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Realtalk: Beauty and the Beast

((Spoilers: DUH))

Okay, but jokes about bad CGI wolves aside, Disney’s latest live action remake just served to remind me what didn’t work in the last few films. Keep in mind this is all my opinion and you don’t have to agree to any of it.

I could appreciate the effort they took in better explaining the lore. The classic film implied Beast could be as young as 11 when the curse took effect for them to be wasting away for “ten years” (as stated in the original Be Our Guest), and a lot of people were left puzzling as to how exactly an entire town failed to notice the ominous castle sitting on their outskirts for all those years. But as with all the other remakes Disney also attempted to flesh out the characters, usually in the form of a heavy backstory, and this is where they always seem to fall flat for me.

This is the main problem I have with live action: they seem to struggle in deciding which tone they want to run with. Do they want to prove they can play with darker and more sombre themes? Those poignant backstories and frequent deaths in the families would suggest so. But then they turn right around and try to emulate the cartoon almost frame for frame. Suddenly the action sequences, one-liners, and visual gags look too hammy and out of place, especially when juxtaposed with the aforementioned Dark Subjects. This isn’t helped by the uncanny valley characters at all.

I’m sure some kids out there find all of this enjoyable and see no problem with the new films (though personally if I saw that CG Lumiere as a child I would have run screaming out of the theatre), but all I could think as I watched Beast tear through the tower pining and singing his heart out was:

“Holy shit Disney, you should remake Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Think about it: they could play with dark themes all they wanted and it wouldn’t feel out of place at all. The animated film was already one of Disney’s heaviest, in fact I feel it’s been swept under the rug as a result of its heavier tone. The characters themselves are some of Disney’s most subdued and wouldn’t be terribly difficult to translate into live action without changing too much, and they could go nuts with the special effects and locations all they want because it’s got everything.

Medieval city? Check. Tall, ominous towers? Check. Spectacular views for breaking out into song? Check. Political/social commentary still relevant today? Check. Vibrant/fictional locales to pour their CGI budget into? Check. They’ve got one of the best villains in that movie, whether you love to hate him or just … love … him … if you’re one of those weirdos.

But that brings up another point: if they did rework it, I want them to go really dark with it. I’m talking taking cues from their friends in Germany and Der Glöckner von Notre Dame, a musical that managed to preserve a majority of the film while also capturing the weight of the original novel.

Don’t try to redeem Frollo like you did with Maleficent. Preserve all the slimy, misguided, despicable facets of his personality. Don’t gloss over the political commentary of gypsies in Paris, and highlight Clopin’s juxtaposed sides as a result–willing to do whatever it takes to survive even if it means stealing and murdering. We already have one of the most badass women out there in Esmeralda, and finally one who isn’t a damned princess that needs her sparkly dress. Give Phoebus a bigger role, give us time to really see the conflict between his role in society and his moral compass. Focus on Quasimodo’s internal struggle, torn between his curiosity and love for the outside world, but also his blind loyalty and affection to the one man who raised him his entire life.

And for f**k’s sake those gargoyles better be hallucinations to illustrate the toll a lifetime of solitude has taken on the poor guy or I am going to flip some heavy Medieval tables.

And finally Esmeralda dies. No-one gets the girl. Phoebus fails at his job, people get hurt as a result, and he can’t even save the love of his life. And Quasimodo is left utterly broken hearted and alone, with neither his father figure or his friends by his side. The movie ends as the stage play did: with our hunchback carrying the gyspy in his arms in a sad nod to the iconic “Sanctuary!” scene, walking away into the dark unknown, presumably to die as he did in the novel, with Esmeralda in his arms. A sombre Clopin, knocked back down to a beggar (if not dead as well during the seige), narrates the closing scene.

Because life sucks and that’s what you get for attempting to turn a Victor Hugo Novel into anything less than a tragedy.

TL;DR: Disney remake HoND. I double-dog-dare you.

(Oh my god I have not drawn these guys in literal ages. It felt so weird!)

Dating Sam Winchester Headcannons

Dating Sam Winchester would Involve:

  • Playing with his hair
  • Reading books with him on rainy days
    • Having hot cocoa while you read
    • Sharing the same blanket
    • Sometimes you read the same book and discuss it
  • Staying up late into the night doing research with Sam
    • If you fall sleep he’ll carry you to bed
  • Sam trying to get you to eat healthier
  • You trying to get Sam to sleep in 
  • Sam buying you a cute jogging suit in hopes of you joining him
  • Dean constantly picking on the two of you
  • Piggyback rides when ever you want them
  • Sam always looking out for you
  • He can not be away from you over night, because the last time he stayed away from his girlfriend over night she died
  • He always sleeps with an arm draped over you
  • Since you can’t have a real puppy you have a pretend one 
    • annoying the hell out of Dean with it
    • “Sam, we can’t go yet, we need to get Scooby in the car!”
    • “Oh my god guys, enough with the freaking dog!”
    • “Dean, don’t be insensitive! C’mon (y/n), let’s find him.”
  • Soulless! Sam not really caring about you, and it breaks your heart
  • When Sam is better he makes sure to make up for it
  • Sam calling you shorty no matter your height, ‘cause you’re still short to him
  • Sam eventually getting you to workout, but you only really go to see him shirtless.
  • Steamy make out sessions where Sam runs his big hands all over your body
  • Hickies
  • Shower sex
  • Slow sex after particularly taxing hunts
  • Dealing with Dean’s teasing every time you guys get a separate room from him
  • You’ve gotten kidnapped quite a few times and Sam nearly goes crazy every time
  • Sam making you get an anti-possession tattoo
  • Your fights never get bigger than a few eye rolls and rude comments
  • Falling asleep on Sam’s lap during the ride home
    • He would stroke his fingers through your hair
    • Dean would pretend to be disgusted, but he would be happy for his baby brother
    • Sam telling Dean how much he loves you
  • Sam being the first to say I love you
    • it comes fairly quickly, but he knows that he does love you
  • Sam subconsciously braids your hair a lot
  • He can pick up if your feeling sad in a heart beat
  • He’ll do anything he can to make feel happy and comfortable
  • He laughs at your puns only because he knows you think they’re funny
  • You like teasing Sam a lot
  • Any time something bad happens to him you panic until he’s okay again
    • When he was supposed to be in the pit you didn’t sleep until he came to you and told you the story a few days later
  • You do everything for him when he’s hurt despite his protests, because you know he downplays his pains
  • Nothing ever comes between you guys
  • You fully trust each other
  • You keep each other sane
Dogs of Future Past - Part 15

As mentioned before, some updates to DOFP will be fiction with just a sketch or twoโ€ฆand this is one of those times!

โ€“Dogs of Future Pastโ€“


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Masterpost and FAQ

Frisk, Flowey and Greatest Dogโ€™s shortcut takes them to the garbage dump in Waterfall, where they run into some familiar faces!

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since you're taking prompts now...how about a eremika friends with benefits au! where they slowly start falling for each other. ;)

stay awake // ff.net / ao3

After an entire adolescence of friendship with Sasha, it took a lot to make Mikasa raise her eyebrows. The twenty year old Ackerman had been through a lot beside her exuberant friendโ€™s side; from their first school dance as nervous 8th graders, to the Great Beauty Pageant Debacle of their senior year, Sashaโ€™s antics had done nothing if not make Mikasa hard to surprise. Which was why, when said best friend beat down her door at ten thirty on a Wednesday night to declare,

โ€œFind your vest, itโ€™s chilly out and we are going to that strip joint on 7th!โ€

Mikasa only shrugged one shoulder and complied.

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Birthday Surprise- Brendon and Sarah Urie (poly)

Request- (urie poly anon) maybe panic! is back on tour it’s like the readers birthday and she thinks they forgot so she’s really upset but brendon and sarah do something really cute for her at the show that night to surprise her and then its really cute/fluffy after the show?

Every once in awhile on tour Brendon would have a show in the same town or same arena two nights in a row. Those time were always your favorite because that meant you got a hotel room for the night, which meant you got to sleep in the next morning. This morning it was like a present to you since it was your birthday and you got to wake up in a big bed with Sarah. When on the bus the bed was smaller and you all usually got up early because of all the noise in such a small place. You looked to your left and saw Sarah still asleep and an empty space next to her. Brendon was probably in soundcheck. You looked at your phone to see it was nearly 1 in the afternoon so you decided to get up and start your day.

While in the shower you heard Sarah get up and walk into the bathroom.

“Morning Y/N.” she said sleepily.

“Hey love. Did you sleep well?” you asked her stepping out of the shower.

“Yeah. I mean I slept most of the day away.” she laughed.

It was rare you guys would sleep that late on tour, but you weren’t complaining.

“Well I was going to get ready then maybe we can get some food. Maybe Brendon can join?” you offered picking an outfit from your bag as Sarah was getting dressed for the day.

“He won’t be able to. He saved all his interviews for today. Also I have my friend coming to the show tonight so I’m going to meet her for a late lunch. See you later love.” she kissed you on the cheek and left the room.

You sat there for a minute hoping she would come back and realize that it was your birthday and she never said anything or that you could come with her, but she didn’t. You picked up your phone again and text Brendon.

To Brendon

Sarah is with a friend today and I’m all alone. Are you busy or can I come and chill with you?

Sent 1:54 pm

You started your makeup while waiting for a text back. It had been 45 minutes and you were fully ready when you finally got a text.

From Brendon

Sorry super busy. Sorry you’re alone, but I’ll see you after the show.

Received 2:39 pm

To Brendon

Ok. Love you.

Sent 2:40 pm

After that you felt like your day was ruined. You were all alone in a strange city on your birthday. Brendon was busy working and Sarah was hanging out with a friend. Did they forget or did they just not care. You never liked really celebrating your birthday, but a nice ‘happy birthday’ was all you wanted. Or even a ‘i love you’ from Brendon since you hadn’t seen him all day. You decided not to waste your day so you went shopping. You ran into a few fans who you took pictures with.

“Oh my god are you Y/N Urie?” some teen girl asked you.

“That would be me.” you smiled.

“I love you. Like I can’t believe it’s you. Happy birthday by the way.” you thanked her and talked to her for a few minutes before she left you alone.

‘Wow even the fans know it’s my birthday but not my husband nor wife.’ you thought to yourself.

After shopping a bit more you went to the arena where you went backstage.

“Hey Dallon do you know where Brendon is?” you asked as you passed him.

“He and Sarah went out for some food about 20 minutes ago. They should be back in like an hour.” he said and now you felt like shit.

“Thanks.” you said giving him fake smile and then leaving.

You made you way back to the hotel room where you packed up your stuff. You were back on the bus tonight, so you thought why not pack now and distract yourself from the tears you so badly wanted to cry. It wasn’t that you were jealous, you were upset. You felt like they totally forgot about you and your birthday. You had barely seen either of them today and you probably wouldn’t at all. You were pissed off too and didn’t even want to go to Brendon’s show. The last time you missed one of his shows was when you were super sick. Even then you went to half of it before Sarah made you go to the bus because you looked like you were about to pass out.

You sat in the room bored out of your mind on you phone. You were so lost in social media and youtube you didn’t realize it was already almost 9.

From Sarah

You coming to the show? They just went on and Brendon was sad you weren’t here.

Received 8:49 pm

To Sarah

Why would he be sad. He didn’t care at all today either did you. I’ll see you on the buses later

Sent 8:51 pm

You felt like such a bitch but those were your feelings.

From Sarah

Are you okay? You seem mad. Want me to come up to the room?

Received 8:51 pm

You ignored it. Did she not realize it either. You talked to her all of 30 minutes today and text Brendon once. They both knew you were alone and they still hung out together.

From Sarah

Y/N talk to me. I’m sorry for anything I did wrong.

Received 9:06 pm

You started to feel guilty so you sent a quick ‘on my way’ text and went to the arena. When you found Sarah she was in Brendon’s dressing room.

“You came. Good thing. Wanna go watch from side stage?” Sarah asked you like nothing was wrong.

You rolled your eyes before walking towards side stage. Brendon was in the middle of a song when he looked over and saw you. You usually waved or smiled at him but you stood there with you arms crossed. You felt Sarah next to you laying her head on your shoulder.

“It will all make sense in a few minutes. I’m sorry.” she whispered to you before kissing your cheek and giving you space again.

What the hell did she mean by that? You didn’t want to hear any apologies, you wanted to go to bed, alone. You would be fine tomorrow but for right now you had the right to be mad. When the song ended he was staring your way. You saw his mouth the words ‘i love you’, but you didn’t do it back.

“Okay guys this is amazing that all of you are here. Like I love all of you and I’m so happy we got to play this city two nights in a row both shows sold out.” he said then looked back over to you and Sarah. Sarah grabbed your hand and pulled you along with her onto stage where Brendon was. You hated being on stage and you didn’t care how much you were mad because your grip on Sarah’s hand increased and you hid in Brendon’s chest as he hugged you.

“I’m glad you all are here to celebrate with us right now. For you who don’t know, which why the fuck don’t you know, this beautiful woman was born today a few years ago. I won’t say how many because she’ll get mad at me, if she isn’t already. Today me and Sarah have lied to you Y/N, ignored you, and were mean. We made you upset and I’m sorry. It was one of the hardest things totally ignoring you all day and you can call me a dick if you want to, but I love you and happy birthday.” he said then the band started playing happy birthday as Sarah and Brendon hugged you tight. You saw someone from the crew walk out with a cake with candles. You felt all your anger leave your body when you realized the had this all planned. You blew out your blew out your candles and turned to Brendon and Sarah.

“So you still think I’m a dick?” he asked into the microphone.

“Yes, but a good dick.” you laughed and you saw Sarah walking away laughing.

“Guys you heard it here. It’s a good dick.” Brendon laughed with a smirk on his face. “But that’s not all we wanted to do here. What’s something you’ve been asking for for a really long time?” he asked you and your face lite up.

“A puppy?” you asked you eyes big and he nodded.

You saw Sarah holding a small puppy in her arms as she walked towards you. You always wanted a french bulldog. Since you got married you begged them to get a third dog by saying there was now three people and you needed another dog. When Sarah handed you the dog you started to cry.

“Don’t cry Y/N you’re gonna make me cry.” Brendon said.

“Oh my god thank you guys.” you said petting the dog.

“Told you it would all make sense soon.” Sarah told you.

Brendon kissed you once more before you left the stage with the puppy still in your arms.

“Sarah why didn’t you just tell me? I’ve been really upset all day and I thought you forgot about my birthday. Oh my god I love him so much.” you said down at the puppy who was lickig your face.

“That’s the point of a surprise. Sorry we made you feel down, but I mean you got a puppy so it was worth it right?” she asked petting the dog and you nodded.

“We had been searching for the perfect one for the past month and found a breeder about 100 miles from here. I picked him up at the airport this morning, that’s why I left so quickly and lied. Then I brought him here and me and Brendon have been hiding on the bus all day with him.” Sarah explained it everything you were mad about earlier started to make sense.

“Thank you Sarah. I love him so much and I love you.” you said kissing her.

“Enough PDA. There are precious puppies watching.” you heard Brendon said walking off stage all sweaty. He had just finished his last song.

“I love you.” you said pulling him into a kiss.

“So what do you think you’re going to name him?” Sarah asked taking the puppy from you so she could pet him for a minute.

“Um, well I always wanted a dog named Zeus. Do you like that name little guy?” you asked the small dog who started licking your hand.

Both Sarah and Brendon seemed to agree and like that name. You went back to the bus and after more celebrating you all laid in bed surrounded by dogs.

“I think we need a bigger bed.” Brendon laughed.

A/N- I know it’s sort of a weird name for a dog, but I use to have a dog names Zeus and he was the kindest thing on earth. I think I cried for like 3 weeks after he died. 

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two guys are chillin on the couch playin video games. one guy says "brb i gotta go blow chunks"... he leaves and comes back a few minutes later, his mouth/chin/shirt dripping white. his friend asks "damn dude, what did you eat?" and the other guy replies "oh you misunderstood, Chunks is my dog."

whoever sent this broke my legs and now im at the hospital and im gonna die fuck you man


bungou stray dogs ep. 5 // some of my favorite scenes
(as you can see dazai is in every scene and I love him so much)


Originally posted by drakemood

Hearing the buzzer go off downstairs, placing the paint brush down “don’t make a mess Royalty, I’ll be back” getting up from the floor “I do that” she pointed at a spot that was clear where I did not paint “yes but don’t make no mess” making my way out of Royalty’ bedroom, I wish Chris was here so then he can answer the door. He is so damn busy now, we barely get time for sex. He is rehearsing none stop, working hard on the tour and clothing line and I don’t get much of his time. He has me helping him do the women’s clothing line in which I ended up doing something for Royalty, I then got Royalty in a photoshoot and then his baby mother came at me. But I don’t care, she is just mad because she is ugly and her daughter likes me. Since Chris and I had the disagreement we have become a little stronger then we are, just don’t like this busy Chris. He is barely home, I have had Royalty for most of the time. Looking at the security cameras, buzzing in the UPS guy “Lee, I come!!” Royalty shouted at the top of the stairs, looking at her “come then, don’t come to the door. You have no top on” making my way over to the door, hearing Royalty’ little feet run behind me “pick me Lee!” Royalty ran ahead turning around, picking her up. Placing Royalty on my hip, unlocking the door and pulling it open.

Seeing the boxes in front of the door, he held another box walking over to the door “Rylee Turner?” he said, Royalty pushed the door open wider “hi” she waved, pushing her hair back smiling “yeah, that is me” the guy placed the box down “hello there” he smiled at Royalty, he held out his little computer system out to me “just sign here” signing the box “she looks just like Chris” he commented, Royalty is breaking my arm now. Placing her to the ground “she does” he turned and jumped “woah, holy shit! Oh my god” seeing Chris’ stupid dog “oh god no” I don’t do well with them “uhm, I am sure he is fine” his dog is massive and I don’t like it “he won’t bite” I said it like I know, the dog started barking “doggy!!” Royalty shouted, my god. I am having a meltdown and so is this poor man, what if the dog bites him because I know Zeus knows me “I don’t like dogs” he fell over the boxes moving back “neither do I” I said seeing the rest of the dogs, who let these out. Whistling “come here boy” waving the dog over “oh shit, oh my god” the guy is falling everywhere, Zeus jumped over the boxes and right into my arms. I cringed internally, the dog licked my face in excitement “oh god” I hate myself.

After that I had to have a shower “you think doggy like me Roro?” applying my massacre, looking over at Royalty staring at herself in the mirror copying me “yes, oh no look!” she pointed at my eye, looking in the mirror “oh no, it can get wiped off it’s ok” some of the black went onto my top eye lid “are you excited to see daddy? I am really excited, you need to tell him off though. He doesn’t spend enough time with us does he?” Royalty shook her head “he naughty” I cooed out “yes he is baby, first we need to get some food and then see him. We need food first, I have actually enjoyed myself with you. And I think daddy will be so happy to see us in the new Black Pyramid clothes and we matching” the UPS guy bought the boxes of clothes that I help design, I am so damn excited about this but I also have been applying for jobs on the low and I have found a job and got an interview. I need to break it to Chris but this job is not full time, it is part time but I have to do a night shift once a week like my old one. I don’t start this job until next month so I get to tour with Chris for a while, I mean I will work three days a week and it’s really nothing.

Royalty and I are matching with our Black Pyramid dresses on, both of our hair in a bun and we both have our Black Pyramid chains on. I truly know Chris is about to be so happy to see this, I am glad Chris got me this Range. I love it, adjusting the seat again. Chris always drives this car for some reason “I got the best driving partner” looking at Roro, she grinned at me “music!” she pointed at the stereo “we will but we need to take a picture first” grabbing my phone from the middle compartment, unlocking the phone and tapping on my Instagram “ready to say cheese?” holding the camera up to the side of me, Royalty cheesed mad hard at the camera as I took it “you a crazy baby” captioning the picture ‘First ladies of Black Pyramid, see you soon daddy x’ pressing send on the picture “ready” pressing the engine on, the camera music played automatically with Chris’ trash playlist “what is he like” turning the volume down.

Closing the car door and walking around the Range, that was terrible. It annoys me so much when people be taking pictures of Royalty and I, we just trying to eat and then there is idiots taking pictures. Opening the passenger side door “you want to give daddy his food” reaching over and unbuckling Royalty out “yes I give food” picking Royalty out of her car seat and placing her on the ground, she jumped up and down on the ground “don’t run, wait here” picking my bag out from the floor of the car “daddy car” Royalty pointed, closing the car door and locking it with my key “yeah, I can’t wait to see him” I feel like I don’t have much time with him, his album is out and now he is all busy. He works so hard too, seeing one of the new bodyguards that is now working for him outside “Rylee” he smiled at him “and little trouble” he is not like Joe but he is nice “hey Simon” he opened the door for us, the music blared out.

Walking inside the big hall, I don’t really come here because it is filled with these friends of his and random women and I am not insecure so I don’t care but it annoys me. The seats at the back were filled up, Royalty ran straight towards Chris dancing. Running behind her and grabbing her arm, leaning down to Royalty “wait till daddy is finished” walking towards the back, noticing a seat has suddenly become free for us “no laziness now, the boys in the back!!” some guy shouted, sitting down on the seat and placing my bag to the side of me. Picking Royalty up and placing her on my lap “daddy” she pointed, I don’t think Chris has noticed us but good, he needs to finish this. Smiling as I watched him, he is so passionate about dancing so I know he is in his zone and I don’t want to interrupt that at all. His friend sink or should I say Sinko smiled at me but he is always the one bringing bitches around, he can go away with that smile.

I feel myself getting so close to Royalty, and at times I feel like she is my own daughter and I have to remember she is not mine. Just Chris has been having her a lot more then he usually does and I have been looking after her the most, I mean her mom wants to fight me but who cares “next song! No breaks!” the song changed over, Chris turned around with his hands on his hips. I am surprised he hasn’t seen us in the mirror, Chris wiped his wet face with his hand. He looked over at the back and then the biggest smile formed on his face, the music cut off “Chris ain’t about to dance now so let’s take a break” Chris walked over to us, he looks so happy to see us. Chris skipped over to us clapping, getting up from the seat with Royalty in my arm “you came!” he yelped out, Chris didn’t know who to look at but I want his attention “I miss you” Chris pressed a kiss to my lips “and you” he kissed Royalty and then picked her out of my arms “I missed my girls so much” Chris placed his arm around my shoulder “I bought you some food” I pointed as Royalty held it in front of his face “I am sweating so much, let’s sit down” Chris turned us around.

The little minions have left the space so it is just us sitting in this corner “you look so good in the stuff you know, did it all arrive? I actually forgot to tell you about the package” Chris spoke with his mouth full of food “it’s ok, I was painting with Royalty and then it went off and by the way. Why were your dog’s out? The UPS guy was having a meltdown and so was I, your big ole dog jumped on me and licked my face. Why was they out?” Chris shrugged staring ahead of him “I am sure they were locked up, I know I locked them up unless I didn’t. I pretty much saw them in the morning and left” his mind is everywhere right now “but guess what, my album is number one right now. I am so hyped right now” I cooed out clapping “I am so happy for you” touching the back of his head “but when can I get that number one dick? You keep denying me” Chris looked at me smiling “it’s just hit me all at once, I am so tired Rylee” he sat back in his seat “I was sat back chilling with you for so long that I wasn’t ready for this, I could be doing this calmly but no. I was in Jersey and then home and now I am rushing this whole new routine” he shook his head “don’t worry, the number one dick is coming. I have two more days of rehearsals and then downtime for a week, I got Royalty again for that week and then I have another rehearsal day where I try it on the stage, then after that I am on the road” this has come by so quickly and I feel bad even speaking about myself.

I am sad that Chris is too busy for me “you know with you going on tour, are you taking them with you?” I pointed at his friends “yeah, I am taking my friends with me” rolling my eyes “why the eye roll?” I didn’t even know he saw that, I thought he was looking ahead “erm, they love to have females around” Chris grinned at me “but I got my girl with me so who cares?” that is the point, I am hopefully working by then “well, erm yeah. I guess” Chris squinted his eyes at me “what is with the erm?” Royalty ran to me “Lee, I sit!” she tugged at my arms “come here” placing Royalty on my lap “what is with the erm Rylee?” I really don’t want to talk about it right now “shall we start Chris?” some guy said “we can speak later Chris, go and rehearse I am in the way” Chris is getting so annoyed with me “what is it? Are you not coming with me?” his friends are walking over and he is creating an argument “I am Chris, just I need to speak to you later. Chill out” Chris kissed his teeth “then what the fuck is it?” the very females stared at us, glaring back at them before looking away from Chris.

Chris is so extra, I swear to god he catches an attitude for no reason. He should be glad I am not like those other bitches that would have argued back, I just don’t like when he speaks to me like that but I know he will say sorry eventually. Looking down at a sleeping Royalty in my arms, I have been feeling really broody, like with me having Royalty on my own she is a breath of fresh air. A little daughter would be a blessing, her joy brings me so much happiness. I know she is not mine but she is half of Chris and I love that half, I don’t know why I am feeling this but I am. I just want a little girl like her, melts my heart when she copies me. She gives me advice and helps me cook, I feel like the home would be very empty if I did not have Royalty around. Kyrie messaged me a couple of times though and it’s mutual, I was going to like a picture but I didn’t because Chris would drive me up the wall about it but he is ok to like female booty’s.

Every time Chris turns to look at me he gives me real dirty looks, I don’t understand why but I will stand my ground on this because he is being an ass “I am done now, I want to go home” Chris walked off, the music played on but everyone stared. I wish I never came now, I ruined the whole mood and I didn’t even say anything. He is in a bad mood him damn self “let’s go” Chris said “not y’all, I am speaking to Rylee” of course he is, sighing out. Turning Royalty around in my arms, placing her over my shoulder getting up from the chair and picking up the bag from the side. This is so embarrassing and he doesn’t even understand this, people are watching us and he is acting like this. Chris held the door open for me as I made my way over to him, I am being too nice to Chris right now.

Chris buckled in Royalty in her car seat, standing outside the car waiting. I am not about to go in that car until he tells me what his issue is, Chris closed the car door “are you driving your own car?” I questioned “nope, driving this car” he pointed, letting out an oh “so you want to tell what your issue is? You have been a real ass with me and I don’t want to argue because I miss you so much and I just want to get along” Chris stared at me in annoyance “That Kyrie been on your pictures, leaving some nice comments and then I go on his page and you know what I see” oh god, here he goes now “there is a University picture of us, yes I know. Stop being insecure and rude as fuck with me, you know how embarrassing it is, them bitches looking at me like we are broken as fuck. I adore you so much Chris, you think any girl would be at home with your daughter while you out here? Stop doing this to me” the door behind us opened, looking behind me as his friends left with the girls “the fuck you looking at?” Chris spat, shaking my head walking by Chris hitting into his arm.

Chris banged the door shut “what are you going to do with the car parked here?” I can drive home my damn self anyways “my friend will drive it, I don’t like that nigga Rylee. He fucking likes you and you like him” gawking at Chris “I thought he was good looking, but you day in and day out be liking bitches booty’s, some bitch had Black Pyramid on her breasts and you liked that so should I be petty? Give me a break Chris, I barely do anything anymore and I can’t even have a friend” Chris scoffed, I might as well tell him while we are on this subject “so I was applying for jobs and I got an interview” Chris sighed out loudly “so that is why you’re not coming with me? Oh my god, you fucking with me! You have a fiancé that is rich and you want to work? Fuck! Why don’t you listen, you making me stupid that I can’t look after you, are you stupid!?” he is so predictable “don’t shout at me first of all” I pointed at him “and second of all, you promised me if I find a hospital that is good you would support me, you are being a real dick to me. Do not speak to me until you can apologise, and before you pop off on me about Kyrie we are not even friends we are not even anything, now drive!” I don’t know why he is mean mugging me “don’t fucking speak to me or I will walk!” he is making me feel like shit for nothing “I would like to see that” I honestly can’t be bothered with him, grabbing my bag from the side “fuck you Chris” opening the car door and banging it shut, treating me like one of his bitches. I am so lucky to see a cab, god is working with me because I was about to order an Uber but then I didn’t want to wait around for him to drive the Range to me which he is doing right now. Dragging the back door open “Rylee I won’t talk to you just come back” sitting in the back seat “just drive and ignore him thanks” putting a middle finger up at Chris as the driver drove off.

I don’t even know why I bothered, Chris followed me all the way to my brother’s apartment “can we talk now? You wasted time coming here for what?” Chris said, he is smiling for no reason at all because I am pissed “what’s funny? I can’t even deal with you anymore” Chris shrugged “I act out and I can’t help it, it’s just me but I love you. I wouldn’t let you go that easily at all, you are going home with me” of course I am “you know what Chris, I am too busy being yours to be trying it on with anyone else and I wish you would accept this, I wish you would open your eyes and see I am just yours. So what he called me beautiful, I ignore comments. It actually makes me so shocked that you are so insecure with me, you are pushing me away every time you do this to me” I have missed him so much but now I don’t “Lee!!” Royalty screamed from the car “this cheating bitch is going to go and play second mother to your daughter” Chris didn’t know what to say and just let me go, he assumes I am cheating if I stare at a man.

I sat in the backseat with Royalty, I don’t wish to even sit in front with him “I am sorry” Chris said, as he always does “you do it every time” looking down at my phone, seeing the private message on Instagram from Kyrie “I am trying to be good, I just don’t like any man near you” reading his message ‘Breezy really hates me, he got his little friends calling me gay and bitch boy. How did you end up with another possessive man?’ those words hit me like a tonne of bricks, my heart ached seeing those words, I didn’t even know what to reply back to him.

Everyone has such beautiful headcanons or AUs for people like “I bet Akaashi plays the violin” and “Suga would totally be loving and gentle with children.”

But all my headcanons are along the lines of, “Hinata smells like straight up nasty sweat 24/7” and “Suga CANNOT handle children whatsoever,” and of course “Akaashi is a total glutton who eats with HORRIBLE etiquette.”

I just really enjoy making these boys more awkward than they already are I guess…

*requested* The signs robbing a house

Aries: “Alright, I’ll go first, everyone knows the plan right…move to your positions.”

Taurus: *thinking to themselves* I only came because I want to wear black.

Gemini: “Aries…are you sure this is a good idea, I don’t need a criminal record…”


Leo: “Guys…oh my god they have a dog, who’s a cute puppy, you are yes you are”


Libra: “Leo shut up, and leave the dog alone we have a job to do”

Scorpio: “I have to pee, can I use the bathroom?”


Capricorn: *crying* “I can’t rob a house I just can’t”

Aquarius: “Get it together Capricorn, let’s go find the money”



better get a dog obedience trainer