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I fucking love Shawn's abs and his apollo's belt. What a set of cum gutters.

oh my god i legitimately laughed out loud when i first read this ask because of what you called his abs lmao. that’s so explicit but literally shawn makes me think so many dirty things too so we’re all in the same boat.

happy fantasizing, anon! ;)


Imagine during your panel, Jensen comes out, surprising you with a Captain America mask and shield since he knows of your crush

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“Oh my god.” You cackled, your stomach constricting as you belted out into laughter.

Jensen mirrored your actions, holding the shield up to his mouth as he chuckled along. Your reaction was priceless, and he couldn’t help but laugh it off. 

“What are you doing?” You asked, trying to catch a breath. 

He shrugged his shoulders, a smile forming on his lips. “Since you like Captain America so much, I thought–what the hell.” He exhaled. 

The audience cheered, a few snapping pictures. 

“OTP!” Jared pretended to freak out, fanning himself and jumping up and down. 

You rolled your eyes, chuckling as the blood rushed to your cheeks. “Well I must admit, you make a pretty good looking Cap.” You muttered. 

Jensen flashed a cheeky grin, gazing endlessly at you. 

“Ew, okay you two, get a room.” Jared scoffed. 


The Time Belt (Part 1) featuring our three sweet boys and daddy circa early 90’s

Where was Haught?

Yo, if you were wondering where officer haught was this whole episode:

She was at the mall WITH COMMANDER fucking LEXA buying all the fucking candles and slinky ass little black night dresses with slits up as high as her gd belt buckle. Oh god my god godgodlolgod


Graduated last night!!! It was amazing, I actually had such a lovely time! 

Was going through my feed and noticed they popped up a segment on the guys weak points in Torture Mode for KLAP!! and I’m just…

Mimasaka Toma

  • Head (Face)
  • Lower body (???)

Suo Sosuke

  • Upper body
  • Lower body (???)

Suruga Akito

  • Head (Face)
  • Lower body (???)

Camil Settselin

  • Upper body
  • Lower body (???)

Harima Kanade

  • Other (Hands & Feet)
  • Lower body (???)

Oh. My. God. This is going to get below the belt really fast.

Watching Garnet drag Peridot is still so fucking satisfying holy shit

Also Peri saving Amethyst was about 564738% gayer with the extra 30 seconds omfg

Senpai notice me Peridot is fucking great


‘We’ll add seat belts!!!’



ndilley: MILES FUCKING KANE!!!!!!!! (San Diego, 5 Aug. 2016)

Little Shop of Horrors

People have been asking me on what I mean by “punch” and “aggression” with my post on Little Shop of Horrors from Encores a few days ago. It’s too hard to explain but easier to hear I think. While I absolutely LOVE Ellen Greene from what I heard I wasn’t impressed with the Urchins or much of the energy. Here’s what I mean when I say “punch”. ALSO this counts as a belt appreciation post. Probably some of the best belting (well HEAVY mixing) I’ve heard live hands down. 

omg I went to the Ekka (an exhibition festival thing here in Brisbane that lasts like 10 days every year full of rides and festival things) in year like 7 when it was cool to have your wallet on a chain clipped to your pants and anyway I went on the zipper ride and it was a b-a-d bad time like my wallet came out of my pocket and my change was flying everywhere and my wallet was repetitively hitting my face bc it was on a chain and my friends shoes fell off and everything was flying everywhere and I was so scared and sweating so I couldn’t hold on and there were like no seat belts and just oh my god it was fun tho it was fun tho but honestly rip

i keep thinking of happy until dawn moments like chris, josh, mike, jess, and matt driving around on a roadtrip. jess is shotgun while matt drives so she’s picking the music and she puts on call me maybe and then josh starts singing it, so chris starts singing it with him trying to be a general menace, matt starts to tap the steering wheel and hum along, jess figures what the hell and joins in too and then mike cuts in at the main part of the chorus and just belts it out and everybody’s like ‘oh my god’ 

Staying Focused
  • *Saitama and Genos attend a heroes meeting*
  • Official: the number of monsters spotted have increased and this could be catastrophic.
  • Saitama: *shoots up* OH MY GOD!
  • *everyone looks over as Saitama peeks under his belt*
  • Saitama: .... I totally put my underwear on backwards today *sits back down*
  • Official: ...would you like me to repeat what I was saying last?
  • Saitama: hm? Oh no, I wasn't listening anyway
  • Genos: *pinches the bridge of his nose*