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Oh my god that chapter broke my heart! I figured that something akin to the "let´s end this" scene was going to happen but damn. Your writing is simply amazing! <3 On a lighter note, I wonder if, after they actually get together and everything, yuuri ever will go through viktor´s music choices and realize how much he was pining?

He’ll go back through all the programs like ‘how did I miss this???’ and Viktor will be there like ‘I can’t believe you did notice Yuuri jfc, you skated eros for me and expected me to get it but you completely missed me doing the same thing for years’

u know those little tropes that ur obsessed with for particular ships bc theyre just so perfect so u shove them in every single fic idea bc they cant not be there

  • bokuto confessing to akaashi in a note
  • the entire note is semi-casual just saying thank you for being there for me, thank you for putting up with me, until the final point is “thank you for making it so easy to fall in love with you”
  • bokuto deciding to learn how to draw and practicing for hours every day for several months if not years just so he can draw akaashi
  • akaashi who gets in clingy moods and gets embarassed so he just slowly climbs in bokuto’s lap with a shy smile and bo just dies (so do i)
  • the blanket fort trope is so kuroken i want to lobotomise myself
  • if someone says “blanket fort” and u dont think of kuroken immediately lmk so i can think of it for u in the future
  • blanket forts that fit kenma snugly but dont quite fit kuroo so he always has to have his legs sticking out the entrance
  • kuroo who gives kenma massages when he’s been feeling particularly anxious 
  • kuroo who’s so used to keeping his eye on kenma that when he goes to uni he has regular freak outs of “OH MY GOD I LOST KENMA” akin to me freaking out about losing my bag on the rare occasions that i dont take it with me
  • oikawa keeps a picture of him and iwa when they were kids in his wallet at all times (he also ends up showing it to every person he ever goes on a date with, strangely followed by a bizarre urge to go home and call iwa-chan)
  • oikawa who is disgustingly jealous that iwa will find a new bff in uni so when iwa introduces him to New Friend Billy (who is rly a sink for iwa’s frustrated gay rants about oikawa) oikawa whips out his most charming demeanor until he realizes that that billy is actually a rly sweet guy
  • “iwa-chan, u know… billy’s rly great… maybe u should ask him out? u guys would be so good together.. he wouldn’t annoy u or anything.. i bet ud never get mad at him either… or punch him.. or insult him…”
  • idek where billy came from but now i ship him with yamaguchi (???????)
  • anyway
  • iwa goes to uni and starts kicking ass at every single sport and gains a massive fanbase but when oikawa comes to visit for whatever tournament iwaizumi is taking part in this time all his fans are shocked bc. wow. iwaizumi-san smiled and waved at him… he didn’t seem embarassed or anyt- oh now they’re making out

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So i was just thinking about ur bullet points fic the one with the red hood arc and alien invasion and saving Bruce's life and just just imagine jason making plans but something always always happening before he could do his big reveal tm CONT

Like first it’s just some homeless kids getting threatened by thugs and jason is like ‘i can help them right they didn’t do anything wrong’ and then just slowly cleaning up crime alley and avoiding batman and the others, GOD I JUST RLLY LOVE THAT AU


jason is so Dramatic but the universe is watching with popcorn like, what if i tossed this new situation at him? what would he do? and jason takes a deep breath and does The Right Thing in order to Protect His People (even if that Right Thing is probably much more violent and explosive that the way any of the other bats would do it) and he keeps getting further away from his Dramatic Moment which is super frustrating but these kids need help goddammit!!

the bats, watching from the side: hmmmmmmm. he’s turning into less of a crime lord and more a killing-people-with-guns vigilante.

The Batman: that’s still not a good thing. he’s killing people. he’s unknown. i don’t like him.

everyone else: but at least he’s not a villain anymore. probably. what a weird heel face turn

jason, on the other side of town and sensing Bat-Nonsense, staring directly into the camera like he’s in the office: yes what a weird heel face turn

it’s even odds as to whether he’s still pissing off black mask – what am i saying. of course he’s still pissing off black mask. it’s not even odds at all. it’s just this time there’s less “make him angry until he breaks out the joker so i can confront bruce/kill joker” and more “you’re selling drugs to people and running a criminal enterprise i will not let this stand”. which, to be fair, he was partially doing the latter in canon anyway

but with the universe throwing spanners in the works every time jason turns around the whole joker side of it has been difficult to pull off and jason’s settled for just really really pissing off black mask (and low key waiting to see what happens on the joker front bc he is Ready to kill that fucking clown). probably still gets the fearsome four sent after him, lmao, but given all the wacky stuff that’s been going on maybe nightwing is there to help out against them as well and jason retreats bc discretion is the better part of valor and he hasn’t really been able to set up as many of his clues for batman as he wanted and he’s not ready for a confrontation, especially if nightwing is also present and going to interfere, so. 

and then the joker breaks loose and Shit Gets Real

but before that, imagine jason in crime alley. once he’s managed to establish himself somewhat – especially among the homeless kids crowd, because he remembers being one of them – he’s welcomed. to the extent that a lot of the time, when he’s not beating up/killing criminals, he’s surrounded/followed by this gaggle of homeless kids. they’re basically ducklings. some of them even try to follow him on patrol. it’s cute, but he sits them all down and gives them a serious talking to about staying at a safe distance and not getting involved and then gives anyone who’s interested pointers in trailing people or crossing rooftops better

this ends up having the unintended consequence later that, one night, batman catches up to red hood in crime alley and some of jason’s regular kids are watching. red hood and batman are about to start fighting and then one of hood’s kids bodily flings himself onto the batman, screaming for hood to run, because batman’s for the whole of gotham, but no one looks out for crime alley. no one looks out for its kids. no one but red hood. 

jason hesitates, but bruce wouldn’t hurt a kid, and it is a kid that’s clinging to him like a limpet, determinedly trying to tangle batman’s cape and legs so he can’t follow. jason runs for it. 

later, after making sure the kid got away clean and uninjured, after checking up on the rest of his kids, when he finally sits and thinks about it, he almost busts a gut laughing. because jason met batman by stealing his wheels and swinging a tire iron at him, and either it’s a crime alley thing or he trained this kids well, because it’s fucking hilarious.

and heart-stoppingly terrifying, do not do that again, ever.

the kids all nod solemnly and know that the next time hood is in a bad scrape with bats or the law, they’ll be doing it again. jason can read this on their faces and he stares in something akin to despair because. oh my god. he’s turning into bruce. 

he’s seriously turning into bruce how did this happen how many kids does he have? so many. this is ridiculous. he just came back to gotham to kill the joker, dammit. 

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how about instead of Enjolras making frowny faces, he is in awe in front of confident Grantaire talking about art and architecture and all that because Grantaire knows so much more that he'd thought (He knew Grantaire was so intelligent whenever he spoke up against E but art and stuff that's something R is passionate about) and so Enjolras caught up in a moment of breathless delight and R wondering if Enjolras is a big fan of Picasso or smtg bc no way E is watching him this way. (✿ノ◕‿◕)ノ *:・゚✧*


Enjolras who keeps really close to Grantaire because he wants to hear what Grantaire has to say, who gets upset when Grantaire tries to play off his art as nothing good, who stares on at Grantaire’s painting in something akin to wonder and says, “Oh my God, R, that's incredible." 

And the whole time, Grantaire is trying to figure out if he’s hallucinating or if Enjolras is a closet art connoisseur, because Enjolras is looking at him like he’s something precious, something Enjolras wants, and fuck, does Enjolras want to be his patron? Is that what Enjolras wants?