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In reply to the now REALLY long meta thingy, and the notion of Amara/The Darkness being like anti matter that needs to be reunited with God, I'm gonna pull out my Sciency Goggles and say no, the darkness isn't antimatter, it's Dark Matter (and Dark Energy), which isn't the same thing. It's been there all along, we just can't actually perceive it easily. It wouldn't lead to the destruction of the universe, more like an expansion of the universe we are able to interact with. (1)

(2) I have a RIDICULOUS number of science-adjacent theories tying the Darkness back to the big bang. And the physics is one of the things that’s keeping me positive about the outcome, because again, Amara/The Darkness isn’t antimatter, she’s all the stuff that’s been “locked away” from our perception since the dawn of time, but actually makes up about 95% of all the mass-energy in the entire universe. Mathematically we know it’s there, and we’re on the verge, scientifically, of proving it.

(3) sorry to go full-on nerd in your ask box. I do that sometimes. I got so bad at one point that this is one of my tags: “i never in a billion years would’ve thought i’d quote einstein and nasa in a supernatural meta” :D

OH this is so much BETTER! Thank you. 

I’m just gonna go get my science geek on now and join you in this because I LOVE science based theories and relating God/Amara to a scientific theory feels me with glee. I guess my thoughts on the matter/anti-matter reading is the negative reading? Since it would literally mean the end of all things once God and Amara ‘join’ together in some way. But It’s funny because as I was writing that I did think that it would sound better if she was DARK matter instead because, well… DARK. Heh.

So we imagine that Amara is the Dark Matter in the universe compared to the visible ‘light’ matter or in this case, God.

Then what we know is that creation could not happen without her (without God’s “betrayal” according to the show so far) and that she has been there this whole time but has been reduced to an angelic bedtime story, invisible to all of God’s creation but still affecting it in a profound way.

Because that is the kicker here. Like Dark Matter, which is theorised to not only make up around 95% of the matter in the universe as you mentioned, but that it is the substance that is holding the universe together, keeping it in motion, and potentially responsible for the current structure of the universe in which life was able to form. The Darkness has a fundamental role in God’s creation. (perhaps in 11x20 we will find out more about this?) There has to be a balance. There cannot be light without dark, there cannot be good without evil, and that for humans to truly have free will, they have to have the choice before them… to eat the forbidden fruit or not?

Without going too far into it, just imagine what that world would look like had the Darkness never existed? Had it never corrupted Lucifer? There would be no sin. Without the option to sin, there is no free will.

When you consider that Angels are supposed to be beings of pure light (so not affected by the darkness and pure creations of God alone) they don’t have free will, they don’t understand the concept of it, and when they do use it, they tend to fall. Human’s already all have a little bit of Darkness in them. That ability to choose chaos over order… maybe thats why Amara is eating the souls? To get back all those pieces of herself that are spread out across the universe in the souls? (because i headcanon now that for God to create souls he had to use her power in some small way - because he couldn’t just create souls from his own ‘light’ powers like he did with the angels - i also theorise that the leviathan was him using way too much of Amara’s power over his own - but meh, that’s all just my own headcanons with very little canon evidence to back up my wildly outlandish claims.)

Going back to the idea of Dark Matter vs Light Matter, unlike the anti-matter idea, there is no cancelling out. the two types of matter work in harmony together to make a functioning universe. You cannot have one without the other (so the physics seems to suggest). So there can be no killing Amara, just calming her, and getting her to understand that she does very much have a place in the universe her brother created, that she is vital to the continued existence of humanity through free will. This could lead to a rather satisfying season end without another death or entrapment and instead one of unification and progression. and it will be our very own team free will that gets her to see it.

This is probably the most positive season end that we could hope for in all honesty, though right now it is more of a wish than anything I actually believe could happen. Since I am unfortunately one of those that believes that either Sam or Dean (most likely Dean) will end up out in the empty by season end.

This ask got away from me a bit! I got over excited about science theory like the geek i am and rambled. Hopefully this is relatively coherent! :)