oh mr collins


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Matt Smith clip

Things that happen when you get your friend the A&E Pride and Prejudice as a gift.

which is what I did with @cheynegel​.

1. She watches it immediately.

2. She starts telling you about it on facebook messenger

3. She says “Oh it’s Mr. Collins!” when she gets to that part.

4. She says that Misha should play Mr. Collins just because.

5. You say that would not be believable because how would Lizzie turn him down. I mean, really.

6. You both come to the conclusion that Jensen is playing Mr. Darcy.

6a. And Jared is Bingley and Genevieve as Jane and Danneel as Lizzie and Vicky as Charlotte and Rob and Rich as Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, respectively…

7. “in a surprise twist, Mr. Collins runs off with Mr. Darcy” … “in a surprise to no one”