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The Perfect Plan

PAIRING: Reader x Steve Rogers 


WARNINGS: slight swearing and lots of fluff and a frustrated Steve! 

Request from Anon: Hi if you wouldn’t mind, I have an idea. Tony hosts some kind of fundraiser ball or formal event, and the reader is kinda like date but platonically, and Steve gets really jealous bc he thinks reader and Tony are together? But then they have a cute dance and get close at the after party? If you want to make it fluffy or smutty it’s up to you. Btw your work is amazing it’s honestly my favourite x

This was such a cute request, I leaned more to the fluffy side as it’s been too hot today for my brain to try and write anything smutty as that has been the last thing I’ve wanted to think/do today! (lowkey Australian weather can kiss my ass ugh) Anyway I hope you enjoy this! Also Happy Birthday Stan Lee !! 

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“(Y/N), I need your help” the sudden loud and brash voice of Tony nearly made you jump nine feet into the air. If it wasn’t for you working alongside Tony Stark for a number of years now you were sure that your heart would be beating a mile a minute. But fortunately for your nerves you had grown accustomed to Tony sudden and sometimes volatile behavior.

“What is it now Tony, please tell me there isn’t some PR mess you’ve created for me” You signed your fingers still tapped rhythmically on the keyboard.

“Nope I only make those on the last Thursdays of the month” you gave Tony a dry look over your computer screen as he flopped down on the chair opposite your desk.

“Seriously what do you want Tony?” the annoyance in your voice went unnoticed by the billionaire.

“I’m throwing a party” he shrugged.

“When aren’t you throwing a party” you rolled your eyes.

“This one is actually for a reason”

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Author...Part 2

(Part 1  Part 3  Part 4  Epilogue)

The period to someone’s ellipses. -MGG

Feeling your eyes widen as your screen begins to flash, tears involuntarily spring to your eyes as your fingers hit the keyboard with a fury.

You bought the book?

I pre-ordered it. -MGG

He did?

What did you think about it?

I think that I’m only halfway through it, and I’m very angry that I have to work so late tonight, because I really want to finish it. -MGG

You felt a smile cross your reddened cheeks as your fingertips begin to quake.

It had been many months since your last conversation, and within that time you had penned, edited, submitted, and approved the publication of your second book.  The pre-orders that had come in for it had paid the advance they had given you for the book, and your agent was ecstatic to let you know that as soon as it hit the shelves, you were going to be receiving royalty checks every couple of weeks.

Oh, and another thing.

You had an agent now, who was more than thrilled to inform you that your publishing company would be commissioning a third book from you even before this one hit the shelves.

“They said that they’ve never had a book pre-order the amount that they cut the author for their advance!” she had exclaimed excitedly in your ear a couple of weeks ago.

So, you had sat in front of your computer screen.

For two solid weeks.

Staring at a blank canvas of a word document.


Will this one be left open-ended for another book? -MGG

Not intentionally, which I suppose is good, because my agent says that the publishing company already wants me to write another one.

Agent?  Fancy.  And congratulations! -MGG

He seemed incredibly uplifting for someone who was upset with you the last time the two of you talked.

Why are you talking with me again?  Last time I upset you.

Never too late to be blunt.

It took him a while to respond…giving you enough time to convince yourself that talking to you was a mistake and that he was going to just sign off.

Because I missed our communication. -MGG

He had?

He had…missed talking with you?

I’m really sorry about last time.  I promise, I wasn’t intentionally blowing you off or anything…

It felt like you were. -MGG

I mean, it was intentional, but not because of you.  I just…

You sigh in frustration as you lean forward and hit your forehead up against the corner of your desk.

How were you going to explain to him that you hated being out in public?  That you hated being around groups of people?  That it took so much energy just to go grocery shopping, much less interact with society as a whole?

You can talk to me, you know… -MGG

And there it was.

That damn ellipses.

“Don’t screw this up,” you murmur to yourself as you take in a deep breath through your nose and begin typing.

And I feel like I can.  But all my life, being around others has always made me nervous.  I struggle with eye contact with other people, because I always think they’re going to give me disapproving looks.  I don’t even know what they would disapprove of…I just feel like they will.  It’s exhausting to me just to go to the grocery store.  It’s why I’m such a good cook…or at least I think I am.  This book thing, it’s been…a blessing in my life.  Because…

And there it was.

Your ellipses.

So, it wasn’t because of me? -MGG

Oh my god, no!  Shit, is that what you thought?

…eek, sorry for the language.

It’s alright.  I don’t mind :) -MGG

Smiley face.

Smiley faces were good, right?

It had absolutely nothing to do with you.  I swear.  However, it’s my turn.

Alright? -MGG

Why don’t you want to give me your name?  I mean, it’s obviously not the same reason as mine.


He wasn’t even typing, according to the little chat window.

Should you backtrack?

Should you tell him never mind?

But as your fingers began to fly across the keys, you hit send before you could backtrack yourself.

You can talk to me, you know…

I’m sort of famous…in a way…-MGG


Oh.  Well…that makes sense.

You felt a huge wave of relief wash over your entire being.

It wasn’t because of you.

What are you famous for?

I’ve been on a television show for a few years now.  But I’ve also done various movies as well as live comedy performances. -MGG

Sounds like a lot of fun.  Are you a funny person?

I try to be.  I just want to entertain others and make them smile.  Doesn’t matter how I do so, or if I look like a fool in the process. -MGG

You were in awe of his self-sacrificial confidence.

I wish I had the kind of outgoing nature that you do.  It would make things a lot easier.

Maybe you just aren’t around the right people. -MGG

Being around people is the issue.

Are you sure it isn’t just being around strangers? -MGG

I’m sure.

How sure are you?  Have you made any friends that make you feel comfortable to prove otherwise? -MGG

He had a very good point.

It was like some demented Catch-22.  Strangers made you nervous, therefore you didn’t go out into the world.  But in order to make friends, and not be lonely, you had to go out into the world.  Which held so many strangers.

I never did ask you how the directing of your episode went.

There you go.  Change that subject, girl.

It went fine. -MGG

Did my book help at all?

Maybe you should watch the episode and see for yourself. -MGG

Well, what TV show is it?  I don’t own a TV so I would have to pull it up online.

You don’t own a TV? -MGG

Nah.  Never been a person to sit for long periods of time and binge-watch things like most people do.  I’d rather write.  Or read.

So you’ve never heard of a show called Criminal Minds? -MGG


So you have no idea who Matthew Gray Gubler is? -MGG

No…?  Am I supposed to?

And then you looked at the initials that were always sent with his messages.

“MGG…” you murmur aloud to yourself.

“Matthew Gray Gubler?” you whisper as you furrow your brow.

That’s your name, isn’t it?  Matthew Gubler?

There was a very long pause before your chat window indicated that he was typing.

Well, now we are standing on incredibly uneven footing.  I don’t even know your true first name. -MGG

That was his name.

Matthew Gray Gubler.

What would I find if I googled you?

Lots of dick pics. -MGG

Oh, come on!

You leaned your head back and began to laugh heartily at his automatic response.

Seriously…what would I find?

I don’t know.  Interviews and pictures, I guess.  I don’t really google myself. -MGG

Sounds boring.  Must be all those ladies googling for you ;)

Winky face.

That was the right one to use, right?

Oh my god, I just spat out my drink.  Thanks. -MGG

Anytime, hot-stuff.

Hot stuff?  Obviously you didn’t Google. -MGG

Why would I need to Google to know you’re attractive?

Because you’ve never seen me. -MGG

Is that all attraction is?  Based on looks?

There was a long enough pause for you to wonder if maybe he had gotten side-tracked with his elusive job.  But just as you went to go get up from your seat, your chat window flashed on your screen.

I still don’t know your name. -MGG

Sitting back down as you sigh heavily at your screen, you set your hands on your keyboard before you pause.

Was this a good idea?

Would he know how to get to you with your name?

Would that be a bad thing if he did?

It’s not like he could google you like you apparently could him.





It’s really nice to talk with you, Y/N.  The name’s Matthew. -MGG

And you felt a massive smile cross your cheeks as you snicker lightly to yourself.

It’s really nice to talk to you, too, Matthew.

Feeling your inspiration begin to kick in, you scrawl a message to him before hitting send and flipping over to your word document.

And the message read: Well, you must be my muse, because my word document has been blank for two weeks until this conversation.  Now?  I’m off to start my newest draft.  I hope to talk with you again?

And little did you know that, on the other end of that conversation, Matthew was looking down at his phone, coffee in his hand, with a piercing smile across his face as he sets it down and begins to type back to you.

I sincerely hope so.  Good luck, Y/N.