oh my god i love them

I need you all to stop what you’re doing and think about this.  It’s Very Very Important:

Adrien and Marinette, married at last in their 30′s (hey, being a super hero means you don’t settle down early, right?), and finally being intimate for the first time…  And being blushing, stuttering messes the entire time.

me watching the chocolate mv for the first time
  • me:OH MY GOD
  • me:OH MY GODDDDDD??????????
  • me:why is jisoo so beautiful
  • me:mingyu would love to eat these chocolates
  • me:why do i find jeonghan prettier than the girl i just
  • me:*is confused on why she rejected all of them*
  • me:curses her for rejecting all 5 of them
  • me:seungkwan's and dk's voice are such miracles from heaven
  • me:*opens my mouth when jisoo takes out the chocolate*
  • me:*feels betrayed when he eats it*
  • me:i love death
  • me:*screams*
  • me:*more screaming*

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oh my god you ship dair this is amazing i keep seeing so many people hate on them and i don't understand because they say they want Blair to be happy but then they ship her with chuck?? lol they were the most toxic relationship i've ever seen and Dan was so good to her like i love them so much i don't get why people don't like them

yes, i am one of the rare dairs. most people don’t ship dair because it’s “boring” aka healthy lol. they like that chair is “epic” and dramatic, but that gets boring to me tbh, not to mention that it’s one of the most toxic relationships i’ve ever seen as endgame on tv.

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Cuz I blame u for planting the seed into my brain lol 😝, what is the ship name for blaise and harry? and any fav recs for these two?? My mind has gone overdrive on them but I can't write anything down right now but I'd love to read some 😶😶😩😩😶😶

This is so exciting! I love being responsible for shipping sexy boys together!

I’ve actually only read Blaise/Harry when they include Draco too (which I call ‘Draisy’- Draco + Blaise + Harry). Here’s my Draisy rec list- you might be interested in Three’s a Crowd? (winterstorrm, 15k) because initially, Harry and Blaise are secretly dating (and shagging all over the castle). Draco walks in on them and then finds that he can’t get them out of his mind, and slowly, they all come together. It has a sequel as well, and it’s such a beautiful example of a positive poly relationship 

If you do end up writing them, please let me know! I love them both so much, and I could always use more Haise (would that be their name?) in my life :)

Me bitching about some Star Wars crossover I saw: I’m so tired of everyone characterizing Rose as the one who’s going to go evil at the drop of a hat just because of grimdark mode when she wasn’t even evil??? I mean sure the dark side appeals to some of her personality traits but not all of them and even when she went *~dark~* she never hurt anyone besides Jack. 

Gill: Dirk might go to the dark side under certain circumstances, justifying it every step of the way.

Me: Even hurt loved ones?

Gill: If he thought it was for their own good, maybe.

Me: *under my breath* Jake, you’re going to die in childbirth.

Gill: This raises a lot of questions.

Me: I was thinking of that one image edit… oh god. *laughing* Eridan’s the new hope.

one of my biggest marriage fears was that life would become mundane. i’m not claiming to be an expert (it’s not even been two weeks!) but man oh man do we love spending so much time with each other. we wake up together, we cook together, we shop together, we worship together, and he’s the last person I see before I go to sleep.

but we miss each other so much when we’re NOT together that we call each other on our drives home from work and church (super gross, I know). life was always better because of my VL, but now things are just how God intended them. 

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Ooh, numbers 1 and and 3 :D

1. Favorite fictional couple? Dr. Bennan and Booth. I love them so much! They are total opposite and yet fit so well together! She’s super serious and have hidden her emotions for so long and Booth is somehow able to bring it out. I don’t know, I just really love them!

3. Favorite fictional TV show? Oh god that’s so so so hard. I don’t watch many but as much as I want to scream Star-Trek!!! My favorite is Fringe. Since day one, that show made me feel so many things.. Sadly, it has been cancelled and rushed at the end.

Thank you for asking! <3

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artist ask! 1, 5, 10!

1: Take a picture of your workspace.

Shit son it’s awful and smol…but at least there’s chocolate.

5: Who/what inspires you?

To be honest I get inspired by lot of things. My main source of inspiration are the people I talk with (*rihanna wink at @saarebitch*) and music, but sometimes just a small thing like snow or rain or random idea that pops in my mind when I’m taking a shower…

10: Least favorite thing to draw?

BACKGROUNDS OH GOD I DO HATE THEM I mean architecture, landscapes and stuff. I hate these things and yet I’d love to be able to draw them properly one day ;_;

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i had previously put in a fic request a bit ago and you wrote it and posted it and i just wanted to say oh my god. your writing is beautiful and amazing and not only do your stories capture me completely but all the prompts you do are so creative and well written! you master the characters so well i can practically hear them talking in my head when i read your writing. thank you so much for sharing your gift with us! you're really an inspiration to me!

This is such a lovely message, anon! I always hope the way I interpret the prompts I get makes the sender happy. I mean, some of them allow for a pretty wide interpretation, but ultimately I’d love to at least write something that does their idea justice, and I’m so glad to hear you were happy with yours. Also asdGHFJGH SO MANY COMPLIMENTS THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR HEART ♡♡♡♡

You are so incredibly kind for sending this, and I wish you all the best with your own creative endeavours!

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playing a gay and trans character in tumblr rp is so exhausting because there's so much combined cissexism/transphobia/homophobia/lesbophobia but i love my character & developing them too much to leave smh @ myself but ur right

oh gods… it’s even worse for trans characters compact that with playing a same gender attracted trans character and woooooooooo boy. i’m sorry, I really feel you. it’s so exhausting

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different anon, but personally, if Jack wasn't such a douchebag, I'd ship him and Peg. they've got so much cracklin' tension between them that I don't feel between her and Sousa. I think Peg deserves better than both Jack and Sousa though (I mean c'mon Daniel getting a serious girlfriend across the country and not telling Peg or even answering the phone when she calls is a dick move), but unfortunately Steve's currently chillin' elsewhere.

I kinda feel like if we take Steve (HAVE I EVER TALKED ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE ED BRUBAKER’S VERSION OF STEVE ROGERS? OH MY GOD anyway) as the blueprint for the kind of man that would make Peggy happy, Jason fits the bill the best as of now. Too bad he’s incorporeal and…well, I’m guessing you saw last night’s episode.

    ooc. 3 days and the PDA is gonna come out like a damn flood.
    Bc really I never thought love like this existed until like… I met
    my SO but when I wake up and can skype with them when im
    first awake and look like hell and just.. we can talk and laugh 
    about anything– seriously. 

                                                     I think I’m really in love.