oh my god i felt so bad for brooks i really really liked this character

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 4

Slightly delayed, greatly enjoyed.

7x15 ‘Badda-Bing Badda-Bang’
- holy heck did I black out or something is that why I had not remembered reading “HEIST EPISODE” in @rainbowritesprimer?? AKA MY DREAM. not even this taking place in the Vic-world can bring me down!
- Vic: “I don’t look good in buckskin.”
  Miles: [chuckles way more than anticipated]

well 100% is there an inside joke here

- damn Vic’s just got a whole lot more interesting
- aww, Nog’s loyalty has been ACTIVATED. always one of his strongest traits.
- Frankie Eyes is what’s called a jack-in-the-box. Felix designed it. well I’ll be.
- Julian: “Vic Fontaine’s hotel has just been bought by…gangsters.”
  Sisko: “I see. When do you plan on going back to work?”


- omg, now Kasidy’s fretting about Vic’s too! Ben cannot believe these dweebs he lives with

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brookate playing video games suddenly ends up with them making out

“I.. I don’t like this game that much.”

“You’re just being a sore loser Bun.”

“Can you at least go easy on me, I’m a noob.”

“Ha, nah, I’d rather not.”

Right then, while Brooke was distracted, Kate pressed all the buttons on the controller and performed a ‘Fatality’ on Brooke’s character.

“Wait.. wha..? Oh you have to be shitting me big time, what the fuck.” Brooke threw her controller down and huffed.

“You’re just being a sore loser.” Kate mimicked with a giggle.

“Oh aren’t you funny.” The sarcasm rolled off her tongue as she spoke.

“You are such a dork.” she set her controller down on the table in front of them, leaning back into the couch and staring at the TV bright eyed.

“Ouch.” Brooke rolled her eyes, the blonde next to her twiddling her thumbs nervously “Thinking hard?”

“No.” She quickly responded.

“What’s on your mind Kattaroonie?”

Kate shuddered.

“Wanna play another match-”

“Nope, I wanna know what’s on your mind. Spit.” Brooke crossed her arms and lifted a brow, waiting for an answer.

“Gee, um.. You know it’s actually getting late.. See you tomorrow.” Kate rose from her seat with a small smile, attempting to speed out of the room but failing and slipping on the carpet, but able to catch her fall on the counter.

“Late? You are on big ol’ kid. It’s only six.”

Lord it’s only six? How long have I been holding back on this!? It’s felt like eternity trying not to stare.. Fuck- oh excuse me savior. I have sinned.

Kate bowed her head and mustered out a small pray before turned back to Brooke.

“Hey, how long have you been sitting there?”

“Uhm.. I never moved…” Brooke responded.

“Oh yeah! That’s right, I’m silly.. really really silly ain’t I!?” Her voice rose, causing the other girl to flinch.

“Uh.. yeah..” Brooke attempted a fake laugh that came out shaky and raw.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I’m being awkward as heck.

“And you’re just now realizing that, sit down doe.”

Kate rubbed the back of her head sheepishly and walked back to the couch, sitting next to the taller girl.

“What’s the butter. Seriously, no running this time.” Brooke turned to face the blonde, taking her hands into her own.

Kate let out a low sigh.

“I’m really thinking deep on this one, over six feet deep Brooke. I really feel like I’m choking on my own voice. And it gets hard to talk, really really difficult to even spit a word. There’s this feeling I have, and I know it’s.. inappropriate at times.. but it’s.. It’s about you. I have these.. dreams.. and they’re bad.. they’re a sin! But my mind feels like putty and I-I can’t stop them.. I have the total likes for you!”


Cold wonderful silence that brought a thick fear to Kate’s heart and caused her breathing to hitch.

Brooke leaned back on the couch, eyes wide and brows furrowed in confusion as she tried to comprehend what Kate had just told her.


“I should’ve known, god.. my life is a nightmare.. I’m so sorry Brooke, I’m an idiot.. idiot!” Kate jumped from her seat and rushed to the door, hand shaking as she twisted the knob and stumbled into the hall.

“Kate! Kate wait!” Brooke’s calling seemed useless as she barely caught a glimpse of the girl who disappeared in her dorm room within seconds.

Damnit.. Damnit Brooke! I couldn’t just say ‘I fucking love you too and have wet dreams about you because I’m a dirty perv who knows what time you to the showers and your homework schedule and we should date because I fucking wanna kiss you.’ because that would sound bland and creepy as hell. Maybe Max could talk to her..

Brooke glanced at Max’s dorm.

Fuck that, she said Chloe is visiting tonight and they’re probably fucking the night away in there. I have to do this.. on my own..

She took a deep breath, walking up the dark hall and standing at Kate’s door, heart pounding in her chest.

One chance to fix this.. one chance to make her happy,, god, show some emotion for once Brooke! Tell her you love her and say it like you really do mean it.

She knocked softly.

“No.. g-go away..”

Brooke sighed and knocked again, a bit harder.

“Nopes.. begone..”

she rolled her eyes and twisted the knob, finding the door was unlocked. You have to be fucking kidding me.

“Kate.” Brooke called in a sing-song voice.

“I’m not in the mood, I’m super cereal. I don’t even know why I tried-”

“Kate, guess what Kate.” She began to sing again.


“Say ‘what’ Kate, I know you wanna say it, say it Katie-Bun-Bun.”

Why is she speaking like that, It’s killing me.. it sounds heavenly.. she sounds like an angel- oh my dog she might be an angel who came down from the heavens to love me because I’ve been such a good girl.

Kate let out a muffled giggle before lifting her head from her pillow and finally saying “What?”.

Brooke unexpectedly launched herself onto Kate’s bed next to her.

“I love you my sweet angel, I bet you didn’t know that. I love you and I wanna know If you will be my sweet precious cinnamon roll? pwetty pwease?”

The blonde flushed pink, ears burning as she wrapped her long arms around Kate’s abdomen.

“Golly. wait.. wait what!?” Kate flipped around to face Brooke.

“You heard me.” Brooke put on a smug ass grin.

Dear lord why is she taunting me, this is making me go insane. Look at that big grin, look at that freaking grin. I want that to be my screensaver and phone background and just.. oh my gosh that grin is killing me.

“You like me..?”

“For the third time Katie-Cat, I like you. To the blazing sun to the comet’s its’ light caresses. I like the way you flush at my every word and act like you don’t see me in the halls, it drives me insane.” She still had that grin and her voice changed pitch with every syllable.

“That’s wonderful! That’s extraordinary! Will we be.. a thing?”

“Oh we’ll be more than a thing baby, I’ll fly you to the fuckin’ moon.” Brooke licked her lips hungrily.

Nailed it. I nailed it so hard. I’m a boss. I have such good pickup lines. Warren is gonna dig this hard.

Kate sat in silence, eyes meeting with Brooke as they both stared at each other.

“Do you.. you wanna kiss?”  Brooke started.

“Maybe… but do you wanna kiss?” Kate saw her eyes darken slightly.

“Yeah.. I think I wanna kiss..”

“I think I do too.”

“Me too.”

“Let’s kiss then.”

Kate leaned in and kissed her, eyes going wide when two hands raked through her hair within seconds and pulled her down.


Brooke lay in bed, proud look across her face as she rubbed her sleeping lover’s head. She looked at the roof and softly whispered to herself “Nailed it..”.


EXTRA: Warren jutted awake from his phone buzzing. He picked it up, squinting at his new message from Brooke.

Kate was laying on top of her while she had yet another ‘smug ass smile’ across her face and in big white letters across the top it stated: “Nailed it? More like nailed her.”

He rolled his eyes.

“Okay, seriously what am I doing wrong in this world?”


A/N: Excuse me for I have written nothing but trash.