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interrupt. // iwaizumi hajime

i had this idea on skype and oh my god i just had to write it
college au btw!

Today seemed like one of the best days Iwaizumi has actually had in college so far, the classes were fine; he practically aced all his tests and he was on a date with the person he’s had a crush on ever since they showed up late to class.

Well that last one was something that almost made Iwaizumi faint there and then when they asked if he wanted to do something with you later. As soon as you had said the words to him his face bursted into to red as he muttered a yes before leaving in a flash.

And now here you two were sitting on a park bench just talking about your past school’s and such, anything that came to mind really.

“What school did you go to?” You asked, Iwaizumi pursed his lips slightly before he spoke, “Aoba Johsai.” Your eyes widened as you let out as you let out a small noise of excitement, “Really?! That’s such a highly appreciated school!” You exclaimed with excitement, the males face growing slightly red seeing how excited you were.

He covered his cheeks with his hand as his eyes glanced away, “What school did you go to?” He asked, changing the subject onto you. “Ah, I just went to Nekoma,” Iwaizumi blinked as his eyes glanced back over at you seeing a soft smile on your face.

“I see, did you like it?”

“Yeah,” You hummed with a nod, “It was a good school, plus it was close to home so it just made it easier for me to go there.” You stated, “Much like Aoba Johsai it had a highly appreciated Volleyball team.” You added, thinking back to your high school days where everyone would talk about the Volleyball team while you’d have your face crammed in a book to study and read.

“You said you played Volleyball, right, Iwaizumi? What position did you play?” You asked, “Wing Spiker.” You let out another noise of excitement, “That’s so cool! I would love to watch you play one day.”

Iwaizumi’s eyes widened as another blush grew on his face, “R-Really?” You nodded, “Of course!” You confirmed the male growing a small smile on his face, this date was something he was looking forward too all day.

And he had a reason too, with your excitement and smiles he almost regrets not asking you out sooner instead of you asking him out earlier that day.

Then his phone rang, making the male click his tongue to look at it only to grow a look of disgust when he saw the name on his screen. “Shittykawa” was written on the screen, causing Iwaizumi to press the decline button and put the phone back in his pocket.

“Did you need to get that?” You asked, he shook his head, “It’s not important.” He stated simply, his phone ringing again making him pull it out of his pocket again and press the decline button yet again, it rung one more time making the male grow more annoyed at the male who consistently rang him.

“Are you sure it’s not important?” You asked, hesitantly. “Believe me,” Iwaizumi said looking away from his phone and at you, “It’s not important.” Iwaizumi’s phone didn’t ring again which made him let out a breath of relief.

Though his relief was short lasted as his phone started to buzz with messages from that damn Shittykawa. And as much as you wanted to believe Iwaizumi you couldn’t help, but wonder who was calling him; surely it was important if it was three rings and multiple texts.

Finally you saw Iwaizumi sigh and call someone, a small frown on his face as he held the phone up. “Go away.” He stated simply to the person he called before he ended it with an annoyed sigh. You sweat dropped at the male, only to flinch when your phone rang making you pick it up as you glanced up at the sky.

“Hello?” You asked, “(Nickname)-chan!” A whiny voice said, you let out a small sigh as you glanced down and looked ahead, “Oikawa-san.” You stated simply, though from the side of your eyes you could practically see Iwaizumi’s soul leave his body.

“I-Iwaizumi! What’s wrong?”

“Iwa-chan’s with you?! You know Iwa-chan?! (Nickname)-chan, answer me!”

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now that maisie is 19, imagine if they actually start doing smth with gendrya, oh my god

ahhh!! same!! but honestly, I would hate if D&D saw her age as an opportunity to write some flimsy romance that got shoved in with the rest of their plot. and arya is supposed to be young, too. she’s not 20-something, a seasoned warrior who has finally made her peace and willing to find her place in the world with gendry. she’s supposed to be 12. even as little as a gendrya hug would give me life, but they better not pull another stunt like they did with gendry and melisandre, y’know? 

i’m really counting on grrm to do their ship justice at this point but at the same time gendry is back

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i always blush super hard whenever my english comes out wrong or rude which is...... every day of my life. once, i accidentally told a guy at my work that we had discontinued our coffee, instead of that we had discontinued a kind of sweetener(i work at a starbucks and spoke the words "we don't actually sell our coffee anymore") and i blushed super bright, and he of course went "OH MY GOD I MADE YOU BLUSH" and instead of saying "i blush easily" or something, i said, loudly, "YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL".


I’ll Be There - Part 7

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10| |Part 11| |Part 12| |Part 13| |Part 14| |Part 15| |Epilogue|

Member: Hoseok

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3200 (bless) 

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: I have a feeling this series might go over 10 parts 😁 Enjoy Xx 

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“Oh God, my head hurts so damn much.” You wince at the pain from turning your head even just to look at your phone. You feel the nightstand for your phone, but then your hand brushes over a piece of paper. You pick it off of the table and read it.

You drank a lot last night Y/N. I stayed the night just in case something happened, I hope you don’t mind. I also made you some hangover soup. I don’t know how long you’re going to be asleep for, but if you wake up early it should still be warm :P I have to leave now because of work. Feel better soon!

- Hobi

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Something kinda disturbing in Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice that I feel the need to talk about

Not something I usually talk about I know, but there’s a certain character in case 4 I think, the one about Rakugo stuff (spoilers btw if you havent played it and care about the ace attorney series lol) that just.

has so many disturbing implications and when playing it with my boyfriend I got Very Upset about it cuz the actual reveal was very sudden and all like all the stuff before suddenly made sense to me all at once and i was like oh god and now I feel the need to make a post about it to be like I’m not the only one who noticed this right???

but basically warning for talking about disturbing content like severe child abuse and multiple personality disorder and sexual abuse esp so if those things upset you just warning there in here

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Monsta X Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being Dirty Minded


*He was changing and you walked in the room.*
Y/N: “What a great time to give you back your boxers”
“Woah there, WHY did you have my boxers…?”
Y/N: “Girl stuff”
*But you escape and he just stares at the closing door, half-naked, highly disturbed*


*He’s dancing around happily to some good songs with Minhyuk and you watch him*
Y/N: “Can you change your sweatpants to some normal trousers that’ll actually hold you together? Something just keeps dangling and it’s distracting.”
Minhyuk: “OH MY GOD”



Y/N: “Those trousers make you look big.”
“Oh… Really?”
Y/N: “Yeah, leather always made your bulge look like you hide a monster there”
“W… Why did you have to say that…”


Y/N: “Hey, Wonnie~ You like sleeping?”
“Are you asking me now? Obviously yes”
Y/N: “Then we should do it together!”
“… You know you…?”
Y/N: “I do”
Y/N: “You want to?”
“Well… Kinda”
Y/N: “Hehehehe~ You dirteeh”
“Hey! You started!”


*Looks at your internet history out of curiosity and finds all the smut you’ve read, 90% of them being about him*
“But… I’m beside her most of the time, why would she… This perv…”


*You ask him for help counting the amount of tulips in a park for some bizzare reason*
“66, 67, 68, 69…”
*You giggle*
Y/N: “You said 69…”
*Tries not to laugh himself*
“Oh God can we just continue on?”

I hope you liked it!
Feel free to request more~

Taylor Canif (Smut)

Taylor Caniff

“Tour with Taylor was amazing because we got to meet fans, sign autographs and many stuff. but it was not good because he’s not paying to much attention to me, we haven’t fucked in like 3 months and yes I understand he’s busy a lot but seriously after we took a break of tour, we rarely cuddle” I said in the phone. “Y/N why don’t you make him jealous or something, remember when you made him jealous along time ago and he took you to room to fuck the living shit out of you, I still remember you couldn’t walk for like a week” My Best friend said. It actually true what she was saying maybe I need to do something. “Oh my god, thanks you’re the best, I’ll talk to you later” I said before hanging up the phone, and running to my room to get some sexy clothing.


“Wait hold up babe, what are you wearing?” Taylor said as his jaw drop.

“Clothes, duh” I rolled my eyes

“I know that, but you’re just showing to much skin and I don’t want the guys to see my BabyGirl” He explained, he kiss my forehead and left to the Living room.

“Hey, Dillon Can help me this” I said loud enough for Taylor but still no sign of him. “What do you need” Dillon Ask. “I was wondering which lingerie is better but let me put them on first” I said. “Oh my god you going to model some lingerie for me, yes” Dillon smirked. Out of nowhere Taylor burst in pushing Dillon out the bedroom. “I know, what you’re doing” Taylor said. “I just wanted Dillon opinion” I innocently said while batting my eyelashes knowing it would drive Taylor insane. “Stop, Y/N” He said, taking the piece of cloth out of my hand and putting them in the drawer.

“Why are you teasing me?” Taylor said as he anxiously played with his fingers.

“Only if it was that simple, I guess you have to figured out your own” I said twirling my hair around my finger. He sigh, brushing his hair back with hands.

I teasingly sway my hips to made my way out the door, but he grabs my wrist spinning me around to kiss my soft lips, I smiled in victory as he knew what I wanted. “Im going to give you what you want” he said between the kiss. Our lips pulls apart to take are clothes and undergarments off our needy bodies.

I crawl on top of him, sucking and biting his neck marking him all up. He groaned in pleasure as my hands travel down his harden shaft to slightly pump him, up and down. He removed my hands from his length, I looked at him confusedly. We smirked, as we both knew what he wanted, I move down taking his length in my mouth whirling my tongue around his sensitive tips. He moaned as I took more of him in my mouth. “Fuck I’m close” he moaned, as soon he twitches I took him out of my mouth. He sends a hard glare that he always does when I tease him. He turn us around so I am beneath him, without any warning he thrusted in making me moan loudly, I’m pretty sure Dillon left because he can’t handle people in the next room having sex. Taylor relentlessly thrust at a fast speed. “Fuck fuck fuck” I arched my back as he hit my g-spot repeatedly making my toes curl up. Once his thrust started to get sloppy I flip us over bouncing up and down, he bite his lips as my cum drips down his dick, soon following with his own orgasm.

I slid out and collapsed in the bed.
“Babe that was amazing” he said kissing my cheeks, I smiled slowly falling asleep.
Sorry if this was short I was in a rush and I just wanted to post something today!!
The request would be open next week so keep that in mind -

Because I really wanted to find some proofs for my theory I found HxH manga RAW scans and OH MY GOD!!!!!!
Now I know exactly that Feitan don’t speak Chinese (or any other language), but it doesn’t matter because - DAMN! - I have learned something that I just need to share!!!
The thing is… Actually when Feitan speaks he adds ね [ne] in almost every phrase
and this is so ADORABLE!!!.
Why they didn’t use this in the anime? No idea, but GOD, this made my day

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I LOVE the way you draw Laxus and Natsu oh my god! Freed looks a little smol or too soft or like something is off though or maybe that's just me? XD But dude I'm so happy to see that someone else ships Laxus x Mystogan tho you have NO idea!

I love drawing Natsu! Laxus is a little hard to draw actually (he’s so muscly lol). Freed’s hair may be drawn a little too thick and that made his body looked smol lol… and in the drawing I made Laxus stand a bit straighter with Freed than when he is with Mystogan. Maybe that’s why he looked smol? B-but you ship Laxogan?! Oml yaaay~ Thanks for telling me!! >w<

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Napoleon literally brought back slavery, how gross do you have to be not to see that as a sign of evil?

Oh my god… I should have known better than try and argue for contextualisation of history on Tumblr of all places. Of course people on here don’t understand nuances and how important it is to contextualise history in order to have a good understanding of it.

Who said it was okay to bring back slavery in the colonies? Nobody. And certainly not me. It is actually something I brought up in another post I made about him a few days back as a questionable policy of his; you can look up in my “Napoleon Bonaparte” tag and you will find it easily.

That being said, what people like you fail to understand is that CONTEXT MATTERS and so does historical context. If you fail to properly contextualise history then your understanding of it will always be false. Slavery is something that has existed in one form or another (what was serfdom if not slavery in disguise?) in every human civilization and nobody argues that it was okay - and certainly not me. It’s something we all carry and must remember in order to not repeat the mistakes of the past. What is argued however is that value dissonance is a thing and this is why you cannot hold people who were alive in the XVIIIth century to the standard and values we have gained and know are right today. You simply can’t look at history through XXIst century lenses or you will never properly understand it nor learn the lessons out of it that need to be learned and remembered, you will only be sitting in a position of false superiority instead.

When Revolutionary France abolished slavery in 1794 I don’t think you quite understand how radical and indeed revolutionary that was. Plenty of policies and beliefs that were held by revolutionary France where virtually unheard of, why do you think the monarchies surrounding it where so threatened by it? Equal rights for all? Abolition of privileges? All those things were threatening the status quo and had to be crushed in order for them to retain the power they didn’t want to give up. The point is, none of the absolute monarchies (or oligarchy in the case of Britain) who were surrounding France were any better. They didn’t KNOW better. Britain (touted as the “good guys” by those who want to paint a manichean picture of the era) only abolished slavery in the entirety the Empire in 1833. Over 15 years after Napoleon was exiled to St Helena.

Nobody is saying that all of Napoleon’s policies were good. What is argued is that by the standard of the times he lived in and ruled in, a lot of those policies he made (freeing the jews when they were confined in ghettos everywhere else, writing the civil code, promoting a meritocracy) were stepping stones toward pogress and enlightenment which eventually led us to where we are. People didn’t wake up one day and realise that slavery was bad or that women were equal, people and history are more complicated than that. It is an ever evolving march instead. Nobody argue it was good, we just argue that it should be contextualised.

You speak of a sign of “evil” as if history was a Holywood movie with easily identifiable bad guys and good guys, but you can’t. Real life isn’t a movie, and just because those events took place centuries before any of us were born doesn’t make it any less real. I do not argue that Napoleon was a hero, I argue that he was a leader of his time who should and need to be judged according to the values of his time and according to those he was far more enlightened than the large majority of the monarch that surrounded him.

So next time you want to call me gross, maybe you should look up the subject you are talking about in more depth than a few posts you have seen on tumblr and randomly decided to get offended at without bothering to try and gain any sort of true understanding of it first.

Just no

I made Dan and Phil on the Sims and one time I went to play my other family (who live next door) and I was like “something feels wrong” so I got a member of the family I was playing to visit Dan and Phil’s house next door and I arrived in front of their house and I could hear a weird noise coming through the walls. Immediately I was like “oh god what’s happening” so I knock on the door. Suddenly I can see inside the house and there, in his bed, was Phil, LITERALLY BAWLING HIS EYES OUT UNDER THE COVERS AND DAN IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.
Like, I know they’re just sims but that literally made me pause the game, sit back in my chair and wipe away my tears because phil us just such a smol cinnamon roll.

And that was when I knew that I was in too deep.

god! XD i love @sketchit26‘s undertale au so so much i just can’t! :love: this pic was actually inspired from their au cause i love it like oh my! (i’m trash.. i know..) althought thinking about that au made me think of something else to add to it but the au is already perf so i should shut up >m> but, i like to think that chara and frisk are twins and during the week they spend their time in the underground for tutoring with asriel. frisk is taught to learn how to defend themselves better and chara is taught compassion since they gots like no soul and shizz i don’t know.. i’m stupid \shot.

Gather around the Cannibal Pub’s table, Fannibals. We have to talk.

We almost can’t believe it, but this adventure of ours began not even two months ago. A few of us started talking about organizing a fest (more specifically, the #SpacedogsSummer, our upcoming fest!), and so we decided to create a small creative community (aka our beloved Cannibal Pub) to inspire each other with new prompts, new ideas, new everything! All those conversations soon evolved into the idea of actually organizing fests. The Fannibals are a talented fandom, and we wanted more challenges, more things to inspire us to write, draw and create. 

And so, one day a conversation led to the #JustFuckMeUp idea. “Why not organizing something to write kinks or things that squick us or we have never thought about writing before?” We laughed and kept talking about what we would write or create, the things that would make us go “oh my god, I can’t believe I made this!” And so, we decided to go for it. We would invite all Fannibals to join us in our crazy idea during a week.

What we did not expect, not in a million years, was the response this fest had. As of right now (remember that we’ll accept late submissions, since a lot of people couldn’t make it in the deadline), there are almost 70 fics in the AO3 collection (around 200k words!!) and even more counting the Tumblr works, more than 50 arts, gifsets, edits, manips… (you have the fic roundups here, and the art roundups here so you don’t miss any of them!)

What started as an idea between a small group of people, what we thought would be just us creating a few things and perhaps a few people joining us, became this amazing, beautiful monster of a fest.

We have no words to express how thankful and delighted we are at this response. Here in the Cannibal Pub we’d like to thank each and every person who has written from a small ficlet to a bigger fic, every person who has drawn something, everyone who has created a gifset or edit and posted it and sent it to us on twitter… And last but not least, each and every one of you who have read or reblogged the works, followed this community, and supported this fest.

We only hope that you join us in the next fests and challenges. #JustFuckMeUp has been only the beginning!

THANK YOU, you beautiful, kinky Fannibal family. The next round is on us, get crazy in the Cannibal Pub tonight!

Do you know why they look so pissed here?

Based on my limited French, Chloe told them something about preferring if the chef would make sushi. Adrien immediately lets her know that sushi is Japanese and the chef is Chinese. Which means Chloe actually just assumed that he was Asian and therefore made sushi. Or she deliberately made a racist comment about Marinette’s family to get on her nerves oh my god I’m so done with Chloe’s shit.

Here you can plainly see the “Let me tell you what” Adrien face and the “That racist bitch” Marinette face.

please stop acting like genevieve padalecki has not worked an ounce in her life. if i read one more person claim she is a gold digger i will literally lose it. surprise she actually had a successful acting job for four season as a lead actress. surprise she made her own money before even knowing jared totally unheard of right??

wait??? oh my god!!! you mean she was in something besides supernatural???!!

quit fucking acting like she hasn’t worked a day in her life.

Okay, so, I watched Darren as Hedwig for the first time and I just have a few things to say about it… 


2. Where did he learn to walk in heels? I’m impressed.

3. The delivery of all those blowjob jokes had me wheezing



6. That perfected Hedwig accent was beautiful 

7. I have seen so many GIF sets of the Chris Col-fur joke but actually hearing it almost gave me a heart attack. 

8. I have never been so jealous of a mic stand before.

9. I realized if Darren ever spit on me I would burst. 

10. He’s such a good fucking actor, like oh my god, what the hell?

11. I can listen to him sing Wicked Little Town until I die (that song always made me cry but something about his voice with it had me sobbing)

12. I now personally believe no one else can play Hedwig like JCM and Darren

13. I’m shook

I made a new wig! It’s actually quite fun, my dad is sort of neutral when it comes to bjd’s, but my mom knits and he’s always so impressed with that. When I show him my alpaca wigs, he’s also basically blown away even though my work is mediocre at best, lol. It’s nice though, cuz he’s so ecstatic that I’m doing something creative.
“DID YOU MAKE THAT? IT’S SO COOL. OH MY GOD.” literally what happened while I was taking pictures xD

Mokona has the best Poker Face. Kurogane doesn’t stand a chance. 

But of course Syaoran is the moral compass here and is the only one actually concerned that Kurogane is eating half the menu and they actually have no money to pay for any of it. Which I’m hoping means they’ve only just gotten here and literally went into this tavern right off the bat, because food, and priorities. 






Fai you are a magnificent mess.