oh my god )':

Reddie as things my gf and I have said

Eddie: I’m sorry I’m so awkward around you 

Richie: Bitch, me too. The fuck? 

Richie: Hours later and I realised that was a horrible response 

Richie: I’m at my smoothest when I’m sleep deprived and depressed 

Richie: Why are you ignoring me??? IS THIS A BREAK UP???

Richie: If you were a vampire, I’ll let you bite my neck

Richie: Babe

Richie: Come baCK

Friend: You look upset, what’s wrong?

Me, internally: In the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, John Gabriel Utterson has live with knowing that both of his best friends are dead. He was the lawyer to both of them but still the death of Robert (Hastie) Lanyon was still so sudden and out of the blue, he couldn’t save Dr. Lanyon. Then he has to live with knowing he was seconds too late to save Henry Jekyll. This is all canon by book standards. Not to mention, Lanyon doesn’t exist in the musical but Utterson does. Mr. Utterson is forced to shoot Dr. Jekyll six times, killing him. In the Wedding Reception, after Henry is shot, you can hear John drop his gun and cry “Oh my God! No!” In every adaptation, John Gabriel Utterson is forced to watch his best friends die.

Me, laughing: yeah, I’m good. How are you?