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They Know (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Plot: Reader and Bucky have been dating for years and have been very lowkey, until reader has a press conference and a ring is on that finger

A/N: Sorry for the long wait but also shout out to that porn blog that liked my post, you cool 

Includes Playful, Loving Bucky :)))))))))

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“(Y/N), you seem to be the only one that’s ready, come on.” Pepper ordered.

“Wait, what? Why?” You asked confused.

“Just a quick press conference on your side of the story, just tell them how easy it was and HYDRA can’t get away with it.” Pepper shrugged, pushing you through the doors.

You awkwardly walked up to the podium, and cleared your throat, “Any questions?”

“Tell us about the mission, how was it for you?” The first reporter asked.

“Barton and I were mainly in charge of the air craft, but things got harder on the front line, more HYDRA than anticipated, so we went to join. It was tiring but nothing we couldn’t handle.” You summed up.

“How is Barnes?” Another reported asked.

“He’s good..” you answered confusedly.

“There have been reports indicating that Barnes and yourself are in a romantic relationship, how would you respond?” The same reporter asked.

“Barnes and I are very close, we get along very well, and I guess I could see how that could be mistaken for a romantic relationship. I don’t have time for any romantic relationships unfortunately.” You replied.

“Tony is ready now if you’re done.” Pepper whispered to you.

“Thank goodness, I hate press conferences.” You whispered back, away from the microphones.

“Now, if you have no further questions, I’ll tell Tony that you’re all ready. Thank you.” You smiled, waving good bye with your left hand.

“Is that a ring?”

“Are you and Barnes engaged?”

“When can we expect a wedding?”

“Where will the wedding be?”

“Are you pregnant?”

The door shut behind you and you came face to face with the man responsible for that ring.

“Bucky! They know! What are we going to do?” You began to panic.

“Wait, what happened?” Bucky asked.

“She accidentally waved with her left hand, the hand that ring with a giant rock is on, after she had just denied any romantic relationship.” Pepper replied as she looked for Tony.

“Baby, it was bound to happen, I’m surprised we kept 6 years of dating under wraps. It’s all going to be just fine, we have the smartest minds with us, we can be sneaky and hide it all. If you want to of course.” Bucky chuckled.

“Don’t laugh at me, it’ll be weird having a public relationship after so long, but you’re right, it’s going to happen anyways. I love you.” You smiled at Bucky.

“I love you too, you have nothing to worry about, I will be right by your side through everything.” He smiled back.

“Cute, really cute.” Sam smiled.

“So where shall we share this first? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook?” You asked.

“I got this.” Bucky reassured.

He walked straight into the press conference, pushed Tony aside and very loudly yelled into the microphones, “(Y/N) and I are engaged, we’ve been together for 6 years, and no,shes not pregnant- yet. Thanks.”

He smiled at you as Pepper held his ear after having dragged him out of the room.

“Oh my god, you really are so luck that I love you.”

Terminal Love

Summary: You accidentally run into a stranger at the airport and he turns out to be wonderful company. Not just wonderful company – he’s your soulmate, this lovely Park Chanyeol. The universe has matched you two together, and you’re more than happy to go along with it. But what happens when your soulmate believes someone else is his soulmate?

Pairing: Chanyeol x You

Genre: Soulmate AU, humor, fluff, smol angst

Rating: PG-13 (language)

Word Count: 1510

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Your inner monologue is one long stream of cursing as you hurry down the terminal towards your gate which is worryingly empty. The passengers have already boarded the plane and it’s going to take off any minute now – without you on it.

Everything had been going wrong today, from your Uber getting a punctured tire to the TSA confiscating your expensive shampoo to the blisters forming on your feet from your flats as you run to catch your flight. Your boss always does this, spring last-minute meetings on you that you have to fly to, and you’re seriously considering either quitting or demanding compensation for the hypertension meds you’re going to have to invest in now. Does your insurance cover that?

And just as you’re thinking of your boss, your phone rings from deep within your purse. You can’t even ignore the call because it might be him. Fucking shit.

Without slowing down, you rifle through your bag – past lipstick tubes, gum, pens, half a first-aid kit, an overstuffed wallet – until your fingers close around the cool metal of your cell phone, and you tug it free, about to answer when—

Thud. Something large body checks you from out of nowhere, and you’re knocked to the ground in a blur of flailing limbs, your phone flying out of your hands. Whoomp. The dirty ground is suddenly pressed against you, the breath is knocked out of you, and before you can even process what happened, wide brown eyes are in your face.

“Oh god, are you okay?” a deep voice, so deep you can feel the vibrations in your bones, frets. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t even see you!” Then you’re being peeled off the floor and onto your feet, and you find yourself at eye level with a man’s chest. God, this guy is tall – but besides your exacerbated stress from being essentially bulldozed, you’re not concerned with him. No, what matters most to you right now is –

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RFA boys + V with MC being a teacher and all that comes with it. Like, for older kids a specialized knowledge about a certain subject and knowing teen stuff, and with little kids being up on all the latest "kid" things and always looking at (cont)

(Cont) toys and picture books and singing silly songs. And of course, the grading and lesson planning and kids who give problems and stress that comes on top of that. But she really really loves being a teacher and won’t give it up.

(Combined because of similarity!!)

A/N: These requests are so pure and I enjoy them so much but ive never seen how a teacher prepares for anything so i went based on what a few things teacher friends/my dad told me and how i interact with my siblings and stuff ;A; ~Admin 404


           -The two of you act like such kids yourselves, but he absolutely loves it, you teach younger children and he can see how soft and sweet you are to them!

           -He actually enjoys some of the cool kid gadgets you check out for your class

           -That cool robo-dog toy? He wants one now


           -He’s actually sat in on a few classes of yours his butt actually fits in the little kid chairs

           -The little tikes love him to death! They like to tease him about dating you

           - though they all think he’s a kid too just in a higher grade ;A;

           -But sometimes kids can get rowdy, and he knows this

           -When you come home stressed out, from kids misbehaving, he’s always there to lighten the mood! Tells you stories from when he was a kid, full of silly sound effects, and he’s even borrowed picture books from his mum to show you childhood pictures! It embarrasses him sometimes, but he knows that you enjoy the imaginations children have so it can’t hurt to tell you, right?

           - also lowkey shows up around snack time when he visits because he freaking loVES THE JUICE BOXES AND COOKIES MC CAN HE HAVE SOME TOO


           -He knows how difficult teaching can be, his parents were teachers

           -SUPER. HYPED. When he found out that you’re a HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA TEACHER come on y'all i saw the chance so i took it

           -You actually went to school!!!! For acting!!! That’s amazing! He’s a natural so he didn’t have to

           -He tries to come to your class at least once a week to give the students some tips (since he’s in the field and semi-famous and all)


           -He dropped out of school and had bad experience with teachers so he was actually really iffy about your job at first

           -But the first time he watched you shine because of your passion for helping these teens, he knew you belonged in this career

           -But when you come home from a long day of teens being….well….teens, he feels so bad

           -He was a rebellious teen so he thinks he can help talk to them about listening and respecting everything you try to do for them he kept them for two class periods one day lecturing them about how much respect you deserve and the kids all literally cried and hugged you at the end of it jfc zen what did you sAY TO THEM

           -Always there to wipe away your tears, whether they be of joy or sadness, when your class puts on plays. You’re proud of your students but he’s always 10x more proud of you because heY MC YOU DID THAT, LOOK



           -She thinks it’s so cool because!!!! The two of you can both really appreciate literature

           -It’s like a personal little book club between the two of you, always talking about themes and deeper meanings

           -Not to mention she lives for the drama you over hear in your classroom come on we all live for gossip every now and then dont judge me or jaehee and you can teach her all of the younger lingo which she uses to understand a few of the interns at work

           -When you’ve been up for hours trying to grade papers, she’s always there to help with them

           -Mainly because she wants to avoid you bashing your head against the table because they’re all writing the same things over and over again

           -If she comes across something she’s unsure about in her readings you’re the first person she asks

           -Love love loves helping you pick which books your students are going to analyze next

           -Not to mention!!! You always have all the newest books in almost any genre because of your job and!!! She always has something new to read!!!!

           -If your day was rough though, she’s got coffee at the ready for you, the two of you are going to sit down and just rant about anything and everything that happened because hey kids can be stupid, she’s not gonna tell on you for pointing out the obvious


           -He finds it absolutely adorable when you come home covered in paint, glitter, marker, you name it

           -Calls you his masterpiece what a sap

           -Not used to being around kids but he visits your kids as often as possible


           - they paint kitty whiskers on his face sometimes and you’ve never seen him smile bigger

           -They once asked him to build a tower out of blocks with them and he took over the entire project, made a replica of the C&R building

           -When the two of you are at home, though, he refuses to admit he enjoys it there with the kids. Complains about paint on his white shirt, why are kids to loud, they’re so energetic what the heck, etc etc

           -Always buying cool new toys and craft things for your classroom- he knows how teachers are paid and he just wants to help out. For you. Not for the kids. its totally for the kids dont let him fool you

           -He never really knows how to comfort you if you come home from a hard day with your class, so he usually sits with your head resting against him. He listens to you rant about everything that happened, running his hand through your hair to let you know he’s listening.

           -Never ONCE has he asked you to quit your job. He thinks teachers are important and should be treasured, and he sees how happy the kids make you every day- he could never ask you to give that up but hey mc if you ever wants kids of your own, he’s got you, wink wonk


           -Teacher? lmao what’s that not everyone is a freaking genius saeyoung shUT UP


           -You were a high school computer science teacher, and hello MC i could be of service saeyoung pls

           -He came in as a guest speaker one day and none of the students could keep up with what he was saying??? What’s all of this?? Mr. Choi can you please dumb down the lesson???

           -By the end of class though, everyone (including him) were just drawing stupid pictures on MS paint sigh

           -He’s actually really excited that you teach computers to teenagers!! Computers are great, MC!!! You can teach them to hack! no saeyoung thats not what i do, thats you

           -Sometimes he’ll play dumb and ask you for help with his computer just to hear your teacher voice (it doesnt work often because you KNOW he knows what’s wrong)

           -“MC, you can be the teacher and I’ll play the naughty student *eyebrow wiggle*” he walks in with a plaid skirt and knee high socks what a fucking doRK

           -There are days that the kids just don’t listen and do whatever they want, and it frustrates you to no end. Some of them were wrestling and broke a monitor once, and you had to call Saeyoung, break down and cry on your lunch break. He’s always there at the end of the day with blanket forts and HBC to get you away from all electronics even for a little while

           -The next day though, he hacks into all the computers in your classroom and scares the students into paying attention because what person doesn’t freak out when someone starts listing their personal information on their screen???


           -High school dance teacher?

           -Are you his soulmate MC because it’s really feeling like it

           -He’s a dancer himself! (though he doesnt practice it often)

           -So he always offers to be your partner on days you’re teaching couple’s dances!

           -He can tell how much effort and passion you put into helping these kids learn the art

           -You absolutely radiate warmth and excitement if your class holds a recital


           -But kids will be kids, which means sometimes there are attitudes thrown around

           -Some days you feel as if you get no respect, and they do whatever they want to do, and it breaks not only your heart but your spirit as well and he will not stand for it

           -He’s very good at lecturing, and seeming nice with a threatening undertone. So when he catches something like this happening, you can bet he’s in front of the class, pouring his heart out about how much respect you deserve for all of your hard work and they shape up real quick every time this happens. So he kisses you on the forehead and lets you keep teaching <3


           -You work with little kids all day?

           -Why would you wanna do that to yourself jfc

           -You’re always looking at cute, kid crafts and he kind of wants to try them but he’ll never tell you that

           -Very very afraid to visit your class because? He’s scary, he doesn’t want the little kids to be afraid of him

           -But they WEREN’T. AT ALL. He could feel his heart melting at how much they actually liked him like holy crap MC i wanna come visit every day


           -The two of you are the power team at story time, everyone is completely enthralled with the story, voices, and how you act them out

           -When you first told him that you were a teacher for little kids, it made complete sense to him. You’re so sweet and kind and patient and bubbly and it just cliCKED WOW MC YOU ARE A TEACHER

           -But kids have tantrums, and short attention spans, and they’re very stubborn, so if you have a rough day, you actually have to calm him down instead saeran you cant threaten the children its okay im just tired ill be fine

           -The two of you have naps on those rough days, he’ll rub your shoulders to help you relax, and he actually goes out of his way to look up things for your lesson plan the next day!

Bon’s Play by Play (now that she’s had some time to recuperate)(marginally)

~Oh GOD the fact that Claire wakes up in the hospital not having Bree in her arms (if we don’t have direct parallel shots to the ‘where is my baby’ sequence from Faith, I will be SHOCKED) (and then I will DIE because THIS TIME SHE LIVES!!!!) (AND IF SHE SINGS THE BY THE SEASIDE SONG I WILL DIE FURTHER STILL) 

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~“You’re so beautiful”–more Faith feels over here

~Ugh, guys, Claire has (in my mind) spent this whole pregnancy in so much tension and guilt (to say nothing of grief) and is terrified of this life she doesn’t want to lead. And Frank gives her this tiny bit of hope that things can be okay, and that makes me so happy. 

~The scene as they’re walking around at Harvard, Claire darling you just look GLOWY and AMAZING. Samesies for strutting your stuff by that stream

~Shirtless Frank holding Bree….I am NOT a Frank hater but yikes that did make me cringe hardcore. So glad to see Claire’s unease with allowing Frank to call himself Bree’s dad. 

~The fight with Frank and Pregnant Claire cut with the scenes of YEARS YEARS YEARS later where things are STILL TENSE AND RAW is just everything. EVERYTHING GUYS. 

~In the church, Claire is holding Ellen’s pearls like she would a rosary, and this is so beautiful to me. 

~Frank sleeping on the sofa. Damn. 

~The tentative okay-ness between them talking about Bree’s grades. BREE IS THEIR ONE BRIDGE TO OKAY (it used to be sex, remember?)

~The Birthday Party. Frank: “Wish away”…. THE LOOK ON CLAIRE’S FACE! OH MY GOD THE TENSIONS!!!

~”You couldn’t look at Brianna without seeing him” 

~Jamie coming home to Lallybroch and Jenny turning him in!! (I confess the sneaky editing got me on first viewings) (JAMMF you look all kinds of cute tho)

~The way he’s in the cart and being led behind the horse like an ANIMAL. My god how low he’s been laid. 

~”You said she was dead.” ”I said she was GONE” (ONE OF MY FAVORITE EXCHANGES!!!” 

~Roger and his bulletin boards:


~OH MY GOD GENEVA LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE CLAIRE I’M SCREAMING!!! ((i honestly didn’t realize at first that it wasn’t!!!!)

~Anyone know what the coins that Claire examines in the box might be? Just her cash stash for travel or something significant she’s seen before? 

~Anyone have any ideas over who’s the guy lurking in the trees right after the coins bit? 


~”I can’t go through that again” Amazing delivery and posture and HAIRRRRRR 


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What do the 1p's think of the 2p's and vice versa??

Alfred: He is a fucking pervy! If I wanted to hear bad pickup lines I’d give booze to England!

Allen: He’s such of a nice cookie, so boring~ I’d still fuck him though. Ah, that nice thighs…

Arthur: At first I thought that he was just a crazy and annoying guy, but honestly he’s a good person that knows how to put a family together. And swear jar? Best idea ever.

Oliver: Lil Artie is such of a cute friend! He’ll be even better if he drink less and smile more! Also, he needs to put a fire extinguisher on the kitchen. You know, for decoration.

Francis: Oh my God, he needs to shower more, love more, smile more, everything more! How can somebody live like this? I tried to teach him, but he keep declining the offer.

François: Instead of caring about my life he should use more clothes. Discusting.

Yao: That guy is so childish! Why he has to give everyone a nickname? And why he hit on every single girl? And why he does so much dirty jokes??

Yang: Lil Dumpling still mad about me because I took him to a drink and now I know all his secrets… So cute~

Ivan: He’s a nice guy I guess!

Viktor:  He’s a nice guy I guess….

Matthew: He’s such of a nice and gentle person! He always remembers of calling me and visiting me!

Matt: That fucking cute mothercuker….

Feliciano: He can be a little scary, but I’m sure he has a nice heart!

Luciano: Talking about this annoying excuse of rainbow shit and smiles is forbidden in my presence.

Ludwig: That guy needs some discipline.

Lutz: That guy needs some sex.

Kiku: Kuro-san is a nice and decent man. He’s a little pervet, but he knows how to respect the place and time for acting like this.

Kuro: I like Kiku. He’s a nice man. He needs to stop taking pictures of couples, but hey, everyone has his kinks, who am I to judge?

Lovino: If I see that guy in my house again, I gonna shoot him. Oh my God he talks so loud. And why in hell he kept looking at Spain’s butt? That’s discusting.

Flavio: He remembers me of Luci so much~ Except that, thanks to me, Luci is not tacky as that poor soul.

Roderich: Such of an awful taste in music. And what about that clothes?? Why his jeans are ripped? He fell or something like this? 

Roland: Mr. right pants doesn’t know how to have fucking fun. Well, when so much time was used to make the perfection that I am, is no surprise that my counterpart is not as good.

Gilbert: Gillen is so cute and adorable and sweet that I wanna pinch his little cutie cheeks so much ><

Gillen: Gilbert is the coolest guy in the other world! Maybe because he remembers me of Rolland… *blushes*

Mudblood Pt. 1/?

Summary: Y/N likes Draco, yet he always annoys you. Will things change once he apologizes?

A/N: This is trash cause I only do these when I’m tired but if you like or reblog this I’ll literally cry anyways enjoy

You were walking rather fast since you were already late for Potions, in due to the fact that you broke a cup from Professor Trelawney; she overreacted and panicked along with screaming at you in front of everyone. You never felt more embarrassed; not to mention, the one and only Draco Malfoy had the same class as you, he’ll definitely never let you forget that. Although you had an embarrassingly massive crush on him, he was the biggest ass to you sometimes.

 As you were walking in a hurry, you bumped into somebody. You were too scared to look up, but from what you saw, looking down as your heart was beating fast, they had green in their robes. Great, a Slytherin. In spite of the fact that you were a Slytherin yourself; you failed to like the others.

 “Watch it, mudblood!”

 You knew that voice only belonged to one person and it was Draco. You sighed getting ready to hear what he had to say about you. His eyes moved up and down at you as if he were observing your green and black robes as well.

 “Merlin, how are you in Slytherin? You’re a huge disgrace to everyone in it! No wonder you have no friends.” The boy said in an extremely harsh tone.

 You abruptly felt a need to snap at him and cry at the same time, but you just decided to walk away even faster than before.

 “Fucking asshole!” You say louder than you expected, hearing the echo of your comment across the hall and not caring if Draco heard. 

You enter potions class trying not to make it obvious that you were rather upset, not knowing Draco was behind you, late as well for unknown reasons. Hermione glared at you with a worried look as in such a way that she saw right through you. You’ve been friends with the golden trio for the past two years now after they noticed you aren’t like the other Slytherins.

“Late again, Miss Y/L/N and Mister Malfoy?” Professor Slughorn announced

Making everybody’s head turn towards the end of the class where you and Draco were. 

“I-I apologize, Professor, it won’t happen again, I promise.” you said in an awkward tone 

“I had other things to do, Professor” Draco voiced in a bitchy tone, causing you to slightly jump not knowing he was behind you this whole time.

“Considering you both are late” he adds, eyeing the both of you “I will have to seat you both together.” 

You flinch at his statement, looking behind you once again to see Draco half smirking.

“I apologize professor, but I will not accept sitting next to hi-” 

“I apologize as well, Miss Y/L/N but I have no choice.” Professor Slughorn interrupted. 

You sigh, walking to your table on the far right in the back of the class; Draco followed you having a smug look on his face, that showed he was going to taunt you endlessly. Harry glanced at you the whole time. Feeling apologetic, he mouthed “Sorry” to you. Once you both sat down, class started again

 “Now, as I was saying-” Slughorn said. Slughorn was explaining what you all had to do, then you all got to it.

 "You idiot, you’re not supposed to put that much peppermint!“ Draco whispered to you.

 "Oh well, maybe if your big ass head wasn’t in the way, I’d know.” You calmly said, knowing it’d get him more aggravated. 

Draco looked at you looking quite offended “Don’t think you’re funny or start looking for an excuse, Y/L/N.” 

he pointed out, still looking at you. “Whatever.”

Half an hour later, you and Draco were nearly done. “Finally, I thought I’d never finish with somebody like you.” He scoffed.

 You just couldn’t stand him anymore, you felt yourself getting sad and not angry. Why do you like him? Your stomach started to feel like it was getting punched every second. Slughorn walked to your table and checked your potion

“Excellent work, you two. Outstanding!” 

You gave him a fake smile, but Draco had a surprised look on his face, as if he were shocked that you were quite wise.

A couple minutes later, Slughorn announced to leave to the dining hall. You grabbed your stuff, stuffing it in your bag, and ran out the class not wanting to hear another word out of Draco’s mouth expecting it’ll be another discourteous comment. Draco saw you running out with a doleful expression; he was quite inquisitive to know what was wrong. 

You usually sat with the golden trio because they were your only friends. You were beside Hermione and not even in a second, she noticed you were upset.

 “What’s wrong, Y/N?” She asked curiously.

 "Was it that git Draco?“ Ron joined in.

Harry looked up and spoke as well “We can speak to him if you’d like; I wouldn’t mind grabbing him by the-” 

Hermione interrupted him by slapping him on the shoulder 

“That’s enough, Harry! She’s upset, now’s not the time.”

 Ron stopped eating and put his fork down "No Hermione, Harry’s right. He’s been bugging her since the first year.“

Hermione glanced at Ron and opened her mouth to speak; you then finally joined in the conversation and replied

 "It’s not a big deal, guys. It’s just his casual smart-ass remarks he always decides to say. It probably got to me this time cause my time of the month is near.” 

Ron looked at you confused “Wha- oh..”

you looked at him, trying not to let out a giggle. 

Harry glimpsed at you, still a bit worried “I’ll make sure he doesn’t keep annoying you, Y/N.” he choked out, giving you a small smile.

“What he said, Y/N” Hermione said, slowly putting a hand on your shoulder. 

You smiled at both of them, being grateful you have them as your friends. You thanked them and proceeded to eat the delicious food.

 You look up to see the Slytherin table you were supposed to be in and saw Malfoy. He was in the middle of his two followers, Crabbe and Goyle; startlingly, he was already looking at you. He almost certainly was abashed, considering he immediately looked down. After eating and having dreadful classes, you went alone to the library to study.  Almost nobody was in there, so you got to have the whole place to yourself. You sat down and relaxed. Almost not even three minutes later, you heard light footsteps; assuming it wasn’t a big deal, you didn’t look up and you kept studying, eyes moving across the paper and reading the words. Out of the blue, somebody sat across you. Your heart starts racing and you’re too scared to look up to see who it is. 

“Merlin, Y/L/N, no hello?” He whispered, trying not to draw attention to you both. 

You jumped and looked at him; your anger gets the best of you, you want to get up and leave, but you feel like something’s making you stay in your seat. 

“Yeah, because I’m gonna greet somebody that makes me wanna drink bleach.”

 you hissed angrily.  Draco looked at you startled, not knowing what that indicated. Also leading to the people that are in the library too, to face you. 

“Honestly Draco, I’m done with the stupid shit you say. If you came here just to ruin my day even more, just fuck off.” you snapped, trying not to draw as much attention to you both. You were surprised you truly stood up for yourself; you looked at Draco waiting for him to respond, he had a shocked expression. 

“Calm down, Y/L/N, I came to apologize. No need to cause a scene.”

 Your eyes widened and you had to replay what he just said in your head

 “I go too far and I know. I just know if I treat you normally, everybody will talk about it, and my father will find out. He’ll make my life the worst since you’re a mudblo- muggleborn.” His expression looked like something you’ve never seen before; he meant he was sorry, you just know.  

He never looked like this. You don’t know what to say. You know you shouldn’t forgive him, but everybody deserves second chances, right?

He felt like you’ll explode and he didn’t want to deal with it, considering the fact he apologized for the first time to somebody, yet they reject him. He grabs his wand and gets up to walk out; you immediately stood up and grabbed his wrist when he took his first step. 

“Stay.” You calmly said. Draco looks at your hand that is around his wrist, his eyes widened from the contact. You realized you were still in the library, you look up and could’ve sworn you saw his face flush.

 “I- sorry.” you choked out, your hand extracted from Draco’s wrist. Draco didn’t know what to say. He just sat down while he was still blushing and stayed silent.

 A couple minutes later, you felt eyes on you and you look up swiftly to see Draco staring at you

“Is there something on my face?” you ask curiously “U-um no I just- never mind.”

You look at him suspiciously “Oh? okay then.” you looked back down at your book and kept reading. You then felt his eyes on you again and you looked at him straight away “Please, stop looking at me.” you say without thinking then slap yourself mentally

 “Wow, and I am the rude one, Y/L/N?”  Draco sneered. You giggled quietly and tried making a conversation. 

“So.. do you like pizza?” you awkwardly asked, wanting to punch yourself for asking such a dumb question.

“What in Merlin’s name is pizza?” he asked, uninformed. 

You burst into laughter from what the Slytherin boy asked you; you get multiple looks from others and you stop laughing, rather embarrassed “Oh my God, do you really not know?” you quietly asked “You have so much to learn about, Malfoy.”

 Draco looked confused, not knowing half the stuff you just said. You slightly smiled, thinking it was cute how his confused expression looked.

A couple minutes later, everybody decided to go to their common rooms which led to you and him being the only ones there.

 Draco looked at you with a slightly sad expression, “um Y-Y/N.. I’m sorry for everything..”

 You look at Draco, quite shocked he called you by your first name and apologizing again. You smiled at him and grabbed his hand without thinking. 

“It’s okay, Draco. Trust me, it is. We can still be friends- well if you don’t mind since everyone would be quite weirded out and it WOULD be ironic bu-” 

Draco interrupts you “It’ll be fine, really. Just don’t let anyone see us casually talking that would rat us out.” He looked down at you holding his hand and blushed furiously for like the fifth time today.

You look at him with a weird expression “Did you mean: the whole school?” you stated.

Draco looks at you as if he thought you were an idiot, “Why did you have to say it like that?” 

You felt yourself getting hot in the face and you looked down “I-its a meme- never mind.” you rolled your eyes. “God, I’m an idiot, I keep making myself seem like a fool, he’s gonna start hating me.” you thought “idiot” you muttered. 

“What?” Draco asked. 

You looked rapidly and coughed  “Oh, nothing. Just forget that happened.” You got up and grabbed your wand and put your book in your bag. “I-I’m just gonna go it’s kind of late anyway.” you gulped.

 Draco looked at the time, “Y/N, it’s 7.” 

You thought to yourself that it was the dumbest excuse ever, but you already made a fool out of yourself this whole time and you can’t even keep a conversation. 

“Draco I just-” you stopped speaking and walked out. You started walking rapidly to the Slytherin common room. 

“You fucking idiot’ you murmur to yourself.

Barcelona (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

A/N: A long ass random imagine where you meet him at Barcelona. Inspired by recent current events in SHawn’s life haha

« Bye babe. I miss you. » Shawn sighed into the phone.

“I miss you too babe. I’m flying in tomorrow though, remember? You’re gonna see all of us.” Y/N replied.

“I know, I know. I can’t wait. I haven’t seen you in a month.”

Y/N smiled softly. She can practically hear the small twinge of pain in his voice. Of course this was his dream, this was what he always wanted to do; but it wasn’t easy being apart from your loved ones nevertheless.

“Oh okay I gotta go, we’re driving to the airport. I’ll see you in a couple hours!”

“I can’t wait to see you Y/N.”

“You sure you don’t mind coming to pick us up at 1 am? You got a show tomorrow, we can just Uber to your hotel.”

“No no I want to come.”

“Mkay, I’ll see you Shawn.”

“See you love. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You hung up, a smile on your face. You had that fluttery sensation in your body again, really excited to see him again.

“Ready Y/N?” Aaliyah called.


You had gotten along very well with Shawn’s family at this point, they had welcomed you very warmly. You often hung out with them, so flying to Barcelona with them was no problem at all.

You dragged your suitcase into the living room to find Manny, Karen and Aaliyah waiting for you.

“What is up with these huge suitcases girls? We’re there for four days.” Manny chuckled.

“Dad us women have lots to bring.” Aaliyah retorted. You nodded in agreement, laughing.

“Happy birthday Manny! Almost forgot to tell you that before leaving.” You said all of a sudden.

“Oh thanks Y/N! And you birthday is coming up too right?”

“In three days.”

“Nice, nice. What can I say, Tauruses are the best.”

“Yep.” You said, high-fiving him.

“Alright alright, let’s go shall we? The flight leaves in 2 hours.”

You guys drove to the airport, you and Aaliyah hanging out in the backseat, taking random selfies on Snap and making stupid Musical.ly’s.

“Shawn’s gonna see these and piss himself of excitement.” You laughed.

“Hahahah I’ll call Geoff and tell him to record everything if that happens.”

You guys got to the airport right on time, with a couple minutes to kill.

“Oh my god are you Shawn Mendes-“

“Yes.” You and Aaliyah both said.

You looked at each other, about to burst out laughing.

“Sorry what were you gonna say?”

“Girlfriend. Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend.”
“Oh then that yes.” You answered.

“And me definitely not.” Aaliyah replied.

“Oh my god aw, you guys are going to visit Shawn?”

“That’s so freaking cute honestly.”


“Oh my god I gotta tell my friend in Barcelona-“

“Um we kinda wanted to keep this private- oh okay bye then.” You weakly ended as the girl ran away without listening to you.

“Well shit.”

“Well shit. But you know what do you expect, people will obviously recognize us.”



“JESUS Aaliyah, you woke up the whole plane.”


All of a sudden all of the drowsiness left your brain as you perked up. Indeed, on the small screen it said you had less than twenty kilometers till the airport of Barcelona.


Shawn checked his phone for the umpteenth time. 12:30 AM. Okay, that was a reasonable time to leave at right? For the past two hours, he had been checking the time and wondering when he should leave for the airport. He ordered a taxi big enough to fit 5 people, and was on his way.

Getting there, his smile of anticipation never left his flushed cheeks. He sped walked to the Arrivals section and waited.

Shawn: You guys landed?

Y/N: Baggage claim!

Shawn: Aah see you soon!

Y/N: real soon x

He put his phone into his pocket and stood there waiting, fidgeting and tapping his foot.


“Alright got everything? Do we have everyone now? Aaliyah, Y/N.. Hahah Y/N jetlag is hitting you huh?”

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna go get a quick coffee. I’ll meet you guys at the exit kay?” You yawned.


Shawn’s eyes lit up as he saw his mom, dad and sister. Aaliyah ran up to him and hugged him tightly, Manny and Karen following suit.

Shawn stood back to the door as he reunited with his family.

“Where’s Y/N?”
“Turn around sweetheart.”

He turned around and saw his beautiful girlfriend, hair up in a messy ponytail and wearing a Harry Potter hoodie with leggings. She spotted him and her face lit up in a huge goofy grin.

He ran to her, catching her and hugging her tightly as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

After what seemed like a long time, he let her back down.

“Haha sorry I smell like airplane.” Y/N grinned up at him.

“I missed you so much.” He bent down and kissed her cheek. “And I like this sweater.” He said, pinching her waist, causing her to giggle and writhe around.

They both started laughing rather loudly, kissing each other everywhere on the face their lips could reach.

“Okay, okay you want me to throw up in my mouth?” Aaliyah came in between them.

Shawn just couldn’t stop smiling, and pulled her in a tight group hug with Y/N. He was so inexplicably happy.

They eventually made their way out the airport and into the hotel.

“And yeah it’s two double beds?”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright perfect, thank you.” Manny said, leaving the reception desk with two hotel room keys. He joined Aaliyah, Karen and Shawn with his arm around Y/N in the lobby.

“Well, Aaliyah Karen, room 426. Y/N, we’ll leave you with Shawn.” He said with a small wink.

“Sleep well kids.” Karen waved, before going towards the elevator.

Shawn turned his head towards Y/N.

“Whatcha smirking at.” Y/N said.


“Alright let’s go, its 2 AM.”


Shawn yawned, sensing consciousness approach. Turning around, he saw Y/N; remembering the events of a couple hours ago.

“Helloooooo.” He whispered playfully in her hear.


He chuckled, almost forgetting what it was like waking up next to Y/N. He moved her hair out of her face.



“We gotta go to my dad’s birthday brunch.”


“It starts in half an hour” He sing-songed.


“It’s a really good Spanish food place.”

“MHMM fine.” She said, sitting up. She yawned and stretched her arms.

He smiled at her, hugging her waist.

“I’m only joking it’s in 2 hours.”

“Ugh Shawn.” She groaned and threw her pillow at him.


“Well. Now that I’m awake Mister Mendes, why don’t you show me around Barcelona before this lunch thing?”

Y/N and Shawn walked down the streets, hand in hand; soaking in the sun. Shawn couldn’t keep his eyes of his girlfriend. His eyes wandered from her braided hair, to her sunglasses, to her flowy dress.

“Will you quit staring, you’re making me feel self-conscious.” Y/N giggled.

“You’re freaking beautiful.”

Y/N blushed, smiling stupidly back at him.

They had breakfast at a little café.

“I love this place. And ooh free coffee on your birthday!”
“Which is in two days.” Shawn pointed out.


“Don’t worry, I have a bunch of stuff planned.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow.


“Of course! I asked around about what to do in Barcelona and made a list of things you would enjoy.”

“Aw.” Y/N smiled. “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me! I want to do this. Stop feeling like you owe people something, Y/N. You are worth so much, you just can’t see it. But I do.” Shawn looked at her.

“Thanks. I love you Shawn.”

“I love you too.” Shawn took her hand on the table and rubbed her thumb softly.

They spent the rest of the morning walking around, poking around in shops.

Shawn had missed being with Y/N, missed witnessing her crazy self.

“Aw a street act! Let’s go see.” She took her hand and dragged him to the next street.

It was a violin trio, and spotting the couple, they started to play the melody to “Mercy”.

Y/N laughed and started singing, quite off-key but neither of them cared.

They wandered around a bit more before approaching the street they were supposed to meet Shawn’s family.


Came a bunch of screams. You both turned around, spotting a flock of girls running towards you.

“Hey guys, so I have to go and be with them.” Shawn gestured towards you and behind you. “But thank you, thank you so much.”

He came and held you by the waist and led you inside a colorful restaurant, dodging the accumulating camera flashes.

“Sorry about that.”
“What? Oh it’s fine, I love your fans.”

“I do too, but sometimes it’s just so much.”
“I understand. But hey- why why do you look so down?”

“Well it’s just I don’t know, I love them believe me; but sometimes I just- I don’t know I just need-“



“That’s totally understandable, Shawn. It’s hard being a celebrity and having everyone know who you are. But at the end of the day, you’re living you dream and you’re surrounded by people who love you. Including me.” You whispered that last sentence.

“I love you so much Y/N.” He hugged you.

“I love you too.”

Man it felt nice being together again.

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also my birthday is in fact tomorrow, 3 days after Manny’S :)

Sf9 As HighSchool Students That Has A Crush On You

Inseong: Head Of The Student Council, Sits in The Front Of The Class And Always makes an excuse to look back, taking a quick glance at you. Loves to volunteer to pass out papers so he can be near you but HATES presenting in front of the class because he somehow always messes up his words and ends up a stuttering mess. The type to never talk to you but just admire from afar

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Jaeyoon: President of the radio Club. Confesses To You Already and Is Super Persistent On Trying To Win You Over. Basically everyone in the schools know he likes you and he likes it that way so you’re off the market. Announcements are always like: “Goood morning students~and good morning to my lovely soon to be be lover~ the most beautiful girl in the world~ Y/n~!’

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Rowoon: Captain Of The Baseball Team. Always buys you lunch and puts it on your desk as he walks past ‘cooly’. Always tries to show off his muscles and physique when you’re around (wearing a tight white shirt when it’s freezing outside) and acting cool but when you’re not around he’s a softball, squealing and fanboying to himself after he just saw you a few seconds ago. “Omygod she looked so cute today!”

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Youngbin: Class President. Picks on you to help him clean up after class. Always ask you to help him get stuff and pass out papers and makes it an opportunity to make conversation and become friends. Always takes the blame for you when you get in trouble. Let’s you copy his homework or even give you his homework or textbook when you forget.

“Answers to the next test?, no problem~!”

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Dawon: Class Clown, Everyone’s Friends/ Very Popular. Always says hi to you every morning when you come into class and always try to make you laugh; you two eventually joke around from time to time alot in class. Will often zone out during conversations with his friends because he was low-key looking at you. Invites you to his party alot to have more time with you.


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Zuho: Captain Of The Basketball Team. The one who picks on you alot as a way of being affectionate. Acts like a big brother, annoying you alot to the point where you either start to hate him or friendzone him. Will cockblock everyone who tries to get to you and always walks you home even you’re like Zuho I can walk home by myself.” “I have somewhere to go and it’s in the same direction.” You say that everyday.” Teases you about everything but secretly loves every quirk you have.

“Oh my god…she’s cute *heart explodes into a million pieces*

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Taeyang: President Of The Dance Club. Scans the crowd alot to see if you’re there when he’s on stage. Loves to perform for you and makes alot of eye contact and fan service even when sometimes it’s a bit too overboard and the other girls in the crowd glare at you because it’s obvious he’s giving you all the attention. Tries to talk to you alot in the hallways during passing classes, ends up walking you to class every time because you both were caught up in the conversation. Jealous easily-Interrupts your conversations with other guys like “So did you like my performance yesterday?”

(The Class President And Class Clown Tryna Talk To You When Taeyang breaks the conversation).

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Hwiyoung: The Quiet Kid From The Orchestra Band That Plays The Cello. Doesn’t scan the crowd for you because he knows you’re there while profusely sweating but still manages to do a great performance-is so proud of himself afterwards.  Sits in the back of the class and glances over alot. Will try to come up to you often but always returns back to his seat midway. Always stare at you when he sees you from across the campus walking (type to stare until he runs into a pole or something).  Writes love notes and leaves it in your locker or desk but it’s always anonymous.

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Chani: Popular kid that every girl likes, even the older girls like him but he never really cares about them because all he sees is you. Basically isn’t fazed when girls are around him but whenever you’re around he runs away dramatically or hides (even though he makes it really obvious he’s trying to get away from you). You think he hates you or something but he actually likes you alot. Asks his friends how to talk to you but when his buddies finally gets you to hangout with them and him on the weekands, he won’t know what to do and will keep looking like he doesn’t want to be there.

“Taeyang…why do I see her walking over to us?”

“I invited her!”

“whisper to himself: omygod..

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(I made this reaction from my own request LMAO). Hope it’s good, if it is I will make one for Pentagon!

Jughead Jones | My little Serpent (part three)

Count of words: 959

Warnings: a little bit sad towards the end!! kinda fluffy I guess (if not a lot)

A/N: because I did not include Fred’s death earlier on this mini-series, I decided to do so now.. So enjoy ♥ 

P.S. If anyone asks for me to continue this I will after the new season comes out. You know, so I have something to write about what happened with Fred!

part one  part two




@tayrae515 asked:
Would you consider doing a part 3 to my little serpent? It’s just so amazing. 💕💕literally it gives me life 😍😍😍

“What’s gotten into you? Why were you and my sister like that?” Archie begun and Jughead got ready to reply. “Arch, stop,” Betty burged in. “We both know you were trying to avoid it but it would happen and you knew it,” she reasoned. Jughead seemed lost but quickly caught up with the two. “They are finally dating and you should be happy for your sister.” She said smiling warmly at your boyfriend. “You don’t understand B. My sister became a serpent because of him. She’s slowly drifting away from me,” he confessed looking down. “You are taking her away from me,” he whispered to Jughead. “I am not Archie. You are pushing her away. You simply need to accept she is her own person. You will not always be able to make decisions for her.” He said and smlied warmly at the red head. “He’s right, Arch,”  you commented entering the small living room when the red head was, accompanied from the blond girl and the raven boy. “You will not always be there to make decisions for me. But I appreciate you try,” You added hugging your brother. It seems that for once, things were good.

After that morning things went smoothly. Your relationship with Jughead was great. So, once again the two of you and the rest of the ‘gang’ were hanging out at Pop’s. It was a clear night, surprisingly, no cloud in the sky. The six of you were sitting on a random empty booth, enjoying yourselves, engaging in random conversations about things that happened in school or talking about different celebrities. No one seemed to notice how Jughead’s arm was now protectively wrapped around your shoulders, his other arm on the table while he played with your fingers, your head leaning on his chest while the two of you were carried away, talking about everything and anything. The flash of a camera was what took you out of your little world and what seemed to snap your friends into reality. Veronica’s eyes bolted up to find where the sound came from only to find Archie smirking at the couple before him. She followed his gaze and realisation hit her. “Wait. Why is-? Does this mean-? You guys! Finally,” she exclaimed catching Kevin’s attention as well. “Oh my god, look how cute they look. Goals, guys. You are goals,” said the boy and you blushed. “Oh, my little sister is blushing,” your brother exclaimed jokingly. “Kevin is right sis, you are indeed so cute together,” he explained making you smile at the change of attitude as far as your relationship with Jughead goes. The rest of the afternoon was spent with all of you just messing around, and the whole group teasing you about your relationship.

After that long afternoon, full of teasing and such, you and Jughead ended up at his father’s trailer once again. You were finally so happy, being with the boy you loved so much. It was really the little things, you know?! His arm around your shoulder, your fingers intertwined with each other’s, little stolen glimpses. That was what made your heart flatter everytime. You felt like this boy was your defenition of ‘home’. Cliche, but true. You really did nothing after entering the small house. You just walked to the couch and cuddled up close to each other, falling asleep, taken away by the moment.

You woke up to the sound of your phone going of. “Good morning sis. Sorry if I destroyed your moment od something with my best friend, but dad asked to meet as at Pop’s for breakfast. He want’s to talk, like family,” my annoying brother said and without giving me time to argue hung up on me.  "Great,“ I mumbled under my breath, carefully escaping Jughead’s grip, trying not to wake him. "Where you off at, love?” The boy questioned as long as I opened the door. “Sorry, I need to go. Dad said me and Arch should go at Pop’s and have breakfast with him. To have a talk, like family. You know, bonding time,” I replied moving towards the now fully awake boy, kissing his lips and walking back to the door. “I’ll see you later today,” he uttered, “have fun.”

I made my way towards the fast food place, walking through the glass door. The familiar ring went off, indicating the arrival of a new costumer. “Morning Pop,” I greeted the old man. “Morning young one,” he greeted back, motioning his hand to where my father sat. He was by himself, obviously waiting for my, always, 'late-to-the-party’ brother. “Good morning dad,” I mumbled hugging him, as he did, too, placing a kiss on my temple. “Where’s Archie?"I questioned already knowing the answer. "Home. He said he was gonna be a tad bit late.” He informed me just as Pop brought my usual order. “Food, yay,” I exclaimed like a little kid, making my father smile, genuinely, after a long time. “I would like to talk about the Serpent situation, you know?” My dad finally cracked the silence. “And what is it that you want me to say,” I questioned, saddened by the idea of the man’s dissappointment. “I’m not dissapointed in you,” he commented as if reading my mind, “if that’s what you’re thinking. I just want to understand why you chose to do so.” Oh, boy, I thought to myself, preaparing for what he had to know.

After having a very effecient, one could say, conversation with my dad and after my brother finally made his appearence, everything seemed to be great. We were currently engaged in a conversation about whose the best actor, Robin Williams or Jim Carrey. “Arch, shut up. Robin Williams is the best. I mean have you seen what the man can do. He can make you cry, both from laughter and saddness,” I pointed out. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I’m going to the restroom. Don’t. Steal. My. Food.” He warned with a glare before going away. My father and I both laughed at the boy’s childiness, a feature we shared, honestly.  We were indeed enjoying ourselves until a man covered in black clothing and hidding his face in a black mask entered the room. Do you know what they say? Everything can change in a blink of an eye. Yeah, well in a matter of seconds, my father was lying on the flood, shot, lifeless. Everything happened so fast and so did my sobs. Archie run to our father’s body, but a pair of strong arms held me back. It was Jughead. I was oblivious to his existance previously, never realising he entered the shop. But I was glad. I couldn’t even stand on my own feet  while seeing my dad’s body like that. Despite that, I could not remove my eyes from the scene. Jughead, though, did it for me. He turned my body around and I hid my face in his chest, sobbing uncontrolably.

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if you need more reading here are some of my other favourite fics:

call everything on the ice… by shysweetthing

Victor learns Japanese while in Hasetsu. He doesn’t tell Yuuri, and things get dicey when he overhears Yuuri and Mari talking about him in Japanese. Repeatedly.

this is so cute oh my god

masquerade by ashida

“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.

“Ok.” Yuuri smiled as this game of masquerade came to an end, what would happen now, he didn’t know, he would probably die, his family would come after him and try to put a knife in his back or a bullet between his eyes, none of it mattered, because together they would fight, and the rest of the world would finally burn.

the fic that started my mafia au obsession

all the world’s a stage by braveten

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.

For Yuuri, it just happens to be romance movies starring famous heartthrob Victor Nikiforov.

(And, honestly, on the spectrum of guilty pleasures, he figures that his is on the far, far more innocent side.)

actor au! super good i love it

fanboy by arkhamcycle

“Love!!! on Ice” is sure to be the greatest Wattpad-hosted love story of Viktor’s day. At its center are Viktor’s idol, world-renowned figure skating champion Yuuri Katsuki, and the silver-haired boy whose heart he steals–Vitaly Nikulichev.

Yeah. Vitaly Nikulichev. Sure.

In which Viktor is 15 and writes Wattpad self-insert RPF about himself and Yuuri, and all hell breaks loose.


you can’t plan for everything by rivdev

Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help.

if you’re going to read one omegaverse in your life, this better be it! it’s just so good oh my god and the slow burn will absolutely kill you

re: katsuki yuuri by ishxallxgood

Phichit Chulanont is fiercely loyal to his best friend Yuri Katsuki. So when he randomly gets a direct message on Instagram from one v_nikiforov, it’s only natural for Phichit to assume it’s a prank.

That is until he comes to realize it’s not a prank.

A story about how Phichit and Viktor bonded over their most favorite topic; Yuri Katsuki.

Phichit knows all the things.

told from phichit’s pov!

and here’s a few more from my “to read” list that i haven’t actually read yet, but that have been recced to me several times:

centripetal force by braveten

Victor speaks seven languages.

(Physics isn’t one of them.)

Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major.

nerve endings by phyona

When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secrets to find their balance.

RFA + V and Saeran: Pillow Forts!

I accidentally posted just the ask with nothing attached and had to delete that and oh my god why am I this way. BUT, thank you very much to the anon who requested this! It wasn’t too specific at all, lovely!! I hope I remembered everyone and didn’t leave anything out of the request..Please tell me if I did and I’ll fix it straight away! Thank you for all your encouragement, it makes me feel a lot less scared about everything!! So many nice people..

Head-canons below the cut! As it’s a long post! *Apologies if there are any typos!!!*

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dating yoon jisung and park woojin

yoon jisung: 

  • you already know he’s a meme
  • he knows exactly how and when to make you laugh
  • probably sends you old memes he finds funny, like the ones with the big text in white with the black outline
  • you’d probably criticize his memes
  • “,,,,hey i’m old i don’t know all this internet stuff”
  • also imitates you for fun sometimes and it can get annoying but it’s okay because you love him
  • he’s so random with it like you two would be cuddling on the couch and he’d just out of the blue
  • “you know the other day my trainer was making me learn this dance combo and i swear i looked like a chicken doing the hands”
  • continues to imitate himself
  • but all the memeing aside 
  • he’s also really surprisingly deep into the relationship
  • it’s nice that he’s not afraid to be emotional and genuine and he’s the same around you
  • because he’s so sensitive he’s always in tune with how you’re feeling
  • “just tell me what’s going on, don’t lie to me and say it’s nothing”
  • and although he tries to hide some struggles from you not to worry you he ends up always telling you everything (after you find out of course)
  • just very honest and open it’s nice
  • he’s soooooooooooo clingy and loves skinship
  • “jagiyaaaaaaaaaa” “honeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy” all day every day don’t expect it to stop
  • will aegyo you to death don’t try and avoid it
  • clings on to you
  • if necessary will let you drag him to wherever you’re going as long as he’s still touching you in some way
  • sometimes the excessive sweetness is for memes but like it’s cute so you play along
  • wow just realized the amount of times i have said “memes” in this headcanon
  • oh well it’s for jisung how can you not
  • would definitely adopt a million animals (only if you were willing to)
  • always wants to take you out on fun dates (arcades, fairs, bowling, etc etc) and will probably whine when neither of you have the time
  • but tbh,,,,,,,, he’d be kinda frugal like he would beg to split the check from time to time
  • doesn’t mean he doesn’t get you gifts, he just really likes free stuff
  • “jisung this teddy bear has the logo of some sort of medical company on it”
  • “hey they were giving them out for free and it’s still cute”
  • fights would be super rare and only if something was super serious
  • and at the point where the two of you are yelling you’re both also crying so like,,,,, what’s the point
  • they end really quickly you two will probably hug it out then talk it out
  • jisung’s a huge fan of talking it out

park woojin:

  • if he’s not already completely comfortable around you before you guys date he would be kinda shy
  • if he’s uncomfortable at first he would try so so so hard to be the model gentleman but ur just like
  • “,,,,,, woojin i got into the car you can close the door now”
  • a cute lil blush on his face that makes it all okay
  • it’d probably take some gentle nudging from you to get him to open up more
  • on the first date looking down and constantly licking his lips
  • nonstop blushing
  • honestly though i think woojin opens up to people from sharing experiences, so as you spend more time with him he will slowly become the lil silly woojin we know and love
  • once the shy phase is out of the way whew you better prepare for the skinship
  • honey this boy is bouta cuddle you to death and you can’t do a n y t h i n g about it
  • just accept that he really likes keeping you in bed and giving back hugs even while you’re doing important things
  • he’s going to be like a puppy that follows you around it’s cute
  • but ofc he’s also that good balance of having his own social life and knowing when you two don’t need to be together
  • let’s be honest though at this point he’s introduced you to all the bnm boys and his friends back in busan and you’re part of each other’s social life
  • mutters “why are you so pretty/cute” all the time under his breath
  • on random nights probably stays awake with some trivial question
  • at 3 am: “y/n do you think fish exist on other planets”
  • “woojin you have practice tomorrow go to sleep”
  • will pick you up, throw u over his shoulder, then go on his merry way
  • or he’ll just pick you up and flip you like a fuckin
  • i don’t even know anymore have you all watched episode 10 because then you know what i’m talking about
  • “woojin please don’t pick-”
  • grabs you from behind “i want food we’re going to the kitchen” keeps walking while you’re just propped up on his shoulder like a flour sack
  • jam sessions all over the place
  • microphone hairbrush, hair whipping, loudspeakers and all
  • for dates he likes really chill ones
  • would occasionally go on busier/wilder dates farther from home but like
  • on a daily basis the most “interesting” it gets is like,,, together in the dance studio or something
  • but it’s okay stay-home/domestic dates are always cute and relaxed there’s never pressure
  • veeerryyyy good listener, he processes everything you’re telling him but sometimes doesn’t know what to say in return
  • he’s not the best with words when it comes to serious or emotional conversations 
  • sometimes that gets you frustrated but it does take a bit to get used to
  • not the most emotionally sensitive (won’t really be able to feel your emotions) but always always always wants you to tell him what’s up
  • “hey, just tell me what’s going on, even if i can’t do much to help it’s better than just letting everything build up”
  • may seem mellow but oh god don’t let him get mad nope nope nope
  • not afraid to ignore you and probably too stubborn to give in
  • but eventually he does because he loves u and it would take a couple days for things to get to normal but that’s because things are getting worked out and compromises are being made
GOT7 Reaction

Anon asked: Can you please do GOT7 reaction to meeting their idol crush for the first time?

Sure !

Meeting their idol crush for the 1st time


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He would gulp as soon as she came over to him. A person who he admires so much is right in front of him, plus, she’s also his crush. He would most likely blush (barely noticeable), not being able to look her in the eyes, feeling embarrassed. Luckily, Jackson comes to the rescue, serving as his wingman.


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*smiles awkwardly, nodding*

Awkward JB. He thought that as soon as he opens his mouth, he’ll say something stupid or embarrassing (like Jackson). Thankfully, his crush notices this, and does most of the talking. Although they chatted for 5 mere minutes, he felt like he was on cloud nine. He even managed to get her number!


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*stares at her, licking his lips unconsciously* *she turns to him* “Um, hi.”

Cute, shy Jackson, which is rather odd. But don’t be mistaken. He’ll still flirt with her, make corny jokes and lame pick-up lines, making her laugh. Point for Jackson!


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“Uh, ah, um, nice to meet you.”

He’ll most definitely stumble over both his words and his feet, not believing his luck. There would be a small chuckle or giggle here and there coming from him, his crush cooing over his cuteness. She would be the one that would ask for his number, though.


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*makes eye contact with her* ‘She’s so pretty. Aaaand she’s looking at me.’ *averts his eyes somewhere else*

*contemplates everything in his life*


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*laughing* “Oh my god, hyung–”

*eyes widen* ‘When did she get here?’

Confused Bambam. Besides wondering when she got here, he had also wondered if she heard everything they’ve been talking about before she came (including some comments about her).

…..she did.


On the outside:

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(Ignore the caption on the gif. Or don’t.)

On the inside:

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How about headcanons of MC being fluent in either spanish or italian and the first time the RFA hears them speaking the language?

Heyheyhey anon! Thanks for the request!! I decided to make alternate the languages from Italian to Spanish between characters, i hope you don’t mind!! also this will include some NSFW HCs like you requested in the other ask you sent!! hope you enjoy! (btw there will be Spanish/Italian phrases in here sO YA)

♥ When he finds out that you can speak Italian, he asks you to talk to him in Italian all the time. He’s so intrigued by it! He thinks you’re so smart for being bilingual.
♥ He’s always wanted to learn a different language but he never has had the time. He asks you how to say cute stuff like ‘I love you’ and ‘You’re beautiful’ in Italian. He says it to you every single day after he learns those phrases.
♥ He starts learning how to cook Italian food just for you!!
♥ Sometimes, he asks you to speak to you in Italian just cause it calms him and makes him sleepy. You often talk to him in Italian until you both fall asleep.
♥ (NSFW) If you ever start moaning in Italian while you guys are doing the do, he gets really blushy, but he asks you to continue. He doesn’t like to admit it, but it sounds really sexy and lewd to him. It turns him on.

♦ When Zen first heard you speak Spanish, he was so flustered. It was such a sensual language to him. He’s only ever really heard Korean, so to hear such beautiful, foreign words slip out of your lips was something he would love to hear forever.
♦ He constantly asks you to read his scripts and sing his songs in Spanish. He just loves hearing how it differs from the regular, monotone Korean version he’s heard all his life.
♦ He picks up some Spanish from you. He’ll whisper lewd things in Spanish to you while you both are in public. fuckin zen stop trying in mis pantalones. not right now at least
♦ He loves it when you get frustrated and start talking really fast in Spanish, he thinks it’s cute for some reason?? LOL
(NSFW) If you ever start moaning in Spanish while he’s hitting you up, he will 200% get super turned on. He will unleash the beast like literally Spanish sounds so sexy to him.

• You two will be probably drinking coffee together or something and you just let a little Italian phrase slip out of your mouth. She gets really intrigued like “What? You speak Italian? Why did I not know this?”
• She would probably learn Italian, the language is so interesting to her. She’s wanted to learn a language, but she’s never had a tutor or a mentor to teach her any other language other than Korean. Now that you’re here, she asks you so many questions about the language.
• In the future, she will pROPOSE TO YOU IN ITALIAN. SHE WILL LITERALLY PROPOSE TO YOU. IN. ITALIAN. “Vuoi percorrere il sentiero della vita insieme a me?” (Do you want to walk the path of life with me?)
(NSFW) She would get so blushy if you started dirty talking in Italian to her. Since she’s learning the language, she understands some of the stuff you say and she’s just dead omg. Once she gets more comfortable with sexual stuff with you, she will exchange the phrases. ;)

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Title: Best Friend Rival’s Brother
Pairing: Shiro/Lance (Shance), side Hunk/Keith
Rating: G
Summary: Keith has a crush. So does Lance, but that’s not important. It’s whatever.

Notes: Shh. This is just between you and me. Don’t tell anyone.

Keith really was all over Hunk. Pressing up against his side, laughing at his jokes, listening attentively to him when he talked. Lance would’ve rolled his eyes if he hadn’t been a part of setting it all up. Hunk was a great guy, but for some reason he just hadn’t picked up on the fact Keith had been gagging for him from day one; even going so far as coming to Lance for help.

Keith laughed at the lame joke Hunk had made while Lance groaned loudly, setting his controller aside. He’d lost, and Keith was trailing one hand up Hunk’s upper arm, shooting Lance furious looks. Lance knew when he was being told to fuck off, so off he went, sighing and stretching.

“Where’re you going?” Hunk called, probably a bit nervous at being left alone at Keith’s house.

“Corner shop,” He replied flatly. “Be back in like, twenty,” He promised, then shut the door firmly behind him. Lance realised he’d left his bag- and wallet -in the room. He froze, considering how badly Keith would murder him for interrupting (they’d talked about this, goddammit), but then something amazing happened.

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“...Says Hell Yes.” (M?)

Requested by an anon. (!) Warning: Suggestive|Almost a Smut But Not Really

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The Hip Hop Couple of the new generation. THE BLACK LABEL Couple. The one sexy couple that is lowkey the cutest couple ever. Everyone adored your relationship. You were goals, no one could deny that.

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Being Hanbin’s girlfriend means
  • him texting or calling you about everything that weighs on him or annoys him
  • and it’s in all caps so it’s like
  • on days when he’s annoyed he still takes the time to do sweet little things for you like if you fall asleep on the couch he’ll cover you with a blanket and kiss you on the forehead
  • super cute in public like he puts his arm around your shoulders and leans over to kiss your cheek
  • but then in private he’s either disgustingly cute like tickling you and asking you to snuggle or giving you the look and biting his lip like “you know you want this”
  • *in the other room* “BABY! GET IN HERE!”
  • *you drop everything and run in* “WHAT? WHAT??”
  • *bug on the ground* “KILL IT”
  • “oh my god”
  • sneaking out for the day and spending it doing everything you can like going out to eat and taking a nap in the park and watching a bad movie in an empty theater and buying cute touristy souvenirs to commemorate the day
  • coming back and laying in bed and holding hands and talking about everything you saw together like a weird dude you saw on the street or a cute puppy you petted
  • him getting shy about telling you he loves you so he mutters it the first time
  • and you can’t hear him so you ask him to repeat himself
  • but he still can’t bring himself to say it because he’s kind of afraid you won’t say it back so he hugs you close and mutters it again into your neck
  • and you feel it in the way his lips shape it on your skin more than you hear it
  • and you say i love you back and you can feel his smile on your neck
You get insecure about your looks (Jaehyun)

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You smile as he kisses your forehead, butterflies in your stomach. You were sitting on his bed, his arms around you. As he looks you in the eyes you feel your face go red, he was so beautiful. You couldn’t help but feel insecure. He notices you frowning and lifts your chin up so you can look at him, “What’s wrong baby?”

You shake your head, “It’s nothing.” It was not ‘nothing’, it was something that’s been bothering you for a while now. You couldn’t tell him though, how would he react?

He holds you tight in his arms, “Please tell me Y/N, you can tell me anything.”

You sigh and look away from him, feeling embarrassed you say, “I feel really insecure when I’m with you.” Feeling the weight off your shoulders you continue, “It’s not your fault, you treat me so well it’s just that… you are so good looking and-”

“So are you.” You look up at him and he smiles, “Do you not see it? You are the most beautiful girl in the world.” You smile as your heart flutters, “See that, your smile is beautiful too, and your eyes are gorgeous. You look good in everything you wear and oh my god don’t get me started on your figure.” You laugh as he continues, “You look good even without makeup, you actually look so cute natural, your lips…”

He looks down to your lips and you laugh while hitting his arm, “Okay stop, I get it.” 

He kisses your cheek, “I love everything about you, okay?”

“Okay.” You say as you kiss his lips. He kisses you back while running his fingers through your hair. You never felt so beautiful as in that moment, and you would never be insecure around him again. 

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Tbh I want more episodes about Hinata's home life because those short moments with his little sister HAS ME CURIOUS AF



I want to know more about Hinata’s home-life too!! We’ve heard his mom but never saw her and so many people headcanon Hina as having an absent father?? I would like to know these things forreal. I WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT EVERY CHARACTER THO. Like tell me more about Tsukki’s adorable mom who has to deal with her salty son, I wanna know about Kageyama’s home-life, did his parents notice when everything went down at Kitagawa Daiichi, have they noticed a change in him since attending Karasuno? Show me more of the third years, BOKUTO’S PARENTS WHO ARE THEY AND HOW DID THEY RAISE SUCH AN AMAZING SON just… give me all the side-stories. I’m such a sucker for obscure characters and anything extra to the main plot. I don’t know if we’ll ever find things like this out for sure though, but luckily our fandom has some AMAZING writers to give us all that sweet, sweet home-life we love so much in the form of fanfiction.  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)