oh my *.*

  • Bakugou: Heh, luckily we had the old contingency plan to fall back on.
  • Midoriya: Kacchan, explosion to the face is not a contingency plan. I keep telling you that.
  • Bakugou: Don't be so quick to judge, Deku. Explosion to the face can be applied in a variety of tough situations. For instance, [aims hand at Midoriya] watch how quickly it cures insubordination.
  • Roadhog: ...
  • Efi: (stares)
  • Roadhog: ...
  • Efi: (stares harder)
  • Roadhog: ...You need somethin' kid?
  • Efi: You're tall.
  • Roadhog: Wow, thanks for the revelation.
  • Both: ...
  • Efi: Can you give me a piggyback ride?
  • Roadhog: ...
  • Efi: (gives a soul crushing look of impossible denial)
  • Roadhog: ...Ugh, just hold on tight.
  • Efi: Yay! Piggyback ride!
  • Junkrat: Yay! Piggyback ride!
  • Roadhog: Jamison, go fuck yourself.
  • Efi: What's a "fuck"?
  • Both: ...
  • Junkrat: ...It's a type of candy.
  • Efi: Is it good? I wanna fuck!
  • Mercy: What on God's green earth did she just say!?
  • Roadhog: ...I wanna duck.
  • Junkrat: Nice save, mate.

Rupert Grint dramatically reads Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You lyrics. (March 17, 2017)

The way he said “I’m in love with your body.” Oh my goodness!