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How I look at my phone when I watch k-dramas when I should be working.

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the, “thank you for bringing him back to me,” diana types out in the email she’s sending to bruce hurts me because, not only is that such an intimate phrasing, but it really is indicative of how many years diana must have spent with only an outdated watch to remember steve by. had she started to forget what he looked like, what he sounded like?

Friends who get into trouble sentence starters
  • “I called someone to bail us out last time. It’s your turn.”
  • “We probably shouldn’t do this.”
  • “See you say it’ll be fine? But, something tells me it won’t be.”
  • “Okay, but they are gonna be so pissed when they see what we did to this place.”
  • “We probably shouldn’t have tried to surf on the mattress down the stairs..”
  • “I can’t believe we just prank called him/her. What are we like twelve?”
  • “Let’s just tell them that the dog did it.”
  • “I’m picking the lock. But, I just realized that I’m not a detective and this is a hair pin I found in my glovebox.”
  • “Do you think that alarm means that we’re caught?”
  • “I’ll fill the bucket with water and you distract him/her while I dump it on their head.”
  • “This is exactly what we need–a  night out. Let’s go crazy!!”
  • “Honestly, I think the car looks better after we crashed it.”
  • “I rang this guy/girls doorbell and ran away really fast??? And they found me.”
  • “Why is there a giant teddy bear wearing lingerie in my bath tub?”
  • “Oh my god, why is there an unconscious man/woman on the floor?!”
  • “We were supposed to be cooking. But, it looks like a murder occurred in here.”
  • “We broke the window. I think someone is going to notice.”
  • “I can’t believe we’re trying to climb through a window to get back a pair of your panties/underwear.”
  • “Shh, they’ll hear us. This is a terrible idea. You are lucky I love you.”
  • “That cop did not find it as funny as we did.”
  • “I told you not to hum the law and order theme song while we were being given a speeding ticket!!”

Waiting to forget most of the drama so you can rewatch it.

I honestly can’t put into words how much I appreciate the way the Wonder Woman movie didn’t sexualize a single woman in any scene. Not even the marketing posters I’ve seen have Wonder Woman in any risqué poses. You see women getting sexualized so often in superhero media (a good example is Black Widow in the Marvel movies tbh) but this was like??? oh my god????? every woman was treated like a human being and not eye candy and that’s become so rare for the action genre like I can hardly express how empowering that feels