oh my geek!

me: *walks outside the band room with my French horn*

random student: OMG nice trumpet!


Drunken Clone Limericks

Over lunch today @fireflyfish and I were imagining Anakin getting drunk with his men out on a campaign somewhere and trading insults and dirty jokes. We imagined the clones have a lot of down time to come up with them and probably have a dirty limerick or two they tell Anakin about, much to his embarrassment and/or amusement, depending on how drunk he is.

“The Maiden From Naboo”

The maiden from Naboo was fair

And let down her lovely brown hair

She was quite a flirt

And held up her skirt

But Skywalker was already there.

“General Skywalker”

General Skywalker likes to fight

General Kenobi every night.

He says, “Oh master,

"Please, please go faster!”

In the end they seem very tight.

“A Clone Named Rex”

There once was a clone named Rex

Who liked to stand tall and flex.

His muscles were large.

He stood like a barge

Girls loved to ride below decks.

“Kenobi and Cody”

Kenobi and Cody went to bed.

“Amazing!”, the stunned general said.

“Sir, when talking size,

Well, it’s no surprise,

That we clones always come out ahead.“


Bleach characters + Orihime’s powers

“Orihime’s powers aren’t going to get a focus, and she doesn’t even matter anyways. She’s not some powerful goddess and she’s not even important, so stop talking about it.” - some sore-ass losers in the Bleach fandom

informative tumblr text post

so these molucules come together in the shape of, a square- oh pardon me my geek side is showing…..how do i explain this simply?  squares are those four-sided shapes- you see them everywhere…you know like cubes? like minecraft? like cubes, but they’re flat. fuckers