one who can satisfy victor. i am the only one in the whole world who knows victor’s love.” like if this isn’t canon, i don’t know what is, gods of olympus i’ll be dead when this is finally over 

the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura