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lance asks keith what his favorite animal is and keith just Lights Up and starts going on and on about hippos like did you know they can hold their breath up to seven minutes lance?? did you know they’re one of the most dangerous animals in africa?? they can live up to 40 years lance did you know that?? and lance just listens to him talk and talk and is reminded of how In Love he is with this boy, this boy that loves hippos,

A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”

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Hey! I saw that one request of the chocobros' S/O turns into a child and i it got me wondering if you know any HC or something between the line but of the chocobros turning into childs

I have been looking forward to this one! Like OMG, this is going to be so much fun. Makes me wish I could draw, so you could see what my mind sees for the boys as babu’s.

I shouldn’t have had as much fun as I did with the Noctis and Ignis ones.



You gasped, turning as you saw the smoke rush past you, then cover the being behind. You glanced down expecting to see yourself as a toad, or covered in slime, yet you were perfectly fine. It didn’t work on you, did the affiliation not work on females? Lucky you!

“Is he okay?”

You gave a groan, before slowly turning around, eyes widen at your boyfriend. Well your cute little pint sized boyfriend…

You heard yourself mutter, “Shiva have mercy on me.”



“Noctis, Noct, wake up sweetie.” You cooed, shaking the tiny Prince asleep besides you in one of your crop tops, curled to your chest, who you could only guess was maybe 4 at the very most. He had slept all night, but every book you had pulled out told you that you had another 32 hours of your boyfriend being stuck ‘chibi-fied’ as Prompto stated.

Those beautiful blue eyes popped open, as the little Prince looked to you laying beside him in the grand hotel bed. Only to squeeze close as he pushed the blankets over his head, letting out a whine. “No.”

“Come on baby.” You called, managing to pull him up the bed, actually rather easy considering when he went limp now, it was just like picking up your suitcase. “Let’s get you washed up.”

“Still a lump in the morning.” Prompto chuckled from the other side of the bed, attempting to get his hair into the typical ‘Chocobo’ style.

“Basically.” You giggled. Lucky for you, your Noctis was rather easy going, and mostly slept while you got him ready. “So squeaky clean, kisses.”

This always seemed to get Noctis perky as he bounced up placing his hands on your cheeks, as he pressed a kiss to your lips.

“Thank you, my Prince.” You’d coo.

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Summer Swordsman, Takumi

All my orbs for a seasonal Takumi, but until then I’ll have to keep on making these instead.

So there are these two guys I go to school with who went to high school together and played Valjean and Javert in their high school’s production of Les Mis.

Today in choir, “Valjean” was going to sing for the choir, and he starts out with his guitar and starts doing “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles.

He gets maybe one verse in when “Javert” bursts through the door with “Valjean at last we see each other plain….”


And then at the end they stare at each other before saying “This is dumb…why are we fighting….?”

And then the two pick up with the rest of “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. 

It was possibly one of the greatest things in the history of ever.

And the best part is that I was one of the only people who knew what would happen, because I walked in on them rehearsing and lay on the floor and played Fantine post mortem.

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I love the PJO au! What are Pidge's and Hunk's backstories?

Me too! I’m surprised i got a lot of asks for it after that one tbh! XD I know you’re not asking for Lance, but I’m adding him anyway just because. There’s a Shiro backstory ask so he’ll be next soon. (Keith’s Backstory)

The Backstories: Pidge, Hunk and Lance Edition (PJO AU)

Pidge is the daughter of the famous Sam Holt, an engineer and the current Administrator of NASA. She has a brother named Matt who went missing for 10 years. Ever since her brother went missing, she became a lil obsessed finding him, thinking aliens got him and all that, she however had fascination with Greek mythology for some reason. 

She was on their rooftop when she spotted her first monster: one of the Furies and boy did she scream so loud when it clutched its claws to her shoulders, taking her off the ground. She tried her best not to panic because GODS DAMMIT WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. Using all her strength, she swung her body forward until she was practically riding the monster. “Is this what Hiccup felt like when he rode Toothless because I swear to god this is goddamn awful and exhilarating at the same time.” It startled the monster and it shrieked, “What are you saying?! And what are you doing there?” “Oh! You could talk! Welp. Bye, bye. Sorry in advance.” Then Pidge stabbed the monster’s eyes with the pen from her tablet that she was holding and twisted its neck until she heard it crack. The monster shrieked louder in pain and suddenly it started to disintegrate. She was way up high in the sky, above their rooftop, then she started to fall. “Oh gods. This is how I die after I just killed one of the Furies. A heroic act at that and no one was even there to see it. Story of my life.” She accepted her fate and closed her eyes, doing a salute towards the moon. 

Next thing she knew, she was in the arms of her Dad, who caught her just in time because apparently he heard some noise from the rooftop and went to check. “I got you. And you just killed that monster.” Her Dad gasped. She had never hugged her Dad so tight in her life. “You have so much explaining to do, old man.” That was how she got to Camp Half Blood, she had the chillest arrival because her Dad simply drove her there because their car was protected with material that warded off monsters. Hunk was her first friend along with Lance and they formed a bond. She found out that her brother was in the Roman Camp: safe and sound.

Hunk is the son of a gourmet chef. His mom owned a famous restaurant and he always made sure to help her. He got all the skills from her and he was trained to be the next head chef until The Incident happened. Hunk was a nerd so the second he saw the thing, he knew it was the Khalkotauroi. He didn’t know how it appeared in the restaurant, he was just trying to prepare a dish when suddenly there were screams and he went out and saw the chaos the automaton caused. It breathed fire EVERYWHERE. Panic came over him when he saw his Mom being cornered by the bull and suddenly his feet started to move and he was in front of the bull, grabbing its horns, his body covering his mom.

“Get out of here, Ma!” Hunk screamed. Before his Mom could protest, the bull was preparing for another blow. The next thing Hunk heard was his Mom screaming out for him. He thought he was dead but he opened his eyes and he was still in one piece. He had no idea how that was even possible but he stared into the bull’s eyes and suddenly his hands were on fire. “Oh gods. No. It’s too early,” Hunk’s mom gasped. “I have no idea what’s happening so you better fill me up later, Ma. Fight fire with fire and—” Before he could finish his sentence, the bull stepped back and charged his mother and burned her.

Hunk screamed so loud and his whole body was covered with flames. “You did not just do that. Now, I’m really angry.” Hunk grabbed the nearest knives and charged, throwing knives into the bull’s mouth as it recharged for another blow. The bull burst into millions of pieces, leaving Hunk in tears holding his Mom’s dead body. Hephaestus came for him and informed him he needed to go to camp.

Lance is the son of a nurse. His family was big (mom remarried to his stepdad and now he had many siblings) and he wanted to make everyone proud of him. So he got into the swim team because if there was another thing he loved more than his family, it was swimming. He was in school and the swimming club was his second family, so during practice that was when he realized that he was probably more special than he thought he was.

The ceiling of the school’s indoor swimming pool got destroyed into pieces when a manticore decided to greet them. “Holy shit, what is that!?” Lance screamed. “MANTICORE!!” some geek screamed and the club members screamed as they got out of the pool. Lance was sorta hyponotized because there was no way a manticore could really exist—his thoughts got disrupted when the monster grabbed his leg by its mouth. “IT’S REAL OH GODS ITS REAL!!!” His friends started screaming at him and boy he screamed with them too because WHAT THE HELL THERE IS JUST NO WAY THIS WAS HAPPENING TO HIM. He wanted a chill swim NOT THIS! 


And that was when suddenly all the water in the pool went upwards and it appeared to be facing each of Lance’s balled up fist, waiting for his command. “Holy shit.” Lance was so shocked. The manticore roared and out of panic, Lance threw his hands up and then towards the manticore. The water obeyed and attacked the monster, temporarily drowning it. As soon as the monster can breathe, Lance shrieked because it looked so pissed, so he did the next best thing he could think of from all his gaming with Hunk: he froze the water into icicles and started stabbing the beast again and again until it disintegrated. His Mom told him later that day that his Dad was Poseidon and the next thing was, he was at camp with Hunk. When Lance arrived with Hunk, everyone bowed down to him when Poseidon claimed him and boy did he like to brag about being a Big Three kid.

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WRITE THE ONE DIRECTION RAISES A KID TOGETHER AU PLEASE OR AT LEAST A DRABBLE i love this idea too much i apologize for the shouting love you byyyyeeeee xx

“Alright,” Liam sighs, already tired. “I’m going to ask one more time. Which one of you did this?”

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When the school your girlfriend teaches at has a masquerade themed dance.

Uhh so masks are related to hiding right?
… wrong?
Eh I couldn’t think of anything better. For @sorielweek.

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I maybe need a 2nd part of your 5 part fic chocobros x reader

I wasn’t planning on expanding that series past possibly two self-indulgent spin off one shot deals that involved:

• In Altissia, right before all the shit hits the fan, MC confesses her feelings to Ignis and he flips out and drama but hot sex occurs because I’m Ignis trash and also because of this post
• MC gets kidnapped instead of Prompto by Ardyn and … bad things happen (my excuse to write some fucked up Ardyn smut)

… but I mean, I technically could plan a part two to part five… it’d just be full of nothing but sex. WHICH I GUESS WOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM FOR Y'ALL THIRSTY THOTS. It wouldn’t be till after I go through all the things I wanna write first though (so yeah when KH3 comes out), and I promise it will not be 10,000 words like Part 5 was.


here it is, my piano arrangement of “mcqueen and sally” from the cars ost!! painstakingly written out by yours truly

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

im learning how to DM and i’m preparing a campaign in DND e5, so like yeah. that is what my whole energy is spent on rn in my life lmfao  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

my loose goal for each year I do comics is to do at least 100 pages. For the first year I was a freelancer I fell short of that number by a few, plus I wasn’t very happy with most of the work I was putting out. I was doing my best, but my best just wasn’t where I wanted it to be.

This year, going into September, I already have 113 pages under my belt. I’ll tally up the pages I just colored some other time, but I’d estimate there’s about 100 of those too. And??? I am pleased with 90% of the work I’ve created.

It feels really good