oh my god

debated whether to try and make it off the waitlist after wacky week to see adam pascal and anthony rapp (original roger and mark from RENT) @ 54 below but i went and got in and

adam opened with a medlEY of jeff buckley’s “lover you should have come over” mingled with sweeney todd’s “johanna” and while this was happening i drank a cocktail called “lily’s eyes” and i am the happiest lady who ever lived

updates: adam sang among other things: “there’s a light” from rocky horror and “memory” from cats as a rock song

and anthony joined him on “tempted by the fruit of another” and

anthony sang so many gorgeous songs but especially “the origin of love” from hedwig and watching that be signed by the sign language interpreter was the most beautiful thing omfg

and “falling slowly” from once and “happiness” from you’re a good man charlie brown and “your eyes” from RENT and then

they sang “what you own” from RENT (my favorite song) and adam sang “one song glory” as a modern roger would and i cried and then they sang “seasons of love” together and dear reader, the teenager in me is still sobbing and me the adult just saw one of the better shows of her life can we get some kind of group hug going i love everyone i’ve ever met so much right now

So an interesting thought came to my mind. Over four hundred thousand people saw my buzzfeed article. At the top of the article its says how I’m an author. Theres a link to my work under the article. I’ve had a few book sales since the article came out. What if someone sees my article and it turns out that there a book agent.

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Witch!Dia, a DiaMari AU headcanon

Surely, the almighty Dia UR overwhelms me and these happened. These are not complete … hit me if you’re interested to know more, I’m crafting a trashy fic to make this hcs a reality … well, hope that Ill succeed.

  • Dia was a powerful witch of the era… Until she’s cursed to take a form of a powerless cat
  • Because of the cat form, she’s contained in familiar dump by the witch association, she’s living as a cat for as long as she remembered
  • One day, an apprentice blonde alchemist (who’s just getting her license of legal alchemy practice) of Guilty Kiss atelier came to make a contract with a familiar
    • What’s GK atelier? It’s a workshop led by a certain self-proclaimed fallen angel in attempt to create Elixir of Life
    • GK atelier has been well-known to accept request around town… most of them are for pranks rather than useful lol
    • Despite that, Mari thinks GK as her family
  • Anw, Mari is jealous bcs Riko and Yoshiko have their pet cats, she asked the leader of Witch Association Kanan to give one familiar for her
    • Actually, alchemists are not required to get a familiar but… it’s kind of a recent trend
    • Only witches are able to utilize familiar’s hidden power, while alchemists mostly get ‘em to be their companion

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