oh my god i had to make this look like shit to get it to actually upload but oh well

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.15

A/N: Well, well, well you guys I have returned. I know this chapter is long overdue and I apologise, but these are the last few days of school and when you’re in honors classes that apparently means give loads of work to the teachers.Then I was going to upload it hours ago but Oliver (the guy Connor is based on) spontaneously took me out for ice cream and shit. Anyway, I’m satisfied with this chapter and it’s long as hell, but I hope you all enjoy it. Remember 100 notes and feedback for 16.💕

**WARNING**: Loads of profanity, but that’s all.

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“I’m so glad you got a haircut.” You teased Connor as you ran your fingers through his now neatly trimmed and styled hair.“I don’t know what the hell you had going on with it yesterday.”

“Oh shut up, Y/N.”

The two of you had been roaming the mall shopping for hours on end. You knew that Connor needed a well deserved girl’s day, and what’s a better way to spend it besides shopping with a fashion major? You were dragging Connor towards Tip N’ Toe for scheduled pedicures.

“So, what’s your plan for me and Felix?”

“Not sure yet.” You admitted to him.“ He kind of refuses to talk about the subject.”

“That’s Felix for you.” Connor chuckled although he found no amusement with his situation.“ Hold things in until shit hits the fan.”

“Maybe you two need this little break. It might help you grow stronger or something.”

“What about you and Calum? You haven’t said much about him.” Connor quickly changed the subject and you rolled your eyes.“ Uh oh.”

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dan and phil play what would you do if: a summary

danandphilgamesDILEMMAS i feel personally attacked thanks phil

they credited jack’s video aw

they didn’t need to do that but philly loves crediting people

phil’s example includes a badger of course

the brown vs black circle debate

“we’re learning things about each other and you’re learning things about us” i’ll be shocked if you find anything you don’t know about each other tbfh

the firearm question… wow okay

“hey there mister philly, what’ve you got yourself an illegal weapon for? planning on doing some sneaky shooting?” cue the multitude of policeman!dan aus

dan tear your eyes away from him

actually don’t i’ve missed this

“i’d put it in a cloth bag without touching it with my own hand, so there’d be no fingerprint, then they’d know i didn’t touch it… unless i did touch it then wiped it down and then did that… but they wouldn’t know that” well phil did say we’d learn more about them… he’s thought about this to a great extent before

“this sounds like something you’ve thought through” dan and i on the same wavelength

“life isn’t grand theft auto, guys” - phil lester 2k17

‘what would you do if the house you are in is on fire?’ “i mean it would be very good for your username” phil ever the optimist

“we don’t have pets, stop rubbing it in game”

“i feel like because the internets watching i have to say i’d save everyone but me”

dan’s array of accents is always lovely

phil got about five hours sleep the night before the boy needs an early night

“what is a pervy stuff?” first of all mister english degree, flawless grammar usage and secondly dan’s reaction represents all of us

“as pervy as you want mate, time has stopped…. as long as you don’t leave a trace” the wholesome howell branding has completely disappeared

phil discussing going into a locker room whilst time has stopped… i wonder which gender he has in mind

if any at all

the dimple is looking particularly gorgeous today

dan knows phil like the back of his hand and is insistent that phil would actually do the pervy stuff

wake up people wake the hell up

phil is now obsessed with pervy stuff and is making up his own option

have fun with that, smut writers

dan is spiritually always stuck in sewers

“i believe there are mutant crocodiles beneath london” - again, phil lester 2k17

“phil would lick a foot rather than stay somewhere for three months, that’s what we’ve learnt”

of course dan gets a question about his dead best friend

and the trend of killing phil apparently is still a thing,,,, remember that video

“it’s actually dan and fernando games” phernanado looks weird so i used fernando ok fight me

“i’m not fernando. ask me something fernando wouldn’t know” // “i mean you’ve been fernando the entire time…” // “oh”

phil’s weird tongue laps

great description kirsten truly you have a gift

don’t mind me roasting myself

back to the video

“that means i can use my real voice now…. continue the friendship daniel” // “bye mate” yet phil cannot use his real humour as fernando,,, abolish the innocent branding bc it’s one thing u ain’t

“bestselling novel, yes mate” // “is that your next book?” i’d kill for dan to write a novel i really would like he jokes about it but nah i’d be all over that shit

“dan and fernando games, thumbs up if you want it to continue” // “rebranding incoming” joe dare he joke about it

the ripped skinny jeans and glitter nail polish are the true rebrand here

“i like sitting down”

dan’s facial expressions in this video are absolutely extraordinary i love him

daniel trump

“phillu…” // “yassu”

“yes punch me dad” can dan go a single video without calling something or someone dad

i wonder if he calls his own dad dad that would be weird by this point right

if dan became a spider….. that’s definitely going to be a fic by the end of this week

spies instead of flies same

dan’s deep speech

“spiders only live for like a week…” // “ideal”

phil’s logical reasoning i’m living

the word orgasm comes into the mix and dan’s clocks slows right down and he’s thinking all manner of things look at him

dan you’re on camera stop thinking of either you or phil climaxing in space

or both of you

i’m not here to judge nor am i a mind reader



phil would film himself moonwalking in space and upload it

like he needs the views


“that’s such a laddy answer”

p a r t y b o y s

“that’s some mark of oxin shiz”

“what, you’re going to incinerate me???” // “definitely”

you can tell who said what in that last quote pair i’m laughing

phil’s question is about living with a monkey but he already lives with a clingy creature does he not

“no i’m not having sex with a monkey!”

“i would spoon a monkey, for sure” phil i have many questions, oh so many questions

dan describing the options in detail is extremely interesting if you think about it

“… or just once a month, spank the monkey” what beautiful imagery dan thank you so much for killing any fic inspiration anyone had

phil is going to extreme lengths to argue against banging a monkey

“i would spoon the monkey, watch some game of thrones, and then go to bed in separate rooms”

and now dan won’t leave the spanking of the monkey alone

fucking hell the tension i can feel it through the camera

“no monkey sex!”

“you guys are alright out there… mostly”

“that was an emotional rollercoaster” you said it danny boy

i feel like i do know so much more about phil

whether or not that is a good thing i am still debating

“no please god no that was traumatising” dan actively trying to stop people requesting another video

he knows that just spurs people on it’s been years now

“we’ll see you next time if you come back after that monkey question”

please nobody write that fic i’m begging you please please don’t



i wonder who edited and added the annotations for this video hm i have no clue

this was a mistake

eventful to say the least

boyfriend does my makeup! | youtuber AU

yoongi/jimin + yoongi does jimin’s makeup! + rated FC for FLUFFY AND CUTE HAHAHAHAHAHA  + i hope you guys enjoy this! + for my baby @yoonminist ♥♥♥ + THE HEARTS ARE THOSE CUTS IN YOUTUBE VIDEOS HAHAHAHA you know that thing they do where they just cut and like…yeah, i hope you guys don’t get confused since this is mainly dialogue!

[also on my AO3!]

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SVT Cute Jobs; Joshua!!

Originally posted by jishooua

ok so yall knew this was coming

i hope

also i got inspiration from Shawn Mendes’s new song cause the guitar work in the song is making me sCREAM YES (i might be a lowkey stan)


-Joshua Hong



-guitar dad (who shouldn’t have acquired a nickname that his related to his religion thanks)

-it all started when his parents opened up a music shop before he was born

-then the brightest sunshine on the whole planet was born

-and the rest is history 

-sort of

-so when he was old enough his parents gave him his first guitar

-at first he had no idea what to do with it

-he used it as a lightsaber once oops

-in the long run he actually started to learn how to play guitar and it was really cool cause he could play all these different songs on the guitar

-he tried to replicate the opening to Still Original by Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg

-it actually went really well damn kid you got talent

-he also owns a small channel on youtube but doesn’t upload often rip

-after working in the shop for a while he had a genius idea

-he noticed that a lot of kids were getting guitars from his family’s shop

-but wouldn’t know how to play

-so he offered to teach the kids

-for free

-what a kind soul

-his parents suggested that he did it for money and to earn it as a job but it didn’t appeal to him as much as seeing little kids smile after mastering twinkle twinkle little star on guitar

-he also asked if he could hold sessions in the shop and his parents agreed

-so everywhere he went he put up flyers about free guitar lessons in the shop and 1 on 1 sessions too

-at first the parents weren’t too sure about a teenager teaching kids how to play songs like Toxic by Britney Spears and Its Gonna Be Me by Nsync 


-but after they came in to see him

-they soon realised that he is a gentle soul and cannot hurt anyone at all

-not even a fly

-except for that one moth in the 7th grade but that was because it flew into his face

-but that’s not the point

-speaking of parents

-your parents and little brother have been talking about taking guitar lessons and after seeing him with the other kids they soon agreed

-but you didn’t exactly know what was going on

-so one morning

-you wake up before anyone else

-it was like 10 am and your parents were out of town

-what amazing timing 

-your little brother was dressed before you

-and it was a saturday morning

-w      h      a     t

-”dude why the hell are you dressed before me??”

-”i’m practising guitar today”

-”since when did you start guitar??”

-”i started a while ago”

-”thats why im finding note sheets i thought i was losing my mind wow okAY”

-you shook it off as it was nothing because

-a. your little brother was weird as hell and b. your life was like a really cringey and cool 2000′s Disney Channel sitcom 

-you continued eating your breakfast as it was nothing special because it was nothing special

-ding dong

-just as you put your plate in the sink someone rings your doorbell

-as you’re walking to the door you’re thinking about who it could be

-shit maybe your mum and dad came back early cause you and your brother alone in the house spelt out the word trouble in big fat fucking letters

-or its the mailman 

-you’re at the door in your pjs holding a cup of tea

-you’re ready to fuck shit up if it’s not the mailman or your parents

-did i mention you had great bed hair like you looked like you just came out of a Pantene commercial 

-you open the door

-its a dude

-just holding a guitar


-like wtf

-he’s incredibly handsome

-and hes just smiling to you

-like he doesn’t notice the fact that you’re in your god damn pjs



-can that be his nickname instead of the reference to his religion thank

-if he has notice them


-you’re just praying that hes just like awww thats cute

-you give a blank stare like what are you doing why are you here what’s your name hi are you single and ready to bingo


-”hi is y/b/n in? i’m joshua and i’m here to teach him guitar. whats your name?

-”ah, yeah hes in. i’ll get him quickly. and my name is y/n.”

-so that’s why the brat is dressed up so nicely

-and why he has a guitar

-that also explains the sandwich you had that was wrapped in music sheets

-thanks dad

-you let him in and you let him sit in your front room

-and you slyly watch from the sidelines

-and you think

-theres an angel in my god damn house

-oh m y   g o D

-so you just go upstairs and call your brother

-”why is there an angel in the front room??!!!!”

-”oh you mean Joshua? yeah hes pretty cool! you should hear him sing too! he sounds like one of those dudes on the voice!”


-inside you’re breaking down

-f u cjokjsdkwjd


-okay calm down y/n

-you finally get dressed after spending like 10 hours in your eevee pjs i want some so badly 

-and you just wear a normal jumper and a pair of jeans 

-nothing fancy

-and you just brush your hair

-but when you go to check up on your brother and his new guitar teacher


-he just


-like he stops after you ask them if they want a drink and hes just looking at you

-like wow


-you bring the two drinks in and place them on the table

-”let me know if you want anything to eat, okay?”

-f  r   o      z     e   n

-hes just screaming on the inside

-after a while you hear them play a really popular song

-ok it’s There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes

-aka it’s the song you kind of like

-take away the kind of 

-you like it a lot

-so you’re just in the kitchen

-you hear them play it

-and you just hum

-then you quietly sing 

-then you just sing

-and boi your voice is nICE CHILL FAM

-and joshua hears you laugh a little


-”you hear that?”

-”oh it;s just y/n singing. she does it a lot.”

-”her voice is beautiful.”

-and as he said that



- W  H   A   T 


-Joshua is also shook that you’re in the room too

-”y-you heard me? i swear we need to get that echo fixed in the hallway omg you know what i’m gonna call my mum about that now–”

“no, he said that your voice was really nice.”

-”i said beautiful”

-”what he said”


-you smile so much


-“i have an idea! i’ve been thinking–”

-”bro thats a little dangerous”

-haha very funny but my idea is that you sing and Josh can play the guitar! just once, please?”

-joshua smiled to your brother then to you 

-”that sounds like fun, what do you say y/n?”



-”y/n are you okay?”

-”i-i’m fine…could you excuse me for a moment?”

-you run out the room

-you run upstairs to your room

-you jump on your bed

-and you sCREAM 


-you calm down and then go downstairs again

-”that sounds really cool”

-but you always thought

-maybe theres a catch


-maybe not

-so your brother just sits on the chair 

-and you two are sitting on the sofa



-you two finish

-and smile to each other


-you genuinely made him happy with his voice

-so at the end of the day

-you say goodbye at the door and he just gives you a piece of paper

-with a number

-”what’s this?”

-”it’s my number. we should sing together more often.”

-”it’s a date.”

-“wait iS IT A DATE??”



-and then your little bro is just in the other room like

-”i swear to god they’re made for each other….”

Friday Night || G-Dragon


Summary: Friday meant the end of a long week for most. For Jiyong, it meant that maybe he’d be one step closer to telling you how he felt.

Word Count: 1,050

A/N: I’m so sorry you had to wait a long time Anon but I hope you enjoyed the scenario! Here’s an explanation for my shitting uploading and the wait.

The city lights faded into a blur as the streets spread out before you. You walked; wrapped up in a coat as you made your way to the party you’d been invited to. The mere thought of relaxing hastened your steps as you neared the building, its tall stature submerging you further into darkness.

It had been a while since you’d taken a load off, and it was times like these you were thankful for having a friend like Jiyong.

Even if it meant having to mingle at what he considered a ‘Work Function’.

‘Think of the devil and he shall appear,’ you thought to yourself as you stepped into the YG Building’s foyer. Coming in from the cold you were immediately greeted with the familiar sight of Jiyong, smiling happily as he laid his eyes on you.

“You actually made it.” He laughed as he began to step forward, meeting you half way. His arms wrapped around you in a hug and you tried your best not to lean into him too much.

“You make it sound like I was never gonna show up in the first place Ji.” You retorted, feeling his shoulders shrug under the weight of your hug. “Were you waiting long?”

He shook his head as you both pulled away. “Not really, I wanted to slip away from everything for a bit, turns out I had pretty good timing.”

He was lying – he had been waiting for you for a long time. And yet, despite knowing he wasn’t being truthful you decided o let it slide because that’s what normally happened between you two.

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Snowbaz Youtube

Words: approximately 2636

Summary: Ever since an unnamed incident Simon’s channel has been suffering creatively but Penny has an idea to get it back on course. An idea which involves a certain youtuber known as PitchBlackBaz.

Extract: His phone buzzes with a new email on his work address and he opens it immediately, seeing as the subject line was collaboration with SimonSnowflakeSays. His heart is beating quickly in his chest to the point where he can swear that he can feel it pounding in his temple and the butterflies are stronger than the ones he felt when he bumped into Simon at Vidcon. Noted that on that same day he accidentally tripped Simon down a flight of stairs but still… Well… “Accidentally”. Those days were a little more complicated for Baz.

He skims the email and then can’t stop rereading it while holding himself back from screaming out of joy. Simon Snow, The Simon Snow, was going to collaborate with him. The boy whose videos inspired him to make his own and whose cheeky half smile, perfectly curly blonde hair, and moles dotted across his skin like constellations, had every viewer captivated. That is until a few months ago. Not that Baz really fully understand what went on between Simon and Davy but the throwback was something else. Fans taking sides and Davy become one of the most hated men on the internet as well as dramatic, but sweet, monologues in the comments aimed at Simon to make him feel better. Nothing seemed to work. Baz intended to change that.

And all it would take was a simple little challenge video…

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Hey! I’m uploading another request! Sorry I’m so slow with them right now, my life is always crazy but I try for you guys! I hope you like it <3 <3

Request - Brendon liking the reader so offering to help her with some school work by tutoring her at home so he has the opportunity to tell her how he feels.

Anything for You

 *Reader’s POV*

 I grumbled as I stormed out of my musical theory class, my bag thrown lazily over my shoulder, I loved music and worked so hard at perfecting my own music and songs, but for some reason I could never nail theory, the notes on paper confused me so much, practical was fine, theory, not fine. I stormed through the halls at school, taking myself to my usual lunch spot with my friends, it always cheered me up to see them. Throwing myself down on the bench I kicked my legs up, laying back and covering my face with my arms, I was the first to our corner near the school’s running track, I heard footsteps after a little while, noticing a figure standing near me before chuckling in a familiar smooth tone.

“Everything ok there?” Brendon’s voice broke through my thoughts causing me to uncover my face to meet his eyes, he had a sweet smile on his face, warm brown eyes locked onto me. He looked so cute, wearing his nerdy glasses and light purple hoodie, black skinny jeans and sneakers on his feet, I hated being attracted to my best friend, it made me feel awkward sometimes, especially when he popped into my head at very inappropriate times. Sometimes I got so worked up and always seemed to find him coming into my head, I knew he didn’t like me back, or thought I was one of those girls that would cheat on him due to having had a lot of boyfriends, even though I’d only actually had sex once. Plus, he was so totally out of my league, he was cute, friendly, funny and talented, oh so talented. He didn’t exactly attract the popular girls but all the creative types were way into him.

“No. I’m totally bombing music theory, I just can’t get it, I have no fucking clue. I got a D- on my last assessment, it’s gonna drag down my whole GPA.” I sat up, pulling my knees to my chest, I was doing so well at school but this was going to destroy my chances of getting into a good music college.
“But you’re great at music, I love the pieces you compose.” He sat down opposite me, dumping his bag on the ground.

“Yeah I’m great at playing, but when I compose I don’t write the music properly, I just make it up and remember it. I can’t get the paper shit right.” I was so put out by all this but his sweet face in front of me made me feel a little better.

“Well, you know, I could help you with your music theory. Maybe give you some tutoring for a few weeks, I’m sure the extra time on it will help you get the hang of it all.” He smiled sweetly, hand resting gently on my arm, head cocked to the side in an adorable little gaze.

“Oh my god, Brendon that would be so amazing of you!” I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and pressing my face into the crook of his neck, he seemed to freeze for a second before hugging back.

“I’ll be at yours for 3 on Saturday ok?” I nodded eagerly, we fell into our usual conversations as the rest of our little group appeared gradually, all of us chatting leisurely. Little did Brendon know my parents weren’t in on Saturdays so we would be completely alone in my house on Saturday, that would be interested, maybe I could finally get the chance to test how he felt about me, see if he felt the same as me. This would be interesting.

 *Brendon’s POV*

 It was Saturday, 2:45, I had to leave to drive over to Y/N’s in 5 minutes, I checked myself in the mirror, my hair was neater than usual, a nice shirt on under my hoodie, my nice jeans and sneakers on, I wanted to look good. Whatever attempts I looked like a nerd as soon as my glasses were on. I thought she was so cute, and sweet, and fun, ok I liked her, a lot, she was so perfect and we had this crazy connection, when she was talking I felt like she was the only person in the world, I could literally lose myself in her for hours and not even notice. I was so crazy attracted to her, I was desperately trying to work out how to tell her, I hated to admit that part of this whole tutoring thing was to try and finally tell her how I felt. I made sure I had all my theory books and notes and hopped into my car, driving myself to her place, once I got there I grabbed my bags from the trunk, heading to her front door, running my free hand through my hair after knocking. I waited for a moment before she answered, I instantly lost my breath, she was wearing a pair of short denim shorts and a cropped, low cut and pretty tight tank top, her body looked incredible to me, I tried to compose myself before opening my mouth at the risk of sounding like an idiot.

“Um… H-Hey Y/N, I know I’m a little early, but, um, ready to work on your theory stuff?” I asked trying my absolute hardest to not sound like a stuttering fool, her warm smile encouraged me slightly.

“You’re like 5 minutes early it’s fine, come in!” She said, her voice sounding surprisingly chipper considering I was here to do school work with her, she stepped inside, I’d been here a million times before so I knew to follow in, take of my shoes and close the door behind me. As I walked behind her, following her to the kitchen, I couldn’t help my eyes from trailing down her back, following the trail of long Y/H/C hair winding down her back, as I followed it my mind drifted to what it would feel like between my fingers, winding around them, I bet her hair was so soft. My eyes continued down her back, stopped at her shorts, they really were very short, her behind looked so damn good in them, I tore my focus from her body to focus myself again, I wasn’t here to get laid dammit, I was here to tell her how I felt, and that was certainly more than just sexual. She started shifting through her cupboards, grabbing two glasses and smiling broadly at me.
“Want a drink?” She asked, cocking her head to one side, her house seemed to quiet, I was used to her parents nattering on about stuff in the kitchen but today there was nothing.

“Yeah sure, what’dya have? It’s quiet here today.” I remarked as she got herself a coke out of the refrigerator.

“Yeah I know, my folks aren’t home until tomorrow, some business dinner thing. And we’ve got coke, lemonade, or you can have one of my dads beers.” She giggled slightly, my breath caught, I had never been completely alone with her before, her parents, or at least one of them, was always in the house when we were, this would be perfect, no distractions, no reason not to open up.

“It’s ok, I’ll just have a coke too.” She nodded, grabbing me a can too, handing me the glass and can as she took a sip of her own drink, once I poured it she lead me to her room to begin working. Ok Brendon, focus.

 *Reader’s POV*

 We sat at the small desk in my room, leaning over my folder of work, Brendon had been slowly but surely getting things into my head, I was beginning to get the hang of it now, at least I hoped I was.

“So this piece is in minor… right?” I pointed to the sheet music in front of me, cocking my head to the side hoping to god I was right this time, he chuckled a little, shaking his head slowly.

“No… sorry, its in major.” I huffed, slumping back slightly, it was driving me crazy not being able to get it right. He touched my arm gently. “Relax, just remember, minor usually has flats in the key signature, major has sharps ok?” His hand lingered on my arm as I looked up at him slightly. “You’re really not as bad as you think you know, you get things a little muddled is all.” I stood, pacing my room a little, I couldn’t help but notice his eyes moving over me as I paced, he was trying to be polite but I had seen his eyes wandering several times today, he blushed when our eyes met.

“Thank you, for all your help, it’s really helped me understand things a little better, you’ve been so kind, even when I’ve totally sucked, even though you could have been a total jerk about it.” I smiled sincerely, I did mean it, he had been so kind and sweet to me, it meant I could learn better, he put me under less pressure to get it right. “We should take a break, maybe play about on the piano for a little.” I gestured to him, wanting him to follow me to the music room in my house, it was only a dingy little room with a piano, drums and guitars all crammed in but I loved it all the same. He followed me, sitting down next to me on the stool.

“You don’t have to thank me for helping you, I’m your friend, it’s what I’m here for.” He said smiling as he began to casually play a tune on the piano, hands gliding effortlessly over the keys, I was so mesmerised by his playing, it seemed so easy for him. I shuffled a little closer to him on the stool, pressing my leg against his, stroking the keys, intentionally moving my hands close to his, I knew the tune he was playing, trying to make sure my hands were where his were whenever they came up to my end of the piano. His breath seemed to catch slightly, his nose wrinkling, causing his glasses to rise and fall, I allowed my hand to brush against his again, this time he stumbled on the keys, hitting a bum not and stopping in his tracks, he moved his hand up to push his glasses back into place, neatening his hair with his hands. I was so desperate to know what was going on in his head, he baffled me so much, what would he do if I kissed him? I really wasn’t sure whether to find out.

*Brendon’s POV*

I sat slightly awkwardly next to Y/N, she was pressed right against me and I was pretty sure she was intentionally catching my hands on the piano keys, I was using every ounce of control to stop myself from panting like a damn dog next to her, all day I had been struggling to keep my eyes off of her. I knew she had spotted me looking a few times, but why hadn’t she said anything, why didn’t she point it out, she wasn’t usually one for keeping quiet when a guy was ogling her so why was she now? We sat in this kind of awkward silence, her eyes on me but unspeaking. Every signal she was giving me right now was that she liked me, happily having me over when she’s alone, wearing clothes like that, touching my hands on the keys, leaning in so close. Was I just imagining this, was I being too wishful? God if I didn’t try to find out now, I’m pretty sure I never would. I gulped down hard, forcing the lump in my throat down so I could speak, tell her, right now Brendon, tell her! I was practically screaming in my own head by the time my mouth opened.

“Uhh, Y/N?” I asked timidly, she responded with a small “mmhhmm”, her head turning towards me. “Can I, ummm, I want to, fuck, I want to tell you something.” I finally got the words out, taking a deep breath, she nodded to indicate she was listening, her eyes looking up at my own. “Look, I’ve been meaning to tell you this a long time, but, well, I thought you wouldn’t care, that it would annoy you or push you away so I’ve kept quiet about it, I guess I just cant anymore. I…” I trailed off, losing that surge of confidence.

“Just spit it out!” She joked, giggling playfully as she met my eyes, that smile, everything about her, I had to do this now.

“I like you!” I blurted, gasping at my own bluntness, I quickly started babbling again to try and rescue the situation, god that was awkward of me. “I have done since we met, just, everything about you makes me so happy, but I’ve been so afraid you’d hate me for it, or you wouldn’t like me back, I mean I know I’m not as tall or built up as your ex’s and probably not as handsome but…” I was cut off by the feeling of her warm lips pressed against my own, it startled me, I definitely wasn’t expecting this reaction. I was frozen for a second but she soon got me kissing back, her hands resting behind my neck, gently touching my hair, twiddling it between her fingers, I moved my lips slowly against hers, letting her set the pace, I hadn’t done this nearly as much as she had, it made me nervous about being crap at it, what if she hated kissing me? “So you like me back?” I asked shyly, answered with another slow kiss.
“You talk too much.” She teased, pressing her lips firmly back against mine, I gained a small amount of confidence, enough to hold her waist at least, she lead the kiss, I wanted to try and lead a little so I flicked my tongue gently against her lip, she seemed to very eagerly allow me entry, touching her tongue against my own, letting me set the pace. She pulled herself closer to me, pulling our bodies together, I held her waist in my hands, a small moan escaped her lips, head leaning back as she broke the kiss, I sat for a moment before deciding to carry this on. I pressed a small kiss to the base of her throat, earning yet another moan from her, encouraged by this I started pressing kisses all over her neck, progressing to open mouthed kisses, flicking my tongue against her warm, soft skin.

“Brendon…” She whimpered softly, fingers gripping in my hair ever so slightly, wriggling in her spot. “Come on… let’s go back to my bedroom.” She stood, gripping my hands and  pulling me up, she eagerly pulled me into her bedroom, kissing me hard on the lips as she pulled me towards her bed. My head finally caught up to what was happening, she liked me back she was kissing me, we were in her bedroom. My heart pounded in my chest as she held me close, holding my shoulders in her slim fingers, biting her lips at me between kisses. I was so nervous, should I tell her I hadn’t done this before? Or should I try and play it off. God I was scared.

*Reader’s POV*

I pulled Brendon towards my bed, I wasn’t expecting this today, but the way he kissed my neck like that, no way was he getting out of that, I moved my hands to the front of his hoodie, gripping the collar and pushing it off of his shoulders and down his arms. My hands continued on to his shirt, fumbling with each of the buttons as our lips crashed against each other, I noticed his hands weren’t doing much apart from holding my waist, I did wonder why but my mind was racing and I didn’t pay attention, I managed to unbutton his shirt, pushing it down his shoulders and onto the floor. My hands moved to his belt buckle, fumbling with it in between my fingers, our lips still crashing messily against each other, as I began to unbuckle his belt I felt hands on my own, holding me still. Our eyes met as I pulled away, looking up at him, confused as to why he was stopping me.

“What is it?” I whispered breathlessly, staring up at Brendon intently, he was blushing slightly, eyes awkwardly staring down into my own.

“I… um…. I gotta tell you something.” He trailed off, looking at his feet, hands still holding my own still, I felt a little put down that he seemed so hesitant, maybe there was another reason.

“You can tell me anything, you know that right?” I slipped my hand out from under his, cupping his warm, flushed cheek in my hand, pulling his face up gently to meet his eyes.

“I haven’t done this before.” He whispered, his voice cracking slightly, our faces so close, a feeling of intimacy I’d never felt before. “I know you’ve done this before and I don’t want to suck.”

“Done it before? Yeah like once… my first time was so awful I wouldn’t really count it, sure I know what to do but…” I pressed one small kiss to his lips between the words, “This means a lot more to me. We don’t have to.” I was trying to comfort him, stroking his cheek between kisses, I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable.

“No!” He jumped quickly at my words, blushing again as he stumbled on his own tongue, desperately trying to claw together a literate response. “I… um… I do want to… of course I want to, I like you so much, and, well I’ve always wanted this, I just, um, I, fuck.”

“Shhhh, you panic far too much B, let’s just take things slow, ok?” I cooed softly, guiding him down to the bed as he nodded gingerly at me, I straddled his hips as he sat on my bed, kissing him slowly, his hands found my waist again, fiddling with the hem of my shirt as our lips met, giggling slightly against his lips, I slowly pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me in my bra and shorts on his lap.

“Fuck…” He breathed out, biting his lip subconsciously, I slid my hands behind my back, slowly unhooking my bra and sliding it down my arms, his breath caught in his throat as he watched, I climbed off of his lap to take off the rest, I had to admit his response was doing a lot for my ego.

*Brendon’s POV*

I sat on her bed watching in bewilderment as she stripped out of her shorts, completely exposed in front of me, she was everything I imagined, her body was so smooth and sexy, every curve of her form drove me crazy, I could feel myself straining in my jeans.

“Why are you still dressed?” She teased, biting her lip at me, unable to form any type of intelligent response I simply pulled my jeans down my legs, throwing them on the floor next to her bed, leaving me in just my boxers on the bed, she sauntered over to me again, straddling my hips.

“You’ve really only done it once?” I finally croaked out, running my hand through my hair, she nodded as she took my glasses off, kissing me softly again.

“Yeah… and it wasn’t great.” She giggled slightly, wrapping her arms around my shoulders as we kissed, tongue fighting for dominance, I seemed to have won control of the kiss but I was certain it was only because she let me. I tried to be more confident, moving my hands over her skin, touching the skin of her back and waist with my fingertips, she moaned into the kiss, hands playing with my hair. I repeated my earlier actions, pulling out of the kiss and kissing her neck, moving from her lips to her jawline and down to her shoulders, she whimpered and moaned, wriggling on my lap as I did, the pressure made me groan against her skin, I was so turned on I could barely contain myself.

“I want you so bad.” I groaned, surprising myself with how low and husky my voice seemed to be, a confidence kick seemed to rush over me, causing me to bite the skin of her neck a little, she jumped and whined again, wriggling on top of me.

“Brendon…” She gasped breathlessly, wriggling on my lap, we both wordless wriggled on her bed to wrestle my boxers down my legs, I kicked them off, both of us panting, I was still so nervous, despite trying to act confident. She reached over to her nightstand, fumbling around in the draw, she pulled out a condom, passing it to me, I hated to look like an idiot, but I’d never put one on before. “Want me to do it?” She asked sweetly, I nodded, blushing again, I felt her warm hand pump up and down my length a little, I groaned out, already hard, she didn’t need to do this but she did it anyway.

“Fuck Y/N…” I gasped out, my head lulling back a little, she rolled it on effortlessly, straddling my hips again, our lips met as she lined me up with her heat, hips sinking down slowly, it felt so good, warm and tight around me, my eyes rolling back in my head, a loud groan escaping me. “Fuuuuck.” I gasped, she began to move slowly, up and down, the feeling was so intense, she huddled her body close to mine as I held her hips in my hands, our chests pressed tight together.

“Brendon.” She whimpered in pleasure, beginning to build up a little more speed, rocking her hips back and forth on me, biting her lips at me with a broad grin, I smiled back, both of us giggling breathlessly at each other. I slowly followed her movements with my hands, guiding her hips, she rocked a little faster, throwing her head back in pleasure, she moved up, her body upright now as her hips rocked back and forth, my hands following her movements, I felt my fingers grip onto her hips slightly, squeezing gently, guiding her a little faster, it felt so good I couldn’t help but want her to go a little faster, hearing her say my name like that gave me more confidence to take a little more control.

“Y/N… this feels so good.” I groaned out, she bit her lip at me again, throwing her head back, I watched as her long hair flowed down her back, smooth arch of her back looking so sexy as her head lulled back, body tense above me. This was so out of this world to me, all I could do was moan and writhe under her, desperately trying to gain the confidence to make her feel good too.

*Reader’s POV*

I felt Brendon’s hands gripping my hips, pulling me faster over him, my body rocking back and forth on him, he was moaning and writing under me, occasionally moving his hand up to his mouth and biting down, seemingly to keep himself calm. It made me feel good to know I was making his first time good for him, he groaned out as I moved, feeling myself tightening up around him, that familiar knot forming in my stomach, focusing on the same spot.

“Brendon… I’m close.” I whimpered, shifting my hips in a way I knew would hit the right spot to push me over the edge, he merely groaned under me, biting into his hand again, one hand still gripping my hip, eyes closed in pleasure. I kept moving, feeling it tighten right up, my body tense above him, my muscles contracting, he bucked his hips up as he groaned, pushing me over the edge, I whimpered his name repeatedly as I came. My body tense up as I began to weaken, writhing above him.

“My turn.” He growled slightly, gripping my body and flipping me under him, he started moving, trying to get a fast pace going, his hips rocking back and forward in a slightly awkward motion, he looked as if he was focusing so hard on what he was doing, so tense and worried. I moved a hand to his cheek in an attempt to calm him.

“Relax baby… start slow.” I cooed softly, he nodded, moving his hips in a slow motion, more fluid this time, losing that awkward streak to it, he very quickly got the hang of how to move, shifting faster against me as he got used to how he should be moving, his hands resting either side of me to hold his weight off. Before long he was moving so fast, hitting all the right spots, both of us moaning and whimpering on my bed, I gripped onto his shoulder blades, my nails digging in ever so slightly, it felt so good, I was beginning to wonder if this really was his first time.

“Fuck Y/N… I can’t hold out much longer.” He moaned above me, biting his lip, I gripped tighter to his back, his head nuzzled into my neck, placing small kisses and bites all over it, he growled slightly, biting down a little harder, the pain sent a small shudder through me, my body tensing up again, I felt myself tightening around him again, he placed more, slightly harder bites along my neck, driving me crazy, I was getting so close I could hardly stand it.

“Me either Brendon… fuck!” I yelped out, his hands suddenly gripped my wrists, pinning them above my head, I gasped and whimpered in pleasure as his hips slammed against me, both of us moaning as our bodies pressed together.

“Shit I’m gonna cum… fuck Y/N!” He groaned out as I felt him throb inside me, the throbbing sent me spiralling over the edge, my mind crashing down as I tightened around him, gasping for breath as I whimpered in pleasure.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, he thrusted for a while longer, releasing my wrists as he collapsed on top of me, panting softly in my ear.

*Brendon’s POV*

She was panting under me, her hands clinging to my back, I don’t know what came over me but she seemed to like it, I never expected myself to be the biting, pinning down type but if she liked it I’d be whatever she wanted. I leaned up slightly, both of us smiling and giggling breathlessly, she gave me a sweet smile, followed by one, long drawn out kiss, her hands fiddling with my hair. Neither of us said much after that, just cuddling on her bed, only saying sweet compliments of “I’m so glad this happened” or “I can’t believe you like me back”. I really couldn’t believe I had just lost my virginity to the girl I’d been pining over for years, it didn’t feel real, but I was sure glad it was.

*The following Monday*

Y/N came into class, plopping herself down next me on the seat, producing her new music notes that I had helped her with. I smiled as soon as I saw her, wrapping an arm leisurely around her shoulders before our teacher came in, she smiled back, looking up and pressing a small kiss against my lips.

“Thanks for all your help with this, I can’t wait for you to tutor me again.” She said winking playfully at me.

“Me either, but I think there are some things you can help me learn too.” I teased her, she giggled playfully leaning into me, I was right, I really couldn’t wait for our next tutoring session.

I really hope you liked it guys! Much Love <3 <3 <3

Disneyland Adventures // Jack Maynard

— hello lovely. can you do an imagine where the reader and jack go to disneyland for the first time. thank you!! 

Today’s the day I’m finally fulfilling my childhood dreams. Today’s the day I finally visit the one of the happiest places on earth, Disneyland. Most of my youtuber friends, my boyfriend Jack and I are dedicating day or two to explore and have fun in Disneyland whilst we were in LA for Vidcon. Since it would be my very first time going to Disneyland, my inner child self was beyond excited. It was Jack’s first time too, which made it more exciting for me.

“Oh I’m actually terrified of rides”, I said, looking out of the window in the car.

“What no way!” Tyler Oakley gasped. “You can’t back out of any of the rides we’re going on, you just can’t miss out.”

“I’ll try not to have a heart attack then”, I laughed nervously. Even though I’ve been looking forward for this day my whole life, that doesn’t mean I actually enjoy going on rides.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you”, Jack whispered in my ears as he put his arm around me which helped calm my nerves a little.

We finally arrived, Tyler, Joe, Caspar, Jack and I got out of the car and met up with Zoe, Alfie, Marcus and a few other youtubers. Zoe squealed with excitement which made me laugh. Before we even entered through the gates, most of our group have pulled out their cameras to start vlogging. My face immediately lit up as my eyes wondered around the magical theme park. It’s more beautiful than I’ve ever imagined.  We walked through the park, taking loads of photos with the people dressed up as Disney characters. Joe and Alfie insisted we cue up for the Californian Screamin’ roller coaster. Whilst waiting in the never ending cue, I was doing my best not to freak myself out of doing this, I absolutely hated going on scary rides like this.

Jack saw the worried look on my face. “Babe, we don’t have to do this if you don’t feel comfortable.” I was debating internally with myself, unsure of what to do. “Guys, you go on ahead, Y/N and I are gonna skip this one.” Everyone groaned at us but I thanked him mentally since I knew a big part of me didn’t want to do this. He grabbed my hands and we left the cue.

I let out a big sigh. “Thank you so much Jack, I’m just not good with rides. I know you wanted to go on it”

“Don’t apologies silly. I’d rather not go on it anyways knowing you wouldn’t feel comfortable at all. Come on let’s go have fun on our own.” 

Jack and I walked around the park hand in hand eating churros. Jack suddenly pulled me into the gift shop and bought us matching Mickey Mouse ears hat. I laughed so hard when he pulled funny faces with the cap on so I pulled out my phone to take selfies with him. 

“Oh there’s a haunted mansion, let’s go in it!” I jumped up and down excitedly, Jack laughing at my enthusiasm. As we approached closer to the ride, nervousness hit me but nonetheless I was still very excited.  

We were guided into the foyer and once the voice over began talking, it caused me to jump a little. Jack laughed at me and pulled me closer to his side, kissing the top of my head. The whole experience was very fun, which mainly consisted of Jack laughing at me whilst I would jump a little. We vlogged inside, but it was pointless as most of the time it was very dark. Jack held my hand when we walked outside, wondering around the park. We somehow ended up at a Mickey Mouse theatre show. I got us popcorn before we went in to sit down. The show ran for about 25 minutes, Jack and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was surprised at how much Jack enjoyed it, it made me so happy to see him with a big smile. When the show finished, we walked out and I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled out my phone to see Zoe calling me.

“Hey”, I answered.

“Hey love, where are you guys? Want to meet up to watch the parade with us?”, she replied.

“Yes of course, where do we meet you?” Jack and I walked to the destination Zoe told us to meet her at, we saw her and the rest of the group at a café. I joined them as Jack went to order us drinks, I asked them about how their day was going so far.

“Oh my god, Y/N I almost shit my pants on all of the rides”, Zoe sighed and I laughed at her. “I know you’re terrified of rides so you didn’t miss out on much”, Zoe said trying to comfort me.

“I hope Alfie taped your reaction”, I giggled.

“I actually bought the photo they take as you’re going down the ride, here look”, she pulled out a photo from her bag. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants, all their screaming faces, especially Caspar’s was too hilarious.

“I need a copy of this”, I said calming down and wiping a tear from my eye. Jack came back and handed me my iced coffee. “Thanks babe”, I said kissing him.

“Let’s get going the parade’s starting soon!” Joe and Caspar cheered.

We stood behind little children and their parents sitting on the floor. The crowd cheered as the parade started. Jack was vlogging the whole thing and kept recording my reactions to each of the Disney characters. As Prince Charming was passing us, he came up to me and held me hand and bowed down causing me to giggle. “Hey!” I heard Jack yell. I looked up at him and laughed at his frowning face. The person dressed up in the costume then jokingly held his hand up in surrender, saluted Jack then walked away. Jack wrapped his arms around my waist, enjoying the remainder of the show.

“Y/N, did you get that hot prince’s number? He was totally into you” Tyler said.  

“Well too bad because she’s mine”, Jack said smiling at me.

“Ugh guys stop trying to make me jealous”, Tyler joked.

“Babe, get in the shot”, I said taking out my phone to take selfies. Jack kissed my cheeks and I caught the perfect photo. I uploaded the photo to Instagram, with the caption ‘Disneyland with my one and only’. It instantly got flooded with likes and comments. The sun had set and we all sat on the floor waiting for the fireworks show. I was so mesmerized with the fireworks I hadn’t noticed Jack taking photos of me watching them. He then pulled me to his side.

“I’m the luckiest person on earth. I love you so much Y/N”, Jack said, melting my heart.

“I love you more baby”, I replied, kissing him whilst the fireworks went off in the background. Safe to say, Disneyland is truly a magical place. 

Thanks for the person requesting this!! i’ve actually gotten heaps of requests in my ask which is amazing so i’m trying my best to do them all for you. also keep in mind i’ve actually never been to disneyland in my life so i have no idea what to expect or what actually happens there. feel free to leave requests and i’ll do my best to write them for you! hope you all have a lovely day x 



They had a file. A file of moments that no one else should see. A file of moments that was just for them. Put together, these moments would equal about four hours. It seemed like a lot, but they had made hundreds of videos together over the years. Even videos they weren’t in together had moments. Since they lived with each other, and helped each other film, there was always something to edit out for the rest of the world to never see.

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Winter Break: Part Ten

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany

Word Count: 2.8k words

A/N: heyyy sorry I didn’t update yesterday, I had a couple of things going on and I almost fell asleep while writing the ending part, so I didn’t want to upload it and it be crappy. anywayyys I liked writing this, even though it sorta feels weird, I haven’t written mushy feelings in a while, so I guess I’ll just see how you guys all like it. enjoy (:

Originally posted by tomhallond

You sit impatiently on your bed in your hotel room, wearing tight black skinny jeans and a maroon long sleeve t-shirt for your evening with Tom, the hem of the shirt twisted in your left hand. You hold your broken phone against your ear, listening to the dial tone ring once, twice, three times, and just before the fourth ring, the call is answered.

“Hello?” a groggy voice asks.

“Damon,” you sigh, sinking towards the floor. “How are you feeling?”

There’s a pause, and you hear Damon rustle around. “I’m…okay.”

“How’s your head?” you ask, “Mark told me you got stitches and a concussion.”

“Yeah,” Damon says softly. “A broken wrist too.”

You had anticipated Damon being disappointed about his wrist injury, and you suck your bottom lip.

“Actual football season is over for us though,” you say, “you’re only missing spring flag football.”

“I guess,” Damon exhales, and you hear him move around again. “What’s going on with you? It’s like, seven there, right?”

“Oh fuck,” you curse. “I woke you up, didn’t I?”

“It’s okay,” Damon yawns. “They aren’t letting me sleep so I’ve been staring at my ceiling.”

“I’m sorry,” you say, pursing your lips together.

“Don’t worry about it (Y/N),” Damon tells you. “What are you up to? How’s the internship coming?”

“The Russos want me for a year,” you reply, beginning to smile again. “Anthony said when Joe found out from Sebastian that I wanted an internship, he started making plans around me being with them.”

“That’s amazing (Y/N),” Damon responds, sounding awed. “You’re going to meet a shit ton of people.”

You chuckle. “I’m going to be bringing home books for Max with autographs in them.”

Damon snorts, and his bed creaks.

“Did I tell you she got a hold of Sebastian’s sweatshirt he left in her car?” he asks.

“No,” you gasp. “He blamed me hiding that from him!”

“Yeah well,” Damon continues, “she told Chris and I that she’s tacked to her wall.”

“Oh my God,” you say, rubbing your face. “Get a picture of it and send it to me so Sebastian can see it.”

“Yes ma’am,” Damon chuckles, and exhales. You glance over at the time on the clock, and jolt when you see it’s six fifty-eight.

“Hey D,” you say, standing back up and dusting off your jeans. “I’ve got to go.”

“Whatcha got to do?” he asks as you search the hotel room for your shoes.

“Go on a date,” you reply, finding your left shoe near the door.

“Fun,” Damon drawls. “With who? I don’t need to fly to Germany and set a Nazi right, do I?”

You laugh, and shake your head. “Not all Germans are Nazis, D, and I’m pretty sure Tom is British.”

“Tom…” Damon grasps for a name. “Tom Holland, the dude that’s playing Spider-Man.”

“Yes sir,” you nod.

“Isn’t he like, sixteen?” Damon questions, and you almost trip over your own feet as you snort. “Come on, (your first initial). If you’re going to go out with someone younger than you, I expected it to be Forest.”

“Funny,” you reply dryly, spotting your right shoe under Damon’s varsity jacket on the couch. “He’s nineteen.”

“Too old,” Damon instantly says. “You’re only eighteen.”

“I’m sorry, did I accidently call my brother?” you respond sarcastically, picking your cash and room key off of the dresser top. You open and close your room door, making sure it’s locked before setting out towards the elevator.

“One of them,” Damon says lightheartedly. “I know Chris and Forest are still expecting a sisterly call.”

“I’m sure Max will do,” you smile, “and I called all three of you the other night. Max and Jamie are the only two not answering my texts.”

“Pretty sure Max has been on the road with her family for that camping trip they go on,” Damon assumes. “Jamie never answers anyone anyways.”

“True,” you remark, pressing the lobby button. “D, I really got to go.”

“Fine, fine,” Damon huffs. “I hope you have fun, (your first initial). You deserve it.”

“Thank you,” you reply, seeing yourself smile in the elevator mirror. “I hope you feel better soon, Damon. Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone.”

“You really love that damn movie, don’t you?” he sighs, and then says in a bored tone, “How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you.”

“You love it too,” you smirk, and step out of the elevator as the doors open, relieved to not yet see Tom. “Bye Damon, text me if anything changes.”

“Does hiccupping count as a change?” Damon asks sardonically, and adds, “Have fun, (Y/N). Be safe. Love you.”

“You too, D,” you reply, and hang the phone up as you shove it into your back pocket. You hurry down the bend of the corner, running straight into Tom himself.

“Oh!” you yelp, and he grapples for your arms before he falls.

“Looks like you got me back, love,” he chuckles, holding the backs of your biceps with his fingers digging into your shirt.

“Looks like it,” you say, equally amused.

“Are you ready for dinner?” he asks, finally having let of you and gives you a shy smile.

“Yeah,” you nod, feeling flustered. “Yeah, I am.”

“Great,” Tom grins, and offers his hand out to you. As you take it, his long fingers grasp the space between yours, warmth from his palm diffusing into yours. He pulls you through your interconnected hands, towards the front of the lobby, but he completely bypasses the restaurant entrance.

“Tom,” you say, looking behind you and then at him in confusion.

“Don’t worry,” he winks, and your stomach suddenly becomes weightless as his smile renews itself. “We’re going on an adventure.”

“An adventure?” you question, a smile matching his. “Where?”

He doesn’t reply, only holding the hotel entrance door open for you and motioning for you to follow him. You didn’t have a choice, since you weren’t going to let of him, and yet, you were ready to follow him through the foreign country.

“Have you ever been to Germany before this?” he asks you a few minutes into the walk. You envy the jacket he’s wearing.

“No,” you admit, shaking your head, “but I’ve been to London a few times.”

“Well,” Tom clicks his tongue, pulling you closer to the edge of the sidewalk that was nearest to the buildings to let the rest of civilian traffic pass by. “I was wondering if you’d been here before because we are utterly and undoubtedly lost in Germany.”

You stare at him for one long moment, Tom fidgets, and then you suddenly laugh. It scares him at first, and then he cracks and gives an embarrassed smile as he rubs the back of his neck.

“We’ve been walking for five minutes and we’re already lost?” you ask, having been smiling so long it hurt your cheeks.

“Yeah,” Tom begins, craning his neck to look around. “I have no idea where we are. I don’t read German.”

“Well, you’re in luck,” you say brightly, “because I do. Where do we need to go?”
Tom blushes. “I don’t remember German either.”

“Tom,” you laugh, “you don’t know the name of the place we’re going to?”

“No,” he admits, looking ashamed. “Daniel was helping to remember it but I can’t.”

“I’m teaching you German,” you decide.

“You probably should,” Tom chuckles embarrassedly.  

You look around, standing on your tiptoes for a better view until your eyes lock on a little swinging sign. Die weiße Rose Café.

“Hey,” you say, tugging on the physical joint between you and Tom. “Come on.”


You pretend not to hear him and walk beside him on across the crosswalk.

“Rose Café?” is all you know Tom can read. “Sounds cheesy.”

“It’s cute,” you defend it, and Tom chuckles at your expression.

“Okay love,” he raises his hands and yours in a surrendering gesture, and you roll your eyes, though smiling.

He opens the door for you, and lets go of your hand as you duck under his other arm, entering the café.

“Hallo,” someone calls from inside. “Guten abend.”

“Guten abend,” you reply. (Good evening)

The man that had greeted you and Tom smiles as both you and he approach the counter. It seems like more of a breakfast and lunch sort of place, but the sandwiches were calling to you.

“Was bekomme ich Sie?” the attendant asks. (How can I help you?)

“Do you want to eat here?” you ask Tom, and he gives you a small smile.

“It’s whatever you want,” Tom replies.

You turn back to the attendant and ask if he can speak English. He smiles and nods, switching dialects easily, but still speaking enough broken English that you have to translate both ways for he and Tom.

“That comes in handy, doesn’t it?” Tom chuckles after the man, whose name you had learned was Luka, gives you your dinner and Tom beats you to paying for it.

“Only recently.” You quirk a smile.

Tom’s eyes stay on your face as you purse your lips at your sandwich, trying to decide where to start eating it.

“You’re lovely,” he suddenly says, and your head snaps up, a blush igniting up your neck.

“T-Thank you,” you stutter, caught off guard. He smiles at you again, and picks up his sandwich, taking a bite out of it. You copy him, lifting the bulky thing and end up starting at a corner.

A couple of minutes pass with just the sound of English-turned-German music filling the comfortable silence, and then Tom says, “So what got you into directing and film?”

You’re in the midst of chewing, and you shift awkwardly as you swallow and take a sip of your water.

“Ah, Sebastian, believe it or not,” you reply. “I was around eight when he landed a role in The Covenant. He took me with him on the weekends when our mom was working and I just sort of liked being around the cameras.”

“Sebastian is your full brother, right?” Tom asks, and you look down, clearing your throat.

“Um, no,” you admit. “He’s my half-brother, but it’s not like that between us.”
Tom bites his bottom lip. “I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

“You didn’t,” you shake your head, assuring him. “So, uh, didn’t you say you had brothers the other day?”

“Yeah,” Tom nods, setting his ice tea down. “Three little troublemakers. The twins, Sam and Harry, who are sixteen, and Patrick; he’s twelve.”

“Three younger brothers,” your lips parted in awe. “Jesus, I’d be happy to be the oldest.”

“I am too,” Tom agrees cheerfully, bobbing his head. “I can just drive and drive away from them and they’re stuck home being yelled at by our mum and dad.”

“You’re a great big brother,” you say sarcastically, and he laughs.

“What about you?” he asks. “Is it just you and Sebastian?”

“Yep,” you nod. “Just us.”

“That’s pleasant,” Tom comments.

You shrug, but change the subject. “Why did you want to be an actor?”

“Actually,” Tom begins, “at first I wanted to be a fireman.”

“Boys,” you chuckle. “That’s what Seb told me he wanted to be too.”

“Great minds think alike,” Tom replies, winking again.

The evening went on like that until well after Luka had closed for the evening. Nearing ten, he kindly came to your table and had to ask you both to leave for the evening. You thanked him in German, and Tom in English, and the British actor held the door open for you as you left, encasing your hand in his again.

“Who’s your favorite superhero?” Tom questions as you kick a rock down the sidewalk.

“Captain America,” you reply instantaneously, and put a hand over your mouth to cover your laugh when you remember who Tom actually was.

“Well damn love,” he says, his free hand on his heart. “You can cut a lad deep.”

“Spider-Man is okay,” you compromise, “I just didn’t like the first movies of his to come out.”

“With Tobey Maguire?” Tom asks, raising an eyebrow.

“I have nothing about Tobey,” you say immediately, “I just didn’t think he was the best Spider-Man.”

“I’m pleased to hear I don’t have any competition,” Tom chuckles.

“I think Andrew Garfield was a great one though,” you respond, smirking. Tom makes a noise in the back of his throat and ducks his face into your hair, sighing against your head.

You laugh, and he draws back, putting his arm around your shoulders as you cross the street, retracing your route back to the hotel. The cold weather grips firmly to you, getting under your clothes and into your bones, and you can just barely keep your teeth from chattering.

“It’s freezing,” you shiver, pulling your shirt impossibly tight around yourself.

“Here,” Tom says, pulling off his black jacket from off of himself. He holds it out for you to slip into, and you do, his cologne and body heat engulfing you simultaneously.

“Thank you,” you say gratefully as he holds you close to him again.

The conversation flows into his early childhood interest in Marvel Comics growing up, and into how he had literally walked past Stan Lee while looking for Stan Lee twice.

“Are you sure you don’t actually need glasses?” you chuckle, and Tom gives an exaggerated shrug of his shoulders.

“Peter Parker does,” he supplies.

“Not after he got bit,” you correct him.

“True,” he nods, and opens the hotel lobby door. You walk through it, thanking him, and take his hand again. No other cast or crew members were in sight, in fact, most of the lobby was quiet and you could hear the German music playing quietly from the speakers.

You greet the hotel lobbyists standing behind the counter, and they smile tiredly back as you and Tom walk by them towards the elevators.  

“It was fun going out with you tonight,” Tom says, and you smile as you hit the up button. “I apologize for getting us lost though.”

“It’s okay,” you tell him, grinning. “I liked it a lot.”

“More than Andrew Garfield?” Tom asks, and you roll your eyes, smile still on your face.

“More than Andrew Garfield,” you assure him, and his smile lines deepen.

“Who’s your favorite superhero anyways?” you ask when the elevator door opens to your floor.

“Captain America,” Tom replies swiftly, “and Spider-Man is my fast second.”

“Fanboy,” you say.

“Fangirl.” The corners of his lips rise.

“I’d actually have to like you in order to be a fan of you,” you reply, poking him in the side as you reach your room’s door.

He’s quiet for a moment, and then looks down at you, “And do you like me?”

You pause, meeting his eyes, suddenly aware of your own heartbeat. Slowly, you nod your head and watch the smile like no other Tom has given you blossom across his face.

He leans forward, his fingers clinging to your jaw and his lips pressing a kiss to the side of your face.

“Tom,” you laugh, pulling back and wrapping your arms around his waist. His hands hold both of your shoulders, and his eyes flicker everywhere as he rests his forehead against yours. He’s warm as all hell, considering the cold you’d both just walked back through, and you feel the weight of his jacket around you as the pressure from his head increases. You’re caught up in his presence, unmindful to all else around you as your sense focus on his exhales that are all too quick, and his closeness to you.

You’re nearly certain he can hear your heart beating rapidly against your chest, adrenaline in a quantity like an overdose pumping through every vein in your body.

His hand is sliding across his jacket, fragmented movements on the soft material on your shoulders as he gently comes to rest at the back of your neck, fingers entangled in the roots of your hair. His lips just ghost yours, and the nerves in your face buzz with a certain sense of excitement you haven’t experienced in a long while, and they urge you to smile as Tom dares to press his mouth against yours, just barely more than a brush of his lips.


Tom jumps back from you, and you hit the hotel room door, surprised into silence. You heart beats with a different sort of adrenaline, and dread soon joins the drug when you see the cause of the scare.

Your brother stands with his arms crossed in front of his own door, Chris peeking out next to him, game controller in hand.

“Sebastian,” you reply, getting over your initial startle. You cross your arms as well, and Tom stands a little straighter. Chris sighs.

“It’s past ten o’clock,” Sebastian says, sounding cross.

“It feels more like past four,” you remark sarcastically, referring to your jet lag.

“I’m sorry about that,” Tom pipes up. “I didn’t mean to keep her out so late; we got lost and-”

“Good thing you made it back safely,” your older brother cuts him off, his tone flat of emotion.

“Um,” Tom says awkwardly, glancing between you and Sebastian, unsure of what to do. You can tell he’s struggling, so you drop your arms and hug him.

“Goodnight Tom,” you reply and, to spite Sebastian’s interruption, kiss the side of Tom’s lips, making the British boy turn pink.

“G-Goodnight (Y/N),” Tom stutters, unaware to Sebastian’s glare, and leaves giddily as he wanders away towards the lower floor. You wait until he’s in the elevator to look at your brother and his best friend.



You scowl at him, and jam your key into the door lock, and make sure to slam it in his approaching face.

“(Y/N),” Sebastian says shortly from the other side of the door. “Open up.”

“Hmm,” you reply rhetorically, turning on your bathroom light. “How about I don’t?”

You hear Sebastian grunt, mutter something, and then he’s walking away, the heavy sound of his footsteps becoming increasingly softer until his hotel room door slams as well.

“Dick,” you mutter.


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obvious - phan university AU

summary: Professor Howell and Professor Lester always seemed a bit closer than the rest of the instructors at the local university. students stalked their social media and found pictures, tweets, and videos of the two hanging out on seemingly platonic “dates.” Oh, but they’re not together. They just happened to find a best friend who’s also their coworker. Totally just friends.

a/n: my followers on instagram requested i write this, so, thank you to them! (btw follow my instagram @/humhowellujah haha #spon tyty)

words: 2.4k

warnings: none, besides the fact i hate using capital letters


“i’ll have you know, instant coffee was probably the best invention anyone has ever come up with.”

“phil, it tastes like absolute crap. the only reason i’m drinking it is because that’s all our cheap ass administration supplies.”

“it does not taste like crap!”

“um, yes it does. you’re literally drinking a processed bean.”

“well- you- you’re a processed bean!”

“are you fucking kidding me, ph-”

“um, dan? phil?”

the two looked up from their positions at the staff room counter. the taller of the duo had his hand leaning against the cabinet behind phil’s head, his own bowed down to talk animatedly to the raven haired man nearly underneath him. phil was relaxing against the counter, his hip nearly touching dan’s. when they saw that they were no longer alone, both hastily took a few steps back in surprise. a prominent blush crept its way onto either of their pale cheeks.

If you asked professor liguori, the flirtatious atmosphere in there was suffocating.

“pj!” phil greeted, as if his coworker’s face wasn’t just three inches away from his own as they waffled on about instant coffee. “shouldn’t you be giving a lecture right now?”

pj smirked, crossing his arms. “morning lectures just ended. you two saps are late for your own lessons.”

dan and phil froze, searching for the clock on the wall and yep, of course, their lessons started fifteen minutes ago.

“oh god,” dan whispered in a panic. “i can’t trust any of those animals on their own in the auditorium. shit, if james broke into the prop room again i’m making him rewrite the entirety of les mis-“

“dan, the theater room is all the way across campus. you might want to start heading down there,” pj interrupted. “you wouldn’t want the headmaster to find out you were flirting with professor lester in the staff room instead of-“

“oh shut up, pj,” dan snapped. turning to phil with a softer expression, he said, “I’ll meet you later, okay?”

“right,” phil said with a grin. “I’ll be heading back to the English hall, too, then.”

when both men had left to hurry back to their lessons, pj couldn’t help but chuckle as he dumped out the cold, nasty coffee. “they’re so obvious.”


dan opened the double doors to the auditorium with a grand, dramatic flourish. the students’ chatter immediately stopped as they saw their instructor enter, face red and lungs heaving from running all the way across school grounds. he really should start exercising more.

“sorry, sorry! lost track of time during break. i had to run all the way here from the staff room. right then, let’s-“

dan stopped midsentence as he saw his students giggling amongst themselves. he raised an eyebrow, confusion etched into his face. he focused his attention on the boy in front of him, who was shaking from trying to conceal his fit of laughter. “troye? is something funny?” more laughter.

the boy looked up from his cell phone with a devious smile. “well, well, well, mr. howell. i’ve just received a text from the English majors saying that mr. lester was late to his lesson, as well.”

some girls near the back of the room snickered. dan couldn’t hide his blush.

the man straightened his back, and tried to brush it off in a nonchalant tone, “yeah? what about it?”

troye’s grin got even wider. it scared dan a bit. “we all know there’s something going on between you two, daniel. don’t even deny it.”

“i have no idea what you’re talking about, and don’t call me da-“

“he’s so lying!” louise screamed from behind him. “we’ve seen your twitter and facebook, sir. we know you’re always spending time with each other! it’s adorable!”

shit. i need to make those private.

dan sighed. “just because I’m hanging out with mr. lester outside of our job does not mean we’re together, okay? he’s one of my best friends. and how did you find my social media accounts?”

everyone wordlessly pointed at joe sugg, who gasped audibly, feigning innocence, and said, “who, me?”

dan pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. why was he so laid back with his students? he should be giving punishments, or something. they’re basically invading right into his personal life.

“look at this picture of him and mr. lester at universal!” troye exclaimed, scrolling through dan’s instagram, causing everyone to crowd around behind him to get a glimpse of the photo. “you guys went to america together? that’s so sweet!”

“i ship this. you don’t even understand.”

“you went on a jog together? i didn’t know you actually exercised, mr. howell!”

“oh my god, they met fall out boy, too? what the hell, mr. howell! you never told us you liked-“

dan groaned loudly. “ohmygo- alright, please put away all of your phones right now, or i will confiscate them until the end of the week. clear?”

everyone in the theater class engaged in a collective groan, finding their seats and finally calming down (a few students rolling their eyes). once everyone’s phones were stashed out of sight in their bags, dan cleared his throat and fixed his collar.

“right. so, back to the original fuckboy himself: william shakespeare…”


the English hall wasn’t at all far away from the staff room, so phil managed to jog to his room within a short amount of time.

“whew, sorry everyone! accidentally forgot i had twenty wonderful students to lecture to. shame on me. now- wait, what are you all looking at?” he asked, having walked into the room to find his all of his students hovering around a single laptop, smirks radiating off of every single face.

phil approached the laptop, no one stopping him as he saw what they were watching. immediately realizing what it was, he blushed and laughed heartily.

it was a video he and dan had uploaded to youtube a few months ago when they visited a cat café. his students cooed as dan played with a kitten, and giggled when phil got rudely rejected.

“i thought you said you were allergic to cats, mr. lester?” a boy, chris, asked.

“i am, but who could avoid a café with kittens running around? i nearly started wheezing at the end, though.” the students laughed.

a girl behind phil let out an ‘awe’ as the video ended with a frame of dan and phil in a cab, arms around each other and goofy smiles on each of their faces. “you two make a lovely couple, sir.”

phil choked a bit, adjusting his glasses and fiddling with his bowtie. “mr. howell and i? no, no, katie, we’re just good friends is all.”

chris scoffed. “i’m not trying to be blatant, mr. lester, but you and mr. howell are always hanging around each other no matter what! at assemblies, at football games, during break-“

“you were at break just now, weren’t you? oh my, you were with mr. howell! that’s why you were late!” another student, jack spoke up from the other side of the room. he gave phil a provocative look, wiggling his eyebrows. “so, what’d you get up to?” the class giggled as phil’s face turned a lovely shade of pink.

“you really want to know?” he asked the class, who eagerly agreed. grinning, he beckoned them forward as if he was about to tell a secret. they all leaned in, impatience clear on all of their faces. phil looked around at all of them, and then whispered, “we had a lengthy discussion regarding instant coffee.” straightening his back and projecting his voice, he announced, “now, hand in your essays.”

phil smiled to himself as they all grumbled.


when the first afternoon lecture ended, the students and staff had a twenty minute recess where they could socialize in the halls and courtyard until the next round of lessons started. during this time, dan and phil usually met to discuss plans for the weekend.

as the students said their goodbyes to phil and exited the classroom, dan waited patiently by the door, slightly uncomfortable at the suggestive looks thrown his way as the students passed him.

“hey,” dan greeted phil when the last group of kids left. (could he call them kids? they’re all technically adults, yet, they did pretty much act like children.) they’d stayed an extra ten minutes to discuss the essays they’d turned in, plus a bunch of other stuff about an upcoming project. dan nearly snapped at them for taking too long.

phil looked up from the essays he was grading, pushing his glasses higher up on his nose, and smiled as dan entered. “hey,” he responded. “did your students hound you, too?”

dan rolled his eyes, moving a stack of paper’s so he could sit on the edge of phil’s desk. he slumped over, putting his head in his hands. “they’re too clever for us, phil,” he sighed. “I’d like to be honest with everyone, but there’d be some big uproar. it’s not any of their business.”

phil rose from his chair, walking over to stand in front of dan. he gently grabbed the younger man’s chin, pulling his face upward to look into his eyes. “it’s alright, dan. we don’t owe them any answers, okay? you’re right, it’s none of their business at all.” phil brushed his hand across dan’s cheek, making him lean into the touch and purr in content.

“it’s kind of funny in a sense,” dan joked after a few minutes of silence. “they all absolutely adore the very thought of us being together. it’s comforting, almost, you feel?” phil nodded, moving closer to dan.

“well… they’re not here now,” he said, sliding between dan’s legs and unbuttoning the collar on his shirt. “I’ll help you loosen up some, yeah?”

dan scoffed. “phil, we’re not fucking in your classroom.”

phil laughed, starting to kiss dan’s neck. “i know. but that doesn’t mean we can’t make out for a bit.”

phil was such a teenager, even at twenty-eight.

melting into phil’s touch, dan doesn’t object. instead, he wraps his legs around phil’s back, pulling him closer. phil kissed along his neck, allowing him to relax and forget about the pestering students. he moaned a bit, pulling at phil’s hair as the older man kissed his way up his throat, along his jawline, onto his lips.

they were sweet kisses at first, nothing too drastic. but then dan started to undo phil’s bowtie, slip his tongue into his mouth, and use his legs as leverage to grind into the older man. phil leaned into dan, pushing him into the desk, getting completely lost in the feeling of him. he relished in the way dan carded his fingers through his hair and whimpered at the slightest touch.

dan started to writhe and wiggle, a lump forming in his trousers. too far gone to stop, phil started to undo dan’s belt, their lips never breaking contact. he was pulling on dan’s zipper, dan’s moans filling the room, his fingers tangled in phil’s hair, when-





students!” pj’s voice broke through the mass of excited teenagers. “if you are in mr. lester’s four pm lecture, i advise you wait in the courtyard or face a month’s worth of punishment!”

all of the kids ran from the English room, shouting and whooping down the hallway. dan and phil were still tangled together- clothes and hair a complete mess, and lips bruised. their faces had sprung apart, startled as they’d been interrupted at the worst possible time.

pj now turned his attention to them. “look, guys, not on school grounds, okay? jesus. I’ll go talk to the headmaster, he’s probably wondering why there’s twenty kids outside talking about two of his professors getting it on in a classroom. thank me later for saving your asses, alright?”

and with that, pj left.

dan wordlessly dropped his legs, still panting from the heated makeout session he and phil had just exchanged.

phil stared at dan, backing out of his legs. they could hear the students from the classroom- no doubt the whole university would know of dan and phil’s relationship by the end of the day.

they both were thinking the same thing: shit.

“these next few lessons are going to be incredibly awkward,” dan said, breaking the silence. he readjusted the bulge in his pants, not even interested in getting off anymore. he wasn’t upset or mad- he just felt so fucking dumb because they left the door open.

“are you okay?” phil asked, taking dan’s hand into his. dan nodded, eyes sparkling as they met phil’s.

“it was bound to happen at some time or another, i just wasn’t quite prepared for that one. i think half of your students just saw my erection.”

phil laughed, loud and relieved. “you think we’ll get fired?”

dan shook his head. “nah, pretty sure the headmaster will just give us a stern talking to about PDA on campus and all that. he, as well as the rest of the students here, love us too much. plus, pj said he’d talk to him. it’ll be okay.”

phil nodded. it was true.

“so… what now?” he asked, fixing his bowtie and pushing his glasses higher up on his nose.

dan shrugged. just then, he got a text message from pj: ur classes are cancelled for the rest of the day, tell phil too. u guys are good, but headmaster wants to talk to u both tmrw

he read the text aloud to phil, who sighed in relief. “i can live with that.”

“what about the students we probably just mentally scarred?” dan asked, hopping off the desk. phil immediately wrapped his arm around his boyfriend’s waist, leading him out of the room, out of the hallway, and to his car (they drove to work together, but no one knew since they got there so early and were usually the last to leave campus).

“they’ll be okay. let’s just try not to go too into detail if they ask anything, alright? we can still pretty much tell some stories, you know, the whole ‘how we met’ thing. but when they ask exactly what we were doing back in my room… that’s a story i’d rather not retell to a bunch of uni students.”



the shower is such a magical place i stg i think of like 90% of my fic prompts while i’m showering okay so i got *dj khaled voice* anoTHER ONE-

so its a sort-of-YouTube au and in this one makki is friends with like everyone in Every Team you can think of from haikyuu okay like karasuno shiratorizawa nohebi: e v. E R Y O N E
but its a normal au (prolly college) and so like-
makki is trying to add moniwa on snapchat to show him how it works and stuff and he accidentally types in the wrong username but doesnt check it twice since moniwa is a heckin’ n00b with this stuff and makki is entirely confident in his typing skills and so he messages the person “lol okay grandpa i’m here its me”
and so mattsun, who is a v v big YouTuber in this au, responds to him like “who tf-”
and makki takes a picture of himself bc he thinks that moniwa doesnt recognize him and he’s like “its me you nerd geez” and mattsun is like lowkey freaking out bc goddAMn this random stranger is Pretty Hot so he decides to take a picture of himself too and he’s like “i’m not a grandpa, but i dont think i can say anything about that nerd comment”
and makki like falls out of his chair screaming because 1. he’s messaging a random stranger instead of his Clueless Friend and 2. said random stranger is Too Hot (Hot Damn) he might actually need to call the police and the fireman
so he’s like “okay hanamaki just 🐝 k00l” @ himself and so makki messages back “are you one of those hot nerds or smth bc-”
of course he immediately regrets it because makki what the fuck kind of smooth move was thAT
but mattsun found it funny and he’s like giggling to himself n stuff and he says “i guess, if someone as good-looking as you sees it” and makki is mcfreakin losing his shI T
so he calls up moniwa and moniwa’s like “dude wtf i’ve been staring at this dumb app for like 20 minutes did u add me or what” but makki immediately starts talking abt Random Stranger and poor moniwa is caught in the crossfire so he’s like “okay okay cool your jets, just talk to him like you would to anyone else” and makki is like “moniwa no oh my god he’s actually rlly hot i cant just Meme It Up jfc” but then mattsun sends makki the good shit meme during the call and makki has like instantly fallen in love
and so that’s how makki and mattsun started talking and they’ve even had a few snap streaks here and there but since mattsun is usually busy with college and making videos they dont keep it for that long (he always feels so bad that he doesnt keep them but makki is always there to assure him its okay)
now since makki had No Idea what mattsun did as a hobby mattsun has been making videos of him
nothing big just like little vlogs about what they were talking about that week or what interesting thing happened to them
but then his audience started going crAZY because who tf is this mystery stranger that mattsun is always talking abt ??? why dont we know him ??2? cant we at least know his name ?¿?¿??
and mattsun is just like “no u cannot know his name he is anonymous until said otherwise” (and by that he means until hanamaki finds out mattsun has a yt channel where he talks abt makki lmao)
and so moniwa, oh sweet moniwa, goes on like Every Single social media daily and he starts seeing screenshots and stuff about mattsun’s vlogs abt the “mysterious stranger” and he’s like “ooo sounds interesting I Want In™” so he goes to mattsun’s channel and watches the videos and since makki talks about the Same Exact Things to moniwa that mattsun is mentioning in his videos moniwa like totally loses his marbles
he immediately calls makki up and is like “dude you will n e v e r guess what i just found" and so moniwa links makki to mattsun’s video and makki legit screams for like three minutes straight because not only was his crush a Total Hottie but he was a Total Hottie with a youtube channel
and so makki sends mattsun the link and is like “gee i wonder who this is abt ;))))” and mattsun is highkey freaking out like “shitshitsHI T”
makki doesnt care tho he just wants to be in at least one video and so he pesters mattsun abt it for like a week and mattsun always uses the excuse “idek where u live tho” so makki just like straight up gives mattsun his address and is mattsun just like “fuck he’s actually rlly close to me”
so eventually mattsun agrees and makki is just ecstatic but at the same time totally terrified because he’s finally meeting mattsun irl and he’s finally gonna be able to touch him and clarify that he is indeed an Actual Person and not just someone on the internet and he’s just rlly overwhelmed
he doesnt get much sleep the day before mattsun picks him up because he’s too excited and when mattsun sees him for the first time he’s just like “dude what happened to you” but makki doesnt ca r e he just wraps mattsun into a tight hug and mattsun immediately hugs back and they literally Never let go of each other from then on out like there’s always at least a little physical contact between them whether makki takes mattsun’s arm or mattsun just links their pinky fingers together its always there and neither of them seemed to mind it
and so mattsun and makki film the video and makki is like “jesus that was way harder than i thought it would be” and mattsun just says “yea well i gotta do this like twice every week”
and so mattsun edits the video and uploads it to youtube with the title “Meet My Boyfriend” bc he thinks he’s smooth like that but no he’s just a dork
makki was literally the first viewer of the video and right when he saw the title he just flips his shit and starts screaming at mattsun like “heY WHY DIDNT I KNOW WE WERE TOGETHER DID YOU EVEN ASK ME” and mattsun just replies “well no but do you want to be my boyfriend?” and makki immediately says “fuck yes oh my god”
of course some of mattsun’s fans didnt take the news too well but overall they were pretty supportive of them
hanamaki turned into that one s/o that didnt have a youtube channel but he’s in like almost every one of mattsun’s videos making snarky comments or sarcastic replies and literally Everyone loves it and they ask for mo r e
one time hanamaki brought moniwa with him over to mattsun’s and moniwa was like “wait, so this all started because you got my username wrong on that app (he deleted snapchat bc he didnt know how to use it even after hanamaki explained rip moniwa). what did you spell it as?” and makki is just like “i forgot to how to spell eyebrows but apparently someone else did too” and mattsun said “wow r00d i did that on purpose” but makki didnt believe him

wow look @ me back at it again with the unnecessarily long posts jfc
sometimes i just Cant Control Myself and small ideas turn into v big ones who o p s
if you’ve read this far tysm lmao that must’ve taken A Lot™

i hope u enjoyed it tho !!!
Just a Number Part 4

A/N: Thank you to everyone who puts up with my insane upload schedule! Let me know your thoughts and feelings about this chapter. (Link to my ask box is at the bottom)


Part one        Part two

Part three

Word count: 3,395

Warnings: None

Originally posted by green-circles

Talk? You felt your heart drop. 

You hated when people were vague that way, it made you feel like you had done something wrong. A subject to that message would have been nice. Something like ‘Hey can we talk about Heather’s drinking problem?’ Which is what you prayed Skylar wanted to talk about, but something in you knew that wasn’t the case.

You felt Jensen’s hand tighten around yours and you were reminded of his presence. You looked at him and he looked at you with a concerned look that seemed to ask; ‘Hey what’s wrong?’ 

“Sorry, weird text.” Was all you said as you put your phone back into your pocket. You felt kind of bad for lying to him, but you thought it was best that he didn’t know. You gave Jensen a half smile that turned into a full one when he began to walk a little ahead of you, dragging you behind him.

The stress of the night was fluctuating more than Heather’s GPA. And that was a lot of fluctuation. Was that mean? Probably. The only thing that was keeping you from hiding away from all of it - was Jensen. He made you forget about everything that had happened with Heather and Skylar just minutes before, at least, for a little while. All it took was a single text message from Skylar to make you nervous again. 

You didn’t really want to deal with anything right now, so you did the logical thing; you pretended the problem didn’t exist. You were good at that. You made spending time with Jensen your temporary focus.

“Where are we going?” You asked him once you realized where you were.

“We are going to get a corn dog.” He said spontaneously.

“A corn dog? Oh this is the best night ever!” You said jokingly.

“Hey, they’re good corndogs! Don’t hate on my spontaneity.” He joked back. He stopped in front of a small shop on the corner of the sidewalk and let go of your hand. You listened to him as he ordered two corndogs and paid the man behind the counter.

“I hope you know I’m expecting these corndogs to be better than life.” You said.

Jensen just smirked and shrugged his shoulders, and then he walked back toward the counter and grabbed the two corndogs that were resting in large paper trays, the size of the corndogs caused your eyes to widen with shock.

“Holy shit! It’s huge.” You gawked.

Jensen laughed, “everything’s bigger in Texas.” You cringed.

“Is that an innuendo? Oh God, is this corndog also an innuendo?” 

“Shut up and eat the corndog.” He smiled.

You took the paper tray and stuck your tongue out at him playfully. He winked at you. You took a bite out of the corndog and squinted in confusion.

“Why is this so good?” You asked with your mouth full.

“Because it’s an innuendo.” Jensen whispered in your ear. You burst into laughter. It wasn’t even that funny, but it caught you off guard, and now you were laughing so hard people were beginning to look at you funny.

When you finally looked back up at Jensen you noticed him smiling widely at you, like he had accomplished something by making you laugh like an idiot. There was admiration in his eyes as well, which made your heart flutter slightly.

You continued eating your corndog and stood near the place where they had been bought. Eventually you tossed the empty corndog tray in a trashcan and waited for Jensen to finish. You poked fun at him for a while as he ate, teasing him about how slow he was being.

When he finally finished he took your hand and led you away from the shop.

“So, what are your plans?” You asked Jensen.

Jensen looked thoughtful, “well, I didn’t really have any. I just knew I needed to find you and apologize. I was going to go to your dorm, actually, but you were waiting at the bus stop.” He smiled.

“Funny how things work out sometimes isn’t it?” You asked.

“Maybe it was fate.” Jensen looked at you. Suddenly, you became aware of your heart thumping in your chest. You walked closer to him and buried your face into his shoulder.

“I hope so.” You breathed out.

“Where’d you get this card anyways?” You asked him, pulling out the ace of diamonds that he had written ‘forgive me?’ on.

“I had a deck laying on the counter. I stared at it for a good ten minutes because it reminded me of you.” 

“Cute.” You said, half joking.

“I’m serious.” He said.

“Where’s your deck anyways? I like that game.” He nudged you slightly.

“I don’t have it with me right now,” you chuckled.

Jensen gasped dramatically and put his free hand over his heart. You playfully hit him on the shoulder.

“Well, I have an idea,” Jensen said.

“What’s that?” You asked, mocking his tone.

“I say we go back to my apartment. I can make you something to eat and we can watch some movies or something.” He suggested.

“What like Netflix and chill?” You laughed at yourself, finding your joke funnier than it was.

“What’s so funny?” He chuckled.

“I’ll show you the memes later. But actually, I think we should go back to that bar. Create a better memory than we were left with.” You said thoughtfully. You didn’t want to be reminded of your argument with Jensen every time you looked at that bar.

“Does that make me a romantic?” You asked, voicing your thoughts out loud.

“Maybe.” He chuckled and then he put his arm around you, “but I guess we all have to be a little romantic sometimes.” 

You bit your bottom lip and looked up at him. His eyes flickered to your eyes and all of a sudden he leaned forward to kiss you on your forehead. Your breathing caught in your throat. He withdrew and you noticed he looked slightly embarrassed at his action, which you thought was adorable.

“Alright, lets go.” He said.

“So what date is this? Does this count as a first date or did the night we first met count as the first? And what about out the sort-of-date here earlier?” You asked curiously, trying to figure it out in your head.

Jensen chuckled at you and pulled you closer to him and kissed your forehead. You took note that he liked to do that. Not that you were complaining. He could kiss you all day and your heart would skip every time.

“Let’s call it date number two and a half.” He smiled. You watched as the skin crinkled slightly at his eyes, it made you smile.

“Okay.” You agreed, biting your lip as you approached the bar from Jensen’s car. The two of you had walked back to his apartment-parking garage to retrieve it.

“After you.” He said, holding the bar door open.

“Thank you, kind sir.” You said in a fake posh accent.

Jensen rolled his eyes at your joke and followed you inside.

As soon as you walked in you were bombarded by the smell of alcohol and someone singing One Direction. Along with a few stray ‘Boo’s’. You looked at Jensen with a raised eyebrow and a slight smile.

You looked around and saw a chalkboard sign with “Friday night Karaoke Midnight through Three a.m.” sprawled across it. You stood there and watched as a drunken man in his early twenties slurred the words to ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. You laughed and looked around the bar, which was moderately crowded, which wasn’t abnormal, considering the location of the bar, it was bound to be a local hot spot.

“We could go somewhere else?” Jensen suggested. You assumed he thought the crowd would be too much.

“Are you kidding? This is great!” You laughed and grabbed his arm, pulling him through the crowd and to a table. Once you had sat down, the drunken man had finished his One Direction tribute. You smiled and clapped along with half of the crowd. You glanced at Jensen and smiled widely. Being in environments like this always made you happy.

You watched as someone pushed a girl in a mini-skirt up onto the makeshift stage. She began to sing Shut Up And Dance by Walk The Moon.

“I love this song!” You said excitedly, poking Jensen in the arm rapidly. Jensen Just chuckled at your childishness. You were tempted to get up and dance but you decided you’d wait a while.

“You’re adorable, you know that?” Jensen laughed. You felt yourself blush and you bit your lip slightly, and you found yourself wanting to change the subject. The first thing that came to mind was Jensen’s job.

“You said you travel a lot for work?” You asked for confirmation.

“Yea, Canada mostly but this last time we shot in Texas.” 

“That sounds like a lot of fun, do you like your job?” You asked.

“I love my job.” Jensen corrected with a smile.

“What was the name of the show you said you were on?” You asked, finding yourself unable to recall the title of the show.

Jensen just smirked and said nothing.

“Oh come on!” You exclaimed. Jensen still said nothing.

“Don’t make me Google you.” You threatened. Jensen just tilted his head. Something told you he wanted you to Google him. You decided to humor him and took out your phone. You clicked on the Google search engine app and quickly typed in his name. You scrolled through some photos and your eyes widened, but you fought to keep your composure in front of Jensen, who was watching you with an expectant stare. You scrolled through his “Movies and TV Shows” portion of Wikipedia and saw ‘Supernatural’ first in line.

“Supernatural.” You said, remembering him telling you this. You scrolled through and found his Twitter, taking note of his follower count.

“So I’m on a date with a quite successful actor.” You concluded as you put your phone down.

“Well?” Jensen said as if to ask if you were impressed. You heard Heather’s words race through your head, causing you to frown.

“Holy Shit! You’re a gold digger!” Her words slicing through you again, and this time she wasn’t even here. 

You wanted to be sure Jensen didn’t think of you that way.

“Well… You’re still a dork I met at a bus stop.” You smiled lightly, “you know, it wouldn’t make a difference to me if you were a pen salesman.” You said as you got up and walked toward Jensen, who was still seated in a chair and watching you. You rested your hands on his shoulders and bent down to his ear, “you just have more Twitter followers than me.” You whispered. You looked down at him and he smiled lightly. 

You closed your eyes and leaned forward slightly, leaving him to close the gap. When your lips met you took a deep breath and relished in the feeling. His hands grabbed your hips, squeezing lightly and your breathing stopped momentarily. Fire raged through your vanes, causing desire to rush through you. You wanted to grab him and start making out with him right there but you remembered you were in public. You pulled away from the kiss before you took it too far. He barley touched you and you went insane.

“Let’s go dance.” You suggested, pulling him up from his chair and into the crowd. They were mostly jumping around and stomping to someone singing ‘Honey, I’m Good’ by Andy Grammer. You pushed your way to the front, dragging Jensen with you.

You laughed and twirled around like an idiot, having fun and not caring what people thought or if they were giving you weird looks. You saw Jensen standing there, not doing anything. You rolled your eyes and grabbed his hands, moving them back and forth, forcing him to move a little. You did a few ridiculous looking moves in an attempt to get him to loosen up. Eventually it worked and he was dancing just as ridiculously as you were. At one point he attempted to do the moonwalk and backed right into the drunk guy who sang One Direction earlier, earning Jensen a glare. 

You laughed and the DJ got on stage to ask who was next. 

“She is!” Jensen shouted, pushing you right in front of the stage. You stood there wide-eyed, eventually making your way to the mic.

“Joke’s on you, I happen to like karaoke!” You said in the microphone at Jensen. A few people laughed.

“I hope you guys like rock music.” You said with a shrug. You heard a few laughs and a couple cheers accompanied with someone yelling a “Finally!” Which forced a laugh or two from the crowd.

You walked over to the DJ, “you got Mr. Roboto by Styx?” You chuckled. The DJ typed away and smiled. You saw her click a button and the beginning of the song began to play. You instantly began to laugh, and so did the people who knew the song. You immediately reached out to Jensen, indicating for him to come up with you. Jensen looked like he was about to refuse but someone pushed him forward and he rolled his eyes and took your hand, causing some to cheer and whistle, and the DJ handed Jensen a spare microphone.

You began jumping around, marching and eventually did the robot, just because the song demanded it. You weren’t aiming to be a good singer, you wanted to make people laugh and get them to have fun, and you were definitely succeeding in making people laugh. You watched Jensen throughout the whole thing as he was singing with you, dancing spastically every once in a while. He was really starting to let go and have fun. 

At some point in the middle of the song where there was just instrumental and no vocals, you grabbed Jensen’s hands and danced a robotic version of the salsa. Then you walked away from him like a robot, before turning to face him and bringing the microphone to your mouth and saying “Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto,” Into it multiple times. Jensen did the same. You tried your hardest not to laugh as the song went on, you didn’t really know all of the words, but you knew most of them and you made up for the rest by acting like an idiot.

When the song stopped you put the microphone back on its stand and a few people clapped and cheered. You did a bow and jumped down, Jensen following behind you. When you were both on the sidelines, he picked you up and spun you around to face him. Before you knew what was happening his lips were on yours. You didn’t protest as you smiled into the kiss and moved your hands to the back of his neck. When he pulled away he looked at you and smiled, slightly breathless. 

“You’re amazing.” He breathed out. You smiled widely and kissed him again. You grabbed his hands and began dancing again to the people singing karaoke.

Before you knew it, the clock struck two a.m. and the karaoke had come to fade. It was supposed to last until three but most people had left. You were slightly disappointed but you knew it wouldn’t last forever, and you should probably be getting back to your dorm soon.

Jensen walked up to you with a coke in hand, and gave it to you. 

“Thank you.” You smiled.

“You ready to go?” He asked. You nodded.

You made your way out to the car, and Jensen opened the door for you, as always. You climbed in the car and soon you were on the road back to your dorm.

You checked your phone and saw you had two text messages from Skylar.

‘Y/N, can we talk please?’

‘Where are you? Are you okay?’

Along with two missed calls and a voicemail. You felt your heart drop, you felt bad for making him worry. But you were also scared to talk with him. You looked up and you noticed you were almost at the dorms. Your heart began to speed up nervously and you quickly came up with a solution.

“Can we just drive around for a bit?” You asked Jensen. You looked over at him, he looked as if he was about to make a joke but the tone in your voice must have changed his mind.

“Is everything okay?” Jensen asked gently. His voice made you feel like you could tell him anything.

“Um, yea. Everything is fine.” You said.

“Come on; I’m the actor here. By the way your acting skills could use some work.” He smiled. You chuckled lightly and decided to give in. Maybe it would be good to let someone in on how you were feeling.

“It’s my roommate… We go into a fight because she got arrested and she said some pretty rude things after I bailed her out. That’s why I was at the bus stop, I was clearing my head.” Okay, maybe you didn’t tell him everything, but did he really need to know about Skylar? You held a groan of frustration, wishing everything were less complicated.

“Well, she’s your roommate, and you’ve got to live together for a while. So I think you should try and make amends if possible.” Jensen said.

“Yea I guess so.”

“What did she say to you?” He asked curiously.

‘Oh, nothing. Just called me a gold digger for going on a date with you and told me a slut.’ You thought bitterly.

“Doesn’t matter. She was drunk, she probably didn’t mean it.” You said, trying to brush it off.

“Okay. You can’t run away from her forever though. I’ll drive you around until you’re comfortable to go. Then you can call me if things go south.” Jensen offered generously, he looked at you with a smile.

“Thank you Jensen. That really means a lot to me.” You assured.

“That’s what I’m here for.” He reached over and grabbed your hand. You sat comfortably with your hand in his as he drove down the winding roads. You contemplated what he said and he tried to cheer you up by making stupid jokes.

Eventually you took a deep, silent breath. “Okay,” you assured.

He smiled at you and drove you back to your dorm. When you arrived you reached for the handle, and then looked over at Jensen. You gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“You’re really sweet Jensen. Don’t ever change.” You smiled, and he smiled back at you.

“Do you want me to walk you up?” He asked. You froze, knowing Skylar was probably waiting for you inside.

“No, that’s okay. Heather’s probably asleep anyways.” You dodged. Jensen nodded.

“Bye, Y/N. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” You smiled cheekily and got out of the car. You walked to your door and opened the door slowly. When Jensen saw you were safely inside, he drove away.

You slipped inside and closed the door behind you, locking it.

“Was that him?” A deep voice sounded from behind you. You jumped. Skylar.


“Was that the guy that Heather told me about? The guy you’re seeing?” He continued. You looked at him and there seemed to be a look of sadness.

“Yes.” You answered.

“Look I wanted to talk to you because I like you. You know that because Heather told you. But I don’t want to get in-between your relationship, okay? No one needs that drama.” He said. You had to admit, you were very shocked by what he was saying. You were not expecting this to go near as smoothly as it seemed to be going.

“If he hurts you though, you know where to find me.” He smirked lightly and winked at you. Your eyes widened slightly.

Without another word, Skylar let himself out. You turned around and as you watched him walk away you felt relief that a huge blowout was avoided but there was another emotion there that you couldn’t identify. Maybe it was fear; perhaps it was confusion, you honestly couldn’t tell. But you knew that whatever that emotion was; it was probably going to cause some issues in the future.

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what a lovely way to burn

[update: now also on ao3]

pairing: rhack

summary: Rhys is, sometimes, almost entertaining enough. But he’s also asleep or off-station or working way too often and it’s not like Jack’s bothered by it, no, but he doesn’t sleep or visit Pandora any more and spending all of his time on Helios, as Helios is starting to get to him.

He finds a lone employee at some ass end of the station, orders a loader bot to kick the man in the face, and then decides that he’s bored as dicks and he needs to do something. Like… Rhys. Talk to Rhys, that is. He doesn’t want to… do… well, anyway–


Rhys discovers the chair has a lot of fun drug-injecting buttons. Jack discovers he needs a body, right now, immediately. Rhys’ will do.

notes: so this a Handsome Rhys au of sorts; basically Helios doesn’t fall, Jack and Rhys rule, (i don’t know what happens to the rest of the plot hahh,) the usual. also i have no idea what i’m doing forgive me

content warnings for, oh god, i don’t know? vague mentions of ambiguous Pandoran drugs, soft choking (or strangling, if you prefer), consensual possession(i think???), broadly defined sinning

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pairing: Phan

genre: angst, fluff

word count: 2,826 words

status: part 1/?, unfinished

warnings: screaming ??, none

Summary: After committing suicide and donating his body to science, Dan Howell partakes in an experiment to upload basic human functions into a dead person to try to bring them back to life, dubbed “The Resurrection Project”. However, a virus that named itself “Daniel.exe” corrupted the file and broke out from the lab into the real world.

A/N: I’m not gonna lie, I was super psyched to upload this, actually. It was one of those 2am thoughts that I frantically wrote down on a sticky note and decided to try. But I really love how it’s beginning to turn out! As always, comments, suggestions, or other requests are welcome, and I hope you enjoy! Heeeeeere we go!

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anonymous asked:

Yo! It's the Partition anon. I just thought about dexnursey and youtubers. And I just.... couldn't help it.... Dexisnotonfire (despite what his hair will have you think) and amazingnursey (because being chill is amazing). Basically Dex and Nursey being roommates and making videos. Even though Dex probably takes his sweet ass time warming up to the idea but then he realizes it makes money and he's like shit I need the cash fuck. And so it's born. Also let's face it Nursey was made for it.

ok i see u. i see what u did there. but as i have no creativity the names will stay. also idk much about doing youtube as a job but i assume u can also do other jobs?? if not oh well u can now

Anyway, Dex was not Nursey’s roommate by choice. Dex needed somewhere to live that wasn’t gonna cost him an arm and a leg (and another arm) and Nursey needed a roommate that wasn’t going to be breaking his lights or his
“borrowing” his camera only to loose it, or basically ruining his entire recording area. Enter Dex, the man who just needs a few hours of silence to do his own recordings. It’s a match-made in heaven, except that it’s not.

Dex is a nightmare. Nursey is the cause of 95% of Dex’s migraines. 

At first, they think their YouTube channels are totally different. Dex only looked at the first few videos on Nursey’s channel, who did the same to Dex’s. Nursey’s was about some poetry and book reviews, and a vlog about what’s been going on recently (the title said “NEW ROOMMATE!” so he had to watch okay) and Dex just had some how-to videos and a short video of some music he’s found that’s “pretty neat” as he says.

Of course, they totally set up notification’s for each other and subscribe to each other’s channels, it’s the nice thing to do, and that’s when they realize that they also play nearly the same video games.

Nursey is excited as fuck, because he’s been wanting to collab but all his Youtuber friends don’t play the games he likes, and Dex does so it’d be super awesome! Nursey has a larger amount of subscribers (came for the gorgeous face, stayed because he was super cool and dorky) so if they collab, then Dex gets more people, and everyone is happy!


Dex is not happy (”You never are,” Nursey mutter sullenly), they hardly know each other, and they don’t know their playing strategy. (Nursey just does whatever, skips through dialogue, and never listens to instructions. Dex pretends that he has a strategy, but he doesn’t. He does exactly what Nursey does, but with less panicked shouting and more angry curses). It takes Nursey a few more weeks to finally convince Dex to collab but he finally gets what he wanted.

It’s, unsurprisingly, absolutely terrible. Nursey and Dex are too busy trying to tell each other what to do, yelling about what to do, and cursing about what to do, to actually get any good footage. They still found it a little fun, but like, not enough to actually admit it. In the end the just barely edited the video and put it up. If they took out all the arguments from the video, then whatever they uploaded would be less than three minutes.

Surprisingly, the fans love it. Both of their fans, actually. Comments on both videos pile up, asking for more collabs and asking about the new guy.Of course, neither wants to disappoint their fans so they do more collabs.

As time goes on, they get big enough to get paid for this.Of course, Dex still fixes things on the side and Nursey writes poetry for those who can’t articulate their feelings well (or those who fucked up) but they’re getting money, which is great! The videos become less of a mix of anger and panic, and more of a mix of anger, panic and flirting. Nursey brings Dex on to write poetry (he writes this out, in case the link stops its the hot leg poem and Nursey almost pisses himself giggling at it) and Dex brings Nursey over to show how to fix/build a chair and it’s just. A mess).

They start to connect outside of videos, and Dex just pines away at Nursey, tries awkwardly flirting with him and looking seductive but it gets him nowhere and he doesn’t know if Nursey is actually this clueless or is just trying to let him down gently (Nursey knows, he’s waiting for the dude to just fuckin kiss him, he is so ready to make out oh my God) and it takes Nursey, who was down to his briefs ‘accidentally’ tripping onto Dex, who just got out of the shower.