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You Got Daddy Issues (I do too)

Author: Sharleena



Rated: M

Sugar Daddy AU


Here’s how it goes.

Yoongi has Jimin against a wall, his cock buried deep inside him in one of the toilets of the hotel where the gala is hosted and his hands gripping at Jimin’s ass.

“How are you even real, uh?” Yoongi muses, words slurred “What do I have to do to keep you, mh?”

“Well, you- oh God, right there- you could pay my college tuition?”

Or, Yoongi is whipped for his stupidly pretty and awfully spoiled sugar baby.

Comments:  Funny, SEXY, SWEET!  Another great story from Sharleena.  Jimin as a Sugar Baby gives me so much joy.  And Jimin as Yoongi’s Sugar Baby gives me double joy.  You will LOVE both them in this story.  Look out for Hoseok (Who’s a little shit), Namjoon (All I have to say is wolves, read it and you will know what I’m talking about) and Jiin (one person you shouldn’t mess with) as terrific side characters, that add that comic side to it.  They were wonderful additions to the story.


The actual beginning of episode 19. 


Which means there are two possibilities here: 

A) Wakaba goes into the Elevator of Personal Failings and this is all part of the backstory or whatever, which is still a great answer, oh my god I want to see her in the elevator so bad, please show, i watched you murder a kitten for incest and stayed in here, please give me this, please let Wakaba talk about her problems with Utena I MUST FEED. 

B) WAKABA HAS BEEN A FUCKING DUELIST THIS WHOLE TIME. LIKE A SLEEPER CELL. Oh my god I would never have loved to be kept from something more. Now, i don’t ACTUALLY think this is true, but i desperately want it to be. G O D I want her to slay them all and gain the power to bring revolution. 

The prince’s face is intentionally obscured, and i can’t tell if that’s because he’s going to be someone else other than the Loser Useless Asshole we all know and love, or because they realize I literally only give a shit about Wakaba right now. 

Please not I haven’t seen anything past this and am watching spoiler free! Please don’t confirm, deny, or explain anything to me! Even if I should be able to figure it out based on past episodes! Even if it’s cultural! Even if there is no answer! It ruins it for everyone when I get spoiled!

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[I can't believe that all three of those have now said "Litches get stitches". All three of them. Fucking NERDS!]

i kNOW they’re all so fuckin LAME 

i love them so much holy shit. 

god can u imagine how much of a Trial being friends with them is, though, it’s gotta be a lot. i bet lucretia was like “my boys!!!” when she saw them again at  the BoB and “oh no………the boys……” 

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you guys YOU GUYS! I'M SO HAPPY! More incoherence: a) OMFG b) I love you c) I LOVE YOU d) I can faintly remember reading the first chapter and loling with the crack (wtf is "mouth pressing" lol) HOW DID I GET SO INVESTED IN THIS e) OH MY GOD I COULD NEVER COME UP WITH AND WRITE EVEN A PARAGRAPH BUT THIS IS EVERYTHING I COULD EVER WANT f) well not everything..I'm really looking forward to the sequel g) there may have been mentions of your cuteness perfectness and preciousness, but IMMA REPEAT IT

*smooches you*

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Oh my god, can you imagine what would've happen if Monaca crash landed on Jabberwock Island? The Komaeda and Monaca interaction would be hilarious to see.

Nagito : *happily* Oh, Hi, Monaca !

Monaca : *outraged* YOU.

Nagito : I heard some amazing things from Fukawa-san and Naegi-san ! Apparently you decided to let despair behind and…

Monaca : *filling her bag with chips and soda, mumbling to herself* NoNot again…

Nagito : I can’t help but think that, somehow, my worthless existence helped you in this path and…

Monaca : *starts to run* Go awaaaaaaay.

Nagito : *screaming at her* We eat at 7 ! See you ! *to himself* : What a young girl full of energy.

Poly! Kino and Changgu

Poly! Kino and Changgu
* I’m already screeching
* They’re both so RUDE
* You were best friends with both of them, but you had loved them both for the longest time
* You annoyed poor hongseok about it constantly
* “How can I choose? They’re both so amazing?!”
* “If I have to listen to the three of you gushing about each other I’m going to disband pentagon”
* “hoNGSEOK”
* At any given moment changgu could be found giving kino piggy back rides around the studio
* You don’t even remember how the relationship started. It just happened
* You were listening to changgu talk about how adorable kino was when you just brought up the idea
* Kino picked that time to pop his head in
* Of course he had been listening
* “I think that’s a great idea!”
* He was always eavesdropping
* Yuto has accidentally punched him once when he startled him by eavesdropping
* Luckily he only hit his arm
* But changgu went into protective bf! mode and got kino ice and was being all adorable
* They didn’t tell you until you walked in and found kino sitting with ice on his arm and yuto sulking in the corner
* You thought there had been a fight
* But once yuto explained what happened you had to laugh
* Which caused pouty kino
* So you had to go give kino kisses to make him feel better
* Which caused pouty changgu because he’s your boyfriend too!
* “I want kisses too!”
* This was a frequent occurrence
* So you give him a little peck
* And he’s still pouting
* So you tell him to get over it
* So he just gets his kisses from kino instead since you want to be difficult
* Again, this happens all the time
* Hongseok is the #1 shipper
* Most of your “dates” are in the practice rooms with kino teaching you to dance
* While changgu just looks on in total admiration
* Occasionally he’ll get up and dance
* But that’s when it turns into more of a dance party
* Your favorite time was when you walked in the door and they were slow dancing
* As soon as you got there you took turns spinning around with your boys
* So much affection
* Kino is big on back hugs
* Changgu is big on hand holding
* So often times you’ll have one hand on changgu while kino is smothering you in hugs
* Until changgu wants hugs then good luck bc kino is a snuggly boy
* And he will give cuddles to anyone
* Like that time he accidentally fell asleep on Yuto’s shoulder during a pentagon movie night
* So as revenge changgu fell asleep on you and didn’t leave kino any room
* Which results in the pouty cycle of kisses
* All the other boys just gush over how cute the three of you are
* Except wooseok
* He secretly loves watching his older brothers (fight me thEYRE a big family) be so happy with each other
* You wake up tangled with them on the couch a lot
* Giving them little forehead kisses before sending them off to practice
* Getting texts about how much they miss you
* Wow i love changgu
* And kino
* I’m a mess
* Soft
* They’re so soft
* ESP together
* Constant snuggles
* With kino on changgu’s back all the time
* Literally a koala
* What softies
* Nerds
* I love them

You will pry Shouto and Momo’s best friendship headcanons from my cold dead fingers I love them so much. Give me these two getting together for coffee on a regular basis and just talking about life. Give me them pining to each other about Deku and Kyouka respectively and the other like, “oH MY GOD THEY’RE IN LOVE WITH YOU TOO JUST GO FOR IT.” Give me them studying together and talking about their quirks and bonding over being recommendation kids idk?? Give me This. 

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I've never listened to their demos do you have any recs?

Oh YES! I’m glad you came to me for this because I love On A Friday stuff alright
With their first demo the quality isn’t super great but hey it’s something

Fragile Friend

Fat Girl Ed said this lyric was the one that Thom first came to him about so I assume this was one of their first songs ever

To Be A Brilliant Light one of my fave OAF demos obvs lol


The Next ones come from the Shindig demo which is 15 songs of pure awesomeness and you can see so much potential in them it’s amazing I totally recommend that you listen to all of it also a lot of these songs vary titles so they will be different depending on where you look

Climbing Up a Bloody Great Hill Thom’s vocals oh my god

Mr B this is sort of catchy I really like it

The Greatest Shindig of the World Some of these lyrics are in Maquiladora 

Early version of How Can You Be So Sure?

Burning Bush My heart races every time I listen to this

Manic Hedgehog is their last demo and it’s their best again listen to all of it it’s 5 songs and they are wonderful masterpieces

Phillipa Chicken this actually ranks among my favorite Radiohead songs it’s so GROOVY and AMAZING and the name is funny lol

The early version of You   again one of my favorites I think I’ve listened to it more than the PH version so 

I also have a playlist on Youtube of all their OAF work (at least I think) in order so there’s that you can go here for that if you want and here’s where I pretty much got my information for said playlist if you want to read you can read here
ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD