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First Time - Bart Allen x Reader

Requested by kjd19-penguins - a first time with Bart Allen

Requested by Several Anons - First time with Bart Allen

You jumped as another assassin attempted to kick out your feet. Spinning in the air, you landed a kick to their face. The assassin fell, knocked out cold. You glanced around you, wide eyed as the rest of the team fought off more assassins. They seemed to be coming out of nowhere. 

“(Y/S/H), go find the hostage,” M’gann ordered over the mental link. You  sprinted towards the League of Assassin’s base. “We’ll cover you out here.”

“Yes,” you answered over the link. Bouncing onto a jeep parked in front of the building, you somersaulted through one of the second story windows. The shattered glass fell around you. “I’m in.”

Three assassins were in the room, and you easily took them down. You tapped the infrared vision on your mask, searching for the right heat signature. Sighing, you found it right below you. You reached into your belt to pull out a small explosive. Attaching it to the floor, you backed away to cover your face as it blew a hole in the floor.

A scream echoed through the hole as you hopped down. Landing on the floor, you quickly wiped out the assassins in the room before you focused on the person strapped to an exam table. 

“(Y/N),” Bart cried, his eyes widening in concern and fear when he saw you. “You’re here.”

“Yes, I’m here, you idiot,” you retorted kindly, running over to undue his straps. “I can’t believe you let yourself get captured and forced all of us to come rescue you.”   

“You shouldn’t have come, (Y/N),” Bart explained, sitting up once you freed him. He rubbed his wrists in discomfort. “I’m totally feeling the mode in my wrists.”

You reached up to unlock the inhibitor collar around his neck. “You’ll be fine as long as we get out of here.” Bart jumped, zooming to stand in front of you when the door to the room opened to reveal Ubu, Ra’s al Ghul’s loyal servant. He towered over the two of you, flexing his muscles in an attempt to intimidate. However, much to your surprise, he was only focused on you.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” Ubu growled, pointing at you. You gulped at the sound of your real name. Bart tensed, backing up while keeping you behind him to put distance between you and Ubu. “The master wants you.”

“What?” you asked, confused. You were about to say more, but Bart interrupted you in a vicious tone you had never heard from him before.

“Stay away from them. You said if I surrendered, you would leave them alone,” Bart snarled as he bumped you back against the wall. His back pressed to your chest protectively. 

“Bart?” you questioned softly, not believing your ears. “What did you do?”

“I’ll tell you later, (Y/N). Just stay behind me,” he whispered before going back to Ubu, who took a step towards the two of you. Bart reached back to take your hands. You knew him well enough to realize what he was trying to do. Ubu didn’t notice however.

“The master never wanted you, Speedster. You were only a means to an end, a pawn in the plan to get the real prize,” Ubu revealed, smiling at Bart’s frown. Your heart skipped a beat in fear as Ubu took another step towards the two of you. Knowing it was time, you loosened your grip on Bart’s hands. 

“Well, you’re not getting them,” Bart growled before spinning you in front of him and into his arms. A second later, you and Bart were zooming out of the doorway Ubu had just unblocked and out into the courtyard with the rest of the team. Much to your surprise, Bart only slowed down enough to speak to M’gann before speeding off again with you in his arms.

All the speeding around left you disoriented, so you had no idea where Bart was taking you. The only thing you knew was how scared he was by how tightly he held you in his arms.

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30 Day Teen Titans Challenge Day 26: Something I wish had happened

Robin & Beast Boy Relationship Development

Robin and Beast Boy have more in common than you might think. They have similar pasts that they could bond over, since they’re both orphans who could blame themselves/feel guilty about their parents’ deaths. There were many times throughout the series where they don’t exactly get along, and many times Robin just seems annoyed by BB. I think there should’ve at least been one episode dedicated to their friendship, especially after The Beast Within. Robin didn’t seem to have any problem with yelling at, threatening and attacking Beast Boy. He threw a bomb at him without much (if any) hesitation. After that episode, it would’ve been the perfect time to develop their relationship, or they could’ve at least had Robin apologize to him. In my opinion, their friendship was the weakest of the Titans and could’ve been very interesting to explore.


Considering their Big sister-little brother relationship in YJ, why not a big brother-little sister kind of thing in TT? Hell, I did have this headcanon where Miss Martian crash lands on earth in TT, meets the Titans, and eventually became close with BB like an older sibling(same with Star as a “big sister”) 

anonymous asked:

how about writing dick and kory getting caught together on kory's room when the rest of the team didn't even know they were together? damian would probably be like "can't believe you fools didn't notice it before..." :D

I’m still not doing requests but I will write this one purely because my inbox will then be empty of any more requests. Also, I like the idea of this one.

I’m placing this like just after the first film because there wasn’t a great deal between the two to suggest a relationship in that one. Like, not enough to make it obvious at least.


Nightwing leaned against the edge of the desk, glancing at all the things that sat atop the surface. He folded his arms over his chest and lifted his head to her direction.

Starfire lay in the middle of her bed, her hands clasped together on top of her stomach. Her eyes were closed and she had this serene air about her.

“So, how has the demon child been then?” He asked, his eyes running across her form, hidden by the mask he wore.

She peeked an eye open at him in question.

He smirked, “Damian.”

Closing her eye again, she shrugged, “Actually, he has been much better since you first brought him here.”


“Mhm. He still seems to struggle with being social with the other Titans but I believe he is learning. His skills are extremely impressive and his temper has started to reign in somewhat.”

“Well, bravo miss leader. I knew he’d straighten out a little with you guys.”

Starfire smiled and turned her head to look at him. He tilted his own to match her expression,

“He may be troublesome but… he is a good person, deep down.” She admitted,

Nightwing exhaled, “I know. I just wish he’d show that side more instead of being an annoying little shi-”


He winced at the admonishing tone of his girlfriend.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, sounding very much like a little kid,

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Angel had been fascinated to see the green young man that was intently studying the smaller   Parasaurolophus enclosure. He didn’t seem to be with any particular group of people, and he looked like he was a little more into this dinosaur watching than the others seemed to be. She was only out dropping off some food and doing what she was told (interns had to do that after all) and she smiled a little at him.

Any excuse to talk to the handsome guy, really.

Aren’t you a little closer than you should be? she asked him. Coming from the young woman that was inside the enclosure, but she had the clearance to be there. Not that she’d kick this guy out for being closer than most got: it was just an herbivore exhibit, and a lot of those held people’s attention more because you could get closer.