oh muffin


@SangsterThomasI don’t often work with people my age so it’s actually really nice to get together with a bunch of young, up and coming, talented actors and get the chance to work with them, but also get to know them as people, and they’re all really really lovely people.”

This is Sehun

This is Sehun:

This is also Sehun:

You should love Sehun.

You should also love Willis. #prayforWillis

Fact one: Sehun likes men. Upforinterpretation 

Fact two: He has more swag than you.

Fact three: Sehun is father of the year.

Don’t be fooled by this baby boi.

He is total savage.

Please love Oh Sehun.

He’s worth it.

so i know it’s natural that with mbti getting more popular it would also get more criticism but i’m kinda disappointed because instead of a fun interesting reads it’s just like well yeah. all of the top tests and sites are absolute rubbish, because they try to simplify it down to things like you’re a feeler and you’re a thinker. but mbti is more than the four letters, people don’t work that way. mbti is really all about the functions. for example, are you an introverted feeler or and extroverted feeler, and what does that even mean and how does it manifest itself. actually everyone just go ahead and watch this guy’s videos yeah. :u

wow, there really aren’t enough drawings of guard!Nitori ♥ (tho i really can’t blame you guys… that outfit has way too many details…)

but yeah I totally wanted Nitori to have been a dancer too (or one of rin’s wives lbr)


me ft. blurryface shirt & a new shade of blue!!