oh my god! they killed kenny


the dear @redfailure asked me to show them how to make my promo and i didn’t save the .psd file because i’m a dumbass so i made a new one and thought i’d share my instructions!! 

so first off i dragged in all the layers i wanted to start off with, two for the background, and one screencap of matt. then i used a hard brush to cut him out and set him on the background —- for now, i kept his hair kinda a bit blockish and didn’t really cut it out because often that’s one you have to carefully feather, psd depending. so until i was at that stage, i left it.

next up, i went in and sharpened everything — and from now on in, any new layers added will be sharpened. it just looks so much better. 

i don’t have a gif of it, but i then went and used the clone stamp to remove the text from the screencap that’s on his arm, and also did some damage control to try and get rid of that rune on his neck. that one i didn’t do too well on, but my advice would be to use a teeny tiny little brush that has a very soft edge. the clone stamp tool is the one with the little stamp icon, and if you’ve never used it before, hold down option and click on the area you want to clone, then use the brush along whatever you wanna cover with the stamp. i would advise single mouse clicks unless you’re covering something huge 

next up, i added a few extra layers to spice up the psd, with a texture layer over top on ‘lighten’ mode. then, i dragged in a psd i made for my icons, and then went in to some of the background layers and played around with the ‘levels’ (image > adjustments > levels) and upped the shadows so the background could be more visible with the heavy psd on top.

next up, i grabbed the gif i wanted to use, in this case of waves hitting a rock, and i dragged in all the layers (when you open the gif, make sure you right click by the eye icon to show all layers, then you don’t have to manually place them all as visible). i positioned the layers behind matt, then i used the type tool to put my url there. next up, i used the magic wand tool to select around the text and inside the little spaces in the letters (you could probably also use the type mask tool but somehow this felt lazier). then, with that selection, i manually deleted that area from every layer in the gif, until they all were cut into the shape of the text. 

after that it was a normal gifmaking process: select all the layers, ‘create video timeline’ ( window > timeline ), make frames from clips ( three lines on the upper right corner of the timeline bar > convert frames > make frames from clips ), convert to frame animation ( lower left hand corner, three small squares on the timeline bar ). make sure through all of this you have ALL the frames you want in the gif animated selected, and NO OTHERS. then, when i had those frames, i put the speed at 0.09s, right-clicked to ‘do not dither’ on the frames, and made sure it was set for ‘forever’ on the bottom for the repetition. then boom, file > export > save for web and there you go!!

The signs as South Park’s Protagonists

Eric Cartman: Aries, Taurus, & Gemini

Stan Marsh: Leo, Capricorn, & Aquarius 

Kenny McCormick: Virgo, Scorpio, & Pisces

Kyle Broflovski: Cancer, Sagittarius, & Libra