oh merida

Jack: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as “Eagle One”. 

Jack: Rapunzel, codename: “Been There Done That”.

Rapunzel: *Makes a weird, frowning face*

Jack: Merida is “Currently Doing That”.

Merida: *Highfives Jack*

Jack: Astrid is “It Happened Once In A Dream”.

Astrid: *Winks at Jack*

Jack: Flynn is “If I Had To Pick A Dude”.

Flynn: *Smiles awkwardly at Jack*

Jack: And Hiccup is…

Jack: “Eagle Two”.

Hiccup: Oh thank God.

  • queen ji so: my son just doesn't listen!
  • pa ho: okay, pretend i'm ji dwi. speak to me. what would you say?
  • queen ji so: what? i can't do this.
  • pa oh: sure you can, your majesty. here we go.
  • pa oh: *inhales* i don't want to hide myself! i want to marry ah ro and let my hair flow in the wind as i ride through the capital as king jin heung, firing arrows into the sunset!
  • queen ji so: ... i'll think of something else to make him listen instead...

“I can’t deny that Brave has a special place in my heart. While I grew up with a single mother all of my life, my reality mirrors Merida’s in how as we grew, we would both clashed with our mothers over trivial things, but it’s all a part of growing up. I always tear up when Merida breaks down before her mother switches back to human. I tried getting my mom to watch it with me, but she fell asleep. Oh well.”

Hiccup: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?

Merida: Punch him in the stomach, and when he’s doubled over, kiss him.

Rapunzel: Tackle him!

Merida: Kick him in the shin!


Pally_the_Second wanted to see Macintosh go to Storybrooke to find his queen.

This almost 5,000 word madness spawned.

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The steady hand with which he led his horse lay at complete odds with his fuming temper. The lass might be queen of every tree and toadstool for miles around, but she were the most infuriating, stubborn, loud-mouthed hen he’s ever had the displeasure of crossing a blade with.

Macintosh fumed, guiding his horse down the rocky trail. Her Royal Pain-in-the-Arse insisted on this spying nonsense - pay no mind to the truths that she had watchers for that sort of thing. Dunbroch’s borders with Camelot were well-secured. Nay, Queen High-and-Mighty wanted the job done herself. She hardly said the word afore she marched her royal arse down to the stables, a bow in her hand and a quiver slung across her back. And Macintosh, he’d seen enough of the madness spewed by the King of Camelot to know he’d best accompany her - much to the queen’s annoyance.

Oh, aye, he knew the queen had little fondness of him. But he, being the most accomplished of her vassals, made the most sense to watch her back, bring her home. He’d already accepted her as his Queen, he was damn sure he’d fulfill his duties to her. And that meant he wasna about to let her die from her own stubborn foolishness.

They’d split up after another argument - at this point he couldna remember what it had been about. They’d bickered about his presence on the ride to the border. Then there’d been a nasty bit about his lack of proper protection. Then some quibble o'er her skirts in a saddle. After that, it got muddled - travel at night, mayhaps? He’d had enough, declared his desire to make the work of checking the border come to completion faster, and took a different fork in the trail.

No too far, though. He had to be within hearing of a distress call.

He couldna imagine Queen Merida calling out in distress.

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Rapunzel: You walk into a room to find that the only way to escape is by writing the name of a real person on a piece of paper. This will kill that person.

Merida: “Ma’am, ma’am you only need to write one name.”

Hiccup: “Sir! Stop that! I said stop! You can’t write your own name!”