oh my bass


requested by anonymous. (part 1)

Aww, looks like Cherry Bomb and Bass are having a nice chat. Of course, Bass is also reading her mind while she’s talking to him, but eh. Bass may be a villian in his future comic, but in Cherry Bomb and Disco’s world, he’s more, chaotic neutral. Besides, he likes Cherry, who doesn’t? In all honesty, she’s one of the very few people he actually cares about and considers a friend.
Cherry Bomb loves Bass, she finds him adorable (which he can shapeshift, so he intentionally appears as something “cute.”), and super cool. Not only that, but because of how old and laid back he is, Cherry feels safe talking to him about everything that goes on in her life.
Right now she’s just telling him a story about what her and Static have done recently XD. Which, in turn, branches into several other unrelated stories, good thing Bass is patient.

Bass and Cherry Bomb belong to me💜