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Luffy will never let anyone touch Nami! 851 SPOILERS

so, just when Opera come to torture Nami, I want to highlight the “ironic” sense, certainly to not make the scene seem so awful for the children. And don’t forget One piece is not a seinen manga.  I talk about it now cause I want to explain an other thing which come after (just in case of some people arguing with - But Luffy insult her of “selfish person” …-) Please we all knows what is ironic what is serious

And  the panel which come after this is just…Oh my feels!!!

Look at this rage from Luffy, No one can dare touch Nami or Luffy will be mad! This panel show us that  HE IS WORRIED TOO! 

But she doesn’t care at all, she doesn’t went see him rap his hand, that all! She more worried for his safety then Her safety! And this is a serious dialogue where Nami proove how Luffy is important to her <3 

In blue we can see how ironic the scene turn into, But yelling “don’t be so selficsh” to Nami isn’t insulting her here. He want to save her fast before the end of the time and she doesn”t want either? She prefer died than seeing luffy tearing his hand! 

And that’s why she is obviously sad (what could she do to save Him from him?) do you see all this sad tears from her.

And this, until Jimbei save them, she is still crying!  (and thanks god! Luffy can hug her with his two arms!) Hopefully Jinbei kick Opera’ass, don’t imagine if Opera had try to hurt Nami, Luffy will not just kick his ass!!

but A chapter with two main Hint from Oda just almost confirmed LuNa <3 

isn’t our lovely queen and king the LONE SITTING DOWN ON A THRONE

and isn’t our beautiful navigotor who only have eyes for Luffy<3? look at her hand near to her heart when she looks at Luffy what a love i’m almost jealous XD! 

  • Professor: *mentions Joseph Pulitzer and the newspaper companies*
  • My mind: Newsies Newsies Newsies. *starts singing World will know*
  • Professor: moving on to something else...
  • Me: wait, can we talk about Pulitzer more?
  • Professor: no.

Offense class D.va! I tried to make it look vaguely official by painting over the top of her official artwork. She has a controller underneath that bunny shell that she uses to control it - it’s light weight but less protective, D.va can still meme by sticking her leggy out rl far. crab walk, tiptoe, shia labeouf ‘DO IT’ stance, sexe legg, etc. also the 3d model i made as a base under the readmore cos somebody might find it interesting

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