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Nice To See You, Too (Smut)

A/N: HELLA unedited. Needy/desperate Shawn. What else is new? I had a lot of…inspiration for this. Y’all can thank @permanentguitar and @achinglyshawn.

Before you even step foot across the doorway, you knew that he was desperate for you. You made sure of that. A small grin makes its way across your face as he pulls you close to him and attaches his lips to your neck, breathing you in in the process. What started off as a simple “I miss you” escalated into Shawn telling you how much he wants his mouth on you. The funny is you weren’t even gone that long, but right now you’re not complaining.

“Nice to see you, too.” The words are meant to tease him but the way he looks at you sends an ache between your thighs that you want him to take care of.

Your lips soon find his and his tongue automatically licks at your bottom lip before connecting with yours. Much to your disappointment it disappears just as quickly but not before he gently sucks the tip of your tongue into his mouth, pleasantly taking you by surprise. He chuckles at the whimper that leaves your throat and his hands are underneath your shirt rubbing your sides. His fucking hands do amazing things to you and you’re grateful he’s putting them to good use at the moment.

Soon the two of you are making your way down the hallway, lips still attached as Shawn guides his way backwards towards the bedroom. You leave a trail of clothing behind in the process, hands frantic on one another as you remove the layers of fabric. By the time Shawn eases you back onto the bed, you’re left only in your panties. It doesn’t matter how many times you do this, he still looks at you like you’re the most precious fucking thing he’s seen. And to Shawn, you are. He never lets you forget, especially when his mouth is trailing wet kisses down your neck.

Shawn knows how much you love that mouth of his and he always makes sure to use it in the best way possible.  He grazes his lips from one side of you neck to the other, tracing his tongue along the way against you skin. One of his hands glides up your stomach, finding your breast and squeezing the soft mound as he continues to kiss your neck. The pad of his middle finger circles around your nipple and he can feel it pebble underneath his touch as you arch your back at the sensation.

He brings his hand to your other breast, repeating the same motions and leaving you wanting more. He gives that to you when his mouth replaces his hand and he sucks and nips at the sensitive flesh of your breasts. Your gaze falls to you chest as you watch him leave love bites all over before lapping at the stiff peak of your nipple.

You’re heaving underneath him and all you want is that sweet release that only he can give you. With your hands on his shoulders, you gently push on them letting him know you want him now.  His eyes are on yours as he lowers himself even farther down the bed and you spread your legs open to accommodate him. You can hear his breath hitch when he sees the spot on your panties that soaked through. He looks back at you, waiting for your approval. When you bring a hand down to cup his face and trace your thumb along his lip, he knows he has your permission. He leans in and lets his tongue trace the wetness that’s accumulated and he hums in content at the taste of you. Shawn trails his hands up your thighs and hooks his fingers onto the hem of your panties before slowly peeling them off. There’s a string of wetness that connects from your slit to the wet spot on your panties that gets Shawn so fucking hard he almost forgets to breathe. Then soon after he’s scrambling to get your panties off before he spreads your thighs open to give you what you deserve.

His tongue feels like heaven, it always does, when he parts your lips and pushes past them inside you. You know he’s smiling to himself when he hears the sharp intake of breath you make followed by his name as you screw your eyes shut. Shawn feels the same exact way as he mouths at your heat, basking in the way you taste against his tongue.  It’s a taste he loves and enjoys because it’s all for him. He does this to you. The way you roll your hips only gets him more worked up as he ruts into the mattress, finding relief anyway he can.

A deep groan works its way from his throat and the sensation rattles through your pussy so deliciously that you tug a little too hard on his hair. He doesn’t mind at all though, in fact he encourages it, as he continues to slowly rub himself onto the soft duvet underneath him. He’s still in his underwear and you don’t even need to look to know that he’s hard and aching. The sight alone makes you even more aroused (if that’s even possible) seeing him lose himself in the pleasure he gives you. And he gives so well.

You’re slowly losing your bearings as he continues to make long, torturous licks up and down your slit. Making you unravel with his mouth is one of his favorite things to do to you. He loves the way you push your hips up to meet with his tongue. The way you moan when he fucks his tongue into you. And most definitely when your hands grip his hair and hold him in place.  All of this gets him so worked up that he could get off just by getting you off.  And right now, he watches the way your mouth hangs open as a strangled moan leaves your lips. He watches the way your body arches off the bed and the way your thighs tremble underneath his hands as you reach your peak. He can get off. He wants too.

His hips grind more urgently against the bed as he helps you ride out your orgasm. You ease your grip on his hair and gently run your fingers through his scalp in appreciation as you notice a glint in his eyes as he lowers himself back down between your thighs. A smile spreads across your face because of how eager he is. He’s back lapping at you but this time his slips a finger inside you while his mouth gently sucks on your clit and you don’t know how long you’re going to last. His pace is slow as he sucks and fingers you but you can see him grinding harder against the bed.

The groans coming from his throat are getting more and more frequent and you’re not sure if he’ll last. You won’t either as his slips in a second finger and curls them both inside you, making you shout his name in the process. Those incredible fingers do wonders to you as you roll your hips up to meet with his motions and his lips attache to your clit again before he alternates with lapping at you.

Please please please,” is a mantra that you repeat and Shawn doesn’t disappoint as he sucks your clit and pistons his fingers in and out of you as he makes you orgasm for a second time. At the same time a deep groan rips through Shawn’s throat as his hips thrash underneath him.

You’re still weak but Shawn makes his way up your body to kiss you hard. Another whimper leaves you as you’re overwhelmed with the taste of yourself on his lips. Your thigh slots in between his legs and you both groan at the sensation. A wicked smile plays on your lips when you realize he came from getting you off. You tear your lips from his to look down between your bodies to see the wet spot that’s soaked through his underwear.

“Jesus, Shawn. I got you that worked up?” You rasp out against his ear. The thought itself makes you lick your lips and you can feel that familiar  ache start to make it’s way down the pit of your stomach again. He gives you a sheepish smile as he presses his forehead against yours and chuckles.

“You did, babe. You did.” He chews on his lip before his eyes meet yours. “Why don’t we take a break and then I can show you just how much you get me worked up?”

My little buddy is going in to the dental surgeon tomorrow and hopefully* have all of his teeth removed.

(*Best case, we do this tomorrow. Worst case, the cat dentist tells me his case isn’t severe enough and we have to wait another six months or a year until his disease complicates even more than it already has. :/ )

While he is blissfully ignorant, I am kiiinda freaked out for a number of reasons:

  • major surgery!! :(
  • or worse, putting it off!!!
  • what if traffic is terrible and I miss the appointment??
  • what if I can’t get him in his carrier and miss the appointment???
  • what if I sleep past my alarm and don’t wake up in time to get downtown by 7:30 am (oh god why) and miss the appointment???
  • this thing is going to be fuuuuucking expensive and I really, really hope they offer financing options and/or can split the payment between two credit cards, because christ

I just want him to be ok and not in pain anymore. Hopefully this gets resolved tomorrow.

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41: what's the last book you remember really, really loving?

I haven’t read a good book in years honestly and it’s so depressing. 

I really miss the times when I was super into Warriors because like, it was the BEST time. My family would get me the books for Christmas and oh my God the BOOK FAIR. I was such a frequent visitor of my middle school library that when I came in, the librarian would sometimes have a little stack of new warriors books she’d set aside for me. 

I really, really should go to my local library and see if they have anything good but I keep forgetting to honestly. I’ve left there empty handed so many times recently that I sort of stopped trying but I’ve got some better ideas for what to look for so HOPEFULLY next time I leave I’ll bring my own stack of books. ;w;

So Ozz and I moved into our new house over the weekend, and I gotta say, you know what the best thing is so far? (aside from being able to do laundry! At home! And having a garage where I can always find parking because it’s mine and the only cars allowed in it are ours!)

Seriously the thing I’m enjoying the most rn is the ability to wander around the house half dressed or totally fucking naked if I want to. Oh my god I missed not feeling obligated to put on pants just to run to the kitchen and grab a drink. This is amazing.

( @notsoscairdycat hope you’re enjoying the same freedom now that you’ve got your place to yourself again lol)

Bee tee dubs, would anyone be interested in a short video tour once we’re a bit more unpacked and actually have furniture?

Like tbh my only reaction to missing our dyke march this year is “oh thank god. I have no idea precisely what bullet I dodged but I’m sure I did” rather than “shit, fuck, I missed Fun Thing”


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After that fic you wrote with them watching Harry Potter I'd love to see them all at Garrets house swimming

Oh my god it would be so adorable because Simon and Bram would be HELLA late. and all of their friends would know, like they’re even less subtle than the time they both just *missed* lunch. and they’d spend the entire time in Garrett’s pool right in front of each other ignoring their friends and just talking between themselves, and GOD Bram would be so gone on Simon because he wouldn’t be wearing his glasses in the pool, obviously, so he would totally do that thing where he pretends to wipe pool water off of Simon’s face just so he could touch Simon’s face. And Simon would cling to Bram’s back like an octopus as Bram swam around so they could actually, eventually join the conversation with their friends.

And Leah thought Garrett’s Country music was bad, but those two being adorable together is 864x worse. 

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Bruh, you changed your profile photo to Chanyeol and 1. I feel disrespected by him and 2. I miss your beautiful face!!! Anyways... I also wanted to say how much I love your blog!! It's the very first I ever followed and I love all of your writings!! Actually your writings inspired me to start my own blog and write again!! To stop my rambling... thank you so much for everything you've done, whether it be for me or for all your followers!! I love you soo much!!!

I am in tears. The first?!?! Oh my god I’m so honored. And yes Chanyeol is rude and that tongue needs to stay in his mouth or in mine… WhT?! Love you back bb 😘

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question: do you have any idea how fucking annoying you are? every post you make i want to slit my wrists. you literally kill fandoms. you are the fucking worst. stop making parallels. stop making stupid AUs. just fucking stop. you are the worst and i hope you drop dead. i mean it. god do i mean it. no one fucking cares about you. no one. the ones you think are your friends? no they hate you. just get out. get off tumblr. just kill yourself. no one will miss you.

Oh… Uhm.. I usually would have a witty retort…but…but this kinda…actually hurts…. and not having my anti-depression meds in me for a few days and reading this…wow…okay…uhm… I’m sorry… I’ll… I’ll calm down…. I don’t want to lose any friends….

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teachers au? where marauders + lily all work at the same school? just an idea after reading ur camp au. love ur writing lots, ur super talented x

  • sirius keeps making fun of james for being That English Teacher™ that makes everyone read the book because ‘sixteen year old prongs would fuckin hate you mate’
  • lily has pot plants on her desk but they’re always dying
  • it’s a school meme how often remus hits his head on low doorways
  • james and lily frequently argue about who has the best class while standing over their stove eating rice out of the pot
  • remus teaches history and james spends half his time trying to convince him to take a lunch break
  • someone keeps stealing james’ whiteboard markers and putting them in the photocopier and hes sure its sirius but its actually lily
  • peter is the I.T guy who never knows whats wrong with the internet
  • lily has to put a dollar in the jar every time she says how much she loves graph paper and the money goes towards, as the label says, ‘getting sirius a haircut or maybe moony a sense of style’  
  • they all eat together in the staffroom but remus wont share his tic-tacs and james is the only one who can make lily’s tea right
  • Sirius is that weird substitute that you think you won’t have to do anything with and then you’re in chemistry with goggles on while he tells you to shut your eyes because this wasn’t on the instruction sheet but he did see it on mythbusters once
  • lily keeps going in really close to james’ face like shes going to kiss him and then at the last minute just whips out a calculator and whispers ‘embrace maths’
  • sirius keeps coming to remus’ class dressed as historical figures even though remus literally never asked
  • for their anniversary james gets a lily a bouquet of rulers and puts them in water and she stares at them forever when she walks into the kitchen. no boy has ever been as sweet as hers.
  • the carpet in lily’s classroom reaks of canola oil because of a terrible sirius prank that peter doesn’t let them talk about
  • remus hates highlighters for some reason so naturally every year james buys him an industrial pack of 200 for his birthday
  • sirius isn’t allowed to speak at school assemblies anymore ever since he blasted ‘gasolina’ while Al Gore’s climate change documentary silently played on the projector and no one could figure out how to turn it off
  • lily reads the great gatsby for james and hates every minute of it and she reminds him of this when they’re in bed and he’s hogging the covers
  • ‘listen here bitchman i read that fucking piece of romantised toilet paper for you so give me back my fucking sheet’

Prince Harry hosted former President Barack Obama today at Kensington Palace.  They discussed support for veterans, mental health, conservation, empowering young people and the work of their respective foundations. Barack Obama  also offered his condolences to the victims of the Manchester attack and support for those recovering from injuries.