derpy202  asked:

Ok so imagine this, starscream walking in on the human peeing (I think he is scared of human bodily functions )

lock ya dam door you rapscallion

Starscream (TFP)

  • He’s not sure what’s happening for about three seconds. By that time, you’ve already screamed at him to leave and shut the door. He shrieks in response, and then just runs away (still yelling).

  • You find him 5 minutes later, sitting in the corner of a room and just kinda staring at himself. He’s wondering why Cybertronians don’t have bodily functions like that. It’s weird. 

  • He starts asking you strange, personal questions. “How many times a day do humans have to empty their tanks? Does it hurt? It looks like it hurt.” Starscream, out of all the places you could have started, that was not the right one.