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silverflint - 47. “No one needs to know.”

okay so. i know that this prompt naturally lends itself to angst. but given how i’ve had my complete fill of writing angst in the last few months, my brain did a complete 180 and i wrote something ridiculous instead. i hope you like it! 

Beginning of s3 or thereabouts. 

In hindsight, there’s a lot of things to pin the blame on for what happened.   

For starters, Silver is newly missing a leg. That has thrown off — well, everything. He keeps it in check for the sake of appearances but even standing up straight, leaning his full weight into the false leg is a delightful exercise in agony. Second, there’s the matter of the storm they’re sailing through. It has choked up a generous amount of water onto the deck, turning the ever-present layer of moss over the wood into a slippery nightmare that closely resembles a frozen over river. The third and final nail in the coffin is the black mood that has followed Flint around since their last raid. Since Charlestown. It has him thundering through the hold like a caged animal, stomping up the stairs that lead up onto the deck without really paying much attention to where he’s going. Silver happens to be at the top step, clinging to the doorway for life — while resolutely pretending he’s not — as he surveys the men in the rigging. When he turns to descend into the hold, it’s only a dark void ahead. 

He doesn’t see Flint coming. He doesn’t see much of anything until it’s too late.

Flint headbutts him squarely in the stomach, and Silver doesn’t have enough air in his lungs to let out a proper yelp before they’re falling. It’s a short tumble to the ground, but it isn’t without damages incurred on both sides; Flint’s back hits the floor with a resounding and painful thump and Silver’s head knocks into the low awning before he comes to a dead stop against Flint’s chest, knocking what little breath Flint has left in him in the process.

They lay there frozen in a motionless heap for a time, until Flint finds his words.
“What the fuck—“ he hisses. He spits out a mouthful of Silver’s hair first.

Flint’s heart is thundering in his chest. Silver should know this, he should be able to hear it with the way his ear is pressed into Flint’s sternum. Only there’s a deafening roar in his head that drowns out all sound. He’s got a lot of … other things pressed into other places but his brain is too addled to make sense of anything beyond the overwhelming pile of warmth he seems to be on top of for some reason. It’s quite pleasant, like laying on sun-warmed stone, despite the dull thrum of pain distantly singing through his body.

Flint shoves at him and Silver manages a single moan, which he also does not hear himself voice. Whatever it is that’s spread out beneath him seems like a steady thing to hold onto, though, so he fists a hand into Flint’s shirt. It helps somewhat, but not enough to clear the fog.

Flint gives him another shove, gentler this time. “Silver are you—are you hurt?“

Silver doesn’t respond, just shifts a little to take the weight of his left leg. This only helps slot his right knee between Flint’s thighs.

Flint sucks in a breath. He clasps a hand around Silver’s jaw and tips his chin up until their eyes meet. Or they would meet, but Silver’s eyes are closed. He looks peaceful. He looks dead.

“Hey—“ Flint braces himself up on his elbows and squeezes the nape of Silver’s neck. “Hey. Are you all right?”

The roaring in Silver’s head comes to a prompt stop when Flint brings his other hand to cup the side of Silver’s face. Silver’s eyes snap open.

“Captain?” he blinks. The first thing he thinks to say is; “Are you all right?”

“Am I—” Flint sputters, eyes flitting up to the angry red gash on Silver’s forehead. He drops his hand from Silver’s cheek to his shoulder and shoves him for a third time. “Jesus Christ, get up, get the fuck off me—”

“Off you? Off—oh, fuck—“

Silver is suddenly scrambling; he plants a hand on the floor by Flint’s head and the other — unintentionally — on Flint’s hip, to heave himself up, only he’s moving too fast and consciousness is too new, so he can’t regulate the pressure and Flint he — he makes a sound.

Silver freezes and stares down at him. “Did you just—“

Framed by Silver’s hair falling over his face, Flint looks fucking horrified; eyes wide and mouth half-open.

Silver digs a finger into Flint’s hip again and sure enough, the same sound comes out of Flint’s mouth, followed by Flint clapping his hand over it.

Realisation dawning, Silver says, “Are you actually—“

“Jesus Christ.”

They both look up, though Silver has to crane his neck a little more to do it. Billy is standing at the mouth of the stairs, hands on his hips and jaw locked tight over a scowl that used to look wrong on his good-natured face. It’s starting to fit him much better as time goes on. He stomps down the stairs two at a time and without ceremony shoves his hands under Silver’s armpits, hauling him to his feet before Silver is able to protest the manhandling. Billy turns without another look at either of them and climbs back up to deck, muttering darkly under his breath as he goes. 

There’s a dizzying headrush, and before Silver can fight through it Flint is standing, his twitching face inches from Silver’s own.

“Listen to me,” Flint says urgently, “If you breathe a word of this to anyone—“

“Captain, it's—“

“No one,” Flint says, and he looks dangerous now as he takes another half step forward, “Do you understand? No one needs to know.”

Silver looks at him steadily. “Understood. I won’t tell anyone that you’re—“

“Utter one more syllable and I will have you killed.”

Flint’s hot breath washes over Silver’s face and the threat hangs between them, brandished like a sword. They stay like that for another quivering moment before Flint’s mouth twists into a half mortified, half furious scowl. Without another word, he turns on his heel to stomp back into the dark from whence he came.

“I love our little chats, Captain!” Silver yells after him.

He stands there and watches Flint go until his leg and head send a simultaneous jolt of pain through his body, unfurling nausea in his stomach, and then he has to sit down on the stairs. He clasps his hands together between his knees and struggles to breathe through the pain. There’s an added difficulty to righting himself, because he’s accidentally stumbled upon a brand new piece of information that has him quite stunned.

Captain Flint, harbinger of death and destruction, the name and face of grim death in the West Indies, he’s — he’s fucking ticklish.

Knowledge is power, surely, but Silver has no idea know what the fuck to do with this particular shred of it. The thought comes unbidden, then; what if Nassau were to hear that its saviour — or better still, what if Whitehall were to somehow find out that its mortal fucking enemy had a tendency to giggle if you touched him right?

It’s ridiculous. Silver puts his head in his hands and snorts. It jostles him a little, doesn’t help with the pain at all, but the sound is so similar to the one Flint made under him earlier that Silver has to press a fist to his mouth a moment later, as something dislodges in his chest and he begins to laugh, out loud, in earnest. 

That helps with the pain, if only just a little. 

  • Kara: I can stare at you all day
  • Alex, in the other room: god these two
  • Kara: but I'd rather have you in my mouth *winks at Lena*
  • Alex: oh my god not in the kitchen you guys--
  • Kara: *trying to stuff several potstickers inside her mouth*
  • Lena: she's doing this to hurt me *flicks a piece of kale at Kara*
  • Alex: right, this is why I never visit anymore
  • Sonic: Saitama! Can you tell your walking lightning rod to shut the fuck up for two minutes?!
  • Saitama: Hm? Why, what is he doing?
  • Sonic: I can't take anymore of his sick renditions of songs.
  • Saitama: wha-
  • Genos: *throws door open as he gestures towards Saitama* when my tongue hits the thigh, of that big buff bad guy, he screams "more!" eyyy~!
  • Sonic: see? He's been singing that the whole time while making pizza*looks to Saitama*
  • Saitama: ....*trying hard not to laugh*
  • Sonic: ....oh my god I hate both of you

 fancy date :D


matty: “..[laughs] ross is happy”
ross: “[yeah I’m just] happy being me [smiles]”

The 1975 @ the Ayala Malls ATC Meet and Greet
3.27.2014, #the1975mnl [©]

The Heathers have a fake ID
  • *Heather Duke is panicking outside a liquor store*
  • Heather M: Are you okay?
  • Heather D: No, I should have worn the vest! No! No!
  • Heather C: What the fuck are you doing?
  • Heather D: What if I go in and they turn me down?
  • Heather C: Then we're in the same exact place that we are now! Who cares?
  • Heather D: It's fucking humiliating! Everyone in the store sees 'em kicking me out?! And what if they make me put the liquor back?! I can't do that!
  • Heather M: Oh my god.
  • Heather D: What if I don't feel like it anymore, Heather? What?
  • Heather C: Then I'll fucking kill you. I'll get a knife and stab you through your fucking heart!
  • Heather D: Killing me won't get you alcohol, jerkoff. I'm the one with the fake ID!
  • Heather C: Then I'll cut your dumb little fucking face off, throw it over mine, grab your fake ID, and buy it my FUCKING SELF!
  • Heather D: Oh really? You don't have the technology OR the steady hand to pull off a procedure like that, so HA! PEACE!
  • *Heather Chandler shoves Heather Duke towards the store*
Watching episode 1x04 of the 100 with my bestfriend
  • BFF: So is Bellamy in a relationship with any girl that we have met so far?
  • me: I'm not telling you...
  • me: No you have to watch the show...Why do you want to know anyway?
  • BFF: No reason...
  • *Charlotte jumps off cliff, camera zooms on Bellamy and Clarke screaming*
  • BFF: what?
  • me: nothing...
  • me: *looking at her like a proud parent*

I realised what was making me so stressed. My aunt constantly meddling with me.
Like….. I am so tired of constantly either helping her out or my mother and their insane relationships and marriages.

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This is Lois Lane from WMET news, do you care to comment on the allegations that HarleyQuinnFan18 isn't a subscriber at all but rather a fake account created by the Producers of BlandDCHeadcanons to goose ratings during important Tumblr sweeps weeks... also is this an ask or a headcanon? I can't quite tell anymore. I think my boyfriend might be Batman, he keeps late hours and oh God, did I say that on the air... I'm sorry, I've been taking cold medicine, Anyway, any comments on the allegations?

lol this really made me smile

It’s true.  All of it.  But I’m tired of living a lie.  Bland DC Headcanons didn’t create harleyquinnfanboy18.  harleyquinnfanboy18 created Bland DC Headcanons!




Looking like that, why are you such a nerd? And you are, you know. A serious nerd. I had to do some computer shit to get Pathfinder talking to the rover and oh my god.

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Hii! Can i ask for a one shot with Jungkook when he meets a girl just like him (as personality) or BTS reaction for same thing?? P.s love your blog and i need to say that roommate au is AMAZING! Can't wait for next part ~~

AWww that’s be really adorable~ I love this idea tbh!!! A girl version of Jungkook sounds adorable! I need a friend like Jk <3

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Namjoon :

“Oh god…please don’t tell me me she sucks at math and English too?PLEASE TELL ME YOU KNOW MORE THAN THE WORDS ‘PARDON’ AND ‘INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY’.Please tell me you know how to do a multiplication. I beg you. *ugly sobs*”

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Jin  :

“ OH MY GAWD, I GOT MYSELF A DAUGHTER. I DON’T NEED ANY OF YOU KIDS ANYMORE. ONE DAUGHTER IS ENOUGH.JUST LOOK AT HER… She’s polite and kind enough to teach me the dance moves nicely, unlike you Jeon Jungkook”

Originally posted by sugutie

Jimin :

“Did someone say Jungkook? Cause’ I’m down to do whatever, as long as Jungkook is involved.What? A girl version? Seems like I need to add more gel to my hair, cause’ I gotta seduce two of them now *smirks* Threesome anyone?”

Originally posted by taehanstic-baby

Taehyung :

“ Is it wrong if I try hooking up with her? I mean..I don’t say this to sound weird or anything, but I like the fact that there is a girl version of Jungkook. I feel like I should try something for the sake of science, or else I might regret this. NO HOMO THOUGH”

Originally posted by ofzico

Jungkook :

“Girl version of me you say? Personality wise? Kinda sexy I’d say *smirks* Where is she? I think we’d make a good pairing and a perfect wild combinaison to drive the hyungs insane. I can now know how it’d feel to f*ck my own self. *raises eyebrow suggestively* “

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Hoseok :

“ OMFG DOES THAT MEAN THAT ANOTHER IDIOT ADDED ITSELF TO MY LIST OF DONGAENGS?! Wait…you said girl right? Hmm…. yeah maybe she’s less idiot than Jeon.Maybe.”

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Yoongi :

“Awww..all kookies are cute. I’m gonna protect these cute children.I can finally say we got twins in the family.Ok…they’re not blood related, but they’re still twins.Wait which one was Jungkook again?Don’t judge, I’m an elder. INFIRES”

You can request ANYTHING from my blog :) REQUEST BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN !!I’m open to answer anything whether it be ships(CLOSED)/bts reactions to “___”/scenarios/drabbles/ bts fb status/bts text conversation/ bts snapchat AND MORE !!! IM LITTERALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING just please ask me what you want and I’ll make it come true

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  • INFP: I just can't do it anymore INTP!
  • INTP: *sends a picture of a puppy*
  • INFP: Nope not this time INTP.
  • INTP: *sends another picture*
  • INFP: You can't fix the world with puppies.
  • INTP: *sends another*
  • INFP: Oh my god it's so cute!! Look at its little nose!
Angst Sentence Starters
  • "How could you do this to us! To our family?"
  • "I really fucking hate you."
  • "You're disappointing as a man."
  • "I really want to bash your face in right now."
  • "You disgust me."
  • "You're never allowed to see our child again."
  • "I don't trust you."
  • "Fuck you."
  • "How can I believe you after everything you've done?"
  • "I should've known better than to trust a liar."
  • "Get away from me!"
  • "Don't touch me!"
  • "Touch me and it'll be the last thing you do."
  • "Touch me and I'll cut your fucking fingers off."
  • "Shut up! Shut up! I can't hear this anymore!"
  • "Do you love her...?"
  • "How long have you been lying to me?"
  • "How long have you been cheating on me?"
  • "How long have you been keeping this from me?"
  • "I can't believe this is happening."
  • "Is this what I think it is?"
  • "I was cleaning your shirt today and found a lipstick stain. Care to explain?"
  • "You smell like her/him."
  • "You're not only cheating on me but your family."
  • "I'll do whatever it takes for you to never see your son/daughter again!"
  • "I'm not surprised you'd do this to yourself."
  • "Oh my god! How could you!"
  • "Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth."
  • "The proof is in the pudding, my dear."
weird ass 50 writing prompt list
  • send a ship/character and a number/quote and ill write a drabble or fic of some sorts. ok to reblog.
  • 1) "i apologize"
  • 2) "i don't fucking regret it. i never will"
  • 3) "you want me"
  • 4) "lets do it now"
  • 5) "stop being nonsensical"
  • 6) "don't lie, please. i can't take it"
  • 7) "there's a lot of things i'd do for you"
  • 8) "we're a lot more similar than you think"
  • 9) "im here if you need me"
  • 10) "you don't have to let me win"
  • 11) "you can do so much better"
  • 12) "don't you think this is an idiotic idea?"
  • 13) "i can't fucking do this anymore"
  • 14) "i just don't want anyone to get hurt"
  • 15) "im more than that."
  • 16) "no one sees me because i don't want them to"
  • 17) "you are far too lovely"
  • 18) "i accept the consequences"
  • 19) "it's the anniversary today"
  • 20) "don't tell me that you forgot it"
  • 21) "don't tell me that you regret it"
  • 22) "tell the grim reaper that i can volunteer"
  • 23) "stop being so fucking pretentious"
  • 24) "i don't know"
  • 25) "please, i love them."
  • 26) "i can't help you anymore"
  • 27) "you shouldn't be with me right now"
  • 28) "stop it."
  • 29) "im begging you, please stop"
  • 30) "i don't think i can anymore"
  • 31) "what happened while i was away"
  • 32) "it's not all about you"
  • 33) "what happened to us? what happened to you?"
  • 34) "god, i adore you"
  • 35) "i'm not a fan of the idea"
  • 36) "that is a horrible idea"
  • 37) "you're the one for me"
  • 38) "i can't live without you."
  • 39) "there is a lot of ways to say goodbye"
  • 40) "im so exhausted"
  • 41) "i can not do this without you"
  • 42) "oh, god, why"
  • 43) "who did it?"
  • 44) "im not fine. no one is"
  • 45) "existentialism is my favorite discussion topic"
  • 46) "what a heart of gold you got there"
  • 47) "i don't believe it."
  • 48) "stars and flowers are overrated"
  • 49) "please shut the hell up."
  • 50) "yes."