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Pull my hair (the wrong way) - Request

Requested by @narsissisticcracker:  Benedict x Reader fic based on the quote from Ben: “Pull the hair on my head the wrong way, and I would be on my knees begging for mercy. I have very sensitive follicles.” no smut please just lots of fluff and kissing, makeout scene. With the hair pulling…..Yeah. 

Pairing: Benedict x reader

Word count: 1.184

Warnings: None.

A/N: Some fluff for the cumberbitches. 


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Benedict was always busy with work. His multiple roles were demanding, and his professionalism and fine manners were also a huge influence to his need of being early to work every single day and leaving until everybody was done working – which means he was the last one to leave.

(Y/N) knew it was important for him, that every character had a big space in his humongous heart. From the Frankenstein Monster, to a dragon in a castle, all the way to a consultant detective. Benedict loved them all, and was willing to give his whole to them.

She missed him, but she never said anything, because she didn’t want to be the kind of girlfriend to discourage her partner just because she wants more attention. Besides, whenever he had free time, Benedict would dedicate solely it to her.

He was the most loving boyfriend in the world. His kind heart and warm soul were more than enough to make her day better just by giving her a boyish grin every morning. He would come home, willing to cuddle with her in spite of being extremely tired, and during the weekend he would wake up early to make her breakfast – which they would eat in bed – and he always had little details; like tiny gifts from his trips, or flowers just because they were pretty, or he would take her out for dinner, or suggest to stay home and re-watch her favourite TV shows. Benedict loved her, and he liked to show it through small actions like so.

Benedict would also call her through video call every night whenever he was out of town. That week, Ben had gone out to Italy to the press tour of his brand new movie. (Y/N) had to stay for work, so she couldn’t join him, but was patiently waiting for him to come back and stay home for a whole week of rest.

“Hello, love.” She greeted as Ben’s face appeared on the screen. The man instantly smiled.

“Hiiii!” He chanted, waving his hand.

“How’s Italy?” She asked.

“Italian.” Benedict joked, and they couldn’t help but to laugh. Those video calls were usually simple as hell, and so they would laugh at everything and anything. “Italy is fine; it’s gorgeous, as usual, but it’s not the same without you.”

“I miss you too, my dear.” She said. Benedict nodded, and (Y/N) caught a tiny glimpse of his background – he was outside. “Why aren’t you at the hotel?”

“Too loud.” Benedict replied instantly, “The whole cast and staff decided it is an amazing day to celebrate the release of the film.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt you to celebrate with them.” She suggested.

“I wanted to be with you.” Ben mumbled, “I can’t wait to be on holiday so we can spend it together without any interruption.”

“I know, me too.” She whispered as her eyes watered slightly.

“But it will be very soon. Oh, hello, Mrs. Trent.” Ben greeted their neighbour. “As I was saying, it will be very soon.”

“Yes… Wait a second.” Her eyes widened and Benedict chuckled at her reaction. “Are you really here?”

“Just open the door, England is freezing compared to Italy.” He didn’t have to ask her twice. (Y/N) jumped out of bed, leaving the laptop there, and ran outside to the door.

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Note: inspired by this gif!!!…forgive me. there’s swearing, clubbing, and lots of sexy stuff here. if you don’t like that stuff, don’t read, hehe! enjoy though! .c

Bucky x Reader (basically the whole team)

/Nat calls you a prude and your secret is revealed/

You were currently at a club with your teammates. You don’t really drink, but you went to dance and let loose a little bit. “You’re such an innocent prude, Y/N.” Natasha said after downing her second shot of the night. You scoffed. “No, I’m not.” Wanda looked at you with a smirk and you shot her a glare in return. She knew about your secret talent and she also knew Natasha would eat it up.

You sighed and rolled your eyes, drinking some more of your water. You never told anyone about your past pole dancing job. You lived in a beat up apartment and had to pay rent somehow. You weren’t ashamed of any of it because it led you here today. You now work with the Avengers, mostly helping Tony with his special projects and taking care of anyone when they got hurt.

You could never afford college and you didn’t have the best home life growing up. You were really smart and you knew you could do great things, you just didn’t have the chance to. Wanda found you at an old club one night with her brother and you got to know her. After, you two became best friends. She eventually invited you to the tower to meet her friends. Tony had asked you what you do for a living and you lied and said what you would like to be doing instead.

He took sudden interest in you and offered you a job at the tower, which you gladly accepted. Now, your pole dancing days were behind you, or so you thought.

The next night, you were forced to give everyone a show at the club after Natasha found out you weren’t so innocent anymore. Wanda let it slip out after she got piss drunk.

What made this worse is that she didn’t tell anyone. She wanted this to be a surprise to everyone else in the tower. Natasha knew that you and Bucky liked each other, but both were too shy to make a move. So she said she had to give fate a little push.

You sat there in your room now, face red and heart racing. You were in your old pole dancing outfit. It was basically lingerie so you kept it. You were wearing a red bra and matching panties with black lace on them. Fishnet pantyhose covered your legs, your matching red heels making your legs look longer than they actually were. Your hair was curled and your lips were painted red.

You slipped on your black lace eye mask, hoping nobody would recognize you. You always wore a mask so your entire image wouldn’t be blown. You also had a stage name so your real name wasn’t out there. You wanted to keep it professional.

You decided to slip your heels off and carry them so nobody would hear you sneaking out with Wanda. Natasha was supposed to be distracting everyone, so you hoped her plan would follow through. You had to get to the club early so you had to have an escape plan.

Once you and Wanda were safely in the garage, you slid your heels back on. Your phone vibrated with a text and it was from Natasha.

“What’d she say?” Wanda asked as she pulled out of the garage. “The manager gave us the okay. He said he heard about me from one of his friends and is gladly welcoming me for a show.” Your stomach turned and you felt really nervous all of a sudden. “You know you’re going to do great, don’t sweat it.”

Wanda flashed you a grin before turning her attention back to the road. “I hope so.”

Fifteen minutes later, you were exiting the car and walking in through the back entrance. You met with the manager and was glad he wasn’t too touchy. You’ve had your fair share of sleazy club managers before when you were in the back, prepping for the show.

You couldn’t believe you were doing this. You laughed to yourself, imagining the looks that are going to be plastered on everyone’s faces. “Hey, they’re ready for you.” Wanda said outside the dressing room door. This is it.

You nodded and slid your robe off, checking yourself out in the body length mirror. “You’re making me want a slice of that cake. Damn, Y/N! You look even better than before!” You blushed and rolled your eyes at Wanda, walking past her with a slight swing to your hips.

Adjusting your mask, you walked down a short hallway and walked out onto the stage. The lights were blinding, but you were used to it. You could still see everyone’s faces, considering the pole wasn’t too far from the edge of the stage. It left you just enough room between the pole and the bulging eyes from the men.

You requested ‘Partition’ by Beyonce as your song. The moment the song started, you got to business. You grabbed onto the pole, and dipped down, giving everyone a show of your perky backside. You heard the crowd go crazy, your nerves calming instantly from the positive reactions. You kept going, and swung around the pole, sliding your leg around as you went.

The bass hit and you started making your way up the pole. You slid up and down, swinging around the pole effortlessly. You flipped upside down and suddenly stopped before you hit the stage, your legs holding you there and your arms rubbing along your curves seductively. Just then, as you looked out into the crowd, your eyes met Bucky’s.

His mouth was open and so were the rest of the teams. Wanda was smirking at you and Natasha looked turned on as much as the guys did. You smiled and continued as you heard the crowd get louder. You lifted up and grabbed the pole with your hands, pulling yourself.

You swung your way up the pole and slowly slid down and twisted around when the French part in the song started playing. Your eyes were locked on Bucky’s the whole time. Steve, Sam, Clint, and Tony all had their eyes glued to your figure. Bucky’s bottom lip was caught in between his teeth, drinking you in with his piercing blue eyes.

You swung around the pole fast, landing on your heels and dipped down again, poking your ass out as you stood back up slowly. You shook it to the beat as the song started to come to an end. The crowd erupted in “woo’s” and claps. You smiled and turned around, picking up all the cash people threw onto the stage after bowing.

You locked eyes with Bucky once again, shooting him a wink. You made your way backstage, feeling really happy with yourself. You grabbed a spare bag in the room and stuffed the cash in it and made your way out into the club. You were stopped by people left and right, saying they enjoyed the show. You kindly thanked them and continued looking around for your friends.

You spotted Nat’s red hair by a VIP table. You walked over and Wanda shot up out of her seat, running towards you. “That was amazing! Oh my god!” She hugged you and you realized you forgot to put your robe back on. Natasha got up next. “Y/N, you’ve got moves. Even I was cheering like crazy.” She laughed along with you and you looked past her, seeing all eyes on you. “Wait, that’s Y/N!?” Sam yelled loudly. Everyone stared at you with complete shock.

You slid off your eye mask, a blush creeping onto your cheeks. “Holy fucking shit.” Steve said under his breath. “Hey, you can’t swear!” Clint said. Tony cleared his throat, trying not to stare. Bucky was silent, his face flushed red. “Bucky really enjoyed the show.” Natasha said, shooting him a smirk. You smiled and giggled. “I hope so.” You shyly smiled at Bucky as he looked into your eyes before trailing them down your body.

You took a seat beside Steve and Wanda. Nat sat on the other side of the booth beside Clint. Bucky was directly in front of you and you smiled at him again. “I can’t believe that was you. Holy shit.” Steve swore once again. You laughed and rolled your eyes. “Well, maybe now you guys won’t think I’m a prude.” Everyone laughed, even Bucky.

He kept biting his lip, the show on replay in his mind. His eyes were on you the rest of the night, watching your every move.

Once you all got back to the tower, he grabbed you by your arm and took you to his bedroom, showing you just how much enjoyed watching you tonight.

Note: omfg its late and forgive me guys for i have sinned… .c

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Regina comes home to a completely spotless house and sees Emma and their three kids have made dinner and she can't figure out why they did it (your choice on the occasion)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina frowns in confusion as she walks into her home. Normally there’s shoes everywhere and the marks of crayons and scattered toys - the sights she complains about but secretly loves because they’re the sights that children are raised and loved in this home. 

She hangs up her bag and takes off her shoes as she wonders where all the noise is. “Emma? Henry? Lucy? Lila? Is anyone home?” 


Regina smiles in relief as she walks into the kitchen before gasping. It too is spotless and on the table is a fresh, delicious smelling chicken pasta bake. Her stomach rumbles in appreciation as Lucy shouts, “We cooked!” 

“You did?” Regina asks. 

Lila nods walking over to her mother who swoops her up for a hug. “For you Mommy.”

Regina smiles kissing her tot’s cheek before walking over and greeting her wife with a kiss and a hug, “What’s all this for?” 

Emma raises a brow as she asks, “Seriously?” 


Henry laughs at her, “Mom…really?” 

Regina continues to look baffled. Her week has been incredibly hectic and she’ll admit that she’s lost track of her dates a bit. She looks around the kitchen for clues before shaking her head, “I have no idea.” 

Emma shakes her head at her kissing her tenderly before replying, “Happy Birthday Regina.” 

Regina pauses before spotting a calendar and realising the date, “I completely forgot…oh my god…it’s been so busy…and you did all this…for me?” 

Henry nods, “We figured you’d had a pretty chaotic week so we made you dinner and then we’re gonna have a movie night in the den.”

“R’lax night!” Lucy chimes in. 

Emma smiles at her, “Because we love you.” 

Regina beams leaning in to Emma as she feels her heart swell with warmth as she looks at her family, her happy ending, “I love all of you too…thank you for my birthday surprise.” 

DIVE Part 5


Here is DIVE Part 5!

Please enjoy this one, Babes! It’s another roller coaster!

Like I posted earlier, this is likely the second to last if not the last chapter, BUT there will be an epilogue/update.

I love you all and thank you for loving this series, but don’t fret! MANY more to come!

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Rats: A Supercorp fic. (on AO3 as well)


“Holy shhhh– oh oooooooohLena! LENA!” Kara screams.

Lena is moving before she even realizes it, thousands of possible scenarios flashing through her mind. She barrels around the corner from the kitchen where she was making dinner, spatula still in hand, only to find Kara on top of her dining room table, cowering in fear.

This not how Lena pictured this night going.

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Eliot's Tony Viewing Party

i just couldn’t help myself @thechampagneking70

“The time is now, people!! Get the fuck up, it’s 8:00 pm, all eyes on the television, the TONYS ARE STARTING!” Eliot called, his voice reverberating throughout the Cottage.

“Oh my God…” Kady groaned from her spot on the couch. “I forgot.”

Margo shoved her over. “What, that he’s a theatre kid? Yeah, I forget sometimes, too.” She snickered at Eliot, who was currently running around fixing Tony-themed drinks. “Then he does something like that…”

Kady and Margo watched as Eliot executed a perfect glissade. Kady couldn’t help but laugh.

“ALL OF YOU ARE LATE!” Eliot cried. “QUENTIN, PENNY, ALICE, COME ON!” He brushed his dark curly hair to the side and sat on the couch next to where Margo and Kady observed him with amusement.

Alice crept out from the little nook in the bookcase. “I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay, Eliot–”

“Oh, hush.” Eliot fixed Alice a cocktail and a withering glance. “You’ll stay. No one’s able to leave once the performances start.”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that.” Penny growled, making it clear he was NOT happy about suffering through the entirety of an awards show he knew and cared nothing about. He sat on the floor below Kady and leaned back.


Quentin came lumbering down the stairs a few moments later. “What is this?” He asked, his tone somewhere in between sullen and curious. “Why do we care about the Tonys?”

“Oh, honey.” Margo pursed her lips. “Besides literally all of our parties, it’s the event of the season. Plus, the tension between the nominees is my SHIT this year.”

“Andrew Rannells better get a Tony, I swear to God…” Eliot muttered. “I’m totally pulling the gay card if he doesn’t win.”

“You pull the gay card every year, darling.” Margo countered.

“When has it not worked?” Eliot smirked, eyes glittering with amusement.

Quentin sighed. It was going to be a long night.


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I have another Bellarke prompt bc you friggin killed the first one!! I was shopping with my friend, and when they were in the dressing room they asked my to get them another size. I thought it would be funny to bring back a super ris-kay lingerie piece but I forgot which stall they were in so I accidentally opened yours while holding up the underwear but you are DEFIANTLY not my friend and are DEFIANTLY half naked (and totally hot but what ever)

Oh my god! Thank you, you’re literally the CUTEST. This prompt is awesome and I hope I could do it justice!

Raven pokes her head out the door of her changing room, a sickly sweet smile forming across her lips, “Clarke…,” she hums causing her friend to quirk an eyebrow in return from her spot on the bench a few feet away, “I need a smaller size.”

Clarke heaves a sigh, head bowing dramatically so that her chin hits her chest, “Of course you do.”

The size of Raven’s body was completely and totally unfair, she thought to herself as the brunette grinned and thanked her before returning to try on the other clothes. Clarke gets up from her seat and heads into the clothing area again. As she searches the racks for the blue dress, she purses her lips when she doesn’t come across it. Instead a mannequin nearby catches her attention, the plastic model sporting a very risqué lingerie set.

Clarke smiles to herself as she grabs the red corset and pivots towards the changing stalls again. She could only imagine Raven’s reaction when she saw it. Knowing her friend, she’d probably end up buying it.

She knocks on the stall twice before opening the door and sliding inside, “What do you think?”

Clarke’s grinning as she holds up the corset in front of her, eyes bright with humor before they widen in realization that this was not Raven’s dressing room.

Instead a startled looking male with dark hair, whose shirt was off, and jeans unzipped stared back at her. Clarke freezes, her mouth agape as his eyes fall over the underwear she was displaying. His brows raise and she watches as the shock morphs into amusement.

“I think the color suits you,” he tells her and Clarke’s cheeks are practically flaming because to add to the fact he was hot, his voice was also deep and rumbly.

She immediately shoots her hand back down, hiding the lingerie behind her back as if him not viewing it currently would erase his memory of her barging in before.

“I am so, so sorry,” she says quickly, “I – um – I thought this was my friends stall and I went to get her another size and – fuck.”

He’s grinning now and she wishes he’d throw on his shirt because the sight of his tanned torso was slightly distracting.

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He cheats (Ashton/4)

A/N: First of all i’m so sorry that this has taken forever! I was on vacation and literally had no time to write but i’m back now! Also by popular demand the whole cheating series will be getting a part 2 so don’t fret! Those will be up soon i promise! You can leave any imagine or preference requests in my ask or you can come talk to me or leave feedback or whatever i don’t bite i promise! Happy reading!

My workday was just starting and I was already ready for it to be over to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but my boyfriend would be flying back home later tonight and I wanted to make sure everything was in order. I was already planning on straightening up the whole house and ordering in his favorite food. The flight Ash said he was on was supposed to land around 9 p.m. and my shift ends at 3 so I’d be fine with time but I was still itching to leave. I put on my costume in the workers locker room and placed my other clothes in my designated locker and was on my way. I walked across the park to my spot, thank god I was in the shade, and waited for the children to make their way around to their favorite characters. Oh I forgot to tell you, I work at Disney World as Ariel. After about 10 minutes of waiting a little girl runs up to me and I quickly bend down and engulf her in a hug. “Why hello there!” I exclaim in the cheeriest voice that I have. “What might your name be?” I ask whilst putting my hands on her shoulder and giving her my best princess smile. “Jenna..” The little girl in the princess dress replied shyly. “Oh my goodness! Princess Jenna what an honor it is to meet you!” I exclaim and put my hands to my cheeks. The little girl giggles before taking a book and pen from her mother’s hands “Can I have an autograph?” She asks quietly. “Only if I can have yours!” I reply and hand her a special book of my own. I sign her book and then she scurries off with her mother trailing behind her as I wave from behind them. Kids like that are my favorite but the ones that are really annoying and pull on my wig and such I could do without.

My day was pretty jam packed since it was a Sunday the park was nearly at capacity. Now it was around noon-ish and I was starting to get a bit sweaty and gross so I decided to take my lunch. I was about to leave my little area when I heard a giggle that would make my ears perk up anywhere, it wasn’t a kid’s giggle, no it was his giggle. I excitedly turn around thinking that my boyfriend had surprised me at work but was met with a sight that made me quite literally sick to my stomach. I don’t know if it was the heat or the fact that my boyfriend was walking around with some gorgeous girl or maybe both things together but something caused a huge wave of nauseous-ness to overcome me and I was lucky that I got to the nearest garbage can in time. I dry heaved into the garbage but nothing would come out and the only thing I wanted to do now was to go home and be by myself. I briskly walked to my boss’ office and told him what happened and he of course let me have the rest of the day off. I threw off my costume and put on my regular clothes and grabbed my bag and left the park through the back, not wanting to be seen. I made it home and as soon as I walked in the door it finally hit me, Ashton had cheated on me and even went on a date at the place where I worked! What the fuck?! Who does that? What an ass! All of these thoughts rushing around my head made me dizzy so I collapsed on the couch and sobbed into one of my throw pillows. A knock on the front door brought me out of my self-pity party and I forced myself to stand up. I opened the door and was greeted by Luke. “Hey Y/N my hotel room wasn’t ready so I- wait holy shit what’s wrong?” He asked, cutting his own sentence off and pulling me into his chest. He held me tightly and when he realized that he probably wasn’t going to get an audible answer any time soon he walked both of us back to the couch. He sat us down with me on his lap as he still held me with one hand and stroked my hair with the other. He placed a small kiss onto my temple and whispered “Y/N can you please tell me what’s wrong?” My watery eyes met his concerned ones and I took a deep breath and explained everything that had happened from seeing them to almost vomiting and such and all of the details made Luke cringe. When I had finished Luke’s concerned eyes were now filled with sadness much like mine. “I’m so sorry he did that Y/N, I wish I’d known, you know I would’ve told you.” He said. “Don’t worry its not your fault. But I’m actually really glad you’re here now.” “I’m glad I came just in time.” He said with a small smile. “So what do you want to do? Do you want to order food or something?” He asked. “I just want to sleep forever.” I replied. “Well let’s go to bed and take a nap, maybe you’ll feel a bit better after it.” “Maybe…” I replied, remembering why I was sad in the first place after forgetting for a few seconds, as tears started coming out of my eyes again. Luke quickly wiped them away and tried to distract me. “Let’s go get comfortable, yeah?” He asked. “Yeah.” I replied as I got up and he followed me to my room.

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Autumn leaves - part 1/?

I just thought of an idea for a new fic and I’m just going to write it as I go along so I’m sorry if there’s mistakes or its not so good. I’m also not sure how it will work out but I’ll just go with it.I’ll just tag the people previously tagged in my last fic but If you’d like to be tagged once you’ve read it then just let me know. I hope yous enjoy and tell me what yous think!

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It was one of those cold crisp mornings where you could see your breath when you breathed. The sunshine split through the trees showing the beautiful brown, red and orange shades of the leaves that the autumn so magically brought with it. The dried fallen leaves crunched under the three girls feet as they walked through the woods. This was Rae’s favourite time of year. She loved the way the season changed so much. The colours of the leaves, what was sold in shop’s, people’s moods just everything. She loved to snuggle up in a blanket, cosy in her bed with good cup of tea away from the harsh coldness that Autumn often brought. Mostly she loved that she could layer up her clothes and people wouldn’t look at her weird or judge her. She wasn’t very confident about her body, although she didn’t hate it nearly as much as she used to. She was bigger than most other girls her age and so she used clothes to hide away and cover up, but in the cold weather everyone did and she didn’t feel so out of place. Rae walked through the woods with her arms linked through her two best friends Chloe and Izzy. They’d been best friends since they could remember. They always thought of themselves as the three musketeers, all for one and one for all. Izzy was small with bright ginger hair that she was so well known for and her huge wide smile that barley ever left her face. She was always so positive about everything and she was a very loyal friend although she was well known for not filtering her words and spilling secrets she wasn’t supposed to. Chloe had quite long silky chestnut hair and she was one of those girls everyone wanted to be or know. She could be a bit of a bitch to some people but she was there for her friends always. The three girls were making there way to school. They went to Rosebank school for girls. They stayed in the countryside just outside of Stamford and the school had previously been in Stamford but it was moved to a different building after a fire broke out.
The girls made there way out of the woods and reached at field of which the school was at the other side. It was a huge dated sandstone building and had lot’s of character. They entered the building to be greeted by a crowd of girls all chatting enthusiastically and carrying on. They made there way upstairs and went to their first class. It was English. The three girls were in the same class which made it bearable. The morning flew by for the three of them because they were all in the same classes and done nothing but laugh the whole time causing them to get told off a few times. It was finally lunch though and for that they were thankful. They had an hour to do what they wanted. They would sometimes sit with Jenny and Katie, two girls they were quite close to and they all got on like a house on fire but today they decided against it and went to find a nice spot outside to sit and eat their lunch as it had gotten a good bit warmer outside and the sun was still shining.
“Hey Rae why don’t we go to that little place we found when we were little in the woods, we could make that our place I completely forgot about there” Chloe said cheerily.
“Oh my god you mean the ruins of that old building we found and we used to pretend it was our castle” Izzy asked excitedly.
“Oh yeah, I remember that place, we’ve got so many memories there, especially you Chlo” Rae said wiggling her eyebrows “you had your first kiss there, I can’t believe we forgot it, I wonder if it’s still there actually”.
The three were strolling through the woods when they heard a strange noise.
“What was that?” Izzy asked anxiously.
“What was what” Chloe asked confused.
“Didn’t yous hear that noise, it sounded like a Wolf” Izzy said feeling scared.
“Oh come on ya silly bugger, it will just be your imagination” Rae said laughing, giving Izzy a little nudge along the way.
“I’m sure its this way” Chloe stated confidently pointing in the direction of a little path to the left of where they were.
“Watch those wolves don’t get you Izz, we can’t have you leaving me with Chlo now can we” Rae teased making the girls laugh.
They were laughing and joking when they heard voices getting increasingly louder and branches snapping.
“Right I heard that and its definitely not a Wolf” Chloe said looking around.
“WHO’S THERE” Rae shouted feeling a little scared.
All of a sudden they seen three boys running in their direction looking behind them, clearly having been chased.
“Jesus can we stop running already” one said whilst trying to catch his breath, he had dark blonde hair and glasses.
“Yeah chopper I think we lost em” another said.
“Yeah and we’ve found some other people, alright ladies” the third said, his smile from ear to ear showing a gap in his teeth.
“Who were yous running from” Rae asked, intrigued by these three strangers who she couldn’t deny were all rather gorgeous. She couldn’t have been the only one who thought so as she looked to Chloe and Izzy to find them eyeing the boys up.
“The fucking police” the boy with the glasses said just having got his breathing back to normal.
“Why what did yous do” Chloe asked with a curious look on her face giving the boy wearing a leather jacket a particularly lusty look. “We spray painted a couple of dicks on the walls outside our school and pulled a stone roses stunt by flinging a bit of paint around the place” said the one Chloe had been eyeing up and Rae couldn’t help but look at him too. She thought he was the most stunning boy she’d ever seen. The three girls burst out laughing. “Why the hell would you do that” Izzy asked still laughing.
“Well we wanted to add a splash of colour to the place but some fucker grassed us up and so here we are, I’m Chop by the way” the boy with the gapped tooth smile said giving a particularly big smile to Izzy which she returned. “I’m Izzy” she replied.
“I’m Chloe”
“I’m Rae as in Rachel before anyone asks my mother wasn’t that stupid to call me Raymond” Rae said to save any confusion, her comment getting a slight laugh from the boys.
“Well it’s nice to meet you girls, these are my main men, Finn and Archie” Chop said pointing first to the boy with the brown hair and the leather jacket and then secondly to the one with the glasses on.
“Uh I think we could’ve introduced ourselves Chop” Archie said.
“Oh well im sorry for helping yous out” Chop said holding his hands up in apology.
“So we all know why we’re here but why are yous” Finn asked wanting to find out more about these girls, especially Rae which confused him because he’d only just laid eyes on this girl.
“Oh we just fancied a walk” Chloe said.
“So what school do yous go to then” Archie asked.
“Rosebank” Izzy replied.
“Isn’t that the school for girls” Finn asked.
“Yeah, well done Einstein” Rae said sarcastically making Finn give her a fake grin.
“Oh get in there” Chop hollered “can we come back with yous” he said cheekily.
“I don’t think so, the headmistress would cut your balls of if she found yous in there, there’s a strict no boys policy after Emily Smith was caught having sex and ended up pregnant” Chloe said .
“There’s always one that ends up pregnant at 16 isn’t there” Archie said shaking his head making Rae giggle at his reaction.
“What kind of name is ‘Chop’ by the way if you don’t mind me asking” Rae said.
“Well Rae there’s a story behind that one but we’ll keep that for another time shall we” Chop said giving Rae a wink.
“What makes you think there will be a next time” Izzy said folding her arms.
“Oh there will be” Chop whispered to Izzy in a flirty tone.
The next thing they all knew the police were coming towards them and the boys had to run.
“Oh shit its the fuzz” Finn panicked.
“We best be off, until next time ladies” Chop shouted and they were off, the police following closely behind them.
“Well that was… interesting” Rae said bewildered.

The girls found the little place they used to go to as young girls to find it looked beautiful. A tree had grown next to the ruins of the wall making the branches hang over the top almost like a roof and the sun shone through the space where a window once was. They had seen an old couch on their way to the place and so decided to go back and get it so they had a place to sit. “This is great its like a little den” Izzy mused.
“Yeah we should make this our place to go” Rae agreed.
“I could bring some sets of fairy lights that have battery packs in them so we’ve got a bit of light if we’re here late” Chloe suggested.
“That sounds great Chlo” Izzy said.
They sat and chatted about the boys they’d just met and ate their lunch before heading back to school.

On their way inside the building they were stopped.
“Hey Chloe, we’ve to go to an assembly instead if going to class Mrs Moore had an announcement to make” Katie said before running off to catch up with her friends.
“I wonder what thats all about” Rae said.
Once in the hall they took a seat and waited till everyone in their year arrived before the headteacher Mrs Moore made the announcement.
“Listen up girls, I know I had previously said this school has a no boys policy and that still stands but a class of boys from Stamford High are coming to our school for a few weeks because their school doesn’t have the facilities they require to complete their Music coursework for the year so they will be hear for a couple of hours every day for a few weeks. I expect yous all to be in your best behaviour and set a good example for our school. I don’t want to find anyone being led astray by silly boys”
The three girls looked at each other and shook their heads.
“No it won’t be them I doubt they’re the type to do music” Chloe said.
“Yeah and think if the amount of boys at Stamford high, whats the chance it would be them right?” Rae said feeling spooked by how much of a coincidence this seemed to be.
“Well just have to see what tomorrow brings” Izzy said and Chloe and Rae nodded their heads in agreement.