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Phantom’s Tour

Day 8, prompt “sightseeing”. Enjoy!

„And on the right you can see Nasty Burger, place where you can get a tasty burger with highly explosive special sauce! There’s also a high chance to see a ghost attack – it’s the most haunted place, second only to the school!”

Teenagers already being at the Nasty Burger were met with incredible sight of their local town hero/menace Danny Phantom, floating a feet above the ground, with a bright green “TOUR” sign in his hand. Around him gathered group of people – obviously tourists. They had cameras at the ready and T-shirts with Phantom’s face on them.

“If you don’t die from the cholesterol, I’m pretty sure one of the ghosts will make the job! Come on, now, let’s move to the school, and then we’ll see the highlight of our tour: FentonWorks!”

Phantom started floating down the road, leading the tourists and curious eyes of citizens. They’ve got a weird feeling it wouldn’t be the last time they saw it.

It was summer, the school was mostly empty. That’s why Phantom had no troubles with phasing through the door and making them open.

The group walked briskly after him, taking dozens of pictures and commenting on every little piece of decoration.

“This locker on the right, this destroyed one, it’s 724! It’s haunted by Sydney Pointdexter, boy who committed suicide because of bulling! Watch out here – if he spots you picking up on someone, he will make your life a living hell!”

Most people just took a photo of the locker and went past by; but some made deliberate effort not to be close to one of the scrawny kids. Maybe he just got a pass for few days.

“Here on the left is cafeteria – a place where you can die either from food poisoning or angry ghost of a Lunch Lady! She hates any changes to the menu – take the meat out and you have an attack guaranteed!”

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Beauty and the Beast
  • Me, before listening to the soundtrack: so beauty and the beast is gonna be amazing and the songs are gonna be beautiful
  • Me, after listening to the soundtrack: obi wan kenobi my dad i'll be your guest oh my gosh. LUPIN MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SING BUT HERMIONE SURE CAN! I want to marry this soundtrack please. Magic rose? Pffft who needs it I'm gonna marry it right now just make it legal please oh my word play this at my funeral. I am living. An actual 56 years has been added to my lifespan. What a beautiful cast and a beautiful album bless alan menken and all of them. I can die happy now. I want this at my wedding all of it please and thanks alright what is breathing I'm so emotional I hate my life

@tonberryqueen said: God, I know you probably already read my tags, but Sasha in Rhys’ clothing is so good? Like I bet he gets all pouty and annoyed because his clothing looks better on her. Then she tries his new clothing, and it still looks better on her, and Rhys the vain boy he is so so pouty until she sits in his lap wearing only his shirt. And then he is more paying attention to how warm she is, and how her breasts peak out of the open button up shirt.

listen, I had to draw something for this


@lekawaiimelon you said something about wanting to see me in my trench coat?

The first image is from 2014 when I first got the trenchcoat and the other two are from 2017 (aka today). Same clothing in both to show how I’ve grown!

Whiskey Sour 

some good ol maysimmons (with a side helping of simmorse) goodness for the ever-lovely @buskidsburgade. happy fic exchange!! 

~2200 words 

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For a long time, May had felt like she’d lost her intuition. Her instincts. That thing that for so much of her life had told her the right play, had kept her on track and alive. When in the field, gut instincts were vital. Most of the time, you didn’t have time to sit and think about a situation, you just had to act. No gut equaled no action. No action, pain or death. So, in the field it was a necessity.

But, May found, in life it was a necessity too.

Fall down? No time to think. Get back up. Instinct. Need to read a situation? Instinct.

Can’t sleep? Find out why. Instinct.

She’d lost that after Bahrain.

She’s happy to say it’s back in working order. She’d painstakingly found her way back to that, back to being able to listen to her body when it tells her something is wrong.

And now it’s telling her something is wrong.

She sits up in her bed and toes on her slippers, because the floor in the base is always freezing and she gets cold easier than she used to (not that she’d ever admit that). She can’t get to sleep, though she’ll have to get up in only a few short hours, because something deep in her belly is telling her there’s something off. Something she needs to find out.

She makes her way out of her room and towards the common spaces. She checks the single kitchen first, because it’s on her way, but there’s nothing there. She pads quietly down the hallway, stifling a yawn. It’s been a long day, and her body is tired. She doesn’t want to say it’s because she’s getting older, but things seem to take more of a toll on her nowadays.

She realizes why she’s awake when she nears the common room. It’s not that she could hear the quiet, hitched sobs from her bedroom, but maybe a part of her knew this was going to happen.

She lets her feet make more noise as she approaches, stepping heavy in her slippers, which still don’t make much noise with their rubber bottoms, but at least warn of her arrival.

The sobs stop. Jemma is already standing and gathering her things when May turns into the doorway.

“I’m sorry,” Jemma is saying, voice wet. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was up, I’ll go to my room, I just—”


Jemma stills, then turns to May with wide eyes, a box of tissues beneath her arm, a bottle in one hand, and a glass in the other. May eyes the bottle, then the glass.

“There any sour in that whiskey?”

“Um—” Jemma clears her throat, looking down at the glass. “There was some lemon juice, but it’s been … fairly diluted.”

May takes in her pink, wet cheeks, the way her hands shake just a little. Then she makes her way over to the attached kitchen and grabs herself a glass.

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hi friend so uh, if you edit the posts with broken images, delete the image, and then put it back and save it, the image should show up. I know that's the case for my gifs whenever I post them. I just edit the post and try again. I'm not sure if you tried that yet, and if you did, sorry for an unnecessary ask <3

oh gosh this may save my life, thank you!!

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OH MY GOSH may I please draw your OCs?? You have my absolute word they won't be sold, given away, posted anywhere online, or uncredited. But I would love to draw your amazing little friends!!! /*O*/

Of course you can draw my OCs ;o; It’s really sweet that you’d like to draw them gosh

“Spider Webs” - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 773

Warnings: Swearing

Request: @-alltimelilly- GUESS WHOS BACK WITH ANOTHER ADORABLE REQUEST. Can you write a Peter imagine where the reader finds a spider and gets freaked out by it, but soon realizes that it’s just Peter trying to send them a message. Maybe like in ant man where the ants were giving Scott a countdown- haha

Author’s Note: Hi guys! In this imagine, the reader HATES spiders and is dating Spooderman (which is kinda ironic lol) This could be read as Tom or Andrew’s Spider-Man :) I apologize for not getting this out sooner, but I hope you guys enjoy!


“What is the postulate used in the example above… “ You whispered, tapping a pencil on your desk as you studied for a geometry quiz. Tonight was just another stressful Tuesday, lots of studying and peaceful Spotify playlists in attempts to calm you down. Peter couldn’t help you with your homework tonight because he was off doing what he does best: saving the city (no big deal or anything).

8:29 PM

You sighed, closing your geometry book and tossing it across the room in the direction of your backpack.  Turning up the music, you plopped onto the bed, your back sinking into the plush mattress. The city became a little quieter as your eyes started to droop. Rolling onto your side and pulling a fluffy blanket over your cold body, you began to fall asleep.

You woke up about ten minutes later to the sound of rain tapping on your bedroom window. You slowly opened your eyes and screamed as a small spider crawled in front of your face.

“OH HELL NO!” You shrieked, falling off the bed, rushing to grab one of your shoes. Finally taking a hold of the shoe, you ran to the corner of your room and stared at the little monster. As you raised your black converse into the air, you noticed the spider creep up the wall, forming weird shapes with webs. A message gradually started to appear:

Help. Hurt. Mays Home. Fire Escape.

“What the…”

It took a few minutes for you to realize what was going on. Peter was sending you a message (somehow) through the disgusting little creature. Without a second thought, you decided to go help him. It was late, so you had to make sure your parents didn’t hear you as you rushed down the stairs, on your way to Peter’s apartment.

The cold air blew past your face, sprinkling you with water as you ran through the quiet streets of Queens. You reached Peter’s complex, made your way over to the fire escape and started to climb up. Worry and fear that Peter was in trouble motivated you to move faster, and before you knew it, you reached Peter’s place.

When you were inside, he was nowhere to be found. You looked around until you heard a faint groan come from the corner of his room.

“Peter?” You whispered, slowly walking over to him. Peter was leaning against his desk, in his Spider-Man suit, holding his mask in one hand, the other on his ribs and  his was face all cut up. “Oh my god, Peter! Are you okay?!” You yelled, scurrying to his side.

“Oh, hey (Y/n),” Peter gave a weak smile as he tried to move, “I see you got my mess- ouch! Yeah, I’m just gonna stay here-”

You interrupted him with a huge hug, making sure not to squeeze him too hard. “I’m going to get the first aid kit.”

“No! May’s home!”

“Babe, what do you expect me to do?”

“Fly and get me some band aids!” Peter exclaimed, waving his hands in the air before wincing in pain. “Ow, that kinda hurts.”

You giggled at his dorkiness, “Peter I can’t fly, but I’ll be quiet. I promise,” You asserted, softly kissing his forehead. He smiled as you snuck out of his room.

*about 15 minutes later*

“You know, it’s kind of funny…” Peter mumbled as you finished stitching him up.

“What is?”

“You dating me.” You gave him a confused look and Peter laughed.

“Cause you are so afraid of spiders?”

“Oh,” you nudged his shoulder and laughed with him. “Well, yeah. I hate spiders with a burning passion because they are absolutely terrifying and don’t even get me started on- wait I’m getting off topic.” You took a deep breath and Peter held your hand.

“Like I was saying before, I may hate spiders but I love Spider-Man.” Peter smiled and pulled you in for a kiss. You two giggled as you gently pulled him up off of the floor.

“I love you so much, (Y/n).”

“I love you even more, Peter Parker. Spiders and all.  “

A knock on the door and May’s voice quickly ruined the moment. “Peter, are you talking to yourself again?” Your heart dropped as the door opened. Peter quickly pushed you aside, hiding you behind him.

“Peter, what are you doing up so late? Oh my gosh!” May blurted. “Are you hooking up with someone? Are you that cool?”

“Really, May?”

“Why do you have bruises all over you? Oh, hey, (Y/n)! Did you do that?”

Peter turned to you and whispered, “Maybe you should go…”


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