oh my babies I miss you

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best mvs of all time?

woW all time that’s way too hard i’ll list as many of my favorite mvs as i can think of…these will probably all be gg mvs please understand they’re all i watch

I’m such a grump to people that aren’t my friends.
“Someone should totally do these” they say to my headcanons. I did. I literally just did them. They came from my head and there they are, on a post. Making it possible for you to reblog and say “someone should totally do these.”
And then I see my friend and I’m like “BABY YOU’RE HERE!!!1!! Oh I missed you! I was thinking about you and how much I loved you and–” etc.

TFB Pickup lines

valentines day is only a few weeks away, so here’s another round of tfb pickup lines for you to try out.

  • do you wanna get high and hang around?
  • do you wanna c my dog?
  • will you fix my bad boy blues baby?
  • you are what i want mother fucker make it happen for me.
  • i’ll hold your hand if you hold mine
  • hi, i’m brian sella
  • oh i love you, i miss you, i want to hug and kiss you
  • you can tie me up, don’t tie me down
  • with you on top of me and me underneath you, i bet we go 100 miles an hour through the ceiling
  • i’m looking for that sexual healing
  • *give them plastic flowers sprayed with any type of perfume or a dead spider from your pocket*

I miss your body. Not in a sexual way. I miss the way your strong arms used to wrap around me. I miss your lips kissing my forehead. I miss hearing your heartbeat. I miss running my fingers through your hair. I miss how right it felt to have my hands intertwined with yours and our legs tangled together when we spooned. I miss the way you smell. I miss your voice. I miss your eyes looking at me like I’m the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Oh baby, I miss you more than anything.


  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:galavant is the best thing that has happened to me and I will legit cry if I don't get a third season I mean I honestly didn't expect a second season and yet here we are I'm surprised too that being said you can't give me the world and then take it away nope nope nope this cannot be it's this perfect little gem of a show and I need more I need a flashback of gal and isabella's wedding reception and oh my god MADALENA IS ON SOME MALEFICENT SHIT GODDESS YASSS but no gareth baby no your heart was broken :( go find madalena and save her from herself and omg galavant is your name gary honestly gary wow no I need this stupid silly show to save my soul and king richard is the CUTEST THING EVER??? HE DIDN'T GET MAD AT GARETH FOR ANYTHING HE JUST MISSED HIM PRECIOUS BABY and roberta and him are together and she didn't go to spinster island with a cat yes thank you but is she the queen now I need to know more about her who are you roberta and tad cooper TAD FUCKING COOPER IS A DRAGON WE HAVE A DRAGON like okay it literally was a bearded dragon but it breathes fucking fire now I'm so happy and I will not be if the last lines of the show are "I have a dragon" no no no you have a dragon but nOW WHAT TELL ME MORE ugh is it my fault they aired it during grease live and people didn't see it why did you want to watch grease live grease recorded was terrible because grease was a terrible movie no do not cancel this lovely show that is PURE JOY of originality because it was pitted up against another musical because galavant is better I promise don't do this to me ABC gala-can't okay please give it one more season please I know they hinted that it could continue but I really need it to continue you don't understand I need that jester singing and recapping the show hella voice jesus I need to know whether sid is gay or not and his bromance with gareth I need more of that and CHEF AND GWYNNE WHAT HAPPENED TO CHEF AND GWYNNE AND THEIR FUCKED UP CUTE AS HELL ROMANCE I NEED TO KNOW I need more tongue in cheek lyrics oh my god the songs if they get renewed again it need that sass I need more game of thrones references crazy ex girlfriend can't be the only primetime musical don't give up on galavant plz help send help I will not be okay if this is over alan menken what have you done you couldn't own me with disney alone you just made me love you even more didn't you I just I need this show please take my money give me more galavant god bless galavant galavant galAVANT GALLLLLAAAAAVANNNNTTT

Haikyuu!! s2 Ep16

This episode is a bundle of cute anD A WHOPPING SLICE OF NOPE.

- Johzenji lost. I wasn’t so sad because neither was the team. Their ending was on a very hopeful note and that makes me happy.


- Look at my babies working together. *jumps from happiness*

- It’s official. Ennoshita is America’s Japan’s Karasuno’s Next Best Captain.

- Oh Gods. Aone talks to Hinata. And smirks at him. *Kags is so jealous jfc chill* I can’t watch this cuteness without some lasting damage on my brain.

- I LOVE Takeru’s fam. They have fully functional vocal chords, zero embarrassment and negative chill.


- Reactions to Saeko vary from excited (Noya) to dread (Tanaka) to boobs (Yachi) *me too Yachi. Me too.*

- Dadchi is really in his element. He know how to stir up his children for max results…It’s almost too beautiful to watch. *I understand Suga’s boner*

- “This match is going to be about the captains.” You’re GODDAMN right Ukai. These cuties deserve all the screen time before the gays kagehina catch up to them.




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Dan and arin on a phone call while dan is out touring and while they're just talking and having a normal conversation on the phone dan suddenly gets really horny and hes trying to jerk of on the call w/o arin noticing :")

“Dude, I miss you.”  Arin whined into the phone.

“I know, Im gonna be back soon.  When I get back we’re gonna cuddle and fuck.”

The two men couldn’t help but laugh.  Dan was out on tour with TWRP for the last week.  Even though they practically texted each other every day, he had to admit he did miss hearing Arin voice.  Just hearing his best friend laughing made him feel happy and warm….maybe a little too warm.  Maybe it was the fact that with the shows and passing out as soon as he could, Dan hadn’t “Revealed”  himself all week.  

“Oh baby, my ass is ready for a pounding from you.”

Only a slight chuckle was all Dan could do as he actually thought about it.  He could practically see it in front of him, Arin laying face down on the bed he was sitting on with his ass up in the air, just waiting for it.  

“Some one sounds lonely.”

“Only because I miss you, Daddy.”

That was the final straw.  As soon as Arin said that, Dan’s cock twitched.  No words but a quiet groan was all he could say.  More thoughts started flooding in, making it impossible for Dan not to touch himself.


Wrapped up in his own thoughts, Dan forgot to respond with actual words.  Quickly, he said, “Sorry, did I worry my baby girl?”

Relief rushed over him as Arin laughed and started playing along.  

“Thought Daddy was ignoring me.”

“I would never.”

Ten minutes into their teasing, Dan had his hand wrapped around his cock and was fucking his fist, trying his best to keep an even voice.  Arin kept teasing and making everything sexual.  Not like that was uncommon, that’s how most of their conversations always seems to end up, but today it was driving Dan crazy.  As he got closer, Dan had to grab a pillow and bite down hard into it to hold back his moans as he came on his chest.  

“So, how’d it feel cumming to my voice?”  There didn’t seem to be a hint of teasing in his voice but a smirk could practically be heard.

“Enough joking around, it’s late, you should be heading to bed.”

“But I’m serious, think I couldn’t when my best friend was jerking it while talking to me?”

“….shit….” Dan muttered as he buried his face deep into the pillows around him. 


You and Luke were sitting in a closed off room on the resistance base. It was a room with five beds for you, Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewie. You and Luke sit next to each other on the floor, you rest your head on his shoulder. It was a rough day, many pilots went missing, and many confirmed dead. 

Luke took it badly, and you knew that. You can’t think of something to say, so you just… Sing. You’re no superstar singer, but your soothing voice calms Luke down quite a bit. You begin singing a song that your parents had taught you. “Do you hear me, I’m talking to you. Across the water, across the deep blue ocean. Under the open sky, oh my, baby I’m trying.” You kiss Luke’s forehead and sing other verses for awhile until Luke falls asleep. “Luck I’m in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where I’ve been. Lucky to be coming home again.” You hum… “They don’t know how long it takes, waiting for a love like this.” He’s asleep now, you smile, and whisper “Maybe one day I’ll tell you that while you’re awake.


Butterfly Blues   a Resoupify project    Concept and words  merseawaves

guitar ajttk aka soup dragon   thanks to V who is missed but our heart and soul

Where… are my butterflies? Show me your wings,babies.  Oh  there you are OH YES  now look at Miss Thing in this dress. Honey, you better marry this one. Doll baby, you’re done. Somebody tell this man he’s done

Let’s slow it down for our caterpillars now

But    What you got to do to win  butterfly, my gentle caterpillar men? You got time.  You got a long, long time

    And I want you to fly

Every one of you

Rise above this smoke

Take in the sun

not shining for anyone

but you

Bring me to 

Your blue blossom someday

And I want you to rise

Every sunny day 

from the ashes

of yesterday

Take those wings

and sing

like anything

Bring me to

your blue blossom


Yunhyeong’s friend with benefits means...
  • you spend most nights at the dorm
  • he almost always needs you
    • to relieve stress, get out frustration, or honestly just be with you
  • he finds it a bit hard to separate your normal relationship from what you two do behind closed doors
    • he wants to hold your hand, kiss you, and be close to you in public, but you guys set boundaries so he doesn’t do it
  • but, if he wants/needs to be with you, he forgets the boundaries and he makes sure you know that he wants/needs you
  • he’s always texting you trying to tempt or tease you
  • “baby, I’m at the dorm alone”
  • “oh really?”
  • “yeah, my bed misses you ;)”
  • when ever you to are together, it’s like the first time all over again
    • because he has to restrain himself from you
    • he can’t keep his hands off you
    • he just adores your body
  • but once you two are finished, it is a bit awkward
    • you eventually going back to your normal, not touch-no feelings type of relationship
  • you both do have some hidden feelings, but neither one of you is willing to confess, afraid of ruining what you two have

SEE THOSE ALPACAS? These are my babies I have in this game called Alpaca World (..really addicting okay, but besides the point), and if you haven’t tried to guess who they are- meet Odin and Gil. 
Odin has on a red scarf……….remind you of anyone? 
Ava by any chance? ahahahahhaha// When I got the scarf, I didn’t think much of it, and honestly had that as a fill in until I found a suitable red alpaca to be the lava babe (which I have yet to find). Then @artsypaige here decided:
“Hey what if…..Ava is missing..”
“oh no”
“And Odin wears her scarf looking for her and gets upset cuz he feels like no one else cares about finding her, not the case of course, but he is clearly upset” 
“and feels incomplete and or depressed without her”
“nooo….. i love it… FUCK.

truthfuly I don’t have any ideas for Gil but just look at him. he’s adorable and innocent he needed to be in the post

I am missing you,
and that baby, is a problem,
because the more I miss you
the more I long for you.
I want to touch you,
kiss you,
hold you.
Feel your hands on my body,
your lips on my skin,
as you slowly become one with me.
Oh… There is nothing innocent
in my thoughts of you,
and that baby, is a problem.
—  A problem by Iris

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Louis probably walked in, sat in a chair in the corner and immediately started texting his boy.

L: oh lord H. Granny’s here. maybe she’s got some weed

H: hahah *palm tree emoji*

L: fuck they did one of those icing printouts of briana’s face. i’m going to be sick. i can’t eat that.

H: *sends dick pic*

L: Harreh! please. now that i can eat.

Anonymous said:All that photoshoot was missing was tammi and the stroller with the American girl doll baby in it.

why wont you accept Barbacoa Ashley Guacamole Tomlinson. If Louis gets papped holding him, you will have to accept my food baby is real! 

I'm Still Alive I Swear!

Hello Everyone! Did ya miss me? I’ve really missed you guys! Like oh man! As of now life has really changed, already been living on my own for over a month plus as of a couple days ago David and I got pets! 2 betta fish! Mine is named Cylipso and David’s is Finn. Follow me on my Instagram Kayla.Mercer to get more regular posts and to see my baby!

The point of this post though is to let you all know that hopefully soon we will be getting internet set up asap so I’m not relying on my cell and weak wifi connections to see you guys or your posts. Know that if you’ve messaged me or done art for me I can’t see it from my phone at this time but I’ll get back into the swing of things soon enough.

That’s all for now! Hope everyone is doing well and that I’ll be back soon. To help be sure to send me asks so I can answer a bunch.

Love You Guys! All Of You Are Great! And thanks for sticking around while I was gone!

Welcome To Our World - Part 6

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4  Part 5
Three years. That’s all it had taken for your life to change for the best. You never found your way back to the world you come from, though, you don’t want to. You never dreamed of a better life than this, still everything that has happen in those years still can’t make sense to you, but they are real.
“Daddy!” The little two years old girl in your arm was fast on the ground and running to Dean.
“Hey, baby girl” Dean smiled taking her in his arms.
“Hey” you greeted him with a small kiss.
“Oh, I missed you two so much, did my baby girl grow up while I was gone?”
“Yes, Mommy said I’s gwow up!”
“It’s nice to be home to you my girls”.
“How is Sam?” You asked.
“He’s gone to grab us something to eat, we’ll have a family dinner tonight”.
“Ah, being normal” you laughed.
Being Miss. Winchester and having this small child with the man you loved.
You can’t ask any better.
This world is your world now.

Pls imagine Taiyang in a meeting at Signal but on his scroll and watching the tournament because fuck you I’m no missing my baby girl in the finals

And she shoots Mercury

He just stands up and throws his scroll into the window

“Oops, sorry, here I’ll pay you for that soon I gotta go”

Just walks out

Nobody questions it

Someone bursts in two seconds later with the news and Taiyang’s boss just