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Just for Cefmua56...
  • Real Persephone: *glaring at Jason Bryce* I'm sorry, he did WHAT?!
  • Patton: I know, he's an asshole.
  • Logan: Wow, we really look alike, Hades.
  • Real Hades: Yeah, that's why you really should stand back. It's about to get messy.
  • Persephone: *rolls up her sleeves and pulls flower from her hair* Babe, hold my flower.
  • Hades: *sighs and holds her flower*
  • Jason Bryce: *screaming in agony*
  • Logan: Oh...oh wow...
  • Bonus--
  • Patton: Persephone, either put him through a table or tag me in!
  • Virgil: ME NEXT!!!!
  • Hades: ....How did you all get DOWN HERE?!
  • Jason Bryce: *still screaming*

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So I'm aware of your affinity of Kastuki/Izuku, but have you heard of our lord and savior Stain/Shinsou? There's a handful of fics of them on AO3 and I can assure you it is a far superior couple.

Katsuki/Izuku is definitely my thing for sure, but I-I am good with shying away from that lord and savior pair of Stain/Shinsou. It just doesn’t fly with me, but I will not shame anyone who digs ‘em. Thank you for the offer to convert, but I sadly shall decline. 

-shuts door and declines pamphlets- 

-squints in suspicion at ask-……..hmmmmmmm I think I know why I got this askkkk. -squints at discord server- Suspicious. WHO ARE YOU. -Unoutan


Cassian hated sleeping. Ever since the Hyperion war he kept having nightmares. Nightmares that he know would last him for centuries. He’d wake up screaming for his wings he remembers so vividly being torn. Screaming for Rhys when he saw his dead body against the cauldron. Screaming for Nesta because she was in so much danger.

He’d started sleeping away from everyone else, so he didn’t disturb everyone else and he put a smile on everyday so everyone thought he was fine. Insisting everyone carries on with their training cause if their magic fails their screwed in hand to hand combat. Nobody ever bothered to check he was okay, why wouldn’t he be. It’s Cassian.


As much as he tried to hide it Nesta always noticed when Cassian’s smile faltered, when the pain brimmed so heavily in his eyes they looked like they could overflow. She noticed the hunch in his shoulders whenever he wasn’t doing anything. His subtle broody silences. She pieced the bits together and knew he was feeling exactly the same as everyone else here.

So that night she slept outside his room. As quiet as she could in order for Cassian not to realise she was there. Earlier in the day she’d come and borrowed one of Cassian’s shirts she’d now thrown over herself to mask her scent. And she waited.


Cassian tried staying awake as long as he could but in the end he fell to sleep, much to his dismay. And like clockwork the nightmares came. The visions he was so sure would have happened. All his friends dead, only him having survived and now being alone forever. Nesta’s broken body beside her fathers-

But then he could hear her. Nesta. His Nesta. Calling his name.

‘Cassian. CAS. Wake up, it’s just a nightmare. Wake up please Cas it’s not real.’

And there he was. In his bed. Wholly naked with Nesta straddling him pinning him to the bed. In evidently just his shirt.

‘I- er… Nesta?’

‘It was just a nightmare, it’s okay. We’re all okay Cas.’

His breathing eased up abit until he got out.

‘What are you doing here? Why are you in my shirt?’ Then his eyes came to her face to rest upon the slowly swelling appearing around her eye. He sat up and barked ‘Nesta oh god’s was that me!? Im so sorry-‘

And suddenly she was kissing him. Ruthless and intentional, hard enough to push him back against his pillows. And then she stopped as abruptly as she’d started it.

‘I’m fine. I don’t want or need your apology. I knew what coming here would more then likely result in and I’m fine. It’s just a black eye really Cas im fine.’ She stated and then began climbing off him. That is until Cassian grabbed her bare thighs preventing her from moving off of his slowly hardening lap. Cassian let go of a male smirk and cocked his head to a side.

‘Why did you come Nesta? Why did you come to my room, in the middle of the night, in just my shirt, can i ask?’

Nesta, realising where this was going, let out a loose smirk of her own and leaned slowly over him giving him a full view of everything below that god’s too big shirt. He let out a deep growl. Satisfyingly Nesta purred out.

‘I came to distract you from your nightmares Cassian.’

‘Then distract me.’

Eventually Nesta’s night visits to Cassian became a daily occurence that they thought no one in the inner circle noticed. Even though Nesta came down to breakfast smelling of Cassian every morning.

Bill- Go. I’m the one who got you all into this. I’m s-s-sorry.. go!

Bev- Guys, we can’t.

Richie- I told you Bill. I fucking told you. I don’t wanna die. It’s your fault. You punched me in the face, you made me walk through shitty water, you brought me to a fucking crackhead house, and now… I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown. WELCOME TO THE LOSERS CLUB ASSHOLE!