oh my god

Hahaha, we saw the setlock scene where John and Sherlock are hurrying to that carriage and Sherlock calls him by his first name, right?

How weird (and awesome) would it be if this really was just by accident???

In the heat of the moment John probably wouldn’t care, but then, sitting inside the carriage, Sherlock would probably continue brabbling about the case and John sitting there “You have a girlfriend”-HLV-style doing the eye shifty thing and suddenly burst out, “… Did you just call me ‘John’?” And Sherlock would have the shock of his life, stammering, and John sitting there, bewildered but also a bit amused, avoiding eye contact, “No… it’s fine. S-Sherlock.” And Sherlock suddenly dead silent just nods and they sit there not knowing how to handle what just has happened, but also neither of them being mad about it.

Fall in love with an affectionate drunk.
Find the person who respects your space
when you have that broken look in your eye,
but after three glasses of wine, smiles past your wounds
and pulls you out to dance.
Find someone whose greatest inhibitions
only stop them from laughing too hard,
touching too much, giving more than they should,
and for all that warmth, offer something in return:
an eye for an eye; a hand for a hand;
a heart for a heart.
—  You’re worth more than you think. You’ll see that soon, and it will feel like a debt you can never repay. But if you can give nothing else, give yourself. s.s.

If Pearl was voiced by Aziz Ansari