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I Want You.

Request from @bellasett:Hello this idea just came to me I was wondering if u could do a Steve rogers where he just got unfrozen and his sex drive is up (bc it’s like a side effect from the ice) and the reader has had a crush on captain America for like ever and they meet at stark tower and he ignores her and she thinks it’s her but he just can’t be alone with her without wanting to do the deed and maybe he’s think of all the place he could have sex with her sorry this is really long if u don’t do smut it’s fine tho.

Note: I am soooooo sorry that it has taken me a while to get this written. Between my mind deciding to hate me and a whole lot of changes in my life everything has been a little too hectic for my muse to work. I hope this is what you were looking for! <3 I didn’t do too much smut though as my muse is very slowly coming back lol!

Steve x Reader

Words: 2,225

Warnings: Mild language and some minor smut. I haven’t gone into full detail with it and the majority is simply implied but figured I should warn you anyway….if I have missed anything please let me know :)

Disclaimer: GIF used is not mine so all credit goes to it’s creator. <3

You couldn’t believe it, not one bit. He was within arm’s reach of you, currently sleeping on the hospital bed in the room, his chest clearing rising up and then falling back down again at a steady pace….but still there was a part of you that was convinced you were going to wake up soon and be pulled back to reality.

Ever since you were a child you had grown up knowing his face, his name, and he was the very reason you now had the job that you did – working for Shield. He had made it his life mission to save others, never once expecting anything in return, and he had made the ultimate sacrifice in doing so. As far as you were concerned doing this job was your way of thanking him, something you never thought you would get to do in person.

Not only that but you were just like any other red blooded woman and you had developed quite the crush on him despite having never been in the same room as him until now.

A tired groan interrupted your thoughts and the rather perverted gaze you’d had on him as his eyes started to open.

“Captain Rogers?”

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birthday treat (richie tozier x reader)

requested: “Could you do something with Richie where it’s your birthday? Not specific, I know, but you can let your creative juices flow. \_(•-•)_/ Thank you! Have a nice day!” - @jaedcnwesley

summary: y/n hates people making a big deal out of her birthday but richie does it anyway

characters: y/n, richie tozier

a/n: y/s/n means your siblings name btw,, i hope you enjoy!! also if you want a part 2 about what they actually do on the date, i’ll write that if you want? only if you want tho lmao

You tried to never make a big deal out of your birthday. It was just another day, it just happened to be the day you were born. You didn’t understand why it was such a big deal to some people.

For years you had tried to keep your birth date a secret, but of course, certain people always found a way to find out.

One of those certain people being your boyfriend.

Richie Tozier.

He was constantly pestering you about when your birthday was, what you were doing, what he should get you, etc. And you were honestly sick of it. Every time he’d ask about it you’d shoot him down immediately.

And he wanted to find out why. So, surprisingly, he formed a plan of how to find out. This plan simply being to ask your mother. Basic, but it should work.

Richie made his way up the intimidating steps of the white walled house, stopping to take a deep breath in and prepare, before knocking the heavy handle of the door.

You’d think that him being your boyfriend and all, he would’ve met your mother by now. But nope. And there was a reason for that too. A very good reason, in your opinion.

There was shuffling to be heard inside, the sound of arguments and shouting. Richie took a small step back hesitantly, slightly worried as to what was inside.

Suddenly, the door opened to reveal a stout woman with scraggly hair tied up into a sad bun on the top of her head. She glared at him, the cigarette in her left hand drooping slightly.

“Whaddayou want?” She asked incoherently, waving her cigarette dangerously near Richie’s face. “Y/N’s nah here so beat it, kid.” As she went to close the door, Richie quickly stood up and lodged his foot between the frame and the door.

“Wait! Uh, I um, had a question to ask?” He asked carefully, all confidence disappearing as he saw the cold look that seemed permanently stuck on her grimy face.

She ruffled her brows in confusion. “Wha question, ‘en? 'Urry up, I don’t 'ave all day!” She exclaimed, swaying slightly on her feet.

Richie subconsciously played with the ends of his Hawaiian shirt, before asking the question he had been meaning to. “You know, Y/N,”

Of course she knows Y/N, oh my god, I’m an idiot, he thought exasperatedly.

“Well, I was just wondering when her b-birthday is?” God, now he’s sounding like Bill, jeez.

She scrunched up her face, seeming to be thinking before continuing to close the door. “Nah kid, don’ know mate-”

“Wait! How do you not know you’re own kid’s birth-”

“Muuum? Who’s at the door?” A young voice rang through the air. Y/S/N.

Richie spun around swiftly and ran over to them, grabbing them by the shoulders. Y/S/N was truly bewildered. “Y/S/N!”

“Um, yes?” They questioned, confused.

“When’s Y/N’s birthday? I need it for… research!” He quickly asked, pleading with them through his eyes.

They sighed lightly and smiled. “Tomorrow, okay? Now leave me alone, I’ve gotta do some homework. Bye, Richie.” They skipped up the rickety steps and waved at him before slamming the door behind them, leaving Richie to his own thoughts. The whole street heard the distressed scream of Richie Tozier that afternoon.



Richie had been stressing all night. It was currently 4 am on a Saturday and he was planning and arranging a little 'date’ for you guys to go on that morning.

Now, the thing is about Richie, he’s not exactly the most romantic person. But he tries. Kinda.

Take for an example, just last week. The whole Losers Club were together, playing around down by the Quarry and in the lake. Under the water, Bev and Ben were holdings hands (much to everyone’s delight) while talking quietly amongst each other, Bev’s head laying on Ben’s chest delicately.

Now, you and Richie on the other hand. You two were together, apart from the others as well, and yes, Richie’s hand was definitely underwater. However, he wasn’t exactly doing the same innocent precious action. Nope, his hand was doing something much more dirty movement. Yes, he had placed his hand right on your behind.

Not exactly the most romantic moment, but appreciated all the same you suppose.

Richie rubbed his tired eyes behind his thick framed glasses. Staying up until the early hours of the morning wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary for Richie, but racking his brains for something to do in the next few hours definitely was. He was honestly more of a go-with-the-flow kinda guy, never really making plans until the very last minute.

He sighed in content after finishing his little project, putting the last piece of paper in the jar and closing the lid tightly; or as tightly as he could in his tired state. He yawned widely, stretching out his arms and quickly glancing at the digital clock on the small rickety table that stood next to his bed. Smiling to himself, he placed the jar onto the top and snuggled down into his thin bed sheets.

2 hours later, he woke to a loud obnoxious beeping sound. No, not his own voice. He snickered at his own stupid little joke and pulled himself out of bed. 15 minutes and he was ready to go, nearly forgetting to grab the basket of goodies on his way out.

Meanwhile, you were sitting on the falling down wall of your garden, swinging your legs back and forth while waiting for your idiotic boyfriend whom you loved so much to arrive. He had texted you at 3am in the morning, knowing you’d be awake due to the loud music always playing from your next door neighbour, and basically told you that you were going out with him tomorrow and you had no choice in the matter. However, you didn’t expect that the reason was because it was your birthday that day. You had never told ANYONE. How would he know?

Suddenly, you felt a sharp tug on the end of your hair, glancing around to see Richie perched on his bike, smirking at you widely.

“Sorry I’m late, babe. I was just setting some stuff up,” he grinned at you, patting the back of his bike. You smiled fondly.

“I have my own bike, y'know, Trashmouth?” You teased him, before sitting yourself on the back of his bike, blushing lightly as you wrapped your arms around his stomach.

“Yeah, I know, I just wanted an excuse to have your sweet ass even nearer to me,” he smirked back, smoothly.

You shook your head and jabbed him in the side. “Just go, you idiot. Also, where are we going?” You replied, as he started pedalling down the cobbled road.

“Well, that’s a secret. All birthday present are a secret!”

As soon as he said the word birthday, your face fell. Of course. Of course he’d find out a way. Bloody hell.

“I said I didn’t want anything Richie! I’m not worth it, jeez,” you said, exasperated.

He turned around to look at you, being dangerously close to hitting into a lamp post.

“That’s not true, Y/N! Listen, I may be a dick most of the time, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna get you anything for your birthday. You… you mean a lot to me, okay?” He said, glad that you couldn’t see the dark blush that had settled itself on his cheeks.

You smiled a small smile. Maybe your birthday wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do

What is cooler than one multibillion-dollar box-office hit? Two multibillion-dollar box-office hits. 

British actor Daisy Ridley is about to have both to her name as she returns as Rey in the next instalment of Star Wars. Emma Brockes meets her as she prepares for superstardom. — ELLE UK, December 2017

A few weeks after the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey – Jakku scavenger, desert-planet survivor and feminist hero – went on holiday to an island off Croatia with friends from the crew. The actor, who was 23 at the time, had been warned that after the release of the movie – number seven in a franchise that has made more than $42bn (£33bn) – her life would dramatically change, and she was terrified. This was, after all, her first big-screen role. 

In restaurants, she scrutinised waiters to see if they were being too nice to her; she wondered if she’d ever be able to use the tube again. On holiday, her friends started calling her Linda, ‘as a jokey alias’, she says, ‘and then they started calling me Paranoid Linda’ when she became convinced a man was following them around and wondered if he was a private detective employed by the studio.

Two years later, 25-year-old Daisy is sitting opposite me at a restaurant in downtown Manhattan, dressed in a shirt and capri pants in clashing blue-and-white prints, her hair still wet from the shower. She’s brimming with the kind of enthusiasm that reads on screen as charisma, and that helps to explain her meteoric rise from stage-school graduate with a few TV credits to her name to one of the most recognisable young stars on the planet. Paranoid Linda still makes an occasional appearance, she says, but mostly she has managed to adjust to life after two Star Wars movies.

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  • *Martha is visiting a therapist*
  • Therapist: Do you often feel strong emotion felt in quick succession?
  • Martha: Oh, yeah. And not just my emotions. I have had a slight fluctuation with my weight recently.
  • Therapist: I see. And how much weight are we talking about?
  • Martha: I gained and lost 60 pounds in three months.
  • Therapist: Wow! That's almost impossible!
  • Martha: Well, first of all, through God, all things are possible, so jot that down.
Daisy Ridley leaps from ‘Star Wars’ future to ‘Orient Express’ past

— Inquirer.net | Nov 17, 2017

LOS ANGELES — Daisy Ridley, film’s woman du jour, walked into a meeting room at Claridge’s Hotel London in a white Self-Portrait dress and Louboutins. The English actress has stayed the same amid her success—easygoing and down-to-earth.

Daisy not only has the plum Rey role in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy. She plays Miss Mary Debenham in “Murder on the Orient Express,” the latest adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit aboard a lavish train. Kenneth Branagh, whom Daisy calls Ken, directs and stars as the famed Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, with an all-star cast: Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Willem Dafoe and Josh Gad.

The Westminster, London native also stars in the title role, “Ophelia,” described as a take on Hamlet from Ophelia’s perspective; “Chaos Walking”; “A Woman of No Importance”; “Kolma”; and “Peter Rabbit,” where she’s one of the voice cast. With these projects, it was not a surprise to hear Daisy say that she really hasn’t been home since March.

Excerpts from our chat:

You are in a whole different wardrobe scenario from “Star Wars.” Do your costumes for this film feel more make-believe? 

Putting the costume on felt like putting on a character, which was helpful because it felt like make-believe, too. So much of it is everyone’s toying with the truth anyway, if that makes sense.

And does it feel more glamorous, though? 

Yeah, and elegant. I had to wear a little waspie (waist cincher or belt), which made my posture great, so I felt like a lady.

Your character is one of the most mysterious. Would you consider yourself mysterious? 

No (laughter). I think I’m the most transparent, un-mysterious person ever.

Are you good at keeping secrets? 

I’m seriously awful at keeping my own secrets. When it’s someone else’s, I’m fine because it’s not my secret to tell. That’s why weirdly, I don’t find it a problem with this film and with “Star Wars,” because they’re not my secrets. It’s like 2,000 people made this film. It’s fun for people not to know. It’s unusual, and this is different because a lot of people know the ending, but it’s like we know so much now.

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BTS | Going To A Haunted House For A Vlive *Jimin*

luna-lucina said:

Can I request an Jimin zombie program Haunted house… Dont know if you have seen the Vlive from bts where they going to play games with zombies. I thought maybe an jimin reaction would be cute.. If he was paired up with an female idol for the game. Xxx

I did not see that Vlive and I can’t find it (maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enought *shrugs*) so I do hope you like this instead!

“I don’t want to do this,” you said, holding onto the back of jacket as you slowly made your way into the haunted house.

“We have to, for Vlive remember?” he said, turning the camera towards you.

“That’s so not fair, I could be at home right now-OH MY GOD SOMETHING JUST GRABBED MY ANKLE! ARGH!” you screamed doing a little footstomp dance hoping to ward off what ever had touched you.

Meanwhile Jimin was laughing all while trying to hold the camera steady. “If you act like that it’s gonna take us longer to get through to the-”



Needless to say you’d both end up terrified, but it would lead to a good laugh at the end thinking about how you might have sounded to all the fans. “We are never going to live this down…ever…”

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I was tagged by @acquiresimoleons for a simself meme.  :D  Ty!

RULES:  Post a photo of your simself, answer these questions and tag some friends.

I love my simself.  

Sometimes she visits Andrei and slaps him in line.

Favorite Season: Oh god, autumn.  Summer on Cape Cod sucks so badly, and so does spring.  Winter is a close favorite, but autumn is the best.

Favorite books / author: I have no time to read lately, but even when I did I don’t think I could pin a favorite author.  The last reading stint I had I read a lot of nonfiction, mostly about Russian history, which was by choice admittedly, not forced reading.

Party hard.

Favorite song: Lamia by Vampire Twins.  It’s from the Dark Wave radio station from the Supernatural EP.  I love other songs (…non-Simlish songs), but this will always be my favorite.  xD

Favorite food & drink:  I don’t really have a favorite food, but I do like flavored seltzer water.

Dogs or cats: Neither, honestly, which is unpopular opinion, but there it is.

If I had to pick one I’d prefer dogs.

I prefer a creature that [is more likely to] takes direction instead of fighting with me for the friggin couch.  But, really… neither.  lol

Umm… I don’t know many people with a simself who hasn’t already done this.  I guess I tag @jepensedoncjesims and @reverieinsimlish.

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"Oh man I hated all the “classics” they made us read throughout school!" Oh my god yes. I remember I had to read Candide and do a book report on it when I was in like 9th grade. Hated the book. Ripped it apart in my book report (I did get an A- but still). Maybe I was just too young to get it, but honestly, it was shit and I still hate it

Ha! I love Candide, but I’ve never studied it. I hate, with a passion that’s bordering on insanity, Heart of Darkness. Because not only did I have to study it in Year 12, but I also copped it again at university. 

And I fucking detest it. 

There are only a few books I’ve studied that I’ve managed to still love. Mostly I find it sucks all the wonder out of them for me. 

Tombstone has killed me dead

We are being spoiled with good episodes this season!

- Cas is back and Dean is sudenly in a way better mood than he has been all season. Could there be a coonection? Wejustdon'tknow.gif

- That reunion scene was everything. I know we saw it in the preview, but oh my god, I could watch it a thousand times. Dean’s “I do”! That hug! Dean’s face journey during that hug! Sam definitely looked more suspicious during his hug. Obviously he’s pleased to have Cas back, but you can tell he’s got questions.

- Cas is back, and he’s immediately so done with Dean’s cowboy fetish. You can just see him thinking “this is the man I’ve chosen to love.”

- All the silent communication between Cas and Dean had me screaming. When you could see Dean latching onto the idea of Dodge city, and Cas just gives him a look and he does that little head duck.

- Dean considers having Cas back a huge win.

- A side note to say that I want to steal Athena’s style so badly. I can never get my hair to hold those rolls properly.

- Cas and Jack are so sweet together. I do wish there had been some acknowledgement that Jack’s power did something to Cas, but I am okay with them being two sweet awkward peas in a pod.

- Also, Dean’s an angry sleeper. Like a bear. I’m just!

- Jack, my sweet nougat son :( He tried so hard, and was doing so good, and he was so eager to help and found the clues to piece things together, but then he accidentally killed the security guard and he feels so bad, and these guys are so bad at pep talks. My poor boy!

- Good on Dean for telling him the truth, and for admitting that even though he used to think Jack was a monster, he doesn’t anymore.

- Somebody save my precious lamb from himself :(

- But also destiel is real and I am screaming.

I swear to fucking God

Jack is the best. He’s the fucking best. No one, I repeat no one is better than he is. All he wants is to help and be a good guy, but no. He makes one mistake and he is so ruined. He is such a good guy at heart. And oh my god when he told the boys that they were all he had and he didn’t want to hurt any of them either it broke my heart. He’s such a good nougat son and all he wants is to be a good nougat son but he doesn’t know he is one.

Also I would like to point out that the preview has me mildly worried because demon bro (I can’t remember his name and I honestly just didn’t bother to look it up) tries to convert my nougat son he will die. Nougat son is good at heart and no one can deny that. Not even Deano.

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I probably almost DIED. It was raining so heavily I couldn’t see anything and I had to come to a complete stop on the side of the road because actually my wipers weren’t doing ANYTHING and my car kept slipping and sliding because there was too much water on the road and it was HAILING AND LOUD and I’ve aquaplaned before and oh my god it was terrifying and I had to pull over to stop to wait for it for a solid 20 minutes like THREE TIMES

And the last time I stopped to pull over to wait for it it wasn’t even finished, just I’d stopped next to a little river stream thing and it’s always dry but TODAY IT WAS WET AND RISING RAPIDLY (I looked over and legit thought to myself, “that river wasn’t there 20 seconds ago”) and I was “no I’m not going to wait for that to rise too high with a 5-year-old child in my car(e)” so I waited for the cars next to me, who had stopped in the middle of the road because there was no way to pull off there was no room everyone had stopped - I waited for them to move and then I drove a bit further to the library and waited too long at the lights to go because like 20 minutes before I’d had a near miss with a car which couldn’t stop in time for the red light and I just happened to see it incoming AND THEN I PARKED AT THE LIBRARY and we waited for it to stop enough to get inside, and on the way in a guy said, “Oh, if you’re headed to the library don’t bother - they’re closed. They flooded,” and so then I texted the 5yo’s mother “so the library’s flooded, I’m going to take [Name] and pop across to the shopping centre. We’ll be in [shop] - I hope that’s okay! My phone’s dying, but we’ll be there.” and then we got BACK IN THE CAR AGAIN and drove over and oh my god.

And I ended up getting home after she came to pick him up and I went back past the rising-too-fast-river and it had turned into a LAKE whose drainage system was SPEWING WATER. And I’ve aquaplaned before so my nerves were shot to hell. And I want hot chips soooo badly. Oh my GOSH. 

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I was cleaning up at this community theatre for my play tomorrow and I had left my phone on a bench and someone yelled “did someone leave their phone on the chair? the lock screen is a picture of bill skarsgard” and I just backed away slowly as everyone looked at me


I was in a terrible mood cause of this dumb website and this other fandom on here, and then BAM I get some of the BEST NEWS ever about one of my friends and OMG I AM SO PROUD!!! I am in the best mood now. You don’t even KNOW!! ugh yes!! My friends going off in life being successful chasing their dreams working their butts off and it PAYING OFF!!! I’m in tears you guys. for real SO GODDAM MOTHERFUCKING PROUD!!!!!!!!!! (sorry the friend in question prefers not to curse/use strong language so I’ve been trying to convey my excitement to her without and it’s difficult) just YES thank god for some good good good news 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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uhhhhhh.... maybe im crazy but it kinda looks like crow is pretending to uh... go down on kaner in that gif you just reblogged?? like what is he moving his head toward lmao, maybe it is just the way the gif is cut?

oh my god anon how could you do this to me


I am so head over heels in love with you it’s not even funny.

When I realised I loved you I had that ‘oh shit I’m in love’ moment like we were talking about when we went and saw Thor. That entire movie was so nerve racking- I hadn’t spoken to you in a bit and my god you looked so good that day. Our arms kept brushing on the arm rest and my whole stomach would erupt into butterflies every time. I just… never want to stop being around you.

I love you but you don’t deserve someone like me. You deserve so much better. And I’m so so sorry.


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Oh my god i feel so bad for elliot! He killed 71 times more people than he would have, had he just let the paperwork reach new york. D: i can't even imagine where the next few episodes will go. Now i understand the bag of pills. Dude's gonna feel like garbage after all that. Is tyrell really gonna throw elliot under the bus? Do you think that letter told him about his wife? I feel like he'd be crying more if that was the case.

i know the guilt and blame elliot is going to feel, especially after he thought he STOPPED it all jfc

idk what tyrell is gonna do but im hecka scared and i dont think the letter had anything about his wife tbh, cause if it didnt i think he would’ve been less likely to follow the dark army’s instructions

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latta's funny upper lip is the most adorable thing ever, i love how it just kinda sticks out and makes him look like a grumpy bean all the time