oh my dear sweet time lords

His Maid, Freeloader: 2

Summary: Oh dear, with our head butler on an order, things have become far more stressful. His Royal Highness is very persistent in stealing away my young master’s time.

Pairings: Eventual Sebastian x Demon!reader


Warnings: None

Word Count: 4134

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Ciel’s soft snores filled his room as he peacefully slept. Perhaps those he dreams of were an escape from the nightmares of his past. One could  only wonder what sweet nightmares lie within the mind of Ciel Phantomhive.

“It’s time to wake up, Lord Phantomhive.”

Ciel rubbed his eyes and squinted them open. “What’s that? Who’s there?” He jumped when Ayani clapped her hands with a smile and got close to him.

“Namaste Chi, good morning.”

He stood up on his bed and looked down at her with a glare. “W-why are you in my room?!”

He gasped when he felt a hand grab his arm and pull him down to where he found himself in Prince Soma’s arms. “We are going out and about. Show us around town, kid.”

Ciel scowled. “Why should I do that?! And don’t call me kid! I have a real name, it’s Ciel!”

He smiled. “Alright, Ciel.” He jumped on the bed and towards the door. “I order you to show me around. Come.”

He stopped when you appeared in the doorway and blocked him. “Pardon me, Prince.” You smiled. “I am terribly sorry, my master’s day is full. I am afraid their is a great deal of work and studying he must attend to.” You pulled out your pocket watch and quickly checked the time. “And considering our head butler is out on an Aron for most of the day, I am forced to do twice the work single handedly.”

You looked back up at him. “I do hope you understand, Prince Soma.”

Ciel looked up from his sheet music stand as you entered the room. He rose an eyebrow at the long brown skirt that went to the floor, white blouse, green petticoat, red ascot and brown penny loafers you sported. Including your hair that was up in a high ponytail and held back by a red ribbon.

“Why are you dressed like that?”

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Day 2 at san japan! I didnt take as many pics cause my phone is running out of space haha
Everybody is super sweet and there was a stand with a mannequin that was holding a picture of a cat
Next time i will have body paint figured out hopefully ahaha
There are so many su trash people here and i love em all

third Jasper is  nevergonnabeyourwife !
Pls let me know who you are so i can tag u!