What about Credence with panic attacks? What about Credence, who counts freckles on Newt’s face to calm himself down? What about Credence grounded by the feeling of Newt’s fingers in his hair?

What about Newt reading to Credence about fantastic beasts and staying all night so Credence does not have nightmares? What about Newt hugging Credence and praising him for the slightest of achievements untill Credence himself believes that he deserves it?

What about Credence who’s barely breathing and afraid to move, but he is so, so happy because Pickett nested in his hairs for the first time?

What about Newt joking about his creatures that “they love you more than me” and Credence starts to freak out, because it’s wrong and Newt will hate him now and he deserves punishment, and Newt calms hin and tells him that of course they love you, there is nothng in you not to love. And then he says “and I love you too” and it’s the most natural thing to say.