oh my giddy aunt!

Okay, so I was giddy as a fish when Kirsty Mitchell (Boudicca from Barbarian’s Rising) tweeted about my ‘Leksa kom Trikru - What I’ve Become’ video, because I used clips from it and did a mash up. It honestly made my night when that happened. :)

But now, right as i was thinking about turning in for the night, I was shown the tweet above. Yep, Aleks Paunovic (only Gustus himself!!) has responded to the #lexaspinoff project. 

He has watched my fricken video!!

Oh… my… giddy… aunt!

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Drabble Challenge, please? Prompts: 1) "The skirt is supposed to be this short." and 15) "Well, you're coming home with me whether you like it or not."

“You’re not serious.”

Sherlock rattled the hanger at her, eyes on his phone.

“Now I know why no one else would agree to help you.  Fucking Watsons,” she muttered under her breath.

“Not an image I need, thanks. Now, if you would?  Bit of a schedule.”

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Imagine a conversation between all 13 Doctors at Day of the Doctor, just before they save Gallifrey,
  • 10: Allons-y!
  • War: Oh for god sake! Gallifrey stands!
  • 4: One last round of Jelly Babies and we can start.
  • 9: Those Jelly Babies are fantastic, absolutely fantastic!
  • 11: I know, right? Jelly Babies are cool.
  • 2: Oh my giddy aunt, I discovered them. So when I say give me some, give me some.
  • 6: I wonder if we are ever going to stop talking and do what we are here for.
  • 10: Oh I'm sorry, I am so, so sorry, but Jelly Babies are more important than Gallifrey.
  • 3: *whispers to 1* I think I'll reverse the polarity of the neutron flow so they lose their taste and we can go on.
  • 1: Nonsense, my dear. Those morons won't stop procrastinating.
  • 5: I don't want Jelly Babies. I prefer celery.
  • 11: Fish Fingers and custard all the way.
  • 9: Or bananas.
  • 10: Oh yes, bananas are good.
  • 8: Who am I to talk about food when I've got a planet to save?
  • War: "Good question. NO MORE EATING, OTHER MES!
  • 4: *throws Jelly Babies at the War Doctor*
  • 8: *throws random fez at 4*
  • 10: Oh, a fez.
  • 7: Oh, a fez!
  • 11: OH, A FEZ!
  • 7 and 11: *fighting about the fez*
  • 3: *sighs*
  • 5: *cheering for 11*
  • 9: *cheering for 7*
  • 1: Am I having a midlife-crisis?
  • War: I said the same.
  • 5: We could play cricket all together.
  • 2: Or we could be a band!
  • 10: Brilliant idea. Well, that grumpy guy over there is good at the guitar. I once heard....
  • 6: He's babbling again. That will take long.

So, Black Widow 9 is here and it is EVERYTHING.

First off, it took me, like, 5 minutes to calm down and actually read the thing through because I was so damn excited, but when I finally did, oh boy it was worth it.

This was seriously my favourite issue yet (psh, no bias or anything): the interactions between Natasha and Bucky, the EXPRESSIONS of the characters (Samnee is SO GOOD at those), the colours, the movement - especially the fight scenes, the dialogue, some of the larger stills… urgh. And let’s not forget about that end! THAT END!

I will say nothing more, but seriously, if ANYONE wants to message me and just scream with me about this, I am totally down for that.

Warning: six large images under the cut (my very favourite BuckyNat moments of the issue). Spoilers, obvs.

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  • 1: Nonsense!
  • 2: Oh, my giddy aunt!
  • 3: Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.
  • 4: Care for a jelly baby?
  • 5: Brave heart, Tegan.
  • 6: Hmm, I wonder… Aha!
  • 7: Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, somewhere else, the tea’s getting cold..
  • 8: Who am I?
  • War: No more!
  • 9: Fantastic!
  • 10: Allons-y!
  • 11: Geronimo!
  • 12: DUUUUUUUUDDDEEEEEE!!! *Shreds electric guitar like a boss*


canon geno meets kid geno

i haven’t read much of mommaCQ but i suspect poor kid geno, as frail as he is, would be terrified of meeting canon geno, just as how frisk was when they first met geno in the save screen

@shinydiamondblog @loverofpiggieswhoopsie! how could i forget? @alainaprana 

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One is the trusty captain. Two the devilish marauder. Three's the crew's scientist, while Four is the wild eyed bandit. Five was discovered as a baby and adopted by the crew. Six is the first mate that occasionally arranges a mutiny. Seven's the infamous outcast. I forgot what Eight was. War is the mysterious sailor. Nine is the fearsome corsair. Ten is a brutal buccaneer, and finally, Eleven's a seasick landlubber.

Five was discovered as a baby and adopted by the crew

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Favorite seguin gif? 🙃

Oh, my giddy aunt…what a lovely question!  Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Honestly this one is a new fave and makes me want to kill myself he’s so damn pretty.

(gif by @grilledcheesbyisreal)

But this one is 100% hair porn central.  Let me run my fingers thru your chestnut locks pls and thank.

(gif by stars-benn) 

This one actually wounds my soul due to suit porn, hand porn, tattoo porn, straight up just everything porn.  I look at it ALL the time…

(gif by justanotherwriter96)

Then again, this one has eye porn, beard porn, hat porn, tongue porn, so I have to count it as top five for sure.

(gif by @grilledcheesbyisreal​)

And of course, I would be committing a crime against humanity if I didn’t include this one as well ft. Jamie Benn’s fine ass.

(gif by littlebigwilly)


The following is what went through my head during the last 5ish minutes…

No, Miles, don’t follow her. Is Tom there? Tom had better be there. But no seriously Miles don’t go. TOM IS THERE! Oh, but Miles… OH MY GIDDY AUNT FINALLY! Oh, but no, not my poor baby Miles…

You can’t just let us have one, can you, BBC? You can’t just allow everyone to be happy. I can’t even ENJOY Tom and Kitty finally kissing because looketh at Miles’s face!

The signs as ashens quotes:

Aries: …he lied.

Taurus: Oh my giddy aunt!

Gemini: Vinnie the vole’s existential nightmare

Cancer: It’s like ____ but rubbish.

Leo: sprue

Virgo: Wonderful sound, strange shape.

Libra: An excellent product

Scorpio: Monkey hit his head on a tree, holding a sausage

Sagittarius: Hello!

Capricorn: Autofocus

Aquarius: It’s just City Fighter again

Pisces: nought to three sad onion

Catching up on Defiance and I don’t know why the entirety of tumblr isn’t all over this show. It’s a great, compelling show with absolutely everything that fandom loves. Let me break it down for you:

- It’s like someone took Firefly and the new Battlestar Galactica and mixed them together into one awesome show. It’s a gritty western with aliens and politics and good people forced into difficult situations surrounded by cunning, ruthless players who will cut you down.

- The women. Oh my giddy aunt the women. They are old and young, innocent and evil, complex and wonderful. The women are the true movers on the show, their actions, needs, and emotions drive the plot. They are the strong ones and the men around them are all trying to get on their level.

- But the men are no slouches either. The supposed hero of our show (our DeanMal Solo) is a good guy who has done some bad stuff but, in true Han Solo style, he doesn’t spend too much time angsting over it. Plus he’s this good dad who’s trying to do the best by his adopted, traumatized daughter and, yeah, he fucks up sometimes but they’re still a team.

- Speaking of, omg Irisa. I could write whole white papers about how awesome irisa is, how being some god’s chosen one has ruined her life, but she’s trying so hard to be a good person. Seriously. Irisa.

- Fucked up family dynamics. The Tarrs alone are fodder for so much messed up fic, You don’t even know. 

- Complex world-building with multiple cultures and communities clashing and rearranging in interesting ways.

I, just, seriously you guys. You need to watch Defiance. I’m only a couple episodes into the second season and it’s only getting better and better. It is everything I love about television.