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Just want to remind everybody what yousef said to sana : "you need to drag it to yourself. Not push it away okay? You'll make a mess and you won't have any control over the carrot" it's a Fuckinshshshg metaphor !!! And it makes now OH MY GOD

I KNOW ALSO his basketball metaphor last saturday (WHICH MAY I REMIND YOU IS THE LAST TIME WE’VE SEEN HIM) about how she needs to come and get it if she wants it or she’ll have to let him go rgmrtiimt this boy only talks in metaphors i stg

Blame it on the alcohol part 2 ' ( Austin Carlile imagine)

~~Saturday morning 8:30am~~

*lightsaber noises*
I groaned and reached for my phone and answered
“What the fuck Tony?.. it’s too early AND its Saturday”
“I’m sorry (y/n), I just wanted to invite you to our party tonight.. geez grumpy gills!”
” it’s 8 in the morning and you’re calling me, I didnt ask for a wake up call.. Tone what are you doing up so early? “
“Getting the stuff for tonight dummy , so are you coming or??”
“Yeah, of course.. I have nothing else to do tonight”
“Alright, I’ll see you there at 9, i gotta go sleepy head”he chuckled
“Bye Tony”

I hung up and threw my phone under my pillow, and laid down again to sleep. ‘Fucking tony’ its Saturday. I’ve know tony for about three years now. And we’ve gotten pretty close.. and not in that type of way. Tone is just like..an older brother to me.

By the time I woke up it was 2pm.. I had 5 missed calls and 15 messages from tony. My god..
I called him back
“What’s up?”
“Oh now you call back?!”He laughed
“I was asleep!”
“i’m taking you out to eat then we’re heading to my place I- “
“I need you to come over and help me with some stuff for tonight. So bring your out fit for tonight and everything thing else, you can put it in your room while we fix up”
“at what time are you coming to pick me up? ” I laughed
“I’m 15 minutes from your house..”
“What the hell?! Antonio Perry!!”
“Hey I’ve been calling you!”
“Ugh.. fine I gotta go see you in a bit”
I hung up and ran to my closet and grabbed the the first tank top I found. I had slept in my jean shorts so I didnt have to worry about my bottoms, I slipped on my star wars Vans.
‘Uggh Tony I’m gonna kill you’
I looked in my closest and just grabbed a star wars tank top so that I could change once I got ready over there. I tossed my make-up, straightner, blow dryer and tank top in my bag and headed down stairs to the kitchen.
“(Y/N)!!! You better not be eating missy”
I laughed
“I’m hungry!!”
“Let’s go then” he grabbed my arm and dragged me outside
We got in his car and he started driving
“Where do you wanna eat?”
“Where ever” I leaned my seat back “just wake me up when we get there”
“Oh my god you lazy butt!!” He tickled my stomach
“No tony! you turtle!” I hit his hand.
he laughed and kept trying to tickle me as he drived
“Please.. stop…” i was laughing and out of breath
“Alright alright, so do you just wanna order pizza and chill at my place with the guys for a bit?”
“Ok” I smiled

By the time we got home, the pizza guy was already there, Tony paid him and we went inside.
“Heey!!!” Mike and Vic said in unison
“Hey guys” I hugged them
“Wheres Jaime? “
“Im right here! Aqui mero!” He said pointing to himself”
“Hola” I greeted
“Lets eat I’m starving!!”
“Me too!” Mike whined with me
“I’ll race ya to the table” I smirked at Mike
“Go!” He screamed and started running
“Thats not fair!” I ran after him
We all sat at the kitchen table eating
“Soo who’s picking up and doing dishes ?” Tony asked
“Un dos tres… not it” I screamed
Mike, Tony , and Jaime said “Not it” before Vic, of course its always Vic.
“Ayy.. every time you guys always beat me” he groaned
“Guys I’m gonna be up stairs getting ready, have fun vic” I winked as he washed the dishes
I made my way up stairs
“Yeah?” I turned to see the guys all standing at the bottom of the stairs
“There’s someone we want you to meet” Jaime spoke up
“He’s in a band” tony added
“Umm.. ok?”
“Great” Vic smiled and walked of Mike followed him
“Jaime!! Let’s play fifa!” Mike screamed as I walked up stairs to my room. Well the room I stay in when I sleep over
I let the water run so that the tub would fill up, I sat on the toilet seat wrapped in a towel.
Then the memories came rushing into my head.. the tall tattoo guy from the party a few weeks ago..
I was drunk, I didnt even know his name.. good thing I’m never gonna see him again.. or so I hope. .
I got in the bath tub and just relaxed for a bit, I couldn’t get the guy off of my head.. he probably just thought I was some dirty skank.. ugh.. why me??
“Open the door!! I want you to meet someone”
Shit.. Tony was banging at the door
“Hold on!” I yelled back
I wrapped a towel around my head and one around my body and walked out to open the door
“Umm.. ” there was another guy standing next to him, he was much taller than him, he only had a sleeve tatt.. holy shit!!
I slammed the door in his face,
“Oh my god.. oh my god.. it’s him.. it’s him..” I sat on the bed
“Him who?” I heard a guys voice, I jumped up and turned to see the tall tattooed guy closing the door behind him
“You.. what…”
“You’re the girl from the party the other day”
“How??.. ”
” well after you left that morning me and Tony hung out. And he was showing me something on his phone and your picture came out I-“
“Tony has pictures of me?” I thought out loud
He laughed
“Umm.. well I just asked him who you were and that type of stuff and” he ran his fingers through his hair
“And I realized I really wanted to meet you. I didnt tell Tony that I slept with you or anything.. he would’ve killed me” he chuckled to himself. “He wouldn’t even give me your number”
I stood there, trying to process what he’d just said.
“I’m Austin by the way” he stood up and smiled at me
“Really? That’s such a pretty name”
“I think Austin is a better name” I blushed
“Nahh” he smiled
“Umm.. well yeah.. I have to change.. So..”
“Oh come on” he smirked
“It’s not like I haven’t seen you before” he walked closer to me
“Uh.. you were pretty drunk though, so I doubt you remember” I laughed
“Alright ” he smiled “I’ll wait outside, if thats what you want”
I locked the door and started changing
So.. his name is Austin, and he’s been trying to look for me
I couldnt help but smile at the thought
I slipped on star wars tank top, blue jean shorts and my star wars vans and walked out Austin was sitting down against the door
“Whoooa.. ” he tried to keep himself from falling and then stood up
“Whoa..” he looked at me, eyeing my body
“Whoa what?”
“Your outfit.. I’ve never seen star wars look so.. so.. beautiful yet.. sexy”
I rolled my eyes and walked passed him and made my way down stairs, the party had already started, vic was already on his second round of tequila shots
” do you wanna go?” Austin scream over the music
“Where?” I smiled
“Anywhere, some where we can talk… and I mean talk.. not-” I raised my eyebrow
“Oh I thought..”
“Not unless you want to” he winked
“Let’s go then” I smiled
We made our way through all the people who were dancing and/or drinking. He grabbed his car keys out of his dark skinny jeans and started the car.
He turned to face me
“You got your hair dyed” he smiled
“Yeah” I looked at my hair as if I hadn’t see what color it was
“I like it”
“Thank you” we began to drive, it was pretty late, the street lights were on but over all it was dark, the moon was so bright tonight and I couldn’t help but notice its beauty
“It’s beautiful huh? The moon”
“Oh yeah, I couldn’t help but notice it” I said staring out the window
“So what’s new (Y/N)?”
“Aside from getting my hair dyed?? Nothing really, just working” I chuckled to myself
“And you?”
“recorded some new tracks ” he smiled”
“So you’re like famous? “
“Yeah I guess so, I’m in a band called Of Mice & Men”
“Ooh” I smiled
“I love it, making music” he turned to look at me “what do you for a living? “
“I’m a tattoo artists”
“Really? Are you any good?” He laughed
“Well I guess I have to be good in order to get hired and be manger of a tattoo parlor” I laughed as well
“Give me a tatt? I’ll pay you” his eyes gleamed at his idea
“I don’t even know you that well”
“But I trust you enough to give me a tattoo” he smiled sweetly
“Hmm.. ok”
“What’s the place called? “
“Evil ink LA”
“I know where that is” he turned the car around and we headed towards the tattoo parlor.
Lucky for Austin I had my keys with me. I let us in and turned the lights on
“Take any seat you want, I’ll go get the stuff ready”
“So what do you want amd where?”
“Anywhere, just be creative and have fun with it”
“Great! I’ll tattoo my name on you right butt cheek” I said sarcastically
I disinfected his shoulder and got the needle and ink ready
“(Y/N) hun .. that’s my right shoulder not my right butt cheek” he laughed
“You didnt really think I was gonna tattoo my name on you, right? He took off his shirt
“I wouldn’t mind” his smile widened
I finished his tattoo and had him look at it
“I like it.. actually, I think it’s the best tattoo I’ve had done”
” you’re just saying that-” I looked down blushing
“It’s like you know I have a thing for the ocean ” he looked at his new ‘mystical mermaid’
” I have a thing for the ocean too to be honest”
“How much do I owe you?”
“It’s fine, it’s a gift” I smiled
“No please (Y/N),” he took some cash from his wallet and placed it in my pockets, I didnt fight him I just let him
“Maybe we should get you back home, ” he grabbed his shirt and started walking ” we wouldn’t want your boyfriend to start worrying about you sweetie”
“I dont have one” I laughed as I started putting everything back in its place
He raised his eyebrow
“No boyfriend? ” he smirked
“Nope” I followed behind him and locked the parlor door
We hopped into his car and started heading back to Tony’s place, Austin walked me all the way to the doorstep
“I had fun tonight, thanks for the tattoo”
“Any time” I opened the door and started to walk in
“Hey (Y/N)?”
“What are you doing tomorrow? Maybe… maybe I can pick you up to.. to go get lunch or- or something” he smiled but looked down
“Id like that,” I smiled “here” I took his phone from his poket and entered my number
“Text me “I smiled
“I will.. good night (Y/N)” his eyes lit up
“Good night Austin”

Part 3 coming out soon cx

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So, i'm sat reading a bit of Destiel smut (as you do on a Saturday night) and it's gotten to this really angsty sex build up, i'm sat waiting for Dean to take Cas' virginity, it's all going quite slowly and Dean's sat talking about how amazing/special Castiel is and it's all cute and sweet and gentle when suddenly, Cas turns around to Dean like "Dean, quit talking and fuck me into the mattress like the pizza man did the babysitter." .....I have been laughing for 10 minutes straight I jUST CANT


A new start - part 5/?

Sorry this took longer than other parts to post I’ve been really busy lately. I’m thinking this will be about 8 parts long but I’m not completely sure. Anyway sorry for any mistakes and I hope yous enjoy.
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No! No, no, no ! This wasn’t happening Rae thought. How could she possibly know. Of all the people to find out and it’s Stacey. No one else can find out, they won’t want to be friends with her if they do she fretted. Maybe she was bluffing though. Rae laughed nervously, shifting on the spot she was standing in and fiddling with her shirt sleve, “w what you talking about Stacey”.

“Oh don’t play dumb Rae, I know all about you and once everyone else does they’ll stay well away. You won’t be great funny Rae anymore or so they think. You’ll be crazy Rae. Friends? Hah don’t make me laugh, people like you don’t deserve friends and if it’s anything to do with me you won’t have. So you’ll stay well away from Finn if you know what’s good for you or everyone finds out, and we don’t want that to happen. We wouldn’t want you to do anything stupid would we?” Stacey asked stepping closer to Rae, who didn’t respond. “I didn’t think so” Stacey laughed with an evil grin spread across her face.

Rae couldn’t hold back the tears that had filled her eyes. They flowed down her cheeks as her breathing spread up and she ran out the room and downstairs. She had to get out so she was well away from Finn. She’d have to stay away from the gang too because Finn was always with them. This is best she thought, it was always going to happen. I don’t deserve friends she told herself, I was even more crazy to think I did.

 She rushed through the crowd of bodies all pushed together. She instantly felt the heat of the bodies when she stood off the steps. She could smell a mix of sweat, cigarettes and alcohol and in the background behind all the shouting and muffled voices all almost coming together as one she could hear Bye bye badman playing by the stone roses and she knew it was Finn who had put it on.

 He’d told her a week or so before how much he loved the song because it reminded him of when he was younger. Him and Archie and been having a sleepover at his and they heard the distinctive opening cords ringing out from his living room where Gary , Finn’s dad was. They rushed in because they’d never heard anything like it before and by then end of the night they knew every word and were singing their hearts out. That was a happy memory from his childhood but they hadn’t all been happy. She loved when he told her personal things like that and opened up to her and she’d realised how similar they were.

 She couldn’t be friends with him any longer though and she hated that. The more she got to know him the more she liked him and she’d just in that moment realised it wasn’t as a friend she liked him. She wanted more, but that could and never would happen. This realisation made her cry even harder and she ran out the front door and into the dark night.

It was two days after the sexy party and Rae hadn’t spoke to anyone. She’d had several phone calls from Chloe and Archie but she told her mum she wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t up to speaking. She really hadn’t been feeling well but not in an ill sort of way. She had an empty feeling in her chest like something had been ripped out of it and she knew the reason. She missed everyone so much but she missed Finn the most. She missed his smile and the smell of ck one. She missed how he’d stare at everyone figuring them out when he thought they weren’t looking or arguing about music with him. She just missed being with him but she’d need to get used to that.

 She went for a shower and was going to her room to put music on when she heard the doorbell ring. She didn’t think anything of it though and continued doing what she’d intended to. In her room she could hear muffled voices then footsteps in the stairs before there was a knock at her bedroom door. “Rae its me Chloe, can I come in” she heard softly coming through the other side of the door. She couldn’t avoid her forever and so decided to allow chloe in.

 They were both sat on her bed with music quietly playing in the background when Chloe spoke first.“ Rae where have you been, you just ran off the other night without saying a word to anyone and then you’ve been ignoring our calls , everyone’s dead worried about you” Chloe said her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

 “I’m sorry for just leaving the other night I just wanted to go home and ive not been well so I didn’t really feel up to seeing anyone I should’ve told yous though so im sorry” Rae mumbled hoping Chloe believed that story. Wishful thinking she told herself when she heard Chloe’s response.

“ No whats the real reason you left mine the other night Rae , I know you ran off crying people saw you, so what happened” . Rae studied her face wondering if she could trust her . Fuck it , she thought she wouldn’t be friends with them whatever happened and she trusted Chloe. Take a deep breath Rae she told herself.

“ Well, the reason I moved from Leeds was because I was bullied and well I had other problems and they all just sort of built up until… until I hurt myself one night. I’d done it before but this time I’d cut too deep and I got took to hospital and when I was better they admitted me to a mental hospital” Rae looked at Chloe for any sign she thought she was completely crazy and wanted to run off but all she found was worry clouding her face and so she continued. “I was in the hospital for 4 months and then when I came out mum decided it was best to move away , you know have a new start. So I got here and met you guys and I was happier than I’d been in ages but then Stacey ruined it all” Rae said feeling like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders from letting that all out with a shake in her voice from almost crying.

 “Oh my god Rae im so sorry that happened to you people can be so cruel, but how could you hurt yourself” Chloe asked almost not being able to talk because she felt so emotional.

 “ I don’t know I was just thinking about everything and I guess that made me forget for a while” Rae said softly whilst running her thumb along her finger tips.

 “ What do you mean Stacey ruined it all , you didn’t do anything after what she said to you last week did you” Chloe panicked.

 “No its not that, well at your party I’d went to get some air and Finn was out there so we chatted then went back in and Stacey seen us come in together and I guess she got jealous. She asked to speak with me and told me if I didn’t stay away from Finn she’d tell everyone about me being in hospital , I don’t even know how she knows but that’s why I wasn’t around that past few days. I can’t let her do that” Rae said feeling sad to say that out loud.

“ She did what ! Why didn’t you tell me at the time, I’d have chucked her out. She can’t do this to you Rae there’s no way she’s messing with my best friend” Chloe shouted . Rae couldn’t help but smile a little at how defensive Chloe got over her and how she’d called her her best friend. She didn’t think she’d ever have one of those.

 “ Well what can I do about it I’m not ready for everyone to know and what if they don’t react like you Chlo , what if they think im crazy and want nothing to do with me” Rae worried.

“ Look I get that your not ready but the gang wouldn’t do that they love you and well Finn definitely likes you he didn’t stop talking about you at mine when he was drunk” she giggled wiggling her eyebrows “and as for Stacey well her mum’s a nurse so she maybe found out that way but she won’t get away with this, I’ll think of something you can have against her. If she can give you shit she’ll be getting shit back” Chloe said firmly before hugging Rae.

“Thanks Chlo im glad I told you it feels so good to get that out finally” Rae sighed with relief.

After spending another hour at Rae’s both girls left to meet the gang at the chippy. Once they got there they found Chop, Finn and Archie laughing and joking with a couple of other lads the girls hadn’t met before. “Raemundo they you are there, where have you been I was ready to send out a sexy search party for you” Chop cheered grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh there’s no need for that Chop, I was just feeling a bit under the weather thats all” Rae laughed. “Your feeling better now though yeah” Finn asked with a hint of worry in his voice Rae didn’t quite understand.“ Yeah I’m ok now” she smiled.

 “Well Raemundo I’ve got a surprise for you, have you got any plans on Saturday” . “Uh no , not that I know of why” Rae replied curiously. “Well you do know” Chop answered whilst pulling out a ticket.

 “That’s not” Rae asked her eyes wide .“ It is, a Knebworth ticket!” Chop said excitedly.

 “No way, your messing with me” Rae said in disbelief. “I’m not messing with you its yours if you want it”.

“Oh my god, Chooppp” Rae screamed whist running over to him to give him a hug and high fiving all the other guys. She turned to Chloe to see her looking quite upset but hiding it with a smile. Shit. How could I be so insensitive she thought. “Chloe im so sorry I didn’t even think I was so excited, I won’t go if it will upset you” Rae said guilty.

 “No don’t be stupid Rae I’ll get over it you need to go” Chloe responded. “Are you sure” . “Yes now come on the lads are heading to the pub let’s get a fucking drink” she laughed.

They had all been at the pub for about 2 hours or so with Izzy who’d met them there when Rae decided to leave. “Well im gonna head guys im knackered I’ll see yous at college tomorrow and Chop I’ll probably see you after” she said before heading out.

 Just as she’d stepped out she heard the door close behind her and her name be called. She turned to see Finn running towards putting his arm in the sleve of his leather jacket. “Hey you didn’t forget about tonight did you” he asked.

“What’s tonight” she asked bewildered, shaking her head.

 “I thought you were coming to mine, you know to listen to crap reggae” Finn replied looking quite flushed.

“Oh sorry I totally forgot” Rae said.

“ Its no problem , I thought we could go just now if you still want to that is” he says nervously.

 “Yeah that sounds nice” she smiled.

They made there way to Finns chatting and laughing. When they reached his house he told Rae to head up to his room whilst he got them a drink. As she made her way upstairs her heart was thumping in her chest. She was in his house. Finn the sex god Nelson. She was going to be in his room where he slept and got changed and Oh god now was not the time to be thinking of him changing. She’d leave that for later in the privacy of her room. She stepped in his room and stood for a minuet scanning it and taking in her surroundings. He had a lot of similar posters to her and a few bits and pieces scattered over the place. Then she noticed his crates of records and made her way over to it finally getting to see the ‘legendary’ record collection he was always on about.

Finn reached his room and stopped at the door. That was a sight he’d dreamed about a lot lately. Rae Earl in his bedroom. He knew he shouldn’t think like that, he was with Stacey but there was something about Rae she was special. He watched her eyes light up as she flicked through hus records and she turned her nose up at others.“ Here we are” he announced breaking the silence “I hope tea’s alright” he said.

 “Tea’s great, thank you” she said taking the cup from him and taking a sip.“No that’s really ho..”, “ahh I just burned my tongue” Rae moaned.

 “Well I did just pour boiling hot water in the cup girl, it does tend to burn you if it’s not cool enough” he laughed.

 “Shut up you” she replied hitting his arm gently and giggling.

 “So what where you turning your nose up at when I walked in” Finn asked desperate to know what she didn’t like.

 “This right here” she said holding up a record “what were you thinking when you bought spaceman” she scoffed.

“Ugh thats a class tune I’ll have you know you just don’t know your music” he teased.

 “Now we both know thats not true Finnely, why don’t we put some oasis on to get us excited for Saturday” she suggested. “Good idea may”

.“Oi were not seeing a return of dickhead Finn are we” Rae replied.

 “Come on I said sorry for that” Finn said feeling guilty and stupid for having acted like that but that was in the past now.

“I’m just messing with you Finnely” she laughed. Finn would never have enough of her smile or her huge brown eyes which he took the opportunity to look in to find she was doing the same to him. He glared at her lips and gently stroked her hair before caressing her check.

 She lent into his hand in her cheek and smiled. He leaned in closer to her till there lips were just inches from touching and he was surprised to find it was get that closed that gap. He gladly returned the kiss and couldn’t help but smile into it as her arms went around his neck. He placed his other hand on her waist as the kiss deepened.