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Middle child syndrome is a thing. You knew this because you lived it. You were the middle child. You were always compared to your siblings and when compared to them you were never good enough for your family. No matter what you accomplished, how you lived your life, who you dated, none of it was ever good enough.

This always had you dreading any trip back home to be around your family. This weekend was your brother’s graduation so that meant you had to go back home, and be surrounded by your family for 2 almost 3 days and you did not want to go.

Harry walked into the room to find you sitting in front of your suitcase staring at the half folded tshirt in your hand.

“Love, ya alright?” Harry came to stand in front of you, crouched down and took the tshirt out of your hands.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Sorry I must of zoned out.” You tried to act normal and brush off his concern. You didn’t want to get into it, didn’t want to bring him down with your dread and worrying.

“Hey, c'mere.” Harry pulled on your hand so you would come around to him. He sat down on the floor and pulled you into his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face in the crook of it.

“Love what’s wrong?….You’re dreading the trip back home aren’t ya?” Harry ran his hand up and down your back as he spoke. He tried to pry you away from his neck so he could look you in the eyes, but you wouldn’t budge.

Him correctly guessing what was bothering you was all it took to for tears to start. You began sobbing and crying, clinging onto harry as you did.

“Hey, woah hey. Love, it’s okay. Ssssh, sssh. It’s okay. It’s all gonna be alright.” Harry softly stroked your hair and held you tight as you cried and sobbed. He continued to whisper “you’re alright” and “ssh it’s okay” while he stroked your hair. He waited until you had calmed down for the most part before he pulled your face away from his neck. He took his thumbs and wiped the tears from underneath your eyes and placed a soft kiss on your lips. He knew you were holding things in, that you felt a lot about this particular subject so he just waited for you to speak.

“Why am I never good enough for them Harry? Nothing I ever do is enough. I’ve got a successful career that I love. I have a place to live, I’m not struggling for money. I have a fiancé who is the kindest, most caring man I’ve ever met. But is that good enough for them? No. Nothing I ever do will be good enough” You weren’t sobbing anymore but tears were still running down your face.

Harry sighed as he wiped the tears from your face again. He pushed a strand of hair out of you face and tucked it behind you ear. He reached down and grabbed your hand and intertwined it with his, rubbing small circles with his thumb.

“Ya know, this happens every time you have to go back home. And every time it breaks my heart a little bit more. I sit here and watch you freak out the week or so building up to it, then watch you breakdown and sob the night before you’re to be there. I hate it, and I don’t hate very many things love. I’m a lover, not a hater. And yes I really said that” Harry chuckled and when he saw your lips form a small smile, he smiled, dimples and all.

“That’s ma girl, always laughing at my stupid jokes. She never lets me down, better yet shes never not good enough for me. For some crazy reason love, your family pits you against your siblings and makes you always feel not good enough. But they’re wrong. They really are.” Harry looked you in the eye as he said this. He had to make sure you knew how much he truly meant and believed this. He hated you feeling like this.

“You are good enough love. I believe so, your friends believe so, my family believes so. I mean go back and look at the accomplishments you listed that you’ve achieved. You’re in a successful career that you love, which is hard for many to find. Some may find a successful career but they don’t love it. You provide for yourself, you’re not struggling for money. You got this house and everything else you have by yourself with no help from anyone. Hell ya won’t even let me pay for things half the time or spoil ya!”

You rolled your eyes at him. “Harry you do spoil me, just not with material things. You spoil me with kisses, cuddles, and unfortunately an endless supply of puns…” You heard him whine out a “heeeeeyyy” which made you giggle. “Ooh and you spoil me with lots of baked goods! Oh my god, so many baked goods, think your mom will give me the recipe for them?!”

Harry just chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Mum has nothing to do with those baked goods love, it’s all me. Ya know I used to be…” but he didn’t get the chance to finish that sentence because you cut him off with a hand to his mouth.

“A baker, yes I know. How could I forget with you reminding me all the time?!” You giggled and removed your hand from his mouth but gave him a small peck on the cheek.

He huffed dramatically but smiled a small smile. “Fine fine whatever love. But I bet if you do give mum a ring she’ll agree with me. Actually I know she will, she loves ya more than me I’m pretty sure.” He chuckled.

Hearing how much he loved you and cared for you. How much he thought you were good enough and how much his family felt the same way made you feel so much better. You didn’t always need to have him build you up or comfort you till you felt better, but sometimes it was just a nice reminder to hear it from someone other than your own thoughts. It was that last little push and self confidence that made it all okay.

“You’re right H! I am good enough, I can spend a few days with my family and it will be okay, I’ll have you by my side and it’ll be okay.” You smiled at him and pressed a kiss to his lips.

Harry gave you a small smile back but it was accompanied by pure love in his eyes. He leaned in and put his forehead to yours “I’ll always be here for you love and you’ll always be good enough to me”

Title: You, Doll, Are Special

@kirahrps​ requested: Hi hi! I see that your requests are open and I’d like to make one :) I have mild cerebral palsy. I can walk but not well. I wonder if you could write a story where Negan genuinely and truly falls for someone with cp? She has more needs than anybody else but she’s also the biggest spitfire and she likes it roooooooouuuuuuggggghhhh (but without devices. That’s too close to torture to me and I can’t). Is this possible? I just feel like so many people desexualize us and would love to see a story that brings the opposite. 

Character(s): Negan and Reader (who has mild cerebral palsy)
Summary: You and Negan finally give in to one another.
Word Count: 3,638
Warning: SMUT! ;-)
Author’s Note: Thank you, @kirahrps for this request! It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I loved every second of it! I sure hope that I did this story justice for you! ALSO, the line “I’ll be your balance” is all credited to you, @kirahrps! Such a good line hehe! Enjoy! :-) 

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms

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Winter kisses 

Summary: Kai and the reader have always been close friends, but things seem to be changing. 

 Word count: 1296 

Kai Parker x Reader

It was a long day working at the grill, bussing tables and serving food. You had been working on your feet all day and it was time for your shift to end, thank god.

You clock out and say goodbye to Matt, grab your coat and head out. The cold winter air made you shiver. Not even a second later, it started to snow. Tiny little snowflakes clouded your vision. You had to watch your step as well, seeing as the sidewalks were coated in a thin sheet of ice.

“I can’t let you walk home alone in this weather,” someone says, behind you. You turn around, being careful not to slip and see kai through the mess of wind and snow.

“Hey! What are you doing out here?” You question. Kai really had no business left to do in mystic falls, but Caroline claims he loves you. So does Damon and everyone else, but you knew they were just trying to get you to admit your feelings for him.

“I figured I’d walk you home. No one wants to be alone in this weather.” He replies, handing you his scarf.

You quickly wrap it around your neck, not wanting to be outside for a second longer. Kai can’t help but stare at you as you somehow still remain to look so perfect in the beginning of a snowstorm.

“Can we get going?” You ask, cutting kai off.

“Oh yeah,” he says, wiping his hands on his jeans. “Let’s go.”


“Hot chocolate?” Kai asks, passing you a steaming hot mug. He even added whip cream on top with a candy cane on the side. Kai always said winter was his favourite season. You never understood why seeing as it was always chilly in 1903. But still, when the time rolled around, his eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but smile.  

“Thank you.” You reply, taking a sip. You sit the mug down on the end table between the two of you, and stare at the fire place. Kai does the same.

“Long day at work?” Kai asks, trying to make conversation. Work was the last thing you wanted to talk about. If anyone else had asked you the same question, you would have shut them down immediately. But kai was the exception.

“Why do you ask?”

“Because we’ve been back for about ten minutes and you’re already falling asleep. I mean, I don’t care because I’ll gladly drink your hot chocolate.” He grins.

“Shut up, Parker.” You tease as you lean over and punch him playfully.

The empty silence stretches between the two of you, neither person saying a word. The way you looked at one another was as if you both wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the right words.

It was starting to get annoying, the crackling fire and winter wind being the only noise. The two of you sipped your hot chocolate together as if you were simply strangers in a coffee shop; neither looking at each other, neither talking; but both in their own fantasies, dosing off.

Things were never this way with kai, either. You were both each other’s best friends, always there for one another, sharing jokes and laughing. Everything felt awkward ever since you told your friends you had feelings for him. Knowing what they were like, they probably slipped your secret to him.


“Yeah. As if it wasn’t obvious already.” Damon says. “The way you look when- just be careful, okay?”

“I know Damon. I will. You can trust me.”


“-told you? Oh my god I knew it all along!” Caroline squeals.

“The two of them together? I mean to be honest, I can totally picture it.” Elena adds.


But if you and kai were really best friends, wouldn’t he have told you already that he knew your secret? Or did he feel to bad that he didn’t like you back? Either or, if you really are best friends, he shouldn’t mind if you tell him the truth.

“Kai, we need to talk.” You say, sitting your cup down.

“Hmm?” He asks, glancing at you from the fire place. It was as if the burning flames were more interesting than you.

“What’s going on between us? Things were never like this and I hate it.” You flat out say. You needed to get this out with already. Enough was enough.

“What’d you mean?” Kai asks, his brows furrowed.

“I thought we were best friends. But now things are so awkward between us. I guess they told you, huh?”

“Who told me what?”

“Don’t play dumb, Parker.” You scoff. He obviously knew. It wasn’t his right to be joking like this when he knew how you felt.

“But they told you, didn’t they? About how I feel.” Kai states. “That’s your reason for acting so weird, isn’t it?”

“Okay, what? You go first.” Dear god. Sometimes it was easier to talk to Damon than kai, and that’s saying something.

“So,” Kai sighs. “I have a crush on this really amazing girl, right? I told a few of her friends about it and I thought they might have told you.” He blurts out.

“I didn’t know. She’s a lucky girl.” You tell him, walking up stairs. He follows behind you like a lost puppy.

“Where are you going?” He asks.

“To bed?” You scoff once more.

“I didn’t get to finish talking yet.”

“Well go ahead then.”

Seriously? You could pound him right now. There was no need for him to be following you around. And especially at this hour. It was so late, you wondered if he would ever go home.

You didn’t want to hear a single word about this girl. Whoever she was really is lucky to have Kai Parker in love with her but you can’t help but feel so hopeless and jealous. You knew either way that Kai was going to start talking about her, because he loved rambling on about what he was passionate about.

“She has the nicest h/c hair that I’ve ever seen and her personality? God, I’ve never met anyone like her before. She’s absolutely-”

You start to tone him out as he continues to follow you around. You used the bathroom and he was still talking about ‘his girl’ as you brushed your teeth. He talked about her even as you kept the door closed. You changed into your pjs and he still wouldn’t stop talking about her.

“Kai,” you can’t help but raise your voice as you swing open your bedroom door.

“I’m going to bed. Please, just go home. And shut up.” You go to slam the door in his face but he grabs your wrist.

“What are you doing?” You ask.

“What am I doing? What are you doing?” He hisses. “I just spent the last half an hour telling you how I’m in love with you and you don’t say one thing back to me! And I’m sorry if you don’t like me back but-”

You lean in and cup his face, kissing him hard. He kisses you back and neither one of you lets space pass between you. You still felt confused about your feelings for him and if he was lying or not, but it was something you just had to do. You felt so many sparks and your whole face light up with the feeling of his lips touching yours. You hope he felt the same way.

Kai pulls back a second too quickly, but you don’t mind.

“I’ve waited so long to do that.” Both of you smile, in unison.


You roll over to find Kai still sleeping, peacefully. He kept his arm wrapped around you and you somehow managed to feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


It’s Okay


I cuddled up close to Ashley as he flipped through the channels on the tour bus television. His arm was wrapped around me lovingly and I felt so peaceful in that moment. I never wanted to have to go back into the real world. You can call me cliché, but nothing is better than being close to the one you love.

The door opened and the rest of the band came in making a bunch of noise. My moment of peace was ruined and I groaned. Ashley’s stomach moved when he laughed, and I hit him playfully because he made me have to move from my comfortable position.

“You two are so gross,” Jinxx said rolling his eyes.

“I think they’re kind of cute,” CC defended us. I swear to God he was like a teenage girl sometimes.

“Nope. Definitely gross,” Andy agreed with Jinxx.

“Grosser than dog shit,” Jake agreed.

“That’s pretty descriptive,” I said standing up and stretching. “You’re all just jealous of our relationship,” I gave Ashley a peck on the lips. The guys gagged, but CC awed. At least someone was for us.

I heard a groan behind me as I walked to the kitchen area of the bus. I was just grabbing a water. The groan came from Andy. I had no idea what his issue was, but I think he hates me. I’ve done nothing but be nice to him but he leaves the room whenever I walk in, and if we get stuck in the same room he has to be a complete jackass to me.

“[Y/N], would you please wear pants around the bus,” he complained. I could hear a little bit of lust in his voice though. I think he’s just horny because he hasn’t gotten laid since he broke up with Juliet. And the shirt I was wearing, which was Ashley’s, did not cover my ass.

“I know. Her ass is great. Just thinking about it gets me off,” Ashley responded to Andy giving me a sexy smirk. Andy rolled his eyes and angrily got up and stomped to the other end of the bus.

“Hey, what’s your problem?” Ashley said in an angry tone as he followed Andy.

“Oh shit,” Jake said getting comfortable on the couch that Ashley and I had vacated.

“Wait. What? What the fuck is happening?” I questioned as I walked to where I could hear Andy and Ashley screaming at each other.

CC followed me as I made my way to the other end of the bus. “[Y/N],” he started as I followed Andy and Ashley’s booming voices. “I wouldn’t go back there. Please stop,” CC tried to warn me.

“What the hell do you mean you think you’re in love with her? She’s my girlfriend!” I could hear Ashley yelling. I peeked into the room from behind the doorway. Ashley was red in the face from all his anger, and Andy looked so ashamed. His blue eyes looked downward and his skin seemed so pale.

I stayed cowering behind the door as Ashley went off at him. “I mean, you can’t just come up one day and say you love her! She can’t love you back. [Y/N] is in love with me! We’ve been together for so long. And you’re one of my best friends. There is no way you two could work out as a couple,” Ashley spat at him. Andy just stood there with this wounded puppy look on his face. There were a few moments of silence before Ashley took a breath. He was going to go on and I could not watch.

I turned around and bumped into CC. I mumbled an apology and sprinted off the bus. I didn’t care that I was still only wearing Ashley’s shirt and my underwear. I just needed a moment of silence so I could think.

About a hour later I heard Jake, CC and Jinxx’s voices calling after me. I didn’t respond. I had not gone far. After walking around for a while I sat down in an empty park not far from the venue. But now that I thought about it, they probably wouldn’t look for me here. I got up and slowly started walking back to the bus. I would have to talk to Ashley about this sooner or later.


It had been about a month since the whole “Andy is in love with me” fiasco. Ashley and I never really discussed it, which was okay with me, but Andy hasn’t been able to look at me since. He won’t speak to me or Ashley and the other guys are getting more and more uncomfortable.

At this moment, Ashley and I are sitting on the couch, but not cuddled together like we usually are. In fact, we hadn’t been all cuddly or even sexy with each other since that night. We still consider ourselves a couple, but we don’t do the couple things.

All of a sudden Ashley turns to me and clears his throat. I look up from my phone and smile. “We really need to talk,” he says sternly.

“Okay. What’s on your mind?” I ask sweetly. I brace myself for whatever he’s about to say and hope it’s nothing too terrible.

Ashley looked at me then looked down. He seemed nervous and kind of jittery. What’s wrong with him today?

“[Y/N], I don’t think that we should be together anymore. Like I don’t know… I still really want to be your friend. I just don’t want us to be identified as boyfriend and girlfriend. Just friends,” he finally blurted out. He looked like he expected me to get angry and start screaming. Or overly emotional and start bawling.

I didn’t do either. The thing is, I was kind of relieved he said it. I had been thinking about this for awhile, but I didn’t say anything. I just didn’t feel any kind of romantic feelings for Ashley anymore.

“It’s okay,” I finally told him. That is all I really could say. There wasn’t anything left to say.

“You’re okay with this?”

“I’m okay with this.”


{Andy’s POV}

No one had seen or heard from [Y/N] in six months. That’s how long it has been since her an Ashley broke up. It had been seven since she found out I was in love with her. Ashley and her both said that their break up was mutual, but I blame myself for part of it.

The earlier fact about her being gone for six months is what made her sudden appearance back stage so surprising. She looked tired and a little worn. However, she was still absolutely gorgeous. When she saw that I had noticed her she gave me the tiniest of smiles and a wave.

I couldn’t help it, but my face broke into the biggest smile. She came back! But what if she came back for Ashley? That was probably it. But I was so glad to see her I didn’t care. The rest of the concert went by in a blur. I couldn’t get the thought of [Y/N] out of my mind.

As soon as we thanked the fans for coming out we ran off stage. The guys all hugged [Y/N], but Ashley held her the longest. It was kind of nice to see them together again, but I still felt a longing in my chest.

Finally, I was able to embrace her. I squeezed her tight and smelled her sweet perfume. “Where have you been?” I asked her when I stepped away.

“I traveled the world!” [Y/N] said excitedly. “It’s something I always wanted to do. So I did it.”

I laughed at how enthusiastic she was about it. It was cute, actually. “It’s great to see you again,” I responded to her happily.

“Let’s go get some drinks,” she said brightly. “We have so much to catch up on,” she said to all of us.

Later, we were all sitting at a table in a random bar discussing how life had been for us these past few months. [Y/N] had so many stories to tell us. I barely drank anything because I wanted to remember each word she said.

The two of us stayed there almost all night. At least until closing. The guys had all either gone back to the bus or found a girl and gone home with her. There were not very many people left and the music was playing a little quieter.

“So I’ve been thinking a lot about you,” she said to no one in particular. But I knew she was talking to me. She twirled the straw in her drink and her painted nails drummed softly on the table to the beat of the music. “Do you still love me?”

I nearly choked after registering her words. I was hoping that she wouldn’t bring that up. “If I’m being honest with myself, I do still love you. And there isn’t anyway I can take that back now. I blame myself for your and Ashley’s break up. If you had never found out about my feelings then you two would still be together and,” I was rambling and couldn’t stop, but [Y/N] did. She gently pulled my face close to hers and connected her lips to mine.

I felt the next words catch in my throat. Our lips stayed together for a few minutes and there was no battle for dominance or anything. We just stayed together in a sweet, gentle kiss. But it was so full of passion. And all I could think about was how this is how love is supposed to be.

I pulled away first because a thought struck me: How was Ashley going to react? She looked at me with a small pouty look on her face. Her lips were a little swollen and her eyes had this cute puppy dog look in them.

“What about Ashley?” I asked softly.

“Don’t worry. He’s alright with this,” she says kissing me again. “It’s okay,” she says in between kisses.

“Okay,” I smiled pressing my lips against hers.

Impala67, Dean? Really?


A request from ifindyourlipssokisssable. Thank you for asking me to write this prompt for you, love! It means so much to me and I can’t thank you enough! I’m so sorry it took me so long to get to it but here you go!
Let me know if you liked it or if you’d like me to change it.


“Dean, what the hell are you doing?” Sam asked frustrated.

“Nothing just some monster business.” Dean finished typing on his phone as he puts it face down on the table.

Dean continues to look at his food. You and Sam look at each other in suspicion.
Sam nods and quickly grabs Dean’s phone.

“Hey, hey! Give it back, man!” He reaches out but Sam keeps it close to his chest.

“What? Why?” Sam asks.
“None of your business, dude. Just give it.” He demands.

“Nope.” Sam say and looks at the screen.

“Oh my god.” Sam says chuckling and gives you the phone.
“Oh my-you’re on a dating app?” You asked trying to hold back the laugh.

“Hey don’t judge till you try it.” Dean defends himself.

“Impala67” you mimic his deep manly voice.
You and Sam lose it, laughing so hard half the bar is staring at you.
“Who’s that?” Sam points out.

A notification popped up from the app.

“Shay88? Who’s this?” You saw the messages and your heart broke. You just didn’t show it.

“Check out her pic.” Dean said with a smug grin.
Sam grabbed the phone from your hands, not wanting you to see the girl that the love of your life seemed to be flirting with.

Sam new about your feeling for Dean but of course, Dean didn’t.

You looked down to your food trying to not pay attention to the situation.
“Woah. She’s-” Dean interrupts Sam.
“She’s hot, huh?” He smiles.

Sam looked at you to see you were zoned out. He saw a tear fall from your eye.

“Dean, don’t you think this girl seems a little bit too available?” Sam says.
“What? A pretty girl can be into me?” Dean didn’t see you cringe at the word pretty.

“No no. It’s just-” the phone starts to vibrate in his hand.
Sam taps on the message tab and starts reading the texts between the both of them.
“I’m burning up just thinking about you? What the hell?” Sam says.
“I know, huh? You haven’t even read half-” you interuppted Dean.

“I’m gonna head back to the bunker.” You kept your head down. Your head hurt and your heart ached.
Your red puffy eyes were noticeable to Sam but the only one that you really wanted to notice your pain was Dean. And he didn’t care. Or love you. So it didn’t matter.

“Y/N?” Dean asked putting his hand out to grab yours.
“No, Dean. I-” you stopped when you saw a familiar face walk into the bar.
Tight dress that clung onto her perfect curves, beautiful hair that fell onto her shoulders, huge boobs with a great ass.

Your heart fell.

Sam looked up to see exactly what you were looking at. His jaw dropped which made Dean turn around.
Dean chuckled and stepped off the bar stool. Grabbing his jacket and leaving 20 bucks on the counter.

“I’ll see you guys later. Don’t wait up for me.” He turned around and put his arm around her waist. Sad to say that his arm looked like it fit perfectly with her.

As they walk out he turns back to the both of you and smirks before he disappeared.

Sam looked back at you to see you frozen in place.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.” He grabbed your arm.

“Sam, it’s okay. I um-I’m not feeling good. I’ll see you later.” You said quietly.

“Dean’s an idiot but he really does love-”

“No, he doesn’t!” You yelled.

Everyone looked at you.

“See ya, Sam.” With that, you grabbed your stuff and left.


Back at the bunker you laid in bed. Researching mainly but some thinking took place too.

You’d fallen for Dean along time ago. Back when he and Sam saved your ass from a Wendigo hunt gone wrong. Without him you wouldn’t be alive.
He had no idea and him not knowing only gave him more access to hook up with anything with two legs.
He would smile at you and sometimes when he touched you unconsciously, there was this warm zap that spread through your body and send chills down your spine. It was incredible.
He made you feel beautiful and he didn’t even know it. He didn’t care. Because never in a million year would he ever love you the way you felt about him.
You were nothing special and nothing close to anything he deserved or wanted.

- Ring ring -

You look to see Dean’s photo of himself that he took for your phone.
You sighed.
You slide the green button and put the phone against your ear.

“Hi Dean?” You answered softly.
“Hey, sweetheart. We’re um headed home.” God, you hated when he called you that. It didn’t mean the same thing to him as it did to you.
“What happened? Are you okay? Sam’s with you?” You were confused.
Why wasn’t he with the girl?
“I love when you asked so many questions. It makes me-” Dean’s deep voice stopped. “Dude!” Sam shuts him up.

Dean chuckled, “I’ll tell you everything when I get there. Okay?”
“Yeah, okay.” You smiled loving the way he laughed.

“See ya in a bit, baby girl.” He hung up.

Fuck him. Fuck him for saying those nicknames to you in his god damn sexy deep gravely voice. Fuck him for making you fall in love with him. Fuck him for making you weak in the knees every time he said your name or whispered something to you. Fuck him for always looking so fucking good in his black t shirt and pants. Fuck his gorgeous green eyes, his big heart, and brave soul.
Fuck him.


The bunker door opened and your boys entered.

Dean looked down?

You waited for them at the bottom and saw Sam half smile. Looking back at Dean and to you again.
You nodded understanding him.

Sam patted Dean’s shoulder and the walked over to you and hugged you.
Soon he was out of sight, leaving Dean and you alone.

“Hey, you alright?” You asked standing next to him.
“The girl. She um-she was a hooker. And tried to deal my soul for sex.” He chuckled but in disappointment.
In himself.
You cupped his face and pulled it close you.

“Dean, you didn’t know.” He couldn’t stop staring at your lips.

His hands found your face a trailed your skin.
He leaned in and looked back at your eyes looking for permission.

You smiled and pull on his collar allowing your lips to land on his.

He moved in sync with you. Pulling you closer and closer.

One of his hands started to make its way to your bra but you stopped him.

“Dean.” You said lowly.
“I’m sorry. I thought-” you stopped him.
“No it’s just.” You looked into his eyes.

“I should go to sleep. Goodnight, Dean.” You pulled away from his chest and walked into your room.

“Oh god.” He thought.


You woke up at the smell of bacon and eggs.
Dean knew you loved that.

You walked out of your room to the kitchen and saw Dean stand over the stove in his white t shirt and sweat pants.

You stared at the way his back muscles clung onto his shirt and moved as he cooked.

You coughed.

He turned around, “morning, sweetheart.” He tried fixing his hair.
He always looked so beautiful without even trying.

You smiled, “bacon and eggs? Is there a girl your trying to inpress?”

He looked down smirking, “yeah there is.”

You felt your heart sink, “alright. Well then I’ll leave you to it.” You turned around leaving when Dean spoke.

“I think you’ve met her.” He said.

“Oh yeah?” You questioned is theory.

“Yeah she’s beautiful. I mean absolutely gorgeous. And not to mention her sex hair in the mornings.” He walked over to you and snaked his big warm arms around your body.

You were still confused.
“I don’t know, Dean. I-” he stopped you.

“The way she says my name. God, the things it does to me.” He said.

“Just. Like. That.” He leaned down resting his forehead against yours and his lips placed onto yours.

You pulled away, “me?”

“Yeah.” He said confidently.

“But Dean you’ll get bored of me. I’m not like that girl. I don’t have her hot flirty personality. And her looks, Dean I look nothing like her. I’m -” he kissed you.

“Stop comparing yourself, baby. You’re right. You’re nothing like her. You are so much more. That’s why I’m trying to impress you.” He whispered.

“Because I love you.”

You smiled. And pulled his face down to yours. Moving your lips with his.

You pull away.

“But no seriously. Impala67, Dean? I mean really? You laughed.

Imagine : “We arent together anymore, remember ?”

One month. One month since the break up and you were still hurt, Stiles was too but you believed he wasn’t. 

You always thought that bad things would less hurt with the time but this time it was something else. It was your relationship with Stiles. Time wouldnt help and you didnt know what to do.

Sometimes, you had panic attack. You used to be stressed a lot with the pack’s stuff and school so you were used to be stressed, who is not stressed these days ? But now it was so much more. The panic attacks were violent and it always came out of nowhere. Sometimes, it was happening during the night, waking you up, completely breathless. And nobody knew it except your mom and your best friend, Lydia.

Since she knew, she tried to make you leave the house a little bit more. “You can meet a new guy so you could change your mind” She said, but you werent ready to meet anyone yet, even if it was just for «fun».

Not like Stiles.

You werent sure if he was seeing someone new but you were sure of something, a lot of girls were around him. And the girl who ruined everything was still stuck around him, and it was killing you because she was the reason of your break up and Stiles didnt seem to mind. 

At least, thats what you thought.

And here you are, today, in class, not able to move after the professor’s speech.
He put you and Stiles together for a work, as if god was against you. It was already hard to be in the same class as him. And not to mention you were seeing him after school when the pack would do a meeting.

“Maybe it’s a good thing.” Lydia said “You guys seriously need to talk and you know it.” 

You said nothing, first because it was useless. Why would you want or even need to talk to him when you both knew the truth. The girl was hitting on him and they got close, there’s nothing else to say. Second, if you tried to speak, you would burst out in tears. Then it was the end of the day and you wanted one thing, be at home in your bed. 

But like you said earlier, god is against you. You felt a hand taking your arm gently and you had an idea of who it was, and sadly you were right. You turned around and met this beautiful brown eyes, the ones you used to get lost in. 

“Hum… Guess we will spend a lot of time together then..” You couldnt help but cut him off. “We already are. With the pack and stuff like that.” 

He looked at you and he seemed to be hurt by what you said but you werent sure. He couldnt be this sad, after all, he was the one who broke your heart. 

“Stuff..” He repeated but more for himself. “Thats what we are for you ? Some kind of stuff ?” He said angrily. You opened your mouth and closed it. You werent expecting him to react like that. 

 So he still care about us ? 

“Of course I dont !” You paused. “You really want to talk about it now ?”

He sighed and shrugged. “I don’t know.. I mean, we have to talk and since we have to work together, I thought we could do it after school. If it’s alright with you ?”

You simply shrugged and walked to your car, Stiles following you. What could you say ? You wanted to hate him but you couldn’t help it, you loved him.

It was silent between the both of you in the car but you finally made it to your house.

“We have only less than one hour to work today.” You said, trying to sound normal but you didn’t know if you were happy to spend one hour with him or not.

“Oh.. Can I know why ?”

You bit your lip, not really knowing how he would react. You sighed and spoke while preparing your stuff to work.

“Nothing much. Just.. something planned.”

You looked at him and he was raising an eyebrow, clearly waiting for more. “And ?”

“Why do you care anyway ?” You said angrily. “You clearly don’t need me. For anything.”

“You’re wr-”

“Oh no Stiles.” You cut him off. “You’re the wrong one. You can’t blame me for thinking that you don’t love me and need me like I do. You can’t fucking blame me for what I’m thinking or feeling because all of this is your fault okay ?” The words were coming by themselves and you couldn’t stop. “At first, I was thinking that it was my fault if you left. That something was wrong with me so you cheated on me !”

“ (Y/N) .. I-”

“No. This is my time. Now I know it wasn’t my fault. And you know what ? I’m seeing someone today. I have.. It’s kind of a date. You see ?” You laughed. “You’re not the only one who can have fun.”

He shook his head, he couldn’t believe it, he didn’t want to. “No..” he whispered. “We need to talk. You.. You can’t have a date.”

“Why not ? You had one month to do that and you want to do this today ? It’s not going to work.”

“I love you. You need to believe it.” He said confident, looking straight at you. “I want you to trust me again. I know It seems like I cheated but-”

“Don’t say it. Don’t say it wasn’t your fault. Don’t say you love me because it’s not true.”

“Yes it is ! And I’m not letting you go with some dick !”

You laughed. Maybe it was nervous or maybe it was just his reaction.

“I do what the fuck I want Stiles. We aren’t together anymore, remember ? So If I want to go on a date, I will.”

Of course, you already knew the date wouldn’t go that far because you were still into Stiles. But you would never tell him.

A/N: Hi. As promised, here’s chapter 3. This is a work of fiction and all names here are products of my imagination. Previous parts can be found here and here. It’s a bit longer than usual but I hope you like it!


the_laurax69 is online.
pippilawrence08 is online.

pippilawrence08: hey laura
Sent at 11:07 pm on Wednesday

the_laurax69: well hello there my dear patient. how can i be of service to you at this very late hour?

pippilawrence08: ha ha very funny

pippilawrence08: but the patient thing, not true

the_laurax69: uh huh yes it is

pippilawrence08: no it’s not

the_laurax69: oh please! you messaged me because you have a problem and you need my advice

pippilawrence08: oh please! am i not allowed to say hi to my best friend?

pippilawrence08: and no i don’t have a problem

the_laurax69: haha yes you do

the_laurax69: i knew it the moment your name popped on my screen shining like a giant SOS in the sky

pippilawrence08: keep talkin rihanna keep talkin

the_laurax69: admit it jen. you have a problem

the_laurax69: a JOSH problem

the_laurax69: and as usual, you don’t know what to do
Sent at 11:10 pm on Wednesday

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