oh mickey you so fine you so fine you blow my mind

You guys know that 'oh mickey you're so fine you blow my mind hey mickey' yeah i did a thing.. a crack thing. im sorry











Hey Mickey

Summary: Ian annoys Mickey by singing Hey Mickey.

Word Count: 863

Notes: While I was writing this the song got stuck in my head, and now I can’t stop singing it.

Ian woke up with a certain song stuck in his head, and it just happened to be Hey Mickey. Wondering what type of silly damage he could cause by using this song towards his boyfriend, he tested it out by waking Mickey up by humming it in his ear. It took a while, but Mickey eventually woke up with a confused look on his face. “What the fuck, Gallagher?” He spoke groggily and rubbed at his eyes. “It’s like seven in the morning why are you waking me?” He shoved his face in the pillow.

“Just cause,” Ian responded and went back to hum. The only time he would take a break from the tune was when he would plant a quick kiss around Mickey’s face. He had to hold back his laugh as he noticed that Mickey couldn’t decipher what the redhead was humming.

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The Liam Neeson Nightmare (Chapter One)

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Wade Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Language (a lot), slow burn

Summary: You and Wade were friends long before he became Deadpool but now you two are going to be working together and things feel different.

A/N: So this is the fic I was talking about in an earlier post. It’s going to be a short series like Capable. Hopefully you guys like it because I’m looking forward to writing it, although I’m pretty self indulgent sometimes to even if you don’t like it I’ll probably continue it. It did take me longer than I expected to write this though because I started re-watching the movie and kept getting distracted.

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kixboxer  asked:

for a thing to tell you: the song mickey by toni basil came up on shuffle while i was driving the other day and has been on and off stuck in my head ever since. today i was at work waiting for some data to load and idly thinking mickey was probably 105% homosexual and toni basil just did not see it, but then i had the sudden vision of a line of burly hockey players jumping on the ice chant singing OH YUURI YOU'RE SO FINE YOU'RE SO FINE YOU BLOW MY MIND and i think i reached enlightenment

this is the most beautiful thing i have ever read in my entire life, and i’m so mad that my artistic skill is limited to finger painting, because if i had any animation capabilities whatsoever, i would make this entire music video.  

(but also victor standing outside yuu-topia with a stereo Say Anything-style playing his own recorded version of OH YUURI WHAT A PITY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND, YOU TAKE ME BY THE HEART WHEN YOU TAKE ME BY THE HAND)

(also also bring it on au!!!! bring it on au.)

The Maze Runner/Pitch Perfect The Riff Off in the Glade

Pitch Perfect/The Maze Runner| The Riff Off in the Glade

“So you all know the rules. You need to cut the person off with the same word and the song has to be in that category. Any questions?” Newt, the adjudicator explained, while the girls sat at one side of the bonfire and the boys on the other.

“I have a question.” Minho said. “Can you hurry up and pick the category?”

Newt shot him one of his looks and pulled one of the slips of paper out of the bowl. “Ladies of the 80’s!” He yelled and immediately everyone began whispering. Aubrey ran straight ahead, clearly in her comfort zone.

But the boys beat her too it. “Oh Mickey your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey! Hey, hey, hey Mickey. Oh Mickey-“

“You’re so fine and you’re mine.” One of the lovey-dovey girls from my group ran forward and began singing one of her stupid songs.

“Cause you make me feel.” A couple of other girls had joined her. “Yeah you ma-ake me feel so shiny and new…ooh yeah!” We all began sniggering at each other at how stupid this song was.

“Like a virgin.” Everyone froze, looking at each other in shock. “Touched for the very first time.” I ran forward, stopping this song before it had any more time to continue.

“Like the one in me, that’s okay. Let’s see how you do it. Put up your dukes.” I put my fists up to my face in a boxing pose “let’s get down to it.”

 All the girls came up behind me and mimicked my pose. “Hit me with your best shot.” We all sang, moving our hips in time to the beat, all the boys mesmerised. “Why don’t you hit me with your best shot? Fire away!”

We finished our song and turned to look at Newt. He shook his head a couple of times, as if he was clearing it. “The winners of the first round go to the girls!” He yelled and we cheered.

“Next category is…Songs about sex!” He shouted in shock as everyone else burst out laughing. “Who put that in there?!” He yelled, blushing slightly.

“Dude! Is it a category or not?” One of the boys asked.

Raising his hands Newt said “Knock yourself out!”

Bumper and Gally ran forward weirdly eager when suddenly from behind me I heard the familiar first few notes “Nah, nah, nah ,nah come on!” I grinned and strode forward singing “Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it! Sex in the air, I don’t care I love the smell of it!”

Teresa joined in next to me, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me!” Teresa and I moved in time to the music, teasing the boys “Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it, Sex-“

“Sex baby, let’s talk about you and me.” Gally cut us off. “Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about sex.”

“Alright.” Bumper joined in.

“Let’s talk about sex.” Gally and the boys sang.

“A little bit, little bit.” Bumper continued.

“Let’s talk about sex, baby-“

“Baby, all through the night I’ll make love to you.” Another lovey-dovey girl pitched in. “Like you want me to.”

“And I guess it’s just the woman in you that brings out the man in me.” Minho cut in, seeming pleased with his song choice. “I know I can’t help myself. You’re all in the world to me.”

He caught my eye and pointed to me. I rolled my eyes and blew him a sarcastic kiss.

“It feels like the first time. It feels like the very first time.”

A song jumped to mind and I ran forward cutting him off, “It’s goin’ down fade to Blackstreet, the homies got at me, collab creations, bump like acne no doubt I put it up.” I continued rapping loving the shocked faces of everyone.

As I went on I realized that no one could join in with me. So I went onto the next verse, “Shawty get down good lord. Baby got em opened all of town.” Behind me they began joining in. “Strictly biz, she don’t play around cover much ground, got gained by the pound.”

Leaving the song to them I go around the boys, shooing them back and giving them cheeky smug smiles. I round up to Minho.

“I like the way you work it. No diggity! I gotta bag it up baby!” They echoed it behind me.

“I like the way they work it, no diggity, I gotta bag it up. We out!”

The song finished. They never cut in. We all looked at Newt, smiling proudly.

“Well technically ladies, you never came in…” Newt trailed off when he noticed that he had fifteen, feisty girls circling him.

“I mean,” He cleared his throat nervously “The girls win!”

Under The Influence, Scene 2

So after I posted my picficlet, “Under The Influence”, I didn’t realize how well loved it would be. Readers seem to like a Drunk!Emma and a Regina who takes care of her.  As I had gotten messages to please continue, even I began to imagine the next scene in my mind and here it is.

Click here to read “Under The Influence”, Scene 1.


Scene 2:  Mary Margaret’s Apartment

(Regina and Emma stumble up the stairs and can be heard outside the front door.  Inside Mary Margaret and David are in the kitchen preparing to leave for an evening out and looking mildly confused at the commotion out in the hall.  There is a thud at the front door.)

MARY MARGARET:  (hands David the cake she’s made for the evening and some supplies before she  picks up Neal) What was that?

DAVID:   (frowns) I don’t know.

EMMA:  (yells from out in the hall)  WE’RE OKAY!

REGINA:  Emma, will you keep your voice down?

MARY MARGARET:  Is that Regina?  I thought Emma was having dinner with Hook.

DAVID:  You mean breaking up with Hook.  I am so glad she came to her senses.

EMMA:  Regina, Regina… I got this.  Watch!

(Suddenly the door blows open hard, due to Emma blasting it with magic and through the doorway, Emma is seen with her arms stretched out in front of her and Regina standing slightly behind her with her arms crossed, skepticism on her face.  The door that had suddenly opened so forcefully just as quickly slams shut again.  David and Mary Margaret flinch at the sound and look at each other in bewilderment.)

REGINA:  Mmm-hmm.

EMMA:  Well… it opened, didn’t it?

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Javed chewed the inside of his cheek, hands on his hips as he viewed the crowded convention center. “I don’t see them anywhere.”

Eli, who stood head and shoulders above half the crowd, looked up from a table full of My Little Pony figurines. “Oh, hold on, I got this.”

“No, Eli, wait -”

Eli sucked in a deep breath, cupped his hands around his mouth, and bellowed, “Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!”

Javed pinched the bridge of his nose. From the far end of the room, he could hear the little brat scream back: “Hey, hey, hey Mickey!”

Javed steepled his fingers and pressed them against his lips as Eli beamed at him. “I never said I /wanted/ to find the little hobgoblin, Eli.”


OH, MICKEY! – a mix for mickey milkovich, the dirtiest white boy in america – [LISTEN]

guess what we’ve been doin’, daddy? we’ve been fucking! and i take it – he gives it to me good, and hard, and i fucking like it!

Micky, You Blow My Mind

Oh Micky, 

You so fine, you so fine, you blow my mind. 

Hey Micky. Hey Hey. Hey Micky!

Hey Micky!

You’ve been around all night, and that’s a little long.

You think you’ve got the right, and I think you’ve got the wrong. 

But can’t you say goodnight, so you can take me home, Micky. 

Yes, I was itching to do this. Worth it. 

Strangers 36

Ultimate thank to betas, especially Marsh for listening to my late night/early morning screaming. It can be read from the beginning on FFN here, the current chapter can be read below or here.  

You Take Me By The Hand

September 7th

He has been haunted since the last adventure at the lake. He saw everything. Well, he can’t say he saw everything – but the combination of moonlight and tanlines gives him a pretty good idea of a lot. He knows she has fair skin, delicate skin that he wants to nibble on a little. But unbeknownst to Soul, she had been growing tanner all summer, increment by increment, shade by shade, except a few select locations. There’s a pale triangle, left behind; he wants to pick her up by it, get a really good grip. He could get a better hold of it then he does on himself right now.

He’s losing it.

Her back had been to him when she got out of the water, and her perfect back side. What even is self control? Does he know anymore? At least when they were at the lake he had already been in cold water. The second incident is less kind. Maka is in his shirt, a true fatality.

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