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Getting Stoned

Guys, I’m spamming the shit outta Michael Mell stuff and I’m sorry, I just keep having ideas.

Warnings: Marijuana usage, swears, sexual tones, smut mention
Word Count: 2351
Y/n/n = your nickname
Y/f/b = your favorite band
H/l = Hair Length


Monday, Lunch Time;

“You know what,” you suddenly said in the middle of lunch.

Both Michael and Jeremy looked at you as they asked, “What is it, (y/n)?”

You slapped your hands onto the lunch table, startling your boyfriend and best friend. “Michael, I’m taking you up on that offer to get…y'know…in your basement with you,” you answered, looking Michael dead in his chocolate eyes.

Michael’s eyes lit up when you said that. Immediately, he jumped up out of his seat and exclaimed, “Hell yeah!! (Y/n), we gotta do this soon!”

“Since I’m not a vet like you at this stuff, how about we do it on Friday? After school? Sound good?” you said with a wide grin.

Nodding furiously, your boyfriend laughed, “Oh my god! This is gonna be amazing!! I can take you home with me that day and maybe you can stay the night, because why not!”

Jeremy laughed at you two, “Does this really sound like a good idea, you two?”

“Shut it, Jer! You’ve done it with him! I’ve never done it with my boyfriend!” you exclaimed.

The taller geek blushed at your words, realizing what they insinuated. “(Y/n)!! Stop and think about what you JUST said!” Jeremy choked out.

You stopped and thought about it for a minute until it clicked. Your boyfriend and Jeremy were kind of known as “boyf” “riends” and when you said “it”, it made it seem like they have had sex and now it was your turn. Your face turned red and you covered your mouth, as you had said it rather loudly. “W-well…” you started meekly, but after thinking, gained confidence, “I mean, I wouldn’t mind if Mikey was bisexual. That would make for some steamy sex! And we already try some kinky shit! Plus, who better to drag into sex than our best friend?!”

Jeremy and Michael’s face turned bright red at your words. For Jeremy, his face turned red because he had never heard you talk like that—being open to Michael being bisexual and putting forward the idea of a threesome between you three. For Michael, it was basically the same reason just ten times worse—it was embarrassing to hear his girlfriend talk like that. “Okay, okay,” your caramel-skinned boyfriend stuttered, blushing.

“What? I’m only telling the truth,” you smiled. Just before you continue making them uncomfortable, it was something you found funny, the bell rang. “Awww, lunch is over,” you pouted. You stood up and kissed Michael’s cheek before walking away.

“Dude, (y/n) is secretly really freaky in the bedroom, isn’t she?” a bewildered, still embarrassed, Jeremy asked his best friend.

Michael’s eyes never left your figure as you walked away, but he nodded to his best friend and answered, “Yeah… you’ve no idea, bro.”


Friday, After School;

Your mother was entirely fine with you spending the weekend with Michael. God, you loved how chill your mom was. You were waiting out by Michael’s PT Cruiser and you leaned against it, pacing back and forth. You were suddenly very nervous, you couldn’t remember how you acted when you were high. Were you obnoxious, or maybe really dumb, maybe needy or even worse—REALLY CLINGY? “Oh my God, I’m gonna be really annoying! I’m gonna annoy Michael when I get high,” you said to yourself, combing a hand nervously through your hair.

“Hey, (y/n/n)!” Michael called as he made his way to his car. “You ready for this?” he asked with a breathtaking smile.

Your nervousness seemed to melt away for a brief moment at his smile. “Y-yeah~ I’m ready~” you answered, drawing it out. The dark-haired, caramel-skinned Junior unlocked his car and signaled for you to get in. You gladly hopped into your boyfriend’s car and before he could plug in his music, you snatched the aux cord. “Can I play (y/f/b), babe?” you asked so cutely he couldn’t say no.

“Sure, of course,” he answered as he smiled at you. He turned on his car and the two of you were off.

As your favorite band played in the background, you broke your singing to ask Michael, “Soooooo… will this, like, KILL me, Mikey?”

His eyes flickered to your face for a spilt second as he answered, “Define ‘kill’, (y/n).”

Laughing, you replied, “Like, coughing wise, because dude I haven’t gotten high in a while!”

“Ooh! Depending on what’s going on with your body, like sinuses and shit, you could cough like a smoker,” came his answer.

“Oh,” you spoke in a small voice. That made you that much more nervous. What if you coughed so hard you threw up? You would look like a total pussy in front of your handsome boyfriend and you didn’t want that. You started fidgeting in your (h/l) hair, you twirled it around your right index finger and chewed your bottom lip anxiously. But, something inside you knew that Michael wouldn’t make it a big deal if you threw up, he would make sure you were fine before he did anything else, like getting high himself. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even notice that Michael pulled into his driveway and shut the car off. Michael brought you out of your thoughts by kissing your cheek as he stood outside your door.

“M'lady, we’re here,” he said with a goofy tone.

Shaking your head, you shot him a smile and got out of his car, closing the door behind him. “Thank you, kind sir,” you joked back.

Michael was giddy and jumping with joy. He had always offered to let you get stoned with him in his basement, but you always declined his offer. This would be his first time getting stoned with you and he was kind of excited to see how you reacted: he really hoped you got incredibly lovey. Noticing you were standing by his door, he walked over and unlocked his door. “Come on, to the basement, (y/n/n),” he said, his giddiness showing through.

Walking into his house, you follow him to the basement. It was a geek’s paradise down there, retro game systems, retro games, even the new consoles and games. A refrigerator was down there, too, and so was a snack cabinet. A geeky stoner’s paradise it was. And what made it even better was that he was with you, that he was the geek you loved and who loved you back. He was the retro geek to your modern geek, and you two molded together so well—personalities and all. You sat on a bean-bag chair that absorbed your body and you sighed in relief, school was hell today. Your (e/c) orbs watch intently as Michael got everything ready. How he broke apart the bud of weed into the joint paper, how he rolled the joint, making sure everything was perfect for your first time smoking in forever. It made you smile at how considerate Michael was being.

Lighting the joint, Michael handed it to you. With a smile, he said, “You take the first hit, Miss Sobriety-for-a-year.”

“Y-you sure, Michael?” you stutter, hesitant to reach out and grab the joint. He nodded and you slowly took the joint from his hand. Your eyes lingered on the joint and your nose crinkled in slight disgust at the putrid smell the burning weed gave off. However, you brought it to your lips and took a deep breath, reminding yourself that you never back out of things. Time seemed to stop when you took your first big hit in a year and a half. The taste stung your throat, making feel scratchy and tingly, and you wanted to get rid of it. You held your breath for a second, passing the joint back to your boyfriend. After only a second, you were sent into a coughing fit. You felt like you were hacking up a fucking lung and you felt like you needed to get mucus out of your lungs and chest.

Michael looked at you worriedly and asked, “You okay, babe?” You wave your hand at him, signaling you’re peachy, you just couldn’t vocalize you were fine because you were coughing and wheezing too much—trying to catch your breath. Before he took a hit himself, he got up and got you a water from the fridge. “Here, drink water, it should help,” he said before taking a hit himself.

You sat there and gulped down your water. Once your coughing fit ended, you just stared at Michael. Just taking in his handsomeness. The way his dark chocolate hair was styled upwards in his normal hairstyle beckoned you to mess it up. Michael offered you another hit and you took him up on that offer. When you spoke, you sounded different, like there was a weight sitting on your lungs, but they were fine. “Sure, I’ll take another hit,” you said in a deeper voice. Taking the joint, you took another hit and gave it back to Michael.

He laughed and said, “You seem pretty relaxed over there, babe.”

“Oh, fuck yeah I’m relaxed,” you said with a giggle. “I have ever told you how attractive your are?” Michael just blinked at you, sure you had told him he was attractive, but never HOW attractive you found him. He shook his head and you laughed and continued, “You’re so gorgeous, Mell. Like, boy, you don’t understand the things you do to my body. You make me yearn for everything you can give me and more. Your eyes, oh my god, your eyes! I can see soooooooo much love in this eyes, it makes me so happy.” Your eyes were dead-set on his lips and you laughed breathlessly, “And your fucking lips make me weak in the knees! Not only are they always so soft and perfectly kissable, but god the things they do to my body~! Fuck! Like when you ate me out the other day~ Oooooh~ you did it so perfectly, I came so fast. The way your tongue flicked against my clit while your fingers hit my g-spot JUST right, oh my God!” Your body was heating up the more you talked about the wonderful orgasm Michael gave you not even two days ago.

Michael’s face warmed up as he remembered what she was talking about. “Oh yeah, I remember that. How else am I attractive?” he mused.

“Oh my god!! Your dick drives me absolutely wild! The way it fills me up JUST right! Fits snugly into my pussy~ ugh!! Now I want it inside me right now~!!” You spoke. You looked at Michael and his face was beat-red and you smiled, “Oh, I’m sorry, am I turning you on or something? Talking about how you set my body on fire with even a single word.”

He nodded and said, “Maybe I’m a little turned on.”

You smiled, stood up and walked over to you boyfriend. Sitting in his lap, you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Want me to take care of it?” you asked in a giggly tone.

Michael laughed, kissed your cheek and said, “No, I want to enjoy the high with you, not fucking you.”

“But then I would be enjoying myself,” you said with a grin.

Michael kissed you over and over again, “(Y/n), I promise we’ll have sex when we both come down from our high. I don’t want to ruin it.”

“Babe~” you cooed, “it wouldn’t be fucking ruining it~! Just please fuck me~ fill me up with your love, yeah? Please~ I need it to stay alive~!”

He rolled his eyes as he said, “You don’t need it to live, (y/n/n), but maybe you can convince me otherwise.”

You ground your hips against Michael’s and you moaned as you felt his excitement growing. “C'mon Michael~ lemme take off your clothes and lemme sink onto you~” you cooed, kissing him on the lips.

Michael kissed you back all too eagerly. He placed his hands on your hips and kept you grinding on him. “You’re so fucking sexy, (y/n),” he whispered into your lips.

“God damn right I am,” you said back against his lips as you fingered the hem of his shirt, “Now take off the fucking shirt. And your pants. Or I’ll do them for you!”

“Show me what you got, (y/n),” he said to you.

Taking that as a challenge, you nod, got off his lap, and you started lifting up his shirt (he had discarded his hoodie before you got high). The more skin was revealed, you bent towards the skin of his stomach and placed kisses on his warm flesh. He gasped and you smiled, undoing his pants, you looked up at him and saw him smiling at you. “Lift your hips up so I can take off your damn pants,” you said against the flesh of his stomach. He nodded and lifted up his hips so you skillfully ripped off his pants. You always laugh at his boxers, this time it was Pac-Man. “Sexy boxers, Mikey.”

Michael looked down at you, his eyes had darkened and it sent a shiver down your spine. He was half-hard and you needed to get him harder before anything escalated further. And you REALLY needed it to go further. You had gotten yourself worked up talking about the things he did to you. You smirked and kissed down Michael’s navel and palmed him through his cute Pac-Man boxers. He gasped at your touch.


So, you two had sex while you were both stoned. It was actually some of the best sex you two had ever had. Your body’s were hot and ready before you and Michael even began the foreplay.

Obviously you both had come down from your high and my god being able to roll over and comb your fingers through Michael’s hair. He was still asleep but his dick was awake. “Ooh, look at you, Mikey,” you smiled. You woke him up to a really nice blowjob, it was fantastic according to what he groaned as he woke up.

Preference #47 :: He Insults Your Weight

anonymous asked you: can you do a michael imagine/preference where they insult your weight?

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It had taken a lot of courage for you to walk out in your bathing suit, especially in front of the four boys you adored more than anything. But with some coaxing and bribing, your boyfriend and his three best friends finally got you to go swimming with them. They all treated you the exact same, the other boys even mentioning how hot you looked. It was no secret you were curvy. Your pants were all stretched out because of your bum, and you were in a C-cup your sophomore year of high school, and honestly all of this time, you’d thought Michael loved your curves. He’d kissed your stretch marks and adored you like no other. Maybe he’d just not been paying all that much attention to what you really looked like. He wasn’t even acting strange, until Ashton suggested chicken fights. “How about we do me and Calum versus Michael and (Y/n)?” he proposed in that upbeat voice of his. “Hey,” Luke complained with an exaggerated frown. “Oh shut up, blondie.” Ashton giggled his infamous laugh and threw something at the extremely tall boy. Everyone agreed to Ashton’s idea except for Michael, who laughed nervously. “Maybe it’s better if I get on (y/n)’s shoulders.” He suggested, then laughed a boisterous laugh. Four heads collectively turned to stare at him. “Um, what?” You asked, crossing your arms. Michael’s face turned a bright pink. “Oh, I just meant that, um, well, you know…” “No, Michael, I don’t know. Please, enlighten me.” You spat sarcastically. “You know what, never mind. This whole thing was a stupid idea. I told you that you would hate me when you guys saw me in a bathing suit, now wasn’t I right?” You shouted, angry tears threatening to fall. “(Y/n)!” Michael called after you, but you had already wrapped a towel around your entire body and slammed the door behind you. “Good job, mate,” Calum whacked Michael upside the head. “Jesus, she looked hot, too.” Ashton glared at his friend. “You screwed up, dude." 


It had already been nearly the worst week of your entire existence, the last thing you needed was your boyfriend whining in your ear over some new exercise plan he was going on, thanks to show business. Calum was already a freak about staying in shape, and you weren’t going to lie, it was hard being his girlfriend. You had to keep up with all of these expectations of the perfect body. You did squats to round out your butt, crunches to flatten your stomach. Honestly, you were in the best shape you’d ever been and it was all thanks to your boyfriend. You weren’t going to lie, you liked the new you. And you hadn’t had to give up any of your favorite foods, either. The only problem was, your schedule was getting awfully busy, and with Calum becoming increasingly busy, as well, you found you were lacking motivation to actually keep up your exercise routine. "Alright, Calum, I get it! I’ll work out with you later,” you groaned, grabbing the box of pizza you’d just ordered from the delivery man and tossing the money in his direction. “Good,” he huffed, and you could tell he was getting annoyed very quickly with your newfound sluggish attitude. “You need it.” You stopped dead in your tracks, setting the pizza on the table, and taking out a piece. “Excuse me?” You asked, biting into your favorite food. “You heard me, (y/n). You’ve done nothing but sit around and eat this week! It’s only a matter of time before it starts to show!” “Calum, honestly, you’re the last person I thought would use my weight against me.” You said angrily. “You know… you know what I’ve been through.” Almost immediately, Calum’s entire attitude changed. “(Y/n), I didn’t mean it that way… you know I wouldn’t-” “Whatever Calum. I’ll meet you at the gym in an hour.” You hissed, storming upstairs.


Ashton was extremely fit, and everyone made comments about it all of the time. He had absolutely no unrealistic expectations for you, though, and loved you just the way you were. You weren’t overweight. Actually, it had been a while since you’d been uncomfortable in your own body. You’d learned to love yourself, and Ashton had helped you with that. He knew that you’d worked to get where you were and he respected that. The two of you motivated each other to be better, and perhaps that’s why you worked so well together. Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase in your relationship couldn’t last forever, and a first fight had to happen sometime. You were actually having a decent day. You’d found twenty dollars on the street, and you aced your exam that day, and you were feeling extremely happy. You entered Ashton and the boys’ temporary house with a huge smile on your face, only to have it fall in a matter of seconds. Ashton looked angry. Actually, angry was an understatement. He was furious. He wants raging about some nonsense, something about no privacy and sharing clothes and such, and you’d made the mistake of getting in his way. You tried calming him down, and it worked for a while, but then you would mention something and it would start up all over again. “Shut up, (y/n)!” He yelled. “Why don’t you just go stuff your face with food, just like you always do! Jesus Christ!” You were taken totally aback by his comment. Ashton never used your weight against you. You backed up a little, a pang in your chest. You turned around, grabbing your jacket. “Where are you going?” He demanded. “To the gym,” you growled. “apparently, I’ve got some weight to lose.”

L U K E Y 

Luke never, ever joked about your insecurities. He knew every single one of them, and you knew his, as well. The two of you trusted each other, and never intended to hurt the other. Of course, you were never truly insecure about your weight. I mean, sure, you had your moments, like every other girl, but loving yourself made you feel good, and you felt confident in your own skin. After meeting Luke, he made you feel like you were invincible, and you loved it. You loved him for it, and you told him constantly. Now, recently you’d been getting some amount of hate from people who were jealous of you, and most of the comments were talking about how you were fat, because you weren’t a size double zero or whatever. Luke had asked you about it, worried, but you brushed it off, not letting them bother you. Or, at least, that’s what you made people believe. It got under your skin sometimes, it really did, but you wanted it to go away. And the best way to do that was to ignore them. Until one day, Luke actually retweeted one of the tweets. You weren’t sure if it was intentional, but the tweet read along the lines of, “(y/n) really needs to lay off the chocolate if she wants to look good at the awards show”. You were beyond furious with your boyfriend, and confronted him right away. You swore at him, you screamed at him, you even threw a few things at him. You told him at least five times that insecurities were nothing to joke about, and he, of all people, should know that. The whole time his head was hung in shame. “You know what, Luke? Just… just call me when you’ve decided to man up, okay?”

Luke Hemmings Imagine

“LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS!!!” You screamed when you heard your clumsy boyfriend knock something over in the living room while you were making a couple of sandwiches in the kitchen. Luke comes to the kitchen in a bid of a rush “IT’s NOT BROKEN I CAN FIX THIS. IM A MAN, BABE.” He says before running out in a hurry. You shook your head and just got back to making sandwiches. When you walked to the living room, you saw Luke sitting on the couch, looking at you and patting the empty spot next to him. No matter how long you guys have been together, he still manages to give you butterflies when he does cute things like that. You sit next to him and give him his sandwich before asking the question you desperately hope doesn’t have a bad answer. “So… What’d you break…” You asked. “Oh, uh, it was um, nothing. Well nothing important. I love you.” He kissed you to avoid answering any more. “Luke..” You gave him a stern look before he caves, “I may or may not have broken the glass dolphins you love so much..”
You looked at him with wide eyes and an open mouth from shock. “I’ll buy you a new one!! I’m the one who gave it to you anyways so don’t worry, love.” He put his food down to grab you and pull you in for a hug, hoping to not piss you off any further. “Ugh, you’re soooo lucky you’re cute or i’d slap you right now.” You said to him while your head was on his chest. He looked down at you,”oh so you think i’m cute huh? Someone has a crush on me.” You roll your eyes at how dumb he’s being while smiling. “Yes, i have a crush on you Luke, don’t tell my boyfriend Luke” you stuck your tongue out at him. “I heard you’re boyfriends really tough and awesome though, you should keep him” he says, acting all cocky. “Eh, he has his moments I guess” he smiled at you and hugged you tighter. “God i love you” he says. “I love you too”

New family Part 2 - Requested (Michael)

“Oh my gosh yes!! You definitely have to do a part two to the new family imagine it was amazing!!!”, hope you like this part just as much. 

You can read Part 1 if you haven’t already.

You walk out of your room and walk past Luke’s. You stop when you past it and go back. “Hey what are you doing here?” Michael is sitting on Luke’s bed.

“Hanging”, he smiles.

“Hanging? You don’t have a house you can do that at?” you lean to the door post.

“I have, but I like it here”

“Oh do you”, you smirk, he smiles at you. “We’re are the others?”

“What I’m not enough for you?”, he smirks making you smile a little, “Luke is picking up Calum. Ashton couldn’t do it, he’s going to be later”

“Oh I see”, you walk into Luke’s room and sit down on the bed next to Michael.

“I don’t think you’re allowed in here”

“I don’t see a Luke Hemmings here, do you?” you make your eyes big and look around the room.

He laughs. “And what makes you think I won’t rat you out?”

“You like me too much to get me into trouble”

“Yeah that’s true”, you feel your stomach tingle. “And I don’t want to see another fight between the two of you”

“Why’s that?”, you laugh.

“You fight like real brother and sister”

“We are real brother and sister”, you say aghast.

“Oh I didn’t mean to …”

You laugh: “Kidding.” You push your shoulder against his. “I don’t know what it is. I like his brothers, we get along great. I think it’s the age thing”

“That you’re almost the same age?”

“No, that he’s still in puberty”

“He’s not really still in puberty”

“No? He is just starting to grow beards”

“That’s true”, Michael laughs.

“And I can’t get into his room without him yelling at me. I don’t know why he does it, it’s not like he has girls here. Seriously sometimes he acts like a twelve year old boy”

“Yeah I know how we can get, but with you it’s just ten times worse”

“Oh lucky me”, you say sarcastic.

“But you love each other. That’s the important thing”

“Love is a strong word, don’t get me wrong I like him, he’s growing on me”, you joke.

“I wish I had a sister like you”, you feel the tingles you had in your stomach drop.

“A sister like me?”

“Yeah like you, not you, that would be weird”, he winks at you.

“No Luke that’s not how it works”, you hear Calum say from downstairs.

“I better get out. Luke will lose it when he sees me here with you”, you get up and walk to the door.

“Hey (Y/N)?”

“Yeah”, you turn around at the door.

“You should come hang with us more”

You smile at his words. “(Y/N)? What are you doing there?!”

“Just talking to your friend, who you left all alone”, Luke walks past you into his room.

“He was just fine alone”

“Yeah but still, I know you would do the same thing if it was one of my friends”, you smirk knowing he has a little crush on one of your girlfriends.


A little laugh leaves your mouth. “I’ll leave you guys to it”, you smile to Michael and then Calum before you walk away.


“What are you doing here alone?”

You look up at Ashton. “Reading”, you hold up your book.

“No way miss smarty-pants”, he wiggles his eyebrows at your, making you laugh.

“They’re upstairs in Luke’s room”

“Come with me”

“No. I’m giving you some boys time”

“We can have boys time with you”

“See Irwin I don’t know if that’s a compliment or a huge insult”

He giggles. “It’s a compliment, trust me”

“Maybe”, you squint your eyes at him.

“Come, I’m not leaving you sit here alone”, he pulls you out of the couch.

“Fine, but if Luke start yelling it’s your fault”, you say walking behind Ashton.

“Yeah yeah”, he chuckles walking up the stairs. “I brought someone with me boys”

“Who?” you hear Luke ask surprised.

“Me”, you pop up under Ashton’s arm.

“You bring her back where you found her” Luke growls.

“I’m not a dog Luke”, you sit down on his desk chair.

“Yeah to bad”

“Oh wow”, you roll your eyes. “Are you guys just so nice to your siblings as Luke is to me?” you ask Ashton and Calum.

“Leave my friends alone, you don’t see me do this when your friends are around”

“No that’s true, you’re just to scared”

“That’s not true”, he snaps.

“It’s clear that you have a crush on Jody”, the boys laugh and you can see him getting embarrassed. “Luke I don’t care if you like her, and I certainly don’t care if you would date her. If it would make you both happy go for it”

“That’s sweet of you”, you look at Michael and give him your sweetest smile.

“I am sweet Michael”

“That’s true”, he smiles at you making your cheeks heat up.

“Okay you two stop flirting”

“You think that’s flirting? You have no idea Lukey”, you smirk. You can see his eyes getting dark from anger. You bite your tongue, not wanting to make him more upset. “I’ll leave now”

“No, you stay”, Ashton pushes you back on the chair. Luke stays quiet and you know it is the sign that you can stay. The boys start to talk music. You look up and see Michael looking at you from across the room. You look away, but you feel his eyes still on you. You look back at him and he keeps looking at you. ‘What’, you mouth. ‘Nothing’, he mouths back, not taking his eyes of you. You feel your cheeks getting redder and the tension between you getting bigger.


Part 3

pride (luke) - part 2

not my gif

Words: 2,800+

Warnings: foul language. angsty drama. no smut.

A/N: part 1 is here. this is a 3 part series so it works best reading them all in order.
part 3 is already queued to be posted soon if you guys like this. Let me know!

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5sos Wedding Series: #4 Bridezilla


You let out a bloodcurdling scream. Looking at the papers that were once the seating charts for the wedding reception.

“What’s wrong?!” Ashton said rushing in from the game room with the rest of the band “you sounded like you were being murdered”

“THE FUCKING DOG RUINED MY SEATING CHARTS” you yelled, tears rolling down your face.

“Oh shit” he said looking at the pile of paper shreds.

“yeah” you said your breathing starting to become more uneven “oh my god what am I going to do? It took me 2 weeks to finished those things, and I still have to book the caterer, and finalize stuff with the florists, I have 2 more dress fittings, and I need to work on the invitations”

“(y/n)” Ashton said placing his hands on your shoulders “you have to calm down”

“what” you snapped at him “that’s easy for you too say, you haven’t done anything to help with this wedding!”

You saw how hurt that made him look, and your face softened.

The boys stood there, awkwardly not knowing what to do.

“Ash” you sighed “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I know you have been working hard so you can take time off for the wedding, I’m sorry”

He just pulled you into a warm hug “No, I’m sorry, you kind of are right, even if I am working I should be helping you more, it isn’t just your wedding. I haven’t done anything, and you are a lot more stressed then I thought”

 "It’s okay" you mumbled.

“Now, how about you stop with wedding stuff tonight, and we can all get pizza and watch some movies”

“okay” you said, Ashton knew pizza could fix just about anything. 

“YAY” all the boys cheered “we get pizza!" 


You were sat on the floor in the dressing room of a fancy dress shop. Crying, your mascara running down you face. You heard a knocking on the door.

”(y/n)“ Michael spoke softly through the door "can I come in?”

“what are you doing here?” you asked opening the door, he was taken aback from the state of you crying in a giant poofy wedding dress.

You, the boys, your friends, and family,  had all came dress shopping with you. And now Michael was here. 

“Ash called me, something about you crying” he explained “I was worried, so I came down here, what’s wrong”

“I just everything is wrong” you rested your face against his chest. 

“oh baby, what do you mean?” he wrapped his arms around you, running his palms up and down your arms.

“I can’t find a dress and this wedding is going to awful” you cried.

“shhhh, it’s gonna be okay” Michael said “just calm down, you could walk down the aisle in a garbage bag and still look good.”

You laughed “as long as it has crystals" 

Michael chuckled "alright, I’m going to go, but I want you to promise me that you are going to stay calm, this isn’t the only shop that sells wedding dresses, you can always look somewhere else, okay?”

“I’ll try” you sniffed.

“hey” Michael said lifting your chin with his pointer finger “I love you”

You smiled at him “okay, I love you too”


“oh my god” you sat on the couch, your wedding shoes in front of you, on the coffee table.

“what’s so ‘oh my God” Luke said sitting on the couch with you, handing you a cup of tea.

“what is wrong with those shoes?” you said 

“nothing?” Luke said raising an octave.

You sighed “I ordered these in black olive, and they are so clearly charcoal”

“(y/n)” Luke sighed “you know how you said you would never want to act like one of those girls on bridezilla?" 

"yeah” you said raising an eyebrow.

“well I don’t mean to sound mean, but quite frankly you sound like one of those girls I’m just saying”

“oh my god” you buried your face in your hands “I do”

“it’s okay babe” he laughed rubbing your back “you just have to relax”

“yeah, right, how? Do you know how stressful planning a wedding is?” you asked him.

“well no, but we could start with this” he pressed his lips against yours.


“It’s official” you announced to Calum, plopping down on the couch next to him “the wedding is off”

“what, why?” he asked curiosity in his voice “do you just want to elope while, we are all in Vegas? I mean I don’t have much time before the show, but we could do it after the show”

“Calum I’m serious” you pouted at his joke.

“okay, well, what is so terribly tragic that you have to cancel our wedding” he pulled you onto his lap.

“My mom just got the invites and sent me a picture”  you pouted showing him the picture.

“I’m sorry, but they look just like the digital version we saw” he raised an eyebrow.

“that’s exactly the problem, when we ordered them over the phone, after seeing the digital selection, the worker agreed to change the base color from white to ivory, and it’s all wrong” your lip quivered, you had tears stinging your eyes.

“(y/n)” Calum looked at you seriously “please tell me that you are really going to cry over, and try to cancel our wedding because of the invitations”

“Calum” you sobbed “there isn’t enough time to order new one, and send them, there just isn’t. and no one is going to come to a wedding with shitty invitations" 

Calum pulled your head into his chest, petting your head in attempt to calm you down "Babe, listen, no one except for you knows what color the font”

“the base” you corrected him.

He laughed before continuing “the base, no one will know what color it was supposed to be, and the will think the invitation is glorious, which it truly is, even if the base color is white" 

"I guess” you said wiping your face.

“Come ere” he said handing you a tissue “so, the wedding, is it back on?”

“I guess” you laughed pretending to roll your eyes.

“Good, good”  he grinned “even though I wouldn’t have minded if you wanted to elope, you know then we could have taken the honeymoon early. Although we could always practice”

“don’t you have a show to get ready for” you laughed getting up from his lap.

Prank war with Michael

He’s been home from touring for 3 days, and though you loved him dearly, he was starting to bore you. 2 years of a relationship may seem like a lot, but when he’s gone most of the time, it can feel like he’s never really here.

You come home from a late night snack run before you and Michael veg out on the couch watching Disney movies (Michael had been dyeing to re-watch ‘Frozen’). Setting down bags of fatty food and ice cream, you hear the shower running. Giggling to yourself, you tip toe to the bathroom, and slowly open the door, careful to avoid any creaks. Your face was all twisted up as you tried not to laugh as he belted out the lyrics to his own songs. Taking a deep breath, you ripped open the shower curtain, and screamed. You fell to the floor laughing at the sight of Michael Clifford grabbing his junk, and producing a blood-curdling scream that was much more high pitched than yours was. 

On the floor, you were wrapped up in a ball, laughing so hard that tears were streaming down your face.

“WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?” Michael yelled, only making you laugh harder. Every time you raised your head to speak, just the sight of his screaming with his hand over his dick made you break out into another fit of silent laughter.

“Oh, it’s on” Michael smirked. Still laughing you shrugged your shoulders. You stood up and started to calm down, as Micheal stood in the shower, buck ass naked with his arms crossed and a very unamused look on his face.

“Babe, i’m sorry, i couldn’t help it-” He grabbed you by the arm of your sweatshirt, and pulled you under the hot stream of water, soaking your clothes. He laughed as you gasped and wiped water from your eyes.

“Michael, you shit!” You slapped his arm in a very non flirtatious way. Now it was his turn to laugh.

“Babe, I missed you!” He laughed, and touched your pursed lips. You sighed and rolled your eyes, but your face broke out into a smile, unable to be mad at him when he was laughing like that. You peeled out of your sopping wet clothes, and threw them outside of the shower, and turned back to him. You rested your head on his chest as you both showered together, talking about anything and everything.

The next morning…

You and Michael both skipped out on your movie night for a night in the bedroom. You weren’t sure what he did differently last night in bed, but man did it feel amazing.

Hazily grabbing the cereal that Michael had put out on the counter when he had his bowl,  you poured out the contents and let out a yelp. There, staring you in the face was a huge black spider in your fucking cereal. You turned to Michael with a horrified expression.

“Get it! Get it! Kill it!” You screeched. His laughter filled your ear and you knew. He made his way over to you, knees weak with laughter. He reached into your bowl and picked up the spider and waved it in your face.

“It’s fake!” He laughed and you slapped his hand out of my face.

“I thought we were even!” you pursed my lips at him. Leaning over he kissed your cheek.

“We never were.” He whispered in your ear, smirking. You pushed him away.

“This is not over, Clifford!” You poked his chest, and he rubbed the area with a hurt expression. Laughing, you grabbed your cereal and you both sat on the couch and ate.

You left him alone that entire day, letting him get paranoid wondering when you were going to get him back, but you already had it planned out. And boy, was it bad.


You woke up around 10 in the morning on a beautiful Sunday. Gazing out the window, you watched the beautiful city from the window of your apartment. You looked at the sleeping figure by your side. Perfect.

Giggling at your devious plan, you slowly removed the covers and silently thanked god for morning wood. you slid down his pj bottoms. Slowly you moved down to the head of him and gave it a little kiss, watching him adjust in his sleep. You licked him from base to tip agonizingly slow, your eyes on him the whole time, watching his facial expressions change in his sleep. You took more of him in my mouth, and with each bob took more and more. A lazy smile slowly spread across his face, and you took it upon myself to pick up the pace. You’re going to hell for this.

You went down as far as you could, swirling your tongue around him. you were going pretty fast now, and his hips were starting to thrust into your mouth. you glanced up at him to see him open his eyes, and gasp at the sight unfolding in front of him. He gripped at the sheets and his face scrunched up.

"Fuck, i’m close!” He hissed , and you felt a tiny spurt of pre-cum in your mouth. you knew he was about to cum, and quickly removed your mouth from him, and watched his eyes fling open. you giggled at his angry expression.

“Keep going!” He yelled. you smirked and shrugged your shoulders.

“Nah” You grinned and rolled back to the space next to him and turned to him for the finishing touch.

Now we’re even, babe..“You whispered, blowing hot air into his ear and giving his thigh a quick stroke. A strangled moan escaped his lips and you grinned at the effect you had on him. you plopped down, and closed your eyes. And listened to the frustrated noises he made as he came down from his high. 

"Oh,” You said turning into his ear again, and kissing the lobe,

“And don’t touch yourself, Michael. Or i’ll know, and i’ll be pissed."You threaten, and snuggled into his back. He made no cuddly attempts and you knew he was mad. 

"I love you” you kissed inbetween his shoulder blades. He didn’t respond, and only continued to act cold towards you.


Now it was your turn to wait. The paranoia was horrible, not knowing how far he’d go after you did something as bad as not letting him cum. you felt a smidge guilty about it, but didn’t regret a single thing. This whole “prank war” thing has turned out to be really fun.

The entire day you were on the look out. Searching every room you went in for strings or toys, but never found anything. you desperately needed to leave the house and get away from the danger. 

“Mike!” You yelled upstairs. 

“Whaaat?” He yelled back.Usually, you didn’t bother him while he was gaming, but you thought you should let him know where you would be.

“I’m going on a run, i’ll see you later.” You say, fixing your ponytail in the mirror.

“Okay?” He answered back, letting you know that he didn’t care. You huff at his lack of interest in you lately. What if your relationship was coming to a close? You couldn’t live without me, and you hoped he felt the same, but you just couldn’t tell.


After a few minutes of running, you realized how out of shape you were. You breathed heavily, but knew that you couldn’t go back after being out less that 20 minutes. He would just laugh in your face. Most of the time you walked and looked at the city that you’ve become so acustumed to, and occasionally you ran. You regretted not bringing your ipod so you could listen to music, but didn’t let it bother you that much.  

After 30 minutes of wandering around, you figured that you should head back now. You crossed the street and turned around that way, so not to embarrass yourself by turning around in the middle of the sidewalk. It took you approximately 45 minutes because this time you didn’t run at all.

When you walked through the door, you had completely forgotten about the situation happening with Michael, and unknowingly walked through the front door. 

A huge, red balloon filled with water sloshed down and broke over your head. You heard giggles from inside and you marched towards the sound.

“MICHAEL CLIFFORD, YOU ARE DEAD-” You were taken right out of your rage as you walked into your bedroom, where you heard his laughter.

There, right behind the door, was Michael on one knee with the most breath taking ring you had ever seen in your entire life. As soon as the confusion faded away and you realized what was happening, you broke down in tears.

“Michael-” you sobbed,

“If this is a joke i’m going to kill you..” You cried.

“It’s not a joke, baby. I want you, forever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted more than this.” He whispered, starting to get choked up, himself. You slowly made your way over to him.

“Will you marry me?” He whispered, and you nodded your head. A huge smile broke out on his face. Slowly, he slipped the ring onto your finger, and stood up, grabbing the sides of your face and kissing you with all he had.

“Does this mean we’re even, now?” You continued to cry.

“Yeah,” he smiled

“Yeah, it does.”