oh my babies I miss you

  • Baby, you were my picket fence:Taurus, Pisces
  • I miss missing you now and then:Virgo, Aquarius
  • Chlorine kissed summer skin:Gemini, Libra
  • Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger:Leo, Sagittarius
  • The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger:Cancer, Scorpio
  • Oh, We’re fading fast:Aries, Capricorn

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Oh my god, Ash, Tish and Oliver falling in love all over again with their s/o's holding Diggle babies (and realizing that hey, babies might not be so bad after all). I see what you're doing here. ;)

Eep, so sorry I missed this last week!

But yes.

Poor Oliver would just be going to the Diggles’ for dinner, expecting the usual levels of cute from baby Elaine, and instead oh no oh God Felicity is making silly noises and rubbing noses with her to make her giggle oh no.

Poor Tish is just going to Sunday night dinner at the Queens’, and then Elaine hands the baby to Jon - “Can you hold her for a minute?” - and he settles her in the crook of his elbow, tucked against his side, and oh no oh God his arm is bigger around than her head oh no.

It’s deeply unfair.

Luke would be that boyfriend who would call you at 3am your time and when you mutter a groggy hello, he’d mumble: “I miss my baby” and then you two would start whispering softly to each other about your day and just catch up with one another along with sleepy giggles and a little sweet and sexy talk now and then and even though he’s not by your side, it would feel like he was right there laying next to you just like the norm for you two

Killed My Fish (Skate Maloley)

Mouth filled with gauze, band aid on your inner arm where they inserted the IV, and drugs still running through your veins while your boyfriend sat with you in recovery you were having a wonderful time. 

“Sam killed my fish.” You state although the gauze muffled your speech, looking at your boyfriend, Nate, “he killed my fish and I miss my fish.” Sam really didn’t kill your fish, because you didn’t even have a fish. 

“Oh yeah, baby?” Nate questions, as tears enter your eyes over your fish. He leans over and places his hand on your thigh. 

You look down and begin to cry, “don’t touch me there…I’m a virgin.” 

He looks at you confused–you actually had sex last night and it was not the first time–but nonetheless takes his hand away, “Sorry, baby.” 

“Thank you for respecting me and my abstinence.” You were completely high from the medication they gave you, that wasn’t about to wear off anytime in the near future. Your fingers touch your lip, that you cannot feel, and tears enter your eyes once more,“Nate, Nate they took off the wrong part!” You exclaim so loudly the nurse comes in to check on you. 

“No, no baby it’s still there.” Nate assures you, placing his arm around your shoulders he pulls you into his standing figure and you cuddle against his abs. 

“I love you.” You state in a matter-of-fact tone, wrapping your arms around him, the nurse smiles and comes to check on your mouth meaning Nate had to break away for a moment, “Have you met my boyfriend?” 

She nods and smiles at you, “I have.” She replies. 

“I’m so lucky…he’s so handsome…except he killed my fish.” Nate chuckles and you turn to glare at him, “What it’s true!” 

He quickly shuts up and scoots the chair so he can sit closer to where you are, “hey, hey baby don’t talk to so much, okay? your mouth is still bleeding.” The nurse exits, telling Nate to make sure you don’t speak all too much. 

He takes your hand and trails kisses along it, you notice the blue bandaid on your inner arm and your eyes widen, “Nate, Nate,” you whisper pointing to it, “it’s a tracker…they’re going to put me in the hunger games, you’ve got to get me out of here.”

Nate shakes his head, shushing you nicely, “Shh babygirl, I won’t let anything happen to you, you just relax.” He smiles at you, and you nod, intertwining your dainty fingers with his, “you’re so pretty, y/n.” He coos, trailing his palm of your head smoothing back your hair. 

“No…don’t lie to me.” You demand and he smiles, finding your blubbering completely adorable. 

“You’re so pretty, I ain’t lyin’.” He argues and places a kiss on the back of your hand. 

The nurse comes back in, again to check to see how you’re doing, “how you feeling, darling?” She questions. 

“I wanna sing, but I can’t because of-” you point at your mouth, and try to feel it again, drooling a little bit that is mixed in with blood. 

“Whoa,” Nate quickly grabs a napkin and wipes it up and your hand, “baby, yuck, don’t touch there.” His Nebraskan accent is thick and quite adorable. 

“You feel good enough to go home?” The nurse questions you, and you nod a few times, “okay, we’re not going to have you walk because you’re going to be a bit wobbly so are you okay with your boyfriend carrying you?” 

You look at Nate and giggle, “Silly! We aren’t married.” 

“She’s fine,” Nate rolls his eyes and smiles at the nurse, taking your bag before lifting you up in his arms. You wave goodbye to everyone on your way out and Nate helps you into the passenger side. 

“Will you buy me a new fish since Jack killed mine?” Nate couldn’t hold it in anymore and bursts into a fit of laughter, causing you to laugh too, even though it was hard to through your gauze. 

“I love you so much baby.” He states pressing a tender, loving kiss to your forehead. 

I mean, I couldn’t have done [The Funkasaurus] without Dusty Rhodes. He was so instrumental in the whole character thing.”

“I spent the whole day with Dusty and he played ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and me and him danced to it in the arena all day.  I actually have the footage but I was told I was never allowed to show it but I watched it the other day because I missed him.”

“This is the same guy when I first got there and I was about four hundred sixty pounds they told me I had to wear trunks.  I was like, ‘Oh my god, they hate me.’  So what does Dusty do?  He comes to work with his shirt off.  He walks around the arena with his shirt off.  ‘If I can do it baby, you can do it.’

- Tyrus (formerly Brodus Clay) about Dusty Rhodes.

The signs as Years & Years songs

Aries- Desire “Is it desire, or is it love that I’m feeling for you… Give me that rush, I want to show you what you’ve been missing”

Taurus- Memo “Who wouldn’t want it when he looks like that? Oh oh, I want you to stay. And if I try my hardest, would you look my way?”

Gemini- Breathe “What’s that supposed to be about baby. Go free up ya vibe and stop actin crazy.You know I give you that good loving daily. Try and pull that got me actin shady”

Cancer- The Whale “If you want, I will love you…The world is not my friend tonight, he’s just a battle wound” 

Leo- Worship “I worship, high praises. My longing drives me crazy for you. My kingdom for your graces”

Virgo- Real “I think I’m gonna make it worse. I talk to you, but it don’t work. I touch you, but it starts to hurt. What have I been doing wrong? Tell me what it is you want”

Libra- King “Don’t you remember how I used to like. Being on the line? I dreamed you dreamed of me calling out my name. Is it worth the price?”

Scorpio- Lion “I’d be silent, I’d keep you there. Never let you go. Grow into a giant, be the brightest.”

Sagittarius- Take Shelter “We’re running ‘round like we don’t care. It’s gonna leave some marks. Do you want to show me something new?”

Capricorn- Eyes Shut “Your timing was so wrong. I feel the light of me. Outside. I don’t ever know. Why I care…Nothing’s gonna hurt me with my eyes shut. I can see through them”

Aquarius- I Wish I Knew “I wish I knew, How to behave like a human. I wish I knew, More than my father before me…My nights always begin with some lies,
Always end up with hope.” 

Pisces- Shine “I was biting my tongue, I was trying to hide. I’ll forget what I’ve done, I’ll be redefined… Can you see me, I’m shining. And it’s you that I’ve been waiting to find”

This is the best group ever and I just had to make a post for the signs lol - Skyler

Luke would be so excited when he came back home to you after three months of tour because he’d not only get to see you but also the growing baby bump. He’d Skype you every day while he was on tour just to check up on you and the baby. “How’s my little peanut?” He’d ask every time with hopeful eyes. He’d smile every time you told him good things. He’d be ecstatic to come home to you two. But once he found you after getting off the plane, he’d immediately speed walk over to you with his long legs and watery eyes. He’d hug you so tight but not too tight because of your guys’ little bean in between you two. “Oh, baby, I missed you.” Luke would mumble against your lips, small tears sliding down his cheeks. He’d pull away and smile at you, looking at you in awe before kissing you once more and kneeling down in front of you to your belly. “My, my, peanut, have you grown.” He’d whisper with a chuckle against your growing belly before kissing it. “Daddy missed you too, little one.” He’d whisper, rubbing the bump with his thumbs. He’d give it once more peck before moving back up to you. “I missed you both so much.” He’d say with red eyes before kissing you again. “So much.” After he pulled away, he’d turn to the boys, who all three watched the Hemmings family in awe. “Guys, look at my beautiful family.” Luke would gush with a big ole grin.

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Do you know any more fics where Harry is pregnant with Louis's baby? Thanks!

Enjoy a ton of mpreg fics!! :D

Pregnant Louis

your hand in mine (a/b/o)

i don’t want to close my eyes (i don’t wanna miss a thing) (it’s not Harry’s baby, though)

King and Lionheart (a/b/o)

you be the birds and i’ll be the bees

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

My Heart Is Tellin’ You (How Much I Want You)

Drawn In (a/b/o)

How’s About We Make a Baby?

Pregnant Harry

You Take Me Over, You’re the Magic in My Veins

oh baby baby, the reason i breathe is you

it sings to me inside

i’ll put my future in you

always be my baby

we’re only getting older, baby, and i’ve been thinking about it lately…

We Were Made to Love

And all you wanted was somebody who cares (not Louis’ baby)

everywhere (i wanna be with you)

thunderstorms and cushion forts and ice cream, oh my

My contribution to geniewithwifi ‘s Oliver Queen Father’s Day challenge! Enjoy! :D

FFNet Link (X) / Ao3 Link (X)

“I can’t believe I’m going to miss Sara’s birthday party,” Felicity grumbled, her frown pixelated from the bad Internet connection.

“She’ll forgive you once she sees the bike we got her,” Oliver chuckled, leaning back against the pillows and adjusting the laptop’s screen accordingly.

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Hayes Grier Imagine

(Requested by izzygrier18hayes )

“Did you want anything to drink?” Hayes asked as we made our way into his kitchen, seeing as my mom just dropped me off
“Water would be nice” I said, wrapping my arms around his waist from behind as he leaned into the cupboard to get two glasses
“Anything for you babe, you’re awfully cuddly today” He said with a slight smirk in his voice
“Oh I’m sorry I missed my boyfriend… I’ll just move over here” I say, the joking tone taking over my voice as I unwrap my arms and attempt to move away from him
“Noo, baby I was joking, stay with me” Hayes said grabbing my arms and pulling me back into him
“Well, if I have to” I say jokingly rolling my eyes and leaning back into my boyfriend
“Yes, you have to. Now, would my incredibly beautiful girlfriend like to go and watch a film?” Hayes said, looking directly into my eyes, causing a blush to erupt onto my cheeks
“Yes, she would, she would also like her incredibly handsome boyfriend to stop making her blush” I said, pushing him playfully before picking up my glass and signalling him to lead the way as I don’t know if we’re going to be in the living room or his room…. Turns out we’re going to his room.

“So what film should we watch next?” I ask, stretching my arms out seeing as we had just finished watching Mulan
“I don’t mind, up to you babe” Hayes said, laying down in his bed, staring up at me as he lightly traces patterns onto my bare arm
“You up for something slightly more romantic?” I ask, smiling back down at him, sending him a wink
“Sure babe” He said rolling his eyes at me and watching as I choose ‘Love, Rosie’ and settle down next to him, snuggling into his side
“Babe?” Hayes says quietly
“Mmm?” I say looking up at him to see that he’s leaning down, eyes moving between mine and my lips
“Hayes” I say, putting my hand on his chest and leaning up and away from him
“I’m sorry!” He said sitting up, panic in his eyes
“Don’t worry, its just that you’re my first kiss and I’m nervous” I say, running a hand through my hair, worrying that he’s going to think I’m ridiculous
“Babe, look at me” Hayes said, lightly placing his hand on the side of my face
“I think its adorable that I’m your first kiss, I don’t want you to feel bad about it, if you’re not ready, you’re not ready… Honestly I’m cool with just laying here and cuddling” He said with a smile on his face, his eyes holding mine in a loving stare
“Thank you, I’ll be ready soon, just not now” I said, leaning into his hand and sighing
‘And that’s totally fine, now, back to cuddling and watching your silly romance movie” He said, kissing my cheek and laying down to watch the film.



She’s My Only Family (Part 4)

Requested by many people :)

part 1

part 2

part 3

I was planning to tell the Weasley family and my twin brother, Harry,about the baby. Draco and I had told his parents already, separate from the Weasleys, fearing that a fight would break out. Narcissa had been overjoyed, enveloping me into a bone-crushing hug with squeals of excitement. Lucius simply looked proud as he patted Draco’s shoulder. 

We arrived at the Burrow, and Draco squeezed my hand nervously as we neared the entrance, and pecking him on his cheek, I squeezed back. I knocked on the door and entered, pulling Draco in beside me. I heard an excited yelp as Mrs. Weasley appeared out of nowhere are hugged me. 

“Oh, y/n, I’ve missed you so much! How was the trip? Are you hungry? Here, sit down I’ll get you some tea!” As usual, Mrs. Weasley was tending to my every needs, just like a mother would. She noticed Draco, standing awkwardly beside me, and shook his hand in an overly joyful way. 

“Oh, Draco, welcome to our home! I’m glad to see you’ve been taking care of my y/n, honey!”

Draco looked shocked at the warm welcome from Mrs. Weasley, and tentatively, he asked, “You don’t… hate me?” 

Mrs. Weasley turned around, surprised, and with a warm smile, replied, “Anyone y/n loves is someone we love.”

Beaming, Draco grinned at Mrs. Weasley. A second later, Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron burst in through the door. 

“Sorry we’re late mum!” Ron and Ginny cried. The girls shrieked as they saw me and ran towards me, hugging me tight. Harry and Ron patted me heartily on my back, and the four of them shook hands with Draco, the air getting a little more tense. 

Clearing her throat loudly, Mrs. Weasley shouted for Arthur, Bill, Charlie, their wives, Fred and George, and Percy to come down to greet the guests. Arthur bounded down the stairs, and I laughed to see that his lively spirit hadn’t died at all. Fred and George quickly followed suit and they both simultaneously gave me hugs. Bill, Charlie, Percy, and Fleur greeted me warmly and Fleur announced, “I have put the cheeldren in anozzer room to play, Molly!”

Mr. Weasley smiled politely at Draco and nodded his head. Draco replied with a “Hello, Mr. Weasley” as we all sat down to dinner. 

Dinner passed quickly, with lots and lots of Mrs. Weasley’s amazing cooking. Wiping her mouth and laughing at a joke Fred and George had just told, Mrs. Weasley turned to me and said, “Now, what was that big news you told me you had, y/n?” 

All eyes at the table turned to me questioningly. I glanced at Draco nervously and cleared my throat. 

“Well, I wanted to tell everybody that…”

“Y/n is pregnant.” Draco finished. 

We looked around at all the faces gaping at us. Then, all of a sudden, everyone burst into congratulations. Mrs. Weasley’s face was soaking wet with tears, and Hermione and Ginny were tearing up as well. 

After a good amount of crying and congratulations, we all fell silent as we turned to look at Harry. I fiddled with the corner of my napkin, nervous at what he would say. He had remained silent during the chaos, and I wasn’t sure what that meant. 

“Well,” Harry started, looking at Draco, “I see you’ve taken good care of my sister so far. I suppose I’ll let you two have a baby.” 

Draco broke into a grin as they patted each other on the back. This time, I was really crying, happy that Harry had accepted Draco for amazingly, the fourth time. Harry scooter around the chairs to get to me, and hugged me. 

“I’m so excited to be an uncle!” Harry cried, and gave me a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek. 

“When is the little rogue getting here?” George asked playfully. Looking at Harry, I smiled and replied, “July.” This time, I thought I saw a tear forming in the corner of his eye.

Knowing what he was thinking, I felt a tear coming out of my eye too. 

“Imagine if they were twins! Then we would have three pairs of mischievous twins among us!” Draco chortled, and kissed me full on my lips. We all laughed at his remark. 

9 months later, July 7th

I gasped as I felt a contraction. I knew it was due any day now, but I didn’t expect the day to be today. Draco rushed to my side immediately and searching me with his worried eyes, he asked, “It’s the baby, right?” 

I nodded, grimacing as pain shot through my lower body. We took a muggle taxi to St. Mungo’s, because Draco was worried that apparating would be dangerous to me and the baby in my condition. 

Doctors rushed to my side as Draco yelled that I was in labor. I was rushed to the birthing area and there were nurses running around my bed, preparing for the baby. After a while, I was ready to deliver my first child.

Pain. There was so much pain. And blood. I didn’t really remember the birthing process, only that I was in labor for a few hours before I pushed my baby out. 

Holding the baby up to the light after cleaning it off, the doctor announced, “Congratulations! It’s a boy!” Draco and I had already thought of names, and we settled on

“Scorpius Harry Malfoy. His name is Scorpius Harry Malfoy.” Draco announced. Panting and grinning tearfully, I squeezed my husband’s hand and nodded along with him. 

“Can I hold Scorpius?” I asked the doctor, reaching for my beautiful, blonde-haired baby. My first born child squirmed at my touch and snuggled into my chest. Tears streaming down my face, I kissed Scorpius’s tiny, wrinkled forehead. Draco followed suit as he scooped our son in his own arms and rocked him back and forth. 

The last thing I remembered seeing before drifting off to sleep was Draco kissing our baby.

“I want to see my nephew!” Harry shouted, bursting into the hospital room. Immediately, Draco and I shushed him, afraid that he would wake Scorpius. Only a few hours old, Scorpius was already showing signs of being a squirmy, energetic, sassy little baby. Harry tip-toed to Scorpius’s side along with Ginny, Hermione, and Ron, and looked at me for permission to pick him up.

I nodded at him, and unable to contain his excitement, Harry took up Scorpius and rocked him, playing with his tiny toes and fingers.

“What’s his name?” Harry cooed, eyes still glued to the sleeping child. 

“His name is Scorpius Harry.” I smiled. Harry’s face lit up and he brushed a wisp of white-blonde hair out of the baby’s face. 

“Scorpius Harry.” He repeated, peppering little kisses on my son’s face, “Scorpius Harry, I am your uncle, Uncle Harry, and I will love you forever and ever and ever.” 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Remember to request any imagine you want!

Luke Hemmings Smut

summary: y/n catches lukey on his alone time😉
requested: nope
watch iut for:daddy kink, swearing
“Yes Calum, i’m on my way! I can’t wait to see my baby!”
“I know, he is going to be so surprised ”
Luke was on tour with his band 5SOS and I am going to surprise him! I want this weekend to be absolutely perfect “
"Cal, I just got off of the plane. Are you here yet?” I asked.
“Yep! Do you see me?”
“umm No? Wait nevermind!!”
He hung up on me! The little bastard. Oh well, i love the bastard.
“Calum!!!! I missed you bb!”
“Aww! Missed you more! Now let’s go get you to the hotel to see your bae!”
I just glared at him for like two minutes straight.
“ Um, Y/N, why are you staring at me like that?”
“NEVER use the word bae again!.”
On our way to the hotel, I starded to get nervous.
“Why are you nervous Y/N?” he asked, genuinely concerned.
“What if he left me because of the distance? What if he is cheating on me? What if-”
“Y/N, SHUT UP! He is NOT cheating on you, okay? I promise.”
That made me a little bit less nervous..“
But that is not the real reason I was nervous. While Luke was away, I got my belly button pierced and a new tattoo. Actually 2 tattoos.. I think he’s going to hate it. I got a belly button ring that had two letters, L and H. and my tattoos; one says courare over fear, and the other is a semi colon on my wrist! By the time I was done thinking, we were at the hotel.

Calum gave me a key to his room and I made my way uo there step by step, still contemplating whether or not I should go in there.

I walked in and there he was. Laying on the bed wuth his cock in his hand, moving rapidly while moaning my name!

I may have let out a little groan which made him notice me.

"Y/N? What are you doing- FUCK- here baby?” Still moving his hand.

“Surprise, baby.” I said in my most seductive voice.

“ Oh fuck baby, come here.” he moaned out.

I walked over there purposely shaking my hips more than usual. I sat on his legs and touched his cock.

“Baby, do you want some help? That looks painful babyboy.”

“Mmmm yes please baby.” he moaned out while taking my shirt off. When he succeeded, he gasped and did an animalistic groan looking at my tattoos and my piercing.

“Ah baby, when did you get these? They are hot.”

“A little after you left, daddy.”

“Princess, daddy loves them” he said while licking the tattoos. “Baby, ride my cock.”

“Oh daddy, I think you’re going to have to be a little more persuasive than that, don’t you think?” I said while forcefully gripping his dick.


I did as I was told, and we both moaned out.

“Oh baby, you ride my cock so good.”

“Baby i’m close”

“Cum for me princess.”

And I did, and it felt amazing, especially when i felt him spurt his hot load into me.

“Thanks for coming babe, i love you so much”

My first smut, please like and follow me! (ps she was on birth control if you didnt know💘)

what the hell made me decide to rewatch gossip girl just before my exams??? WHY

im pregnant harry dammit
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AO3, Smut, Series, 37K

by: hurreh

take me to my limits (9K)

Louis had expressed to him how much he hated the 29-year-old countless times, only for Harry to fondly shake his head and kiss Louis’ forehead, “You’re so cute Loubear.” Louis would groan and text Zayn about how much he hated his boyfriend and was planning to suffocate him with a heart shaped pillow in his sleep. 

or Louis in constantly self conscious about his relationship when it comes to Nick Grimshaw but Harry loves him no matter what

taco christmas and babies oh my! (28K)

“Um, I threw up. And I want tacos. And McDonalds fries. And ice cream. Please?” Louis begged, tugging at Harry’s shoulder.

“You threw up?” He grumbled back, not moving from his spot. Yeah he was concerned but he was also tired as hell.

“You’re missing the point, I need the keys.”

basically this is what i think would happen if this was an A/B/O world and Harry Styles got his omega bf Louis Tomlinson pregnant

This series is one of my A/B/O favs

- Lynxh ♥

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43 cal :)


I bought a plane ticket.” You mumbled into the receiver of the phone, smiling down at your feet as you leaned against a column in the airport. “I’m coming to see you baby boy.” 

“No way.” He cried out happily. “Oh my god, baby, I miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you and hold you and fuck you.”

“Wow there cowboy.” You laughed. “Keep it pg, I’m sure no one on the other end wants to here about that.” 

“Luke and Darling are literally fucking in the shower, I can very clearly hear her moans.” He stated. “It kind of makes me miss your moans.” 

“What?” You snorted, shaking your head. “Why on earth would that make you miss me?” 

“You guys kind of moan the same actually.” He hummed out. “That’s pretty interesting.” 

“Hey, don’t go jacking off to them in the shower.” You laughed. “I’m on my way, Cal, save it for me.” 

“I can’t make any promises.” He chuckled. “I love you.” 

“I love you, too.” You laughed. “Get your hands out of your pants.”