there’s this guy i made friends with at my work. he comes in all the time and i thought sometimes he looked slightly different but i never thought much of it. today he walks into my store WITH HIS TWIN.

i have been talking to two different people for months.


A long overdue selfie tag by the beautiful @taekookaye ahhhh heh…i don’t usually dress this fancy but tonight is actually my grad cruise ^_^ So….yeap dressy up time…(god i am so awkward…) Also yes trust me to wear red :P ahh excuse my weird ass eyelid…it’s not cooperating with me T_T 
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i just read an article abt how unprepared and bad the third party candidates all are and i
“Then there was that time in June, when an aide directed Johnson to a room named for Harriet Tubman, and Johnson replied, “Who’s Harriet Tubman?””

Okay so I was watching a documentary on Michael and his old drama teacher was being interviewed and he was talking about mikes crazy fangirls and he made this face and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

I was going to post this a while ago but I decided not to, but @cydoniadreamland thought I should post it so I did. SAVE THIS IMAGE SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS IT NEEDS TO BE KNOWN. The documentary:

He came back with a title. “Heretic”. Well, that’s amazing. I finished that SCRIPT about 7 years ago. You know, @fortunatelyclevercandy, I got some dairy-free ice cream today. I think I’m going to eat myself to death. It’s better to die by this than by idiot. Really. So I tell him that is a film script. Now, he and Indiana Jones are off on another adventure to find a BOOK with 8 Blogs, A Twitter Feed and a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (4), Flickr and WordPress. yep…NOT like I never TOLD anyone on FACEBOOK about it.

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He came back with, “Was I wrong?” What part of “That is a film script” did he not understand? I say, “Well, no. That’s not a book. I wrote it like 7 years ago.” Gets all whiney and says, “Then I’m sorry I don’t know, tell me please.”

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So, I sent him the LINK that has been UP for a year..So, he and INDY are off on the great adventure to find it. @fortunatelyclevercandy, really..I am about to give up forever on men. I know Kardashians that are smarter.

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He came back…He says “I remember now. TY for reminding me.” Oh, like he knew in the first place. So I asked him, “Good, now what’s it about?” He says, “Still haven’t read it, but I will soon.”

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Right…There is an ELF on every post of 100+ excerpts and he doesn’t know what it’s about. HUGE LETTERS saying THE KINGDOM OF THE WOODLAND REALM gives absolutely NO indication about what this story is about. RIGHT…twit. He says, “K, promise.”

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PROMISE? WHAT? What does that mean? It’s about an ELF. He’s every cover, on every page that has The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm on it and he doesn’t KNOW what this is about? I’m going back to work before I dying laughing in a quart of ice cream…