oh my god bless them bless them all

mersari89  asked:

Oh god. -inhales- Just. Bless. God bless. Ooooh my god I'm lightheaded from joy. Your ZENHEE ART AND POSTS. Liek I actualy can't queue them all right now cause I need to tag them and I can't focus on that cause I'm VIBRATING. This is the first ZenHee stuff I've ever found and I'm just so overjoyed and the wedding post nearly did me in. I'm trying to get a grip but my soul is floating over the ocean at this point I can't. I'm so happy right now. Omg I'm so happy! Bless you

omg I don’t know how to reply! your words really makes me smile ashjdjwbedwh ;;;w;;;; So happy to know there’s more people who love this ship as much as I do! Such respond like this always encourage me to draw more of them! thank you!

and that zenhee wedding pic is my pride and joy! <333