oh miaou

Commission for miaoujones! This is an upcoming scene from her SouMako “Holding Hands” verse.

Thank you so much! I had so much fun doing this, maybe a little bit too much. Two very attractive boys are my weakness TAT


“You all are fucked.”

Here is the speedpaint so that you may watch me be lazy beyond all belief

ahhh i tried. i couldn’t find any references for cambot, batcam, nor slendy cam so i improvised. sorry if these weren’t the official designs, and sorry this looks awful. cam has so many different sonas so i figured i’d draw the common ones he goes with (regular cam, batcam, cambot, and slendy cam) and the ones that i rally enjoy drawing (typhlosicam, dragon cam, and cammie coyote)

hope ya like it, mikethesecurityguard!

flailmorpho  asked:

hrm, let's see, just for fun, Prompt: Meulin forces Kankri to dress like a cat, and then they discover Karkat is turned on by this

Whether it’s annoyance or curiosity that attracts you to the source of incessant giggling, when you finally track down the origin of the racket you completely forget the diatribe you had brewing for one obnoxiously loud Meulin Leijon.

The sight that greets you wipes your pan clean of all independent thought.  You stand there, gawking at your dancestor, Kankri Vantas, on all fours and looking rather nonplussed.  He’s wearing his famous pit-hugging high pants, but fastened to his belt is a fuzzy red tail that perks up all on its own (probably by way of an internal wire), and atop his head nestled in front of his nubs sprout a matching set of fluffy feline ears.

Meulin is squeaking and blubbering and emphatically signing the word cute.  She looks like a jerkily looping gif.

“How long has she been doing that?”

“Since she convinced me to wear these attachments.”

“And why are you wearing them?”  He can’t stop staring at Kankri’s ass.  ”Actually, scratch that, WHY are you on the floor?”

Kankri blinks owlishly.  Kittenishly?  Fuck, Vantas, pull it together, it’s just ears and a tail.

Wait… is he wearing makeup??  Are those whiskers?

Kankri turns on all fours and pads (he’s wearing paw feet for fuck’s sake) toward you, and you could swear you caught a glimpse of mischief twinkling in his otherwise vacant eyes.

"Do you disapprove of Meulin’s chosen attire for me?  It’s her Wriggling Day so I thought I’d indulge her roleplaying games.”

“She likes roleplaying?”  You cast Meulin an incredulous look; she flashes you a voracious, sharklike grin. 

Not only can she read lips, but she can also read subtext.  She doesn’t need to hear when she can plainly see the conflicted arousal plaguing your expression.

She knows what this is doing to you.  Leave it to a fucking Leijon; they can smell potential ships like Terezi can smell fear.

Kankri brushes up against your legs and your knees turn to jelly.

Oh god nonono so much no.

“Kankri don’t give in to her fucking fantasies—”

Kankri peeks up at you and from this angle his face hovers just in front of your crotch and oh shit—

You can feel the heat scalding your face.  Meulin is signing something you don’t comprehend but Kankri clearly does because on her cue (it would seem) he imitates what sounds like a purr and affectionately bumps a nub into your thigh.

You’ve never been so confused and so aroused. your knees threaten to buckle as a hand shoots out to push his face away from a keenly sensitive area.

Kankri merely responds by circling your shaky legs, purposely (very purposely) grazing you with his uplifted rump.

That’s it.  Down you go.

Meulin’s laughing as you topple over onto the pretend-cat who catches you worriedly and attempts to nuzzle you back to life.

“Karkat?  I mean—Miaou?”

“Oh my god stop.”  You cover your face and lament your lost dignity while he climbs into your lap and rumbles happily into your ear.

You peek through your fingers, spying a fanged smile and choke on a dismayed groan; Kankri knows exactly what he’s doing.

"Karkat?  I’m afraid I am without an owner.  Would you be averse to adopting me?”  He wiggles his ass, faux tail swaying, and presents you with a cheshire grin that goes straight to your bulge.

You wither under his coquettish wiles and flush at how damn successful they are.

Lucky for him you’re a sucker for cats.