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Part 2 of 2. The other Hyperions but nevertheless still important peeps. Honestly speaking, everyone was hella fun to draw but tricky to detail. Especially Gladstone…. //lies on ground

Part 1 / 2 is here.


So I really wanted to get some major work done before I go back to doing homework. Something that’d be worth the whole day for me, while getting in a little practice as well.

I had this idea sitting in the back of my head for a little while now but never had the time to actually work on it. It’s not exactly what I wanted it to look like but I’m fairly pleased with how it came out. (That’s a lie I actually love how it came out!) 

I’ve always wanted to depict Nothing There facing it’s fear (And creating the future! Is that how the quote goes? I don’t..remember..HEH.) and fighting those that tormented it. Epsilon and General.

(Edit 9/10/17: Also, I’ve been noticing that certain colors and hues look WAY darker than they’re supposed to be on different electronics. For example, I’m using a Windows 7 PC and everything look fine I can see the colors very clearly. With my Android, all I need to do is turn up the brightness so I can see it more clearly. But my Chromebook. WOWZERS. I’ve never seen anything so dark before!

I don’t know what it is. I think it may be the monitors of the different machines and how bright they can become.(???) If the bottom picture is too dark for you, just focus on the other two above it. Or raise your brightness.)


OUAT Corporate Business AU

Part 2/?

Regina Mills began with nothing and no one. The daughter of a socialite-wannabe and a failed businessman, Regina seemed like she was going to be stuck forever in a cycle of dead-end jobs. When her first love died suddenly, Regina realized that she was not going to rely on someone else to create her destiny for her. She was going to go out and make her own future, wringing fate by it’s neck if she needed to. It took years to build up Mills Consolidated, over half of Regina’s life, but she continued to strive forward, impressing and intimidating with her fierce business tactics and cutthroat savvy.

Born into a family of thieves and criminals, Robin Locksley spent most of his younger years with a casual disregard for the law until he stole a car from Marian Nottingham. Marian had flown into a rage, saying that without the car, her family would be bereft of transportation and their livelihoods would be destroyed, and Robin considered how many other lives he must have ruined and realized the demerits of his criminality and began to reevaluate his life. He and Marian began dating in their teenage years once he straightened himself out; they remained together while Robin took on law school and married after Robin passed the bar exam. Unfortunately, the years took a toll on their love for one another, and they found themselves stuck in a loveless marriage that was only held together by the glue that was their son.

He met Regina Mills not long after his son’s fifth birthday. There had been talk of immoral, perhaps illegal, business practices within Mills Consolidated, and he vowed to find out the truth and pursue criminal charges if he found anything. Regina knew he would find nothing–despite her refusal to wear kid gloves in her business practices, she would not compromise her life’s work by cutting corners.

Despite the pair’s initial loathing of one another, they still found themselves captivated and fascinated by each other.

etanunu  asked:

Oh my gosh those corporate au's!!!! Would you be willing to do a bellarke one for the last one? “our boss made us team leaders and we never agree on anything but damnit we’re going to win this corporate organised paintball game man fuck the west branch” au I love your writing ^.^

A|N: oh man paintball aus GET ME SO EXCITED 

“On your left!

Clarke scrambles to the side a fraction too late, the butt of her gun digging into her ribs-

He slams into her, jerky and at full force, the impact rattling her teeth, a sharp jolt racing up her spine when her back hits the earth.

So this is what it feels like to have your breath knocked out of you, she thinks, dazed, before her fingers find purchase in the crevices of tree bark, pulling herself to her feet.

“Damn it, Bellamy!” Clarke snarls, pushes at his shoulder so he’ll stop looming over her, “You said left!”

“My left!” He barks, “You would have known that if you’ve just listened, instead of just charging ahead and doing whatever the hell you wanted-”

“That’s rich coming from you,” She can barely muster the energy to sneer, but she does it anyway, because that’s just who they are. Bellamy throws the punches, all scorn and vicious insults while she bares her teeth, sharpening her nails just so she can rip him apart.

(Sometimes it feels a lot more like a force of habit- pushing at his buttons, riling him up- and there are days when Clarke can’t seem to remember why she hated him in the first place, but still.)

He’s Bellamy, and she’s Clarke and they hate each other.

“Paintball, of all things. The west branch is going to fucking slay us,” Miller mutters, slumping down to the ground.

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