oh my god am I going to regret posting this


Charles is home,
His arms spread wide enough
To encircle the world
Alex knows it.
He runs home from Vietnam.
Hank knows it.
He can’t bring himself to leave home.
Raven knows it.
Her home is always waiting for her.
Erik knows it.
Home is where the heart is.
Isn’t that the saying?
And home is where Erik’s heart will stay,
Locked safely in a cupboard,
Out of reach,
Behind the forgotten booze.
Someday Erik will go back home
And retrieve his heart
For good.
Charles knows it.
But sometimes.
Sometimes being home
Is a little too much to bear.

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Omg Olivia I remember once you said you were at the fandom since Ep 2 so could you tell us a bit how was the reactions about Ota/yuri after Ep 10?

lmao i got into this shit the second i saw them on their first date and i was convincED that it was going to be another rarepair bc the fandom was silent abt it for like a day n i was sad bc,, oh god,, am i alone in this new hell

and then the next day the fandom exploded everyone was crying at this new pure ship i distinctly remember reblogging 30 ota//yuri posts in one hour it wasnt a gradual thing suddenly this ship had 23928 supporters in one day

also i got into a fight with an anti on my personal blog

Damian Wayne doesn’t know the difference between like, friendly arm punches and regular violence.
He sees people greeting one another - his BROTHERS, greeting one another by punching each other’s arms, and rolling their eyes and giving each other dead-arms at particularly terrible puns. And he’d observe it for weeks, noticing that it happens way more than it should, but like? Excuse me? Father SAID that punches are not for family and not for outside of patrol and sparring?
BUT BASICALLY DAMIAN WAYNE PUNCHES WITH HIS WHOLE SELF, and what should be a friendly lil joke “hey Damian, you mind punching Dick real quick for me? I can’t reach-” turns into “what the heck, kid, oh my GOD” and bloody noses and everyone getting inexplicably mad at him.
But what Damian wants to know is how come it’s sometimes okay to punch, and sometimes not AND HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE??


    So. Another day of ‘how the hell did I end up not only on a new planet but one with a fucking breathable atmosphere’ with a side of ‘why the hell do all the planets I get stuck on look like Mars.’ I mean seriously. Who did I piss off in a previous life? A brand new habitable planet, still looks like Mars. Jeez.
    I made a new friend today though.  Dr. Shields would be so proud of me. Maybe. Although, it’s a ball…not a human…so I don’t know if it counts.
    And I’m serious, like, it’s a robot ball. I don’t know any other way to explain it. But it seems friendly enough after it rammed me in the leg the first time and, more importantly, I swear it understands me. Or whoever is controlling it does.  So yeah, I’m going to count it.  

Plus, hey, we match!  That automatically means friendship, right?

 @cmdrmcgarrett reblogged a post about the Ares3 suits looking like BB-8 (found here) and…well…I couldn’t get the idea of the two meeting out of my head.  Don’t ask how the Hermes crew (or just Mark) ended up outside of their own solar system though.  I have no clue.  

Oh my god I feel like I’m going to regret posting this in .5 seconds but ANYWAY.
This was my first time seeing you lmao. I’ve wanted this ever since I was 7 (fast forward to 2015 and little carleigh is now a hot ass 15 year old mess) and I finally got to see you (!!!). First I need to clarify I am yes wearing a car onsie (there’s cat eyes and whiskers on the feet lmao) and yes it was 85 degrees that day but it didn’t matter because I got to see you!!!
July 10th, 2015 will always mean everything to me because it was the day I saw you for the first time, the day I cried of happiness like no other, the day I lost my voice I screamed/cried so much, the day I screamed “she’s real” because I couldn’t believe the beautiful, amazing, tall wonderful empowering dorky girl I’ve loved for so many years was “REAL”, and the day I got to see your beautiful face and everything in person. I love you so much, thank you for always being there through music, interviews, twitter any social media whenever I needed a pic-me-up, always! taylorswift

I love you…always!
-Carleigh (carslay) :D

PS; I have a lot more to say but I wanted to keep it short (because lord knows I can write the fucking Declaration of Independence on here) ily!