oh my god did i get them all

So I entered the search term “Obi-wan Kenobi” into Amazon to see what I would get (because I’m an adult with a job(s) and obviously isn’t this how everyone spends their free evenings?)


Anyway, there’s…some fodder for hilarity here -



I’ll seeing that imagine in my nightmares. 

Moving forward…

Did he come out of the womb with a lightsaber? Is that how he got out? Inquiring minds want to know but not really. This all seems like a very bad idea, but the kid with a lightsaber that’s about 12 times too large for them seems happy enough. 


You know Anakin would be all over his Batmobile/Darth Vader car. 

I love that there’s an entire figure dedicated to this scene. 

Who the hell is that guy?

Old Ben, happily on his way to chop off some people’s arms at the local cantina. 

I love that Luke is trying to shoot at Vader, but Anakin’s too distracted by Obi-wan to notice. 

Teenaged legobiwan would have been all over this like a cheap suit. 

nightmare starters part 2

for part 1 click here!

“Will you please tell me what they’re about?! How do you expect me to help if you don’t tell me?!”
“You should go and see someone about those nightmares. They’re only getting worse, aren’t they?”
“Can we sleep with the lights on?”
“I haven’t slept peacefully in weeks.”
“I can’t tell you my nightmare this time… It’s too bad, I don’t want to have to say it out loud.”
“Can I sleep in your room? I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep in my own bed.”
“I’m sorry for waking you… I had a really bad nightmare.”
“I can’t stop thinking about that weird dream I had weeks ago. It’s like it’s haunting me.”
“You look exhausted. Bad night?”
“Calm down, calm down. It was just a dream. It’s over now.”
“You’re overreacting. Everyone has bad dreams sometimes. No need to get all weird about it.”
“Are you still thinking about that nightmare? I’m sure it didn’t mean anything, okay? We’re not in a horror movie.”
“You should go to the doctor. These nightmares are making you miss sleep and you’re always exhausted. Get help.”
“How about you come and sleep in my bed? I’ll watch over you while you fall asleep, I promise.”
“I think I’d feel less tired if I didn’t sleep at all anymore. These nightmares are killing me.”
“I thought you didn’t get them anymore.”
“I guess it was a bad idea to watch a horror movie before bed…”
“When will you finally tell me what they’re about?”
“Wow, you look exhausted. Did you sleep at all last night?”
“Oh my god, that was horrible… that was so horrible…”
“How about you sleep in my bed for the coming days? It can be like a sleepover. I’m sure you’ll feel good enough and the nightmares will stay away!”
“I can’t breathe! It was real, it was!”
“Have you tried writing them down? They might go away if you do…”
“Have you any idea how worried I am? Please tell me what’s up with you or I can’t help! You look exhausted!”
“Please leave the light on.”
“Have you any idea what’s causing these nightmares?”
“I don’t think you understand how exhausting it is to not have had a good night’s rest in weeks.”

Try Not To (Jungkook x Reader Fluff/Slight Smut)

Summary: “Try not to get nervous.”

(( Note: another story for the youngest member who stands on top. In this one I more so like the bickering than the actual ‘fluff’ or ‘smut’ which is so so so mild I warn you. So, idk about this one at all :(( Either way, I hope you all enoy! ))

Could you have taken any longer, holy fuck.

It was a far late into a chilly Sunday night and you were standing outside your friend’s door clutching your tote bag against your chest and curling your toes against the rubber soles of your not-so-appropriate flip flops you when sporting. A combination of that plus a thin cardigan and pajama shorts were definitely not the greatest outfit choice when in this close-to-frozen mid-February weather. In your defense, it wouldn’t have been as horrifyingly cold as it was if it weren’t for Jeon Jungkook who took his sweet as time answering the door.

Fifteen minutes to be exact.

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study date | stiles stilinski

A/N: I’m back! School has been killing me, so I’m sorry for not posting anything lately but I have so many ideas and so little time to write. I’m still taking requests as well, so send them in! Hope ya’ll enjoy this. Love, J xx.

Prompt: Stiles asks you to come over to study and things get heated.

Word Count: 1,544

Warning: Smut, Smut, and more smut.

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dan and phil play keep talking and nobody explodes: a summary

hoodie!phil i am immediately enthralled and this video isn’t even a second in yet

“you da bomb of our lives”

they keep clothes fans give them which is nice shoutout to that lucky son of a gun


phil is insistent on everyone seeing speed

supportive boyf dan has his back

dan nudged phil’s arm in a bro-esque manner

they mentioned escape rooms finally i can relate as i have now been to one too

“i think we’re a lot nerdier than we think” why do they think we refer to them as nerds all the time

“rest in peace environment” / “fuck you trees”

“i’ll punch you if you look at this” going to provide no context there have fun

“DAD…. playing halo with me” nice save dan

the wholesome howell blanket is always on hand

“they’ll see if we do a single glance…”

how is dan going to go a whole extra seventeen minutes without glancing at phil i think he’s going to implode

they already did the tutorial but didn’t show us yet phil can’t remember the title of the game wow rip nerd!phil fic trope

“this is going to be a mistake”

“i can’t speak if i’m under some kind of situation” mister english degree back again

phil spinning dan around with those sweet sweet seconds of skin to skin contact (hand to arm)

also lowkey hand porn

look at his hands

the curly hair and shaved sides from the side profile makes my heart warm

sassy hand clicks from danny


five seconds in i am already stressed for them why is this already the most intense video of this game i’ve ever seen i’ve watched like six different channels play it

“there’s, there’s-” “no phil, i’m guiding you.” someone likes to take control don’t they

during the wire puzzle you can slowly watch dan get more stressy look at his pursed lips and expressive strict hand gestures

“there’s an alien man with a triangle head and he’s got a T coming out of his neck” their best friend mind meld really needs to come in handy here

i’m still really enjoying dan’s side profile i can’t get over it

“that’s you selecting the module you dork”

“guys we’re nailing this” i was going to make the obvious joke but i won’t we’re classy here

“shut up shut up SHUT UP” stressy dan is here to stay

they did one wow who says youtube gamers can’t game screw you comments

“what everyone out there is thinking now is we need you to get the manual, phil” i think dan honey you just want to be in control again i know that was hard for you

getting their last glances at each other in before they can’t for at least five minutes

opposite sides again why has this happened two videos after one another this is weird what is the post-baking video universe coming to

“this is weird. now you’re the person with the really bright face… wow it makes my hair look so much less white now that i’m here”

“it makes my hair look grey… i promise i don’t have grey hair” honey you’re thirty years old it’s going to happen inevitably sometime soon best to break us in gently

i’m hyped for side profile phil

dan quoting the marriage mantra of something old something new etc…. foreshadowing perhaps who knows with the way 2017 phan is going

phil looks so confused he’s like me facing every exam i’ve ever taken

i’ve been cheated out of side profile phil ffs dan get your hands on him and spin him around i feel attacked

“oh shit new stuff” literally everyone every few days when they upload a new gaming vid with no warning????? they know our struggle????

phil looks so focused i’m entranced


“oh god it’s hurting my brain so much”

stressy phil is a new experience but i’m digging it

dan being the little shit he is just laughs all the time

“stop freaking out!” stressy dan is still here despite having the opposite role

they did two attempts and won them both wow

they high fived yes for more skin to skin contact

phil is reeeealllly making up for lost time by shamelessly staring at dan

like seriously that was at least a solid six seconds of him staring

oh and more glances

i get it you’re in love

“kept calm under presh”

more staring seriously phil are you aware the camera is still rolling

“i hate to alarm you phil but what is your catchphrase on this gaming channel?”

*awkward silence whilst phil realises he’s being spoken to thus has to tear his gaze away*


*resumes staring*

seriously what is with him today subtlety ain’t in his vocabulary

p h i l i get it you’re in love

oh now dan’s at it

dan just got super close to the camera and did that creepy smile he has i was unnerved

“i’m frickin terrified as diddly heck”

they’re back on their own sides balance in the universe has been destroyed do you reckon they’re as insistent about which side of the bed they sleep on

side profile dan is back welcome back old friend i missed you

i thought he dabbed for a second but it’s okay he didn’t

they’re determined as fuck but i can already see dan’s stressing

yep there’s the hurry up hand gestures

“i’m going to explode…. literally” because of the intensity or because he can’t stare at phil i don’t even know anymore u decide

dan’s eyes just got really really wide they were like bulging

“is the button yellow?” “no it’s blue i told you it’s blue!” welcome back stressy phil i hope you had a nice break

phil’s little “ooh” is so cute i want it as my ringtone

“we did it? oh christ”

stressy dan is really coming out to play in this symbols puzzle isn’t he

phil’s expressive hand gestures aka he’s beginning to panic too

dan’s doing some kind of gang sign okay boy you do you

aaaaand there’s the deafening dan scream for this video i can’t believe we lasted a whole 17 minutes and 40 seconds without one

rip headphone users it was nice knowing you

stressy dan has never been more present

phil is surprisingly calm(er)

“dan come on” all of us all the time

oooooh they couldn’t last five minutes without a quick glance at one another could they jfc get a room

they managed with three seconds to spare

phil is giggly and dan is….. well, dan

dramatic as ever my little actor that never was

phil initiates skin to skin contact again why am i not surprised anymore

“i was winding you up” dan says as he adds flames on top of himself in editing i am nodding furiously

the camera pans back out and phil’s hood is up who even is he

“we could have died!” “but we didn’t” *dan adds a halo above his head aka can’t relate*

“see if i worked in bomb disposal, i’d be cheeky like that” your colleagues would throw a bomb in bed with you

“i’d be like ooh what’s the timer steve???” the danxsteve fic coming atcha real soon

dan’s in an obnoxiously good mood now he has won a game and can freely stare at phil again

“we could be bomb disposal experts” again expect the fic coming atcha real soon

“what you just saw was two nerds that grew up playing puzzle games that have a psychic connection because they have no other friends defusing bombs” they literally said they go to escape rooms for their friends birthdays but alright i’ll take the exclusivity

they’re considering coming back in hard mode YES I NEED THIS

again i could have made the obvious joke there but i didn’t

let them know how you felt throughout that video type out long essays i dare you

“subscribe if you’re happy you didn’t explode”

“if you want to see us do that more challenging version where we might blow up… or not 'cause we’re the best… disposers ever”

“subscribe to us, have a good day, don’t explode” the best advice comes in threes



My mothers reaction to episode 9 and 10


“I’m not gonna be ok if that dog dies”

Oh god Victor left"

Stop calling him porkcutlet bowl"

“Yuri and his grandpa are so cute”

“Yuri will be able to do it because Victors in his heart”

“Ugh this guys got a gote”

“Did Salsa just break up with her brother?”



“Did…did the siblings fuck? Did i miss something?”


“Is Yurio ok?”






“I’m too nervous to watch”


“Get this JJ shit out of here”

“He talks to much”

“I hope he flubs it”

“Why is Yuri hugging everyone”



“Are Victor and Yuri gonna fuck now

“Why is Yuri wearing cat ears”


“Oh my god is Yurio gay as well”




*sobbing so hard my father comes to check on us*

“This is so beautiful”


“I love Thai man”


“Oh my god this show is so beautiful”


BTS reactions to their s/o having dimples on their butt

Requested by: anon

A/N: alright m8 this was fucking adorable… who knew writing about butts was so much fun ~  i loved this -Kaitlin

Seokjin: He worships your body. he’s constantly kissing and touching you all over. it didn’t take him long to find the tiny dimples on your butt and it didn’t take long for him to voice his love for them either. His favorite thing was when you’d fall asleep in your underwear and he had perfect access to ur ass, and he’d pepper the skin with kisses until you woke up 

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Yoongi: tbh he loves them so much but he’s too scared to tell you. every time he tries to say how adorable ur ass is he gets flustered and you kiss his mushy face a whole bunch and he just forgets what he was trying to say all together. he gives up and pulls you onto his lap for a good ol make out sesh on the couch instead

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Hoseok: “Y/N!!!!” “What hobi?” “YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU HAD….. DIMPLES ON YOUR BUTT?!!?” “no… i didn’t think it mattered…” “OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD!!!111!”

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Namjoon: okay so since Namjoon’s got his own lil dimples, he feels like you two are just fucking perfect for each other. He’d make jokes about it somehow, and then one day says the wrong thing in front of the guys. “haha Y/n and i are dimple buddies”… “y/n doesn’t have dimples on their face? what you talking about???”…. Joon just fucking outed you.. oh boy

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Jimin: he wouldn’t notice them at first, you’d have to point them out. and once you did he’d get all fluffy and gross and compliment you all the time. Having had insecurities about his own body he wants to make sure you know everything about you is perfect and that he loves every bit of you bc you’re a beautiful work of art

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Taehyung: Oh my god he’s so fucking heart eyes for your butt. loves to touch. every time you’d change in front of him he’d just stand back and try to hold back his smirk. he’d come up behind you and grab your ass and poke your dimples and just be so fucking bubbly bc you’re the cutest thing in the whole world

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Jungkook: He’s gonna laugh at you, lets be real. He’d tease you about it, but only in the privacy of your bedroom… he wouldn’t want his Hyung’s finding out about ur adorable butt dimples now does he? He loves them, and sometimes he’ll cut back on the teasing to make you feel good about them

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anonymous asked:

hello how did you manage to be a part of mc fall 2017? did bitton cast you or was it marc himself that requested you? thanks u for answering

umm idk last sunday i got a voicemail from casting and i was like ….this is so wild how did they get my contact info lmao they just said they got it from a friend of a friend i’m guessing it was more marc because they said he really loved the c★ndy cover i called them back and they asked if i could come in that night i was like napping all day lmfao and i was like wait what oh my god good thing i showered lol i rushed over and an hour later i was there changing into a dress and boots walking for anita with a couple other agency girls they took my photos and then they had me sit & wait for like idk 30 minutes then took me downstairs to meet marc & katie and then i walked for them then i left and on wednesday they called me in the morning to come in for a fitting that night and boom idk lol it was a gag like as an unsigned chick wtf??

Rockabye (pt.4)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au

pairing: you x jimin

word count: 3.5k

Originally posted by parkjiminer

The next day rolled around much faster than you wish it would have. You didn’t get nervous often but when you did, it really seemed to affect you and your state of mind. At times, you have a loss for words, can’t concentrate, and get uncomfortable quickly. It wasn’t Jimin’s fault you got so nervous around him, he just had such an intimidating vibe that oozed off of him. You weren’t scared of how he was with you, it was just something new and unusual to you. Most guys were the complete opposite of Jimin but since Jimin was different, that probably had to be the reason why you were so attracted to him.

Jungkook, treated you right, for the most part. When you guys met in high school, it was truly, love at first sight. He was perfect in the beginning, just like Jimin was now. But, as time carried on, Jungkook changed. He was rarely around, always giving you excuses that he was “working late” or “out with friends.”

Part of you always had a feeling that Jungkook was cheating or at least did cheat, you could just never come to believe it but that changed one night when you walked in on him, tongue fucking some random girl.

Yes, you were stupid because he convinced you to stay with him and that he was just drunk. You loved Jungkook and couldn’t find it in your heart to stay upset with him. You talked out your feelings with him, about how he has changed and he seemed to really understand and change for the better and your relationship, as time progressed. Then you ended up pregnant and out of nowhere, he was gone. No texts, calls, or visits to come see you.

This whole thing with Jimin scared you. Not only because your job was on the line but so was your heart. You were so worried that if you gave so much to Jimin, just like you did with Jungkook, he would leave with no reason. You didn’t want to get attached to someone and then have your heart broken in the end as a result. People tended to leave you and the more you thought about why you could never seem to get an answer. Nothing was wrong with you, you just seemed to get too attached to people and expect so much and as soon as they find out what you expect, they are gone within seconds.

You liked Jimin, you really did. You were willing to try this out with him if you didn’t get caught. It’s just that, you are going to have to go through so much of trying to hide the actual relationship and you were scared that you’d get caught and loose your job and Jimin with it.

Jimin had called earlier, saying that he would be at your house around 7 pm to pick you up. What really impressed you about the whole thing, was that he showed up about 30 minutes early and escorted you out to a private car with bodyguards surrounding it. Just like he promised, he also paid the babysitter. He also gave her some money for a meal to order. Jae-Eun was already asleep when you left, so she didn’t really have to do much anyways, besides check up on him every so often. Jimin really seemed to have a lot of money, which was nice but you still didn’t know what he did for a job yet. 

“You look absolutely, stunning,” Jimin said as he opened the door for you and made your way out of the car.

“Thank you.” You say quietly, with a shy smile.

Jimin seemed to notice whenever you put more effort into looking good. The thought of that flattered you because honestly when you were with Jungkook, he never complimented you or called you beautiful. He rarely ever said anything sweet to you, no matter how hard you tried to look decent for a date or special occasion.

You didn’t blame Jimin though, you knew you looked good. As cocky as that sounds, you were sure of it. You wore a red dress that hugged your hips nicely, you had on a nice pair of black high heels on, and your make-up and hair were done elegantly. The dress you had on, was expensive. You’d never be able to afford it now but before your dad passed away, he bought it for you as a birthday gift. So not only was it a truly beautiful dress, it was also something that meant a lot to you since it came from your dad. 

You start walking to the door and Jimin places his hand on your back, making you relax. He seemed to sense that you were nervous and just that little move, made your heart skip a beat but also helped you loosen up. 

“Don’t be nervous, Y/N, it’s just you and me tonight.” He soon says in a whisper before opening the door for you and motioning for you to walk in. 

He was right. There was nobody in the restaurant except a waiter that kindly greeted you and escorted you to the back of the dining room. Jimin must’ve reserved the whole damn place to himself and you because nobody was in sight. The place was beautiful, though. It was big and had tons of different paintings placed on the walls. Speaking of walls, they were painted black with a gold trimming. There was a huge, silver chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The best part of it all was the feeling you got from the place. It was quiet but peaceful and helped you relax even more even though you were still nervous.

Jimin walked quickly ahead of you and pulled the chair out for you to sit on. His smile returning as he motioned for you to sit down.

He looked good, as always. He was wearing a white button up, with a black vest that had spike looking gems around the collar of it. Not a lot of guys could pull off the hat that he was wearing but Jimin could surely not only pull it off but also look crazy handsome in it, times a million.

Jimin always left you speechless when you saw him, which has only been three times but when you did, he always looked outrageously attractive. His eyes that you always got lost in. His lips that were tinted with a rose pink color but still extremely eye catching because of how big they were. The way he smiled when he talked to you, leaving you in what seemed like a daydream. His hair and how it either fell perfectly above his eyebrows or was parted and up and how shiny it looked. Most of the time you found yourself trying to resist the urge to just reach out and touch his perfectly sculpted face. 

He soon sat down after he talked to the waiter and fixated his look onto you and nothing else, not that there was really much to look at anyways besides artwork.

But to him, you were the artwork. 

“So, Y/N, how are you feeling?” He asks, starting up the conversation.
His voice made you shudder. It was so soft and honey-like. 

“I’m feeling pretty good, just a little nervous that’s all.” You reply as you finally find the courage to look up to his sparkling eyes. It wasn’t even bright out and his eyes glowed with so much admiration and awe. 

“Are you sure?” He pauses but then continues while he leans in closer to you. "You seem to be pretty nervous. Are you scared? Or is this how you always are, because when I saw you at work, you sure weren’t acting like this.“ 

Well, obviously, you wanted to say. He didn’t understand that you were basically breaking the rules, just by seeing him. When you were on stage, your whole charisma changed, it had to. You couldn’t be shy or scared while performing because that would mean you’d do a poor job. You had to be confident, fierce, and sexy, or the tips would be shit. 

“Yes, Jimin. I’m nervous, okay?” You say quietly once again, before bringing your gaze back down to the table. “This is all just so new. I’m sorry.”

You heard him slowly move back and he speaks up again, of course saying the most heart warming thing he could possibly say.

“Just look at me. You have nothing to worry about. I don’t know what it is you are scared about but if you want to talk about it, we can. If you don’t, well then, that is okay too. I can always tell you about myself or you can tell me about you because after all, that is what we are here for, isn’t it?”

You nod and feel his thumb on your chin as he makes you move your head up to look at him. As much as you wanted to keep looking down, you couldn’t. He was smiling and the sight of that made you relax.

“Okay.” You whisper. He nods and waves his hand at the waiter, signaling him to bring water, before bringing his attention back to you. 

“So, what shall it be then?” He asks.

“Can I ask you a question? You suddenly say, out of nowhere. He nods while saying thank you to the waiter as he sets down two glasses of water.

It’s been on your mind for the past couple of weeks, about why he was at the strip club in the first place. Jimin was stunning, he could truly get any girl he wanted at anytime he wanted. Even if he was at the club just out of boredom, of all girls, why would he pick you? There were plenty of girls that were way prettier than you, had better bodies than you, and normally stood out much more than you, so why was he so attracted to you and not them?

“Why were you at the club in the first place?”

You saw Jimin shake his head while lightly laughing. “The only reason I was there was because my friends; Jin, Taehyung, Hoseok and Yoongi all convinced me to go with them. Strip clubs aren’t my forte, honestly. I was just there with some friends but then I saw you and here we are.”

Oh. My. God. Hearing that come out of his mouth, made you that much more attracted to him. He was perfect. Insanely, perfect. The fact that he was just there because his friends wanted him to go and he wasn’t there because he was looking for an opportunity to get laid, made your heart smile. If Jimin and you ever did become a ‘thing’, you were 100% positive you wouldn’t want him going to strip clubs. This whole thing made him seem to be that much better, than any guy you’ve ever met.

“Oh.. Well that’s nice to know.” You say while taking a sip of water. Who were you kidding, that was really nice to know.

“Yeah. If you don’t mind me asking again, why exactly are you working there?”

This topic was really a tough one to talk about. You were just so scared of the reaction you’d get from people and now, a guy that you were already crazy about, was asking you. You had nothing to do but tell him the story and if he ran out on you, there’s nothing you could do about it.

You let out a shaky sigh and force yourself to begin telling him. “About a year ago,” You pause while closing your eyes, then opening them again. “I got pregnant. Two months later after the dad found out, he left me in the dust. Ever since then, I’ve been working at the club. It was my only choice.”

Jimin was shaking his head, obviously infuriated, not with you either but with Jungkook. “Seriously? What kind of sick fuck- Uh, oops, sorry for the bad language,” He pauses softly giggling at himself. “What kind of sick man,” He emphasized the word “man.” He shook his head at himself as if he was at loss of words. “What am I saying? You aren’t a man of you walk out on a lady, let alone a pregnant one.“ 

His words always made you blush. Even if he was talking about Jungkook, he always knew what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. You appreciated a man with a filter because Jungkook did NOT have one. He always said what he wanted, even if that mean hurting your feelings with it. 

“Yeah, you are right.” You agree with his statement. “I guess I am just scared, if I get too close or attached to you, you will walk out on me like he did.” You say before thinking. You definitely didn’t want to come off needy, or desperate, but of course, you just did. 

Jimin tilts his head to the side before smiling at you. There was no doubt in your mind that he actually looked like an angel when he smiled. 

“Y/N, I’d never leave you like that. I would never leave you in the first place. I know I don’t know much about you, but I do know that this dick head is surely missing out on one amazing woman, that I now get the pleasure to look at and admire because he obviously didn’t if he just walked out on you like that.”

His words made butterflies form in your stomach as you continue looking at him. 

“Thank you. But enough about me, what do you do? What’s your story?”  You wanted to switch subjects. You found yourself relaxing, which was good because you had to admit, you were really tense before this whole thing. 

The waiter brings over two menus. You bow your head slightly and take one from his hand before opening the menu and deciding on what you want within in a couple of minutes, while Jimin was doing the same. 

Jimin set down the menu and placed both of his hands into a V shape, cupping his own cheeks. “Well, what do you want to know?” He asks as a smile creeps up onto his face. 

“Nothing in particular, just about you, your job, your past, I guess.”

“Well, I was working at a bank. My father owned it but he just recently passed away so, now I own it and I’m the CEO. I have an older brother but he lives California with his wife. My mom is also living in California and here I am. That’s it, there’s nothing really much to me.” He gives you a warming smile and types into the Ipad on the table, what he wants for his meal. “What do you want to eat? You tell him you want the chicken salad and watch as he carefully types in the order.

Well, that explains why he has so much money. It was nice to know that the two of you had something to relate on. Both of you had lost your fathers, so you could both understand the feelings that came with it. 

“I see. I also lost my father a little less than half a year ago.” You say, reassuring to him that you understood. You could see the pain in his eyes when he was talking about his father. They seemed to have a close relationship, just like you and your dad had.

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that Y/N” His voice was sympathetic and sweet. His face softened as he looked at you, leaving you almost gone for words. His gaze never failed to make your face heat up, it was just so intense. 

“Don’t be. I’m sorry for your loss too, Jimin" 

He winked at you before saying “Don’t be.“ 

Sooner than later, the food arrived and you ate in a comfortable silence. Every now and then Jimin looked up at you, smiling away before moving his gaze back down to his plate. When you finished your food, the two of you continued talking. 

You found out that Jimin was the high school quarterback of the football team all throughout the four years. He explained to you that his mother was also not the most supportive. You told him pretty much everything about yourself and what had happened with Jungkook. Jimin never took his eyes off of you, once you had finished eating. He never pulled out his phone to check his notifications, let alone the time and made it clear that he was listening to you. You saw him shake his head every now and then to let you know that he understood your past and why you were doing what you were doing now as a job.

The fact that Jimin didn’t judge you once, or was judging but didn’t make it obvious, flattered you, a lot. Jimin was beyond ideal and never said anything that hurt your feelings or made you feel bad. Although it was rare, if you did go on a date with a guy and they asked what you did, they made you feel so bad about doing it. They would always ask "Why can’t you just work at a restaurant?” or “Why can’t you get ahold of the dad, so he can pay child support?” They didn’t understand that; One, stripping made you really fast and easy money, compared to a normal cashier or waitress job. Two, they also didn’t understand the fact that, no matter how hard you tried, Jungkook would never pay to support the kid, even if it was his.

“Y/N?” Jimin asks quietly before placing his right hand on the table, with his palm facing up. He grabs your hand with his left and places it onto his, securing his grip onto it. His hand was warm and fit perfectly over yours. 

Once again, this little move worked you up just enough to have your heart thumping in your chest. You didn’t dare to take your hand out of his.  He looked at you so softly and held your hand like it was some fragile piece of glass and spoke up again. 

“You are so beautiful and simply an amazing, strong, and great woman. Don’t let this one guy, close your heart to another, more specifically, me. I would never do anything to hurt you. I would never use anything you tell me now and hold it against you. I know you’ve told me before that you have had to get paid for sex and I hate the fact that such a special girl has to do that because of some asshole. If we do become anything, please do know I would never hurt you like that, Okay?”

“Okay.” You reply, slowly taking everything in. Your heart felt at ease with everything he just said but of course, he had to add more. 

“I know you are struggling now, so I will give you $500 each month to help support you and your child.”

As soon as he said that, you felt like sobbing right then and there. As sudden and big this whole thing was, that meant no more prostitution and fewer hours of stripping. $500 was your whole month’s rent and then some. Jimin would never know how grateful you were and as much as you wanted to object and never take that amount of money from someone, you couldn’t. You needed that money and Jimin would be able to provide it, even if you weren’t dating. 

You practically jumped out of your seat as soon as those words left Jimin’s mouth. You got up and forcefully attached your arms around his neck. He stood up and you felt him squeeze his arms around you. The way he held you made you feel safe and secure, something you have lacked the feeling of,  for a long time. 

“C'mon, I’ll take you home.” He says.

You two exit the restaurant and about 15 minutes later, reach your house. Just like he did before, he leaves the car first and then rushes to the other side, opening the door for you. He walks you up to your front door with you and smiles at you. You can’t help but wrap your hands around him again, leaning and resting your head in the crook of his neck. 

“Thank you, Jimin. You seriously have no idea how much this will help me.”

“Someone has to support you and be a dad to Jae-Eun and if that asshole, who’s name I don’t know yet, won’t be, I will.”

my friends watched some of miraculous ladybug for the first time. all they knew going into it is what i’ve said and a video that explained the love square

stuff that’s not in quotes is me, anything in quotes is one of my friends

(note: some pretty lowkey nsfw stuff because of who they are as people)

stormy weather

  • “its been 30 seconds you biG BABY”
  • “that’s [tikki] a small child"
  • “i have no idea what’s going on” oh my god just let it happen
  • “of course they always make the blonde girl the bitch” [we were on stormy weather and hadn’t met chloe]
  • “he’s cute”
  • transforming “oh jeez. of course there’s a transformation”
  • “look at that beautiful boy” [adrien]
  • “why does he have to have cat ears”
    “because he DOES”
  • chat comes onscreen “i love him”
  • “i love [chat]. i love him so much. i love. i love him so much”
  • “miraculous ladybug is my favorite anime”
  • “chat is my favorite”
  • “so they can figure [stormy weather] out, but they can’t figure out each other??!?!?!”
  • “this is a good episode of pokemon”
  • “that photographer needs to chill”

(evillustrator, lady wifi, the bubbler, and mr pigeon under the cut because this is So Long)

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Things I Learned From Shadowhunters o2.o7:

o1. i’m getting significant voldemort vibes from valentine.
o3. Simon is the cutest thing in the world and he needs to be protected at all costs. (Preferably by Raphael?)
o5. Alec being too embarrassed to look at Jace is such quality content. Bless you, Shadowhunters.
o7. I am so turned on by Magnus holy shit.
09. Luke just looking at his sister as she bleeds out on the floor made me laugh so hard. Am I a bad person?
1o. 23 minutes in and still no Raphael. Why am I watching this show again?
12. I question Clary’s life choices frequently.
13. I take it back, that was smart, Clary.
15. Simon’s mind is so blown oh my God, I need more scenes with Simon and Jace.
16. Alec: I don’t overthink things. Also Alec: Overthinks overthinking.
17. okay but the way alec is cluching magnus’ shirt right now excuse me i’m dying
18. that pout though.

I meant to post this on april fool’s day because my writing is a joke :) But I’m late, so here’s a joke posted on the wrong day.

Summary: Keith, who just happens to be coming down with a cold, is forced to wait out a thunderstorm with Lance.

“You’re still coming to pick me up, right?”

Lance’s voice is questioning, insecure, as if he doesn’t already know the answer. Keith sighs into the phone, before sniffling once, absently rubbing his nose on the back of his hand. “I thought we already went over this.”

“I know, but I called you and you weren’t picking up–”

“I was in class,” Keith retorts, pressing the phone to his ear with one hand as he slings his backpack over his shoulders with the other. He twists away briefly to cough into his shoulder. “The lecturer ended a little later than usual, that’s all.”

He can hear Lance’s hum of assent on the other end. “So, you are coming, then?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I am.” Keith pauses outside of the university building, scanning the parking lot for his motorbike, before he spots it parked in the far left corner. “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

“The meeting ended ten minutes ago,” Lance responds, “so, not really.”

“That’s good,” Keith unfastens his helmet from where it’s been clipped around the handlebars, then fits it over his head, brushing loose strands of hair from his eyes. “….I’m heading off. I‘m going to have to hang up now, okay?”

“Okay,” Lance pauses. “I’ll see you in twenty minutes?”

“Fifteen.” Keith fishes a keychain out of his pocket, pausing to find the right key before inserting it into the ignition. “See you there.”

The engine starts up, a low rumble of sound and motion, and Keith presses the end call button before sliding the phone back into his pocket. He sniffles, before straightening slightly, navigating the bike carefully out of the parking lot.

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  • me: "i haven't been feeling too good lately"
  • me thinking: oh god was that manipulative? i think that was manipulative. i'm baiting them into asking about my day oh god i'm so selfish
  • me: [makes post about being depressed]
  • me thinking: oh fuck that was manipulative wasn't it? i'm literally just fishing for pity now oh god i'm so self-absorbed i may as well just call people outright, screaming "SYMPATHIZE WITH ME" into their ears
  • me: [successfully conceals all traces of unhappiness, is an amiable and talkative person with all my friends]
  • me thinking: i hate my life so much. am i being selfish for being unhappy because i'm concealing my unhappiness?? AM I BEING MANIPULATIVE?? how did i get to be so conceited i want to die
take this burden - part 22

Jian Yi and Zhengxi.

[ leave a trace - CHVRCHES ]


Jian Yi liked to think about their first time.

Zhengxi did too.

But they rarely talked about it.

Jian Yi had spent so many years desperately wanting his best friend.

Not just sexually, necessarily.

He just…wanted him.

After awhile, being friends wasn’t enough.

And, after a while, after being turned down so very many times- it was time to move on.

No one but Jian Yi knows the extent of the…troubles he had with his first boyfriend.

Not even Zhengxi.

But he knew enough to understand why Jian Yi was so immediately protective of Mo Guan Shan.

Zhengxi came to feel the same way almost immediately.

When Jian Yi was 17 years old he met a man that seemed to be pretty decent boyfriend material.

People like that often do.

He realized he was wrong quickly, swallowed his pride and told Zhengxi.

The next day he chose to bail his best friend out of jail and didn’t bother to visit the other man in the hospital.

Having had plenty of time alone with nothing to do but think, the first thing Zhengxi did when they stepped back into the sunshine was embrace Jian Yi.

The first thing he said was ‘I’m sorry.’

The second thing he did was hold Jian Yi’s face in his hands and kiss him until a police officer told them to clear out.

The second thing he said was ‘I love you.’

Things moved slowly between them.

Agonizingly slowly.

He Tian thought he was suffering on day four.
Oh, please.

It took the two of them a year.

It was an agreement they’d made.

Jian Yi was terrified that Zhengxi was doing this out of guilt, or just to make him happy.

Zhengxi couldn’t stand the thought of irrevocably destroying their friendship, or push him too far too fast.

It was all hand holding and relatively innocent kisses for the first little while.

That graduated to small displays of public affection and a bit more contact.

They’d both taken to masturbating before meeting up.

Four months passed at a snail’s pace.

They’d moved on to careful hand jobs.

Six months in they moved in together, staying in separate rooms.

Eight progressively painful months passed.

They got very, very, drunk and Jian Yi gave Zhengxi a sloppy blowjob.

Zhengxi lasted all of four seconds.

Ten months, Jian Yi convinced (begged) him to finger him.

By the time the slowest year the world had ever seen was over, they’d both reached a level of desperation akin to insanity.

12 months doesn’t sound too bad, right?

52 weeks?

365 days?

8,760 hours?

525,600 minutes?

31,536,000 seconds?!

It was torture.

They planned to make an evening if it.

Zhengxi had the day off work.

He made all of Jian Yi’s favorite foods, picked out some romantic music.

He’d even lit candles.

He made sure they had plenty of lube and condoms.

He even got everything together for a bubble bath after it was all over.

Jian Yi came home from work, kicked his boots off and closed himself in the bathroom.

Before Zhengxi could process this fully, Jian Yi was back, stark naked, drying his hair.

He dropped the towel and made a beeline for Zhengxi.

He grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the living room.

‘What are you-’

‘Take your clothes off.’ Jian Yi demanded.

Even when he tried to argue that the food would get cold he had already started undressing.

When he was done, Jian Yi shoved him onto the couch and straddled his lap and kissed him deeply.

Jian Yi kissed down his jaw, sucking gently at the side of his neck, gently running his tongue over the sharp collarbone.

‘Jian Yi, I…’ he gestured towards the rapidly cooling food on the table half heartedly.

‘I can see that. Thank you. But as of right now, I’ve waited years to feel you inside me and I refuse to wait a fucking second longer.

‘G-give me the lube, I’ll get you ready.’ Zhengxi whispered, holding his hand out for the small bottle in the other man’s hand.

Jian Yi shook his head.

‘Took care of it in the shower.’ He explained, popping the cap open to pour a liberal amount into his palm before reaching down and spreading it over Zhengxi’s, already painful, erection.

He wasted no time sitting up on his knees, lining them up, and sinking down on him one inch at a time.

The wet, hot, pressure that engulfed him was so overwhelming he thought he was going to black out.

He didn’t take his eyes off Jian Yi’s face for a second.

The pain he tried to hide was heartbreaking but he clearly had prepared himself.

Before Zhengxi could tell him to take it slow, he had taken it all in.

Zhengxi stroked his back as he took several deep breaths.

Very slowly, the muscles around him began to relax.

Jian Yi lifted himself up on shaking arms before sinking down again.

‘Jian Yi, oh my god.’ Zhengxi’s voice was rough and strained.

He did it three more times.

Zhengxi shook with the effort of not flipping them over and fucking him the way he imagined several times a day.

Stay still.

Let him get used to it.

‘Ok.’ Jian Yi whispered.

‘I’m ready.’

‘What…what should I do?’ Zhengxi asked lamely.

Thankfully, Jian Yi understood.

‘I want you on top.’

They carefully maneuvered themselves so Jian Yi was flat on his back, Zhengxi between his legs.

‘Are you ready?’

Jian Yi nodded, skin bright red from the roots of his hair to the head of his cock.

‘I’ve been waiting for a very, very, long time to say this.’ Jian Yi informed him quietly, pulling the other man down by the back of his neck.

‘Fuck me, Zhengxi.’

He did not need to be asked twice.
As gently as he could, he began to move
his hips.

Jian Yi wrapped a leg around his waist, tilting his hips up with a soft, contented, sigh.

After several whispered pleas, Jian Yi froze, catching his attention.

‘Zhengxi. Fuck. me. harder.’ He growled, sending shivers down Zhengxi’s spine.

When you think of someone, there’s always a few pictures that pop into your head.

Images of them burned into your memory.

Maybe they were laughing, or smiling, or doing something stupid.

There’s always a picture or two that stick.

Months before that memorable night, Zhengxi had been experimenting.

Using instructions from the internet, (where all the most reliable instructions come from) he’d found his prostate.

It had been an uncommonly difficult feat and he didn’t do it often because the angle killed his shoulder, but he when he did it was more than a noteworthy experience.

Trying to use his vague knowledge to find Jian Yi’s was awkward and likely confusing, but the look on Jian Yi’s face.

The utter shock as his back arched and fingernails dug into Zhengxi’s shoulders as he came…

That was rarely far from his mind.

Zhengxi didn’t last much longer.

They cleaned up.

The atmosphere in the room was different than it had ever been.

The tension had eased.

The elephant in the room had found someone new to frustrate.

They ate dinner, talked about their respective days, washed dishes together, and made their way back to the bedroom.

There was no uncertainty this time.

No doubts or fear that either one of them didn’t want it.

Zhengxi spoiled Jian Yi just as he’d always imagined.

He held him closely as he fingered him for god knows how long, teaching them both about Jian Yi and.

He swallowed his embarrassment, starting with tiny licks and kisses around that tight, twitching, ring of muscle, and ended with his Zhengxi fucking his boyfriend with his tongue until he begged for his cock.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms only when the sun began to rise, grateful they’d taken the next day off work.

Drabble 001

Originally posted by ttwentyone21pilots

This was requested and I’m so happy it was because this would be a dream come true. I know it’s pretty unrealistic but a girl can fantasize, can’t she?! Enjoy this while I work on part three to Jar of Hearts!

You sat outside of a local cafe, scrolling through tattoo shops nearby. They’re work was good but not the kind you were looking for for your tattoo. You sighed as you threw your head back in frustration. You’ve been planning this tattoo for months and just wanted to get it done so you can finally become a canvas for things you love. As you stood up, you continued looking at your phone while you turned around to walk back home. You ended up bumping into a man with bright red hair and a nose ring. He caught you as you began to fall, helping you back onto your feet.

“Sorry, about that.” He chuckled.

“It was all me, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking.” You blushed.

“I was also responsible, I was texting my band mate.” He shrugged.

“I’m Y/N, by the way.” You held out your hand for him to shake.

“Joshua.” He accepted and firmly shook your hand, which made you look down at his arm and you were in awe at the ink plastered all over him.

“Oh my god! Your tattoos are beautiful. Where did you get them done? I’m not trying to sound creepy, I’m just wanted to get a tattoo but can’t find somewhere to go for it and your’s are so perfect.” You spit out, quickly, causing him to laugh.

“I could take you there if you’d like. It’s only a few blocks away.” He smiled, sweetly.

“Sure, that’d be great.”

You both began walking towards where he was parked. He walked over to the passenger side and opened the door for you.

“Such a gentleman.” You smirked as you got in the car.

He started the car and turned on the radio. HeavyDirtySoul started up, causing Josh to chuckle. You began to quietly rap along to the verses which made Josh only laugh more loudly this time.

“What’s so funny?” You asked confused.

“Nothing. It’s just, this is my song. Well mine and my band mate’s song. Surprised you didn’t recognize me, actually.”

“I knew you looked familiar! Last picture I saw of you, you had blue hair or something. The red looks nice though. Wow. I can’t believe I’m riding in Josh Dun’s car.” You slouched back in your seat, taking in the fact that a celebrity you admire is taking you to his tattoo artist.

“Aaand we’re here.” He stated as he parked in front of the small building.

You both got out of the car and walked into the shop together. Josh was greeted with a ton of ‘hello’s’ from the workers there. He walked over to one very pierced and inked man and hugged him. You assumed it was it artist based on the connection they had between them.

“So, this is Y/N. She’s been wanting to get a tattoo and I figured I’d bring her to you. You are the best, bro.” They both chuckled as his friend motioned you to sit down in the car in front of him.

“So what is it you’re looking to get?” He asked and you explained exactly what you wanted. He nodded, once you showed him a photo on your phone.

“Dude, c’mere real quick.” Josh pulled the artist over to the side. They were whispering about something. It seemed to be about you as they kept glancing over in your direction. They finished their conversation was and walked back over to you.

“Okay, let’s get this tattoo started.”

“W-what? I don’t have money on me currently.” You stuttered.

“That’s not a problem. I’m paying. And before you say anything, I want to do this for many reasons that maybe I can tell you during your tattoo process.” Josh explained and chuckled.

After a few minutes of set up, the artist had the stencil on the perfect spot for your tattoo. As he began tattooing, you winced at the sudden unfamiliar pain. Josh grabbed your hand, squeezing it as he shot you comforting smile. A few hours passed of you and Josh chatting, getting to know more about each other. After your tattoo was complete, the artist wrapped it and lead you over to the counter where Josh happily paid for everything. 

“Some first date.” You giggled as you walked out of the shop freshly tatted and happily falling into something new. 

My TFA experience (in which I was incorrectly informed Rey was a cousin/sibling beforehand)

Context: My partner constantly spoils things for me. He doesn’t mean to, but he does it all the time. BUT he’s also Swedish and has a pretty piss poor attention span, so he doesn’t always get it right.

Result: I went into TFA ‘knowing’ that Rey and Kylo Ren were related, expecting the revelation to occur at some point.

Inner monologue:

He’s damn pretty, I wonder who he’s going to get with?

Wow, this scene is VERY sexually charged for relatives.

Oh no I think I ship them and they’re related.

Seriously WTF is with this sexual tension?

What is that jealousy with Finn…?

Has Disney gone all GoT or am I going crazy?

Then, at the end of the film:


And, in my head:

OTP… so this is what it feels like…

We Can’t ~ Sirius

Did you hear about the masquerade at the Black Manor?“ Your best friend or Meadows asked one morning.

“I did. Are you going?” You replied, sitting next to her on the sofa.

“Do you really think my family got invited.” Se scoffed.

“I don’t know,” You teased, “maybe Walburga was feeling generous.”

“Well! I may not have been invited, but it’s the event of the year, and I still want to go.” She laughed.

“We don’t, have invitations, so we can’t get in.” You told her.

“We could sneak in through the kitchens.” She mused. This finally sparked your interest.

“We could.” You sang, thinking of the possibilities.

“Just think of it, (Y/N)! Fancy dresses, the elaborate decorations, the mysterious boys.”

“Let’s do it!” You were sold.

After thinking for a few moments and fantasizing about the night you would have, you came up with a question.

“Where are we going to get the money to buy dresses?” You asked.

“Oh,” Dorcas’ face fell into deep thought, “We could borrow some money from my parents.”

“Yeah,” You scoffed, “because your parents would be perfectly fine if you snuck into a party wearing dresses we shouldn’t even have, using money from their bank account. Especially if the party is hosted by the richest and meanest family in the country.”

“They don’t have to know! I can just take some sickles from their account and transfer it to muggle money so we get more bang for our buck! It’s about two pounds to a sickle right now and that will get us great dresses at half the wizard price!” She theorized.

“Sounds good, but if we get caught, you take the blame.” You smirked, laughing at your friend’s mischievous look.


Your plan ran smoothly. A week before the masquerade, you two went shopping around muggle stores to find dresses. You were both buzzing on the night of the party.

Your hair as done up nice and your makeup was applied by Dorcas flawlessly. The dress you had picked out fit your figure perfectly and Dorcas had bought you both Venitian masks.

You mqade your way to the Black Manor and instead of sneaking into the house by the kitchens, you made your way into the house through the back door you two stumbled upon. You followed the music until you reached the ballroom
“Oh. My. God.” Dorcas breathed, taking in the view of the gilded room.

This has been your best idea yet.” You said in equal amazement.

The ballroom was bustling with moving people. They were all dancing in perfect timing with one another and the music guided them. The walls were decorated with the accent color green, representing their Slytherin pride. You two walked down the steps into the room.

Twirling around together and laughing was the first thing you and Dorcas did.

“I can’t believe this actually worked.” You muttered to yourself.

Looking around the room more, you backed up to get a better view but ran into someone. You lost your balance as your body collided with another and slowly turned around, hoping no one would recognize you as the muggleborn you were. But you had your mask and a dress, no one would suspect a thing, right?

“I am so sorry.” You said, looking at the figure you ran into.

“No problem.” It said.

It was a boy, who was a little taller than you and who wore dress robes. He had long black hair and his mask was formed specially for his face.

“NO, really, I didn’t mean to run into you, I was just looking at the beautiful ballroom and-“

“You don’t come here often do you?” The boy laughed.

You idiot! You gave yourself away.

Or that’s what you thought.

“This is my first time.” You admitted.

“Well, then, it is only natural for me to ask you to dance.” The boy smirked roguishly.

“Oh you don’t have to.” You tried to get yourself out of the situation, because, in truth, you didn’t know any fancy dances.

“Of course I do! You’re a beautiful girl without a partner.” He said, trying to convince you.
“I don’t really know how to dance well.” You confided in the stranger.
“Well, you’re lucky that you’re a girl, because all you have to do is follow me.”

He took your hand in his and led you out. After fumbling around a little bit, you actually found the rhythm with the music and started to dance like you knew what you were doing.  

“So,” He opened the air for conversation

“So.” You repeated, not sure what to say.

“Who are you?” He asked.
“It’s a masquerade, “You smiled, “You’re not supposed to know who everyone is.”

“But that’s no fun.” He flirted, “besides, I want to know who this pretty girl is.”

“You’ll never find out.” You said mischievously.

“That’s no fair.” He pouted.

“It’s the nature of the game.”

“I’ll just have to find you at another dance.” He said, spinning you around in time with everyone else.

You laughed to yourself at the irony.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Nothing.” You replied, stifling your laughter.

“You wouldn’t laugh at nothing.” He smirked, catching you in your lie.

“Touche.” You narrowed your eyes through your mask, “truth is, kind sir, you seem absolutely smitten.”

“Is that a crime?” He asked as you continued dancing.

“Not necessarily.” You smiled up at the stranger.

For the rest of the dance the stranger kept asking you questions about your identity, which you brushed aside gracefully.

When the dance ended, the stranger pulled you to an alcove in the ballroom and blocked the view of the room.

“You take off your mask, I’ll take off mine.” He negotiated.

In all honesty, the spunk and confidence of the boy made you curious to see who he was, but you didn’t want to take of your mask.

“I can’t do that.” You told him softly.

“Why not?” He asked.

“Because, I shouldn’t be here.” You sighed, telling half of the truth.

“Is it your parents, because I won’t say a word.” He promised, taking your hand in his.

You laughed, “NO, it’s not like that.”

“Please.” He whined.

You thought about it for a while. It was silent, even the music and the chattering in the back seemed to quiet down.

You reached up to his face and pulled his mask off, revealing a familiar, handsome face.

“Sirius Black.” You scoffed, “just my luck.”

“What do you mean?” He asked, looking deep into your eyes, partially covered by your mask.

“You’re not going to like who I am.” You laughed lightly.

“I bet you I will.” He whispered, untying the string wraped around your head and removing the mask fro your face.

His face fell when your identity was revealed.

“Told you that you wouldn’t like the results.” You looked down, “Now, if I could please have my mask back, I’ll leave you to your party.”

As you moved to take your mask from his hand, he snatched it away, so you moved out from the wall to find Dorcas an leave, but Sirius blocked you from leaving.

“Sirius, this is embarrassing. I’m a muggleborn who snuck into the Black’s party! Of all houses, I chose yours, now let me be.”

But his kissed you instead of letting you pass. His lips like fire forced you to stay and you kissed him back slowly. Deciding the angle of the kiss, his nose brushed against your cheek and left a tingling sensation in its wake. He bit your lip softly and you forced yourself to stay quiet, pulling away from him.

“We can’t do this.” You said to him, “I have to go.”

There may be a part two if you guys like this so….

{PART 21: Final Chapter} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson)

Genre: (?)

No Summary.

This is the final chapter of this series.

If you would like to read my Authors Note, I have placed it at the end of the chapter. Now, on to the story ^^

{Part 1} // {Part 20} {Part 21: Final Chapter}

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@wacheypena - happy birthday, and I hope you feel better! Have some crackfic coldflash.

Ao3 link


“You’re going to what?” Len says incredulously. His incredulous voice is very, very flat.

Barry winces.

“I’m going to throw you and your paramour to your doom –” the guy starts.

“No, no, skip that part,” Len says. “Especially the bit about the paramour, no one says that anymore. Get to the part about the birds.”

“Your doom will come at the hands of –”

“Beaks of,” Len says, because he can’t help himself that way.

Barry bangs his head against the wall of the cell. It’s fine, it’ll heal.

“- at the beaks of my beloved feathery friends, my attack birds –”

“You trained attack birds as your gimmick,” Len says. “Consider your application to the Rogues preemptively denied.”

“Must you taunt the supervillain?” Barry asks hopelessly.

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anonymous asked:

Can u imagine aliens hearing all the phrases we say like curiosity killed the cat, blood is thicker than water and birds of a feather etc and other humans agreeing cos we know the other half and what it means but aliens just have no context and take them literally and think we just randomly say sentences

Ah yes. I can imagine.

“Well, you know, curiosity killed the cat!” Tina laughs, face singed–it hadn’t been a large explosion, but had been bad enough that the sprinklers had gone off.

Ixnlr frowned, because from what they understood, humans were quite fond of their animal companions. Jeremy had started leaking salty fluid from his eyes when he heard the news of his beloved ‘Spot’ perishing. Was… was Tina one of those humans, who felt no empathy and were therefore quite dangerou–

She nodded, looking proud of herself. “But satisfaction brought him back!”

“What,” Ixnlr said. To their knowledge, humans had not yet discovered the science to reanimation.

“Oh, sorry, Icks-null-ler,” Tina said, surprised. They did not correct her; she didn’t have a second tongue to help with pronunciation. “If I’d known you were in here, I wouldn’t have done that.”

“WHAT,” Ixnlr said again. So she’d blow herself up if she was alone and had no one to see to her if she’d been seriously injured? Concerning. Ixnlr was concerned.

“Well, you know,” Hector sighed, twirling his wheat-based, tomato covered noodles around a fork. “Blood is thicker than water.”

Tymrkish blinked all of qer eyes at him. “Yes,” qe agreed, because he wasn’t wrong. Qe did not understand what that had to do with Hector having to go to a family reunion he didn’t want to go to.

“You know that’s wrong,” Brianne said, sitting down at the table and slamming down a tray full of some sort of broth.

“No,” Tymrkish said, confused, because that was wrong. Blood was definitely thicker than water.

Brianne rolled her eyes. “Yeah,” she insisted. “It’s ‘the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.’”

“Oh,” Tymrkish said. “Yes.” At least in humans, that was true.

“Okay, so you wanna tell my Abuela that I can’t come to the family reunion?” Hector scoffed.

Brianne physically recoiled. “No way! I’m not gonna tell your Abuela anything!”

“What’s an Ab-way-lah?” Tymrkish asked, wondering what rank could possibly cause such fear and respect.

Staying on a primarily human ship was… difficult. Ned could appreciate that they were branching out, though. It had been proven that ships containing mixed races were thirty-two percent more efficient than a ship containing one. There were a couple other races on board, but the Captain had split them up among the rest of the crew.

“I know birds of a feather flock together,” the Captain had chortled. “But how can we really get to know each other if we stay in our bubbles?”

Ned did not know what birds were, so Ned looked them up. Ned did not like what he found.

No wonder humans were so tough. If Ned had seen a Tyrannosaurus, Ned would have died when all of Ned’s hearts stopped in terror. And yet humans had domesticated them into chickens. How absolutely fascinating.

“No,” the Captain choked out when Ned asked how humans had domesticated the Tyrannosaurus. “Nonono, Ned, oh my God, no, I’m sorry.”