oh mokdan

What Bridal Mask did to me

Alright, so before i go to sleep i need to share this thoughts with the fandom world. Yesterday a friend of mine who haven’t watch Bridal Mask says that she just was looking for images of Joo Won and Jin Se yeon together and she say to me that the death of MokDan was so tragic and sad…

so you know i was there like…

and i say: yes, but you know you can see it coming, i mean it was kinda obvious. And then she asked for the guy who killed her.. and OMG that’s when i remember shunji and i was there like

so.. what did i do? well my friends, i just start talking about how lovely was shunji at the beginning, actually i was talking about Bridal Mask for 20 minutes or so. I just start talking about what was the relationship between MokDan, Shunji and KangTo.. all the deads

and then i say, omg this is too much, i think i’m adicted to Bridal Mask!!! but you know what? I LOVE IT!!!