oh mr president

Hillary passed out glasses, opened a bottle of champagne and poured. “Here’s to all of you in deep appreciation for your hard work. I most certainly couldn’t have done it without you. You’re the best.” She toasted.
Kelly ordered some fantastic desserts from room service, and eight of us sat around and relived the evening. At one point the phone rang.
“Oh, hello, Mr President,” Hillary said. “Nothing special, just sitting around and eating eclairs with the gang. - Our daughter? I left her with John Kennedy, Jr.”
We could all hear the President’s “Oh, mah Gawd!” booming over the receiver and roared with laughter.
“Don’t worry, she has about eight thousand chaperones.” Hillary said.

Patrick S. Halley, On The Road With Hillary

I’m totally living for the fact that this officially confirms she does sometimes call him ‘Mr President’ when they’re joking around…

Okay I apologize for this taking forever to get out, but here it is, my next Toshinko/Mighty Family fic. It’s split into multiple parts. I guess this could be considered somewhat of a prologue. I took inspiration from @the-button-harlequin‘s post that has Inko move into the girls dorms at UA. I hope you enjoy! (This took forever geez)

The halls of UA were as busy as ever when Izuku arrived. Students were carrying all kinds of luggage, some more than others. ‘Did they pack their entire rooms?’ Izuku wondered. He readjusted his bag and carried on towards class 1A. It’s not that his mom didn’t try to make him pack everything he owned the night before.

“Are you sure you don’t need this?” Inko asked, holding out a winter coat. 

“Mom, I already packed one of those.” He’d said, trying to shove his suitcase closed. It was already full to bursting.

“Okay, but what about this?” 

Izuku heaved a breath, wiping the sweat from his brow. “What is it?”

His mother held out his old All Might action figure. He took it from her and smiled at it fondly. Not only was it his favorite toy, it was also a comfort to him when he was younger. Whenever he’d have nightmares his mom would comfort him with it. She’d tell him to imagine All Might fighting off the bad guys. Izuku shook his head. “I don’t think I’ll need it. Besides it’ll be really embarrassing if I get caught with it.” A light blush tinged his cheeks. He could only imagine All Might’s reaction. 

Izuku placed the action figure on his bedside table. “I think that’s everything.”

“If you need anything you’ll call me, right?” Inko asked. “Oh and don’t forget to change your underwear every day. And..” She began fussing over him. Izuku smiled and wrapped his arms around her. He was going to miss her.

“COMING THROUGH!” A voice shouted. Izuku was startled out of his thoughts. 

“What the hell man watch where you’re going!” Another voice said. 

“Are those even allowed?” someone asked.

Whoever it was zoomed by on a skateboard. People kept having to dive out of the way to avoid being hit. It was causing an uproar. That is until he ran into Midnight. The board was knocked from under his feet. Midnight sighed and placed her hands on her hips.

“It’s the first day back and you’re already causing trouble. I’d expect this kind of behavior from first years not a third year. You know the rules. No skating indoors. If you want to skate, skate outside. Now get to class before you get detention on the first day.” She raised her voice.”That goes for all of you get to class!”

Izuku didn’t need to be told twice. He rushed up the stairs and rounded the corner.

“Deku!” Uraraka waved him over. Everyone was crowded outside the door. Iida was trying to keep order, but it was futile.

“What’s going on?” Izuku asked, sliding his bag off his aching shoulder. “Why isn’t everyone already inside?”

“Mr. Aizawa said something about a meeting.” she replied.

“I hope it ends soon! I’m getting tired of standing around!” Bakugou said, his hands crackling with explosions. “We should just bust it open ourselves!”

“As class President I cannot allow-” Iida started.

“Oh piss off Mr President.” Katsuki reached for the door.

Everyone leaped at once to stop him.

“What are you doing idiot?” Kirishima asked. “Didn’t you hear they’re gonna start giving detention to troublemakers!”

“Fuck that!”

“Kacchan no!!!”

“Let go of me damn it!”

“Will everyone please stop pushing?!”

“Everyone please get ahold of yourselves! This is no way for UA students to act!”

The door slid open in that moment. Everyone tumbled into the classroom.

“My, my it seems we have some eager students,” said Principal Nedzu.

The students were scrambling to get to their feet. Blame was being thrown around everywhere.

“This is all your fault, Deku!”


“Sir, it was Bakugou! I apologize we tried to stop him!”

“Ahh you’re crushing my leg Kirishima!”

“Yeah well my arm’s trapped underneath you!”

“That’s enough!!” Aizawa shouted. “I don’t care who’s fault it is. Just take your seats already. If you haven’t noticed we have some guests in home room today.”

“GOOD MORNING 1A STUDENTS!” Present Mic greeted. Silence followed as the students took their seats. “ARE YOU READY?”

“For what?!”

“I’ll take it from here Mic.” Nedzu began,”As you’ve been informed you’ll be staying in the campus dorms from here on out. It is in my best interest to keep you all safe during your time here at UA. However, some of you are more prone to finding trouble or trouble finding you.” He glanced to the back of the class at Izuku and Bakugou. “Along with that we’ve implemented a detention system.”

Detention included a variety of different chores and jobs to do around the school. Nedzu went on to explain the dorm arrangements. It was a lottery. Aizawa passed around a bowl with slips of paper in it. 

“What letter did you get?” Mineta asked Izuku. Izuku held up his slip of paper. “C, huh? I got J.” What began as whispering was quickly becoming shouting as everyone tried to find their roommate. Nedzu clapped his paws together for order.

“Now, now I know you all want to know who your roommates will be, but that can wait. Someone else wishes to speak with you all.” All eyes turned front. “He should be arriving soon. Ah! Here he is!” said Nedzu as the door slid open. A hushed silence filled the room. The lanky blonde man coughed. “Sorry I’m late.”

Principal Nedzu whispered something to him. The man nodded before turning to the class. He began with a bow. “Many of you know me as All Might, the number one hero, right?” Everyone nodded. “Today I stand before you as Toshinori Yagi. For years I’ve kept this form secret, but not any longer. I’m sure you all saw my final battle and I’m sure you all have a lot of questions. I’ll do my best to answer what I can.”

“Have you always been like this?”

“Who was that guy you fought?”

“Were you scared?”

Toshinori spewed blood. “One at a time!” The entire front row recoiled in disgust. “Sorry about that. It happens quite a lot.” He wiped his chin with his knuckle.

“Are you dying?!” Mineta blurted. He looked like he might be sick.

“Not if I can help it. No, I don’t plan on dying anytime soon.” Toshinori clenched his fist. 

“How are you going to teach us?” asked Momo. “In your condition, I don’t think you’ll be able to do much.”

“I still have knowledge I can pass onto you all. Teaching the class will be a joint effort with the other teachers.” he replied, motioning to the other teachers. 

“Who was that guy you fought?”

“Let’s just say he’s one of the worst villains.”

“Were you scared?” asked Tsuyu.

“I was.” he nodded.

“What kept you going during that fight?” All eyes turned to Katsuki, who’d been unusually quiet since Toshinori entered the room. Katsuki’s glanced at Izuku. Izuku sat up straight. Toshinori cleared his throat before answering.

His eyes locked with Katsuki’s. “All of you is what kept me going.” he answered simply. Izuku gripped his slip of paper tightly. “I couldn’t die before imparting everything I have to the next generation. I may no longer be the number one hero, but I can teach you to the best of my ability.”

“You’ll always be number one in our hearts, All Might!” Kirishima gave a fist pump. 

“Yeah!” Kaminari joined. “I mean this you will take some getting used to, but-”

“You’re still All Might where it counts!” 

“Thank you students.” he lowered his head, smiling. This wasn’t how he’d imagined this going at all, but he’s glad it did. “Now let’s hear a…”

“PLUS ULTRA!” the class shouted with raised fists. Everyone was fired up now. Izuku smiled and wiped his eyes. Toshinori watched with them with pride. They were going to make a fine group of heroes some day.

“Alright, alright settle down.” Aizawa got up from his sleeping bag, stretching a bit. “You still have to unpack or did you forget? Get a move on it. Class starts in an hour.”

Izuku grabbed his things. “Deku, what letter did you get?” Uraraka asked.

“C.” he answered. “What about you?” 

“I got H.”

“Do either of you have J?” asked Iida. They both shook their heads. Mineta hopped up from his seat. “I do!”

“Oh no.” Iida whispered. 

Izuku flashed Toshinori a smile as he headed out the door. This was definitely going to be an interesting semester. With fire in their eyes and passion in their hearts, Class 1A began their next adventure.

  • FBI: You're under arrest for breaking into multiple locations all around the country and endangering not only your life but the lives of others, all for some app!
  • Me: Yeah but look I caught em all!
  • FBI: Oh shiiiiiiiitttttt, Mr President you gotta see this! This kid caught em all!
  • Obama: I will pardon all your crimes you're hella cool, this kid is free to go

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Can you imagine the dangan ronpa sdr2 and Dr0 casts in a Non despair au playing"Get down Mr. President" It's basically a game where slowly everyone puts two fingers up to their ears and when one person is left they all scream"Get down Mr. president!" And tackle the person to the ground. But we have three students who are trained bodyguards, so you know how well that goes.


leon gets REALLY INTO get down mr. president; he introduced the game to everyone. surprisingly kyouko is also really into it and she is NEVER the president because her powers of observation are AMAZING but she takes great but quiet joy in TACKLING MAKOTO TO THE GROUND (and everyone else but mostly makoto). mondo fucking loves get down mr. president oh my god, if leon isn’t starting it then he is, and most people notice when a game has begun because they are both staring at each other with their fingers on their ears, snickering

aoi too is a big fan of the game but only when a fun person is the president. makoto is fun because he’s a good sport about it. leon is fun because he squawks and flails and throws a fit. byakuya is fun because fuck byakuya, of course she wants an excuse to tackle him. sakura is fun because she just CATCHES EVERYONE. yasuhiro is not fun because he’s got too much goddamn hair. celestia is not fun because she stabs people with her fucking finger thing.

junko takes great pleasure in starting games of this in really inconvenient places—class field trips, in the middle of a lecture, in the middle of cramped stores, in large crowds, etc. and she always gets away with it because mukuro always goes along with it because precious sister, and leon always goes along with it because he’s a little shit, and aoi usually goes along with it, and it’s just an awful chain effect.

sakura is v polite and never tackles mr. president to the ground but tends to just kind of scoop everyone up and carry them away

mukuro was the president once (junko started the game) (it was in the middle of an arcade and she was very involved in playing one of the pvp shooting games with maoto) and everyone went to tackle her and she spUN AROUND, DUCKED TO THE SIDE, AND KICKED AWAY EVERYONE SHE DIDN’T DODGE??? ice packs were in circulation for days. leon’s jaw got broken. yasuhiro’s everything got sprained. they got kicked out of the arcade.

the one time the usually-observant chihiro got to be mr. president everyone went “GET DOWN MISter…..president………” and looked over at mondo who appeared completely ready to murder everyone and chihiro was crouched over like BRACED for an attack and everyone just sort of. stopped moving and glanced quietly between each other (and then aoi yelled “GET DOWN MISTER PRESIDENT!!!!!” and ran at then scooped up chihiro and just fucking ran away with chihiro in her arms and the both of them cackling hysterically).

one time leon was mr. president and everyone yelled “GET DOWN MR. PRESIDENT!!” and he dropped onto the floor and started to breakdance (and then got tackled)

one time junko was mr. president and before anyone could tackle her, mukuro had pushed her out of the way and was kicking everyone away from her. again. people try very hard not to play get down mr. president with mukuro around anymore.

nine times out of ten, nagito starts this bullshit with his class, and ibuki and akane just HAVE to play along, and sonia gets REALLY INTO IT because SHE GETS TO BE THE BODYGUARD THIS TIME so kazuichi and gundam get really into it too because she’s really into it, and as soon as one person tackles someone mikan always just FALLS OVER onto the pile, and at that point EVERYONE ELSE has to play along too (except they make a point of trying to make sure teruteru isn’t around when this happens. no groping the president)

hajime was almost always the unfortunate victim for a long long time until nekomaru broke his leg again and he started being more observant. nekomaru was the president once and everybody tackled him at the same time and he didn’t move at all. the one time fuyuhiko was the president, akane got as far as “GET DOWN MI—” and half a step before pekoyama shovED HIM OUT OF THE WAY AND EVERYONE DOGPILED HER AND FUYUHIKO SPENT LIKE A SOLID FIFTEEN MINUTES FLIPPING HIS GODDAMN SHIT

when mikan ends up as mr. president she flails onto the ground before anyone even gets to move

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Warnings: none

Being the youngest Hamilton had its perks. Everyone either loved you or pitied you. You never understood why people disliked Alex but there was nothing you could do. He was a wonderful brother, a bit overprotective but still great. He saw you as the innocent little sister, you were anything but. Little to Alexander’s knowledge, you were seeing Thomas Jefferson. He was the sweetest despite everything your brother said. This had been going on for a year and a half before you got caught. You had gone to visit Alex in a meeting with Washington’s permission of course. But, when you walked in you froze in shock. He was fight Thomas. Your Thomas.
“(Y/N)!! You made it!” Your brother ran up to you enveloping you in a hug. You could see Thomas’s shock, he was hiding it much better than yourself.
“Well, you going to come sit or stand here? Come say hi to President Washington!”
You followed your brother to the front and closer to Thomas. You greeted the president and took your seat. You could feel Thomas stealing glances at you.
“If you’re both ready to begin? Thomas?”
“Huh? Oh, yes Mr. President.”
The meeting began and you wished you hadn’t come.
“Madison, Jefferson, take a walk. Hamilton, take a walk.”
Your brother and lover were tearing each other apart and it was tearing you apart. While Washington spoke to your brother you slipped out. Little did you know you had been followed. A hand captured your wrist and you heard a concerned voice
“I can’t watch you two destroy each other!”
“I can’t let him get away with this! You know it’s wrong!” Thomas was obviously frustrated, probably more than you.
“I know you don’t agree but, I can’t watch this, I need to go home.”
He sighed taking your hands in his.
“I understand. I’ll try to see you later, yes?”
“Of course.”
You kissed him, but no sooner than you did, you heard your brother.
“(Y/N), I came to make sure you were ok-” He froze in shock as you put as much space between you and Jefferson as possible.
“What is going on.”
“What is this.”
“No, I don’t wanna hear anything out of you. (Y/N) what is this..”
“We- we’ve been together for over a year and I was going to tell you but I didn’t want you to forbid it. I love him Alex you can’t stop me.”
“I can too.”
“No, you can’t. You know I will fight you for this.”
“I can’t stop you then.” This was it. He was going to disown you and tell you how he hates you.
“But I can be upset you didn’t tell me sooner. If you’re happy I guess I approve.”
You flung your arms around your brothers neck thanking him. When backing up you felt Thomas’s arms around your waist spinning you to face him.
“(Y/N), I love more than life itself.”
His lips were on yours before you could respond and you couldn’t be happier

'Scandal' sneak peek: Does Fitz have a secret love child?
Oh, Mr. President, you are in trouble. In an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s Scandal above, Abby (Darby Stanchfield) uncovers a shocking truth:...

Oh, Mr. President, you are in trouble. In an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s Scandal above, Abby (Darby Stanchfield) uncovers a shocking truth: Lillian Forrester (Annabeth Gish) may be pregnant. Does Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) have a secret love child on the way? Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. [ew_brightcove videoid=“4834044003001” pushTop autoPlay]