oh muffin

so i know it’s natural that with mbti getting more popular it would also get more criticism but i’m kinda disappointed because instead of a fun interesting reads it’s just like well yeah. all of the top tests and sites are absolute rubbish, because they try to simplify it down to things like you’re a feeler and you’re a thinker. but mbti is more than the four letters, people don’t work that way. mbti is really all about the functions. for example, are you an introverted feeler or and extroverted feeler, and what does that even mean and how does it manifest itself. actually everyone just go ahead and watch this guy’s videos yeah. :u

So Bitty blatantly either sends Jack too much baked goods for one person to possibly be able to consume on their own, “Honey, you have to keep your weight up! I’ve read about how tough NHL training can get and we can’t have you wasting away.” or sends Jack loads of extras to take in to his team, “If there’s one way to ensure you get along with your new teammates, it’s a quality pie. Or some cookies. Maybe some mini-muffins. Oh, or some bagels…”

But what if when Bitty and the rest of the SMH guys come and meet the Falconers after a game, Bitty brings another selection of goodies then as well - because you know he will, “Sweetie, y’all’ll be exhausted - it’s the least I can do!” And this is what outs them to the team.

Tater is sat with half a peanut muffin in his hand, “Zimmboni! These almost as good as your girl’s cooking, no?” He grins to himself and looks at Jack seeing two spots of pink on his cheeks and immediately puts it together, “Ooooh!”

Meanwhile Bitty is stood silently fuming at the implication, almost as good?! What do you mean almost??! This is my MooMaw’s secret recipe you’re shading I’ll have you know…