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headcanon: imagine Rhodey just looking at Tony one day and being like "god, tony, you're so pretty"

Anon, what the hell are you doing in my head and how the hell did you get there?

I have had this thought for the past few days, where I wondered if anyone ever told Tony how gorgeous he is, how beautiful, because my headcanon is that it’s always some leering and cocky lines on partys and gatherings and Tony doesn’t even know how beautiful he is.

And I figure this is after the Civil War, where Tony mostly feels broken and sad, worthless, cause everything crumbled around him.

But then there is Rhodey, who sits on the couch in Tony’s workshop and watches him work and invent and just be himself and when Tony glances at him Rhodey just goes ‘God, Tony, you are so pretty’.

Tony blushes and probably doesn’t think anything of it, cause people have called him that before, but Rhodey doesn’t let it go because he’s Rhodey and he has a knack for these things; for all things concerning Tony.

So he just continues; calls him gorgeous when Tony stumbles into the kitchen the next morning, calls him beautiful when he is laughing at something Dum-E did and Tony slowly starts to blush with every compliment Rhodey gives him.

He cracks when they are cuddling on the couch and Rhodey has his arm securely around his middle and whispers ‘You are so damn beautiful’ into Tony’s hair.

Tony squirms around a bit and then quietly asks Rhodey to stop, cause it’s not true anyway, he is too broken to be beautiful, let alone gorgeous, but Rhodey cuts him off by pressing a chaste kiss to his lips and then murmurs right against his mouth just how beautiful Tony is to him and Tony continues to blush and blush.

The blushing never really ends after that, because Rhodey makes a point to tell Tony at least once a day.

I have a bunch of Ania x Clive drafts

*dEEP BREATH* I’ve had too much caffeine AND NOW MY FINGERS ARE FLYING SO Newest drafts to oldest - Ania was always a fiesty little cat, always hissing and screeching but never anything more than a few small bites to the tail when she got frustrated enough. But today, she was more than meow– she was, what her owners thought, was sick. She had been biting a lot more than normal, and had been making a lot more noise than usual, especially at night. Nobody knew what was wrong– except for a certain puppy-more-than-a-pal - The sneaky, sly fox named Clive brushed his fluffy tail on Ania’s neck, causing her to immensely blush “B… baka..” - Clive was making obnoxious sounds in order to wake up his catty girlfriend. After a while, the pregnant yellow cat gracefully jumped on the open window, “What do you want, Clive?” Ania hissed. “I got you a present for Mother’s day,” Clive explained, “I hope you like it.” Ania was going to chew him out about that she wasn’t a mother yet, but all that disappeared when Clive knocked over a box of catnip mice that she didn’t see next to him - The pack barked and snarled at Ania, mistaking the common household cat for a mountian lion. Ania hissed and unsheathed her claws, her adrenaline rushing “Hey, pals, calm down… Calm down… DOWN!” A brown wolf shouted, and the wolves ceased their actions. “I know this pretty kitty– she ain’t no lion or anythin’.” Ania immediately reconized the voice, “Clive?” She calmed down, and sheathed her claws. — d-O-N-E

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You dont have to like everything a celebrity does. And just because you criticise or dislike something doesn't mean you hate Harry. But also like I said this fandom is so weird. You have "fans" that are looking for an excuse to drag him. There is ridiculous and pointless competition bc they are all doing things now. In the end it is really not that complicated like you put the good songs in your library, rewatch the videos you like and think about eating that ass. You Move On.

im gonna put the last part of this on a fucking billboard